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General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/27/05


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Carly accuses Durant of killing A.J., but Durant denies it and says he would never let Michael take the blame for something that he did.

Jason calls Sonny and tells him about Jodie. Jason explains how Michael tried to introduce Jodie to him, but Michael was basically talking to air. Jason thinks they should bring Michael home immediately. Jason tells Sonny all about the real Jodie and blames himself for her existence in Michael’s mind, but Sonny reminds him that nobody could have predicted this. Jason says that Dr. Thomas agrees Michael should come home. Sonny tells Jason that Sam is already back and has been arrested. He tells Jason to head home but not to dock until Jason hears from him.

Michael wakes up and is startled to see Jodie standing at the end of his bed with a pillow in her hands. Michael tells Jodie that she’s not real and he wants to her leave. She tells him that if she does that, they’ll never find out who killed A.J. Jason hears Michael talking and goes into his room. Michael tells Jason he just wants Jodie gone, so Jason tells Michael that they’re going back home.

Michael asks Jason what is wrong with him that would cause him to make somebody up. Jason says that perhaps he needed a friend to keep a secret. Jason suggests that perhaps Michael didn’t kill A.J., but Michael doesn’t understand why he would create Jodie to keep a secret he would be happy to reveal. Jason thinks Michael’s mind is protecting him from something he can’t handle. He tells Michael that he needs Jodie and not to push her away. She is the part of his mind that’s trying to help him. Jason asks Michael to go back to his room and talk to Jodie, but Michael’s afraid she won’t come back.

Michael goes back to his room and finds Jodie. She tells him that he is right; it’s time for her to go. Michael wants her to tell the truth about A.J.’s murder first, but Jodie says he already knows the truth. It’s inside of him; he just has to find it. Then she fades away.

Reese accuses Rachel of killing A.J. Rachel says that she didn’t do it, but she knows who did. Moreover, she considers that person here hero and thinks A.J. got exactly what he deserved. Reese asks how she knows, and Rachel tells her that she saw a person leaving A.J.’s room the night of the murder, someone who never should have been there, and it wasn’t Michael. It was Dr. Thomas, who is hiding around the corner and listening to their entire conversation. Reese tells Rachel that is a serious accusation. She finds it ironic that Rachel remembers the exact time that she saw Dr. Thomas outside of A.J.’s room. Rachel says she would never kill A.J. since she knows she’d be the prime suspect. Also, if she decided to fabricate this story about his killer, she would never choose Dr. Thomas as the culprit. Far too many other, more likely candidates exist.

Reese goes to Dr. Thomas’ office to ask him some questions about the night A.J. died. Dr. Thomas explains that he was consulting with Dr. Jones in the same unit. He accidentally walked into A.J.’s room but quickly left. Reese says that’s all for now, but Dr. Thomas wants to know why she’s grilling him. Reese says that was hardly what she was doing.

Dr. Thomas thinks back to Jason’s accident. He recalls telling Monica to expect the worst, and when Monica leaves the hospital room, he injects Jason with poison. He then calls A.J. to tell him that he did as asked and now wants A.J. to come through for him. He opens his desk drawer to reveal a vile of the same poisoning and a syringe.

Dr. Thomas thinks back to killing A.J. While sitting on A.J.’s bed, he tells him that history repeats itself. Dr. Thomas was mad because A.J. wanted him to testify that A.J. was mentally incompetent. If Dr. Thomas refused, then A.J. was going to reveal what he did to Jason. Dr. Thomas agreed to kill Jason for money, and although he didn’t succeed, he tells A.J. that his death will be a piece of cake.

Dr. Thomas comes to when someone knocks at his door. It’s Rachel. He closes the door behind her.

Emily and Nik have an awkward conversation over dinner at The Pizza Shack. Emily comments that this is a bad setting after catching two people nearby making out. Nik suggests that go home and eat, but Emily says she has to work.

Nik suggests they take a walk after Emily’s shift, but she tells him she’ll probably have to work late and won’t be home until bedtime. She gives him a pop kiss and heads off. Georgie asks to refill his soda, but Nik tells her to bring him a beer and keep it coming.

Nik leaves The Pizza Shack drunk. Georgie is concerned, but he tells her he’s not driving. His mind is shut down, just the way he wants it.

Monica looks at the hospital schedule and is surprised to see that Emily is shadowing the graveyard shift. She comments to a co-worker that Emily is working twice the hours that she needs.

Monica asks Emily why she’s working so much, and she makes an excuse about needing the hours for medical school. Monica tells her that she can’t kid a kidder, and Emily finally admits that she’s working overtime to avoid Nik. Emily thinks that maybe it’s time for Nik to move on without her, but Monica thinks she would discuss that with Nik. Monica suggests Emily move toward the marriage instead of away from it, but Emily truly thinks Nik wants to move on, and letting him may be the best way to deal with their problems.

