GH Update Thursday 7/28/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/28/05


By Ali
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WYNDEMERE: Nikolas is in bed having a dream about making love to Emily when she wakes him up. He looks at her, but says nothing.

THE POLICE STATION: An officer brings Sam into the interrogation room, where Jason is waiting. They have been granted some time alone.

Outside in the main part of the police station, Sonny and John Durant are arguing. Sonny wants to know where Michael is but John won't tell him.

THE HOSPITAL: Michael is brought to Dr. Thomas' office -- Carly is waiting outside in the hallway. She and Michael reunite, hugging each other tightly.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Reese is talking to Elizabeth, who tells her that Rachel has appeared to drop off the face of the planet.

WYNDEMERE: Emily tells Nikolas that she woke him up because he has a conference call this morning. Emily remarks that last night he got home pretty late -- she fell asleep waiting for him. She asks if he's going to tell her where he was?

JAX AND COURTNEY'S APARTMENT: Jax and Courtney wake up in bed together. She asks if she woke him up when she got home late the night before -- he says he did wake up but went right back to sleep. Jax knows Courtney has a problem and he asks her what it is?

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Skye has dropped by to see Lorenzo. She asks him when Luke is going to be back, but Lorenzo says that the details of Luke's errand have to be kept quiet. The subject changes to Michael -- Lorenzo fills Skye in on what's been going on with John, Michael, Carly and Sonny. Lorenzo wants her help in winning against John.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly explains to Michael that she had a feeling they would bring him to see Dr. Thomas so she just waited outside of his office. Michael tells her that he spent the night at John's apartment -- Carly is upset that John didn't tell her that. She wants to spend some time with Michael, maybe go to the cafeteria in the hopsital and get some doughnuts -- but Dr. Thomas and a blond woman with him (presumably appointed to be there by the court) don't allow it. They also don't allow Carly to stay for Michael's session with the doctor. Carly agrees, but just before Michael and Dr. Thomas go into the office, Reese shows up and says that there is no way Dr. Thomas will ever get near Michael again.

THE POLICE STATION: Jason tells Sam that he tried to pretend to see Jodie the way Michael could, but in the end he couldn't do it. So now they are back in town -- Sonny took a deal from John, and Michael is in the custody of the authorities. Jason also says that he is willing to take any deal John offers, as long as Sam can go free.

Outside in the main part of the station, John and Sonny are still arguing. Sonny accuses John of betraying Michael. John says that one day Michael will thank him for removing him from Sonny's dangerous world. John also says that when he and Sonny do eventually die, they'll be judged in God's court -- and John is okay with that. He doesn't think Sonny can say the same. He leaves, with Sonny looking quite angry.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas tells Emily that he went for a walk and lost track of time. Emily thinks that Nikolas was thinking about the state of their marriage during that walk...she blames herself for their problems, but Nikolas tries to reassure her.

[Note: Here I missed a segment of the show. Judging from the rest of the show that I did get to see, here's what I missed -- Nikolas calls Courtney and they arrange to meet on the roof of the hospital. Reese ends up having to leave Michael at Dr. Thomas' office for their session, but she continues to dog John about her desire to get Michael away from Dr. Thomas. Lorenzo and Skye set up a meeting between Monica and Alan and Carly in regard to the coming custody hearing for Michael. Emily sees Jax at the hospital and assumes that some flowers he's having delivered to a woman there are for Elizabeth. Jesse and Lucky begin to investigate the whereabouts of Rachel. Jason and Sam are released from police custody and free to go home. And Sonny, John and Reese all discuss Michael's prospects at court.]

Inside the interrogation room, John calls Dr. Thomas. John wants Dr. Thomas to get Michael to admit that he killed AJ -- then John will take custody of Michael from Sonny and Carly for good.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam are back at the penthouse. Jason asks her, "What if Dr. Thomas killed AJ?" Sam isn't so sure...she asks Jason if he can really see Dr. Thomas killing anyone, even AJ? Jason looks at her but says nothing.

THE HOSPITAL ROOF Courtney joins Nikolas on the hospital roof. The mood is awkward. Courtney tells him that she really does like him, but only as a friend. Nikolas replies that he never meant to kiss her, and it won't happen again.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly is very upset about John's behavior toward her and Michael. She thinks that maybe she should leave the country with Michael so they can be together. Lorenzo cautions that that might not be a good idea...Michael has other relatives in Port Charles that he could be placed with. Carly runs down the list of other possible relatives who could take Michael in, but finds none of them suitable for her or for the court, not even Courtney because she's not a blood relative. Just then, Skye, Alan and Monica come into the room. Skye says they have reached a deal -- Monica and Alan have agreed that Michael can be placed in custody of the Quartermaines. Carly says, "Over my dead body!"

THE POLICE STATION: Reese and Sonny discuss Dr. Thomas and what possible motive he could have for killing AJ. Reese asks Sonny to trust her to go to court and protect Michael for him. Sonny finally agrees and says he trusts her.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam assures Jason that if they had it all to do over again she would have gone with him and Michael anyway. She also says that if this does happen to them again in the future, she does not want Jason to dream up a scenario in which he goes to jail just to set her free. Jason thinks maybe they should just try not to get arrested anymore. They start to kiss.

THE HOSPITAL: Emily comes over to Jax and cautions him against sending the flowers to Elizabeth -- she says that it might send Lucky over the edge, with the way things have been between the three of them lately. Jax smiles and says that actually the flowers are for his wife Courtney, who is in the hospital having a business meeting.

Meanwhile, up on the roof, Courtney and Nikolas continue to discuss their kiss. Nikolas tries to apologize again, but Courtney says that she also should not have kissed him back. They agree that they should both stop leaning on each other so much. Nikolas laments that the kiss spoiled what could have been a good friendship. Courtney thinks that maybe their timing was just off. Courtney also notes that maybe the problem is that she just likes him too much. As she turns to leave, Nikolas tells her that he likes her too much too. She tries to open the door

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: Dr. Thomas talks to Michael, asking him to talk about Jodie and what secret about AJ's murder Jodie was hiding. Michael doesn't answer any of Dr. Thomas' questions -- he just stares at Dr. Thomas' desk. Dr. Thomas asks what's wrong, and Michael replies that Jodie is here in the room with them. Jodie can be seen sitting in Dr. Thomas' desk chair -- she waves at Michael, who waves back slightly.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam lay in bed next to each other. Jason has a nightmare in which he finds himself standing out in the hallway outside of Michael's hospital room. In the room, Michael is asleep, with bandages wrapped around his head. Dr. Thomas is also in the room, and as he prepares to inject something in Michael's I.V. tubing, Jason yells at him and beats on the windows, asking him to stop. Dr. Thomas ignores him and injects the liquid into the tubing as Michael's monitor flatlines. Jason suddenly wakes up with a jolt. Sam wakes up, too. She asks him what happened and he tells her that Dr. Thomas tried to kill Michael.

THE HOSPITAL: Jax explains to Emily that he and Courtney fell in love as they bonded over the losses of their respective children -- Courtney's miscarriage and Jax finding out that the baby Sam carried was not his own. Emily smiles and says that it must have been fate that brought Jax and Courtney together. She thinks that sometimes forces work in a couples favor to make them fall in love with one another.

Meanwhile, up on the roof, Nikolas tries his cell phone to call someone for help, but the battery is dead. And Courtney left her own cell phone at home. They laugh at the situation. Nikolas takes off his coat and gives it to Courtney to keep her warm.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly says that she worked like hell to keep Michael from the Quartermaines and has no intention of returning him to them now. She doesn't trust Alan and Monica -- who reply that they don't trust Carly, either. Lorenzo steps in, offering a plan. If Carly goes to the court and asks for the judge to grant custody to the Quartermaines, that will keep John from getting custody of Michael instead. The Quartermaines would in return grant Carly unlimited visitation...also, when she requests to have Michael returned to her, they must give Michael up without a fight. Alan and Monica agree, but Carly doesn't seem so sure. Alan asks what Sonny will say about all of this, and Skye replies that Sonny can just make his own arrangements. Carly finally agrees -- she will ask the court to give custody to Alan and Monica.

THE POLICE STATION: Reese, Sonny and John return from the courthouse. The judge has agreed that Michael can start seeing another therapist after two weeks, which should give them enough time to find a replacement. John is fine with the deal, and Sonny and Reese accuse him of wanting to use those two weeks to bully a confession out of Michael. Just then, Lucky and Jesse come into the station. They say that they found Rachel dead from an overdose at her apartment -- and that she left a suicide note confessing to being AJ's killer.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: Dr. Thomas wants to hypnotize Michael to find out what secret Jodie might be hiding about AJ's murder. Jodie, unseen by Dr. Thomas, yells at Michael not to agree to do it. Michael ignores her and focuses on the pen that Dr. Thomas is swinging back and forth.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Jason explains his nightmare to Sam. Sam thinks that maybe this means that there's something that Jason knows about Dr. Thomas. Jason wonders if it could possibly have to do with why Dr. Thomas would kill AJ. Sam agrees, saying that the secret to AJ's murder might not be in Michael's memory -- it might be in Jason's instead.

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