Elsewhere at General Hospital, Courtney runs into Jax and asks him why he’s there. He tells her he came to check on something business-related, but Courtney thinks he’s lying.

Jax admits that he was concerned when Liz fainted, so he wanted to meet with her doctor to make sure that the baby is okay. He tells Courtney it’s easier to lie and not upset her. He apologizes, and Courtney realizes he was just trying to avoid a confrontation. She admits that most of this is based on her insecurities that have nothing to do with Jax. One of the first lessons she ever learned was that men leave when they aren’t satisfied. She wants to be everything to Jax so that he won’t leave. Jax tells Courtney he lives her – kids or not. Courtney asks that from now on, Jax tell her the truth, even if it hurts. The two decide to go off and have some spontaneous fun.

Brook goes into Mike’s and walks past a table with Dillon and Diego. Dylan calls her over and invites her to eat with them. Just then Maxie comes in and tells them about her conversation with Mac. She and Georgie can now date whomever they want, much to Dillon’s relief.

Outside of Mike’s, Lucky tells Jesse that he’s tired of being his baby-sitter. Jesse tells him not to worry about Maxie. Just then Maxie comes outside and tells Jesse about her conversation with Mac. Since they can date now, she suggests they get together later that night. Jesse tells her that they won’t be going out, not tonight or ever. Maxie is confused and knows she didn’t dream up their connection. Jesse tells her that he’s a cop and he doesn’t do relationships. He doesn’t want the emotional baggage. Maxie remarks that at least he isn’t claiming to protect her anymore, but Jesse says maybe he is. Her heart has taken enough of a beating lately.

Liz and Lucky are enjoying a romantic dinner at Mike’s. Outside, Jax and Courtney have just finished a run and plan to get dinner. When they see Liz and Lucky, Jax suggests they eat somewhere else, but Courtney says Mike’s is fine. They go in and join Liz and Lucky. Awkward conversation ensues about topics like work and weather. Courtney all of a sudden hops up from the table and goes to sit at the bar. Jax excuses himself and goes to check on her. She’s mad because he is obviously avoiding discussing the baby.

Courtney is angry that Jax avoids discussing the baby in front of her. He explains that he’s trying to be sensitive, but he can’t win either way. If he discusses the baby, she feels excluded, and if he doesn’t, she feels patronized. Courtney apologizes and admits that she doesn’t know what she wants. She apologizes and tells Jax she’s going to take a walk and will meet him later at home.

Nik and Courtney run into each other on the docks. Nik is obviously drunk and tells Courtney that he’s done. Emily pushed him so far away the he now wants to stay there. Courtney asks him if he’s giving up on his marriage, and he tells her that Emily tried to hang on because she didn’t want to hurt him and it killed them both. He kisses Courtney.

Back at The Pizza Shack, Maxie tells Georgie about her conversation with Mac and her breakup with Jesse. Brook asks Dillon and Diego if they think Maxie is really done with Jesse. Diego says he hopes so – Jesse is a jerk, and Maxie deserves somebody who’s crazy about her. A song starts to play, and Maxie comes over to the table and wants to dance. Dillon is busy with his food, so Diego volunteers.

Dillon sees that Brook is agitated and tells her that Maxie just got her heart broken and is blowing off steam. Brooke can’t handle it anymore and breaks up the dance. She tells Diego it was one thing for him to break up with her, but now he is rubbing it in her face. Brooke grabs a drink to throw at him, but Maxie gets in the way, and the drink goes back on Brooke. Brooke thinks Maxie did it on purpose and calls her a tramp.

Brooke and Maxie start to fight. Georgie’s manager comes out and calls her friends ally cats and fires her. Lucky and Jesse show up, and the manager wants Brooke and Maxie arrested. Maxie lashes out at Jesse, and he finally tells her that had a reason for cutting her off: he’s falling for her.

Durant tells Carly that he is just trying to protect Michael. He even offered Sonny a deal and was turned down flat. Just then Sonny walks up and says he is ready to take the deal. Carly doesn’t want Sonny to take the deal, but Sonny insists that it’s necessary. He wants Durant to drop all charges against Sam and Jason and promise not to publicly arrest or book Michael. Carly insists that her father can’t be trusted, but Sonny says he’s going to give Durant the chance he has always wanted, to prove himself to Sonny, Carly and their sons. Durant agrees to the deal under one condition: Michael stay in therapy with Dr. Thomas.

Back at Greystone, Sonny calls Jason and tells him about the deal with Durant. He tells Jason to bring Michael home. Sonny then tells Carly about Jodie, but Carly doesn’t think an imaginary friend is that big of a deal. Sonny explains that Michael needs help that the two of them can’t give him. Carly wants to know how they found out all of this about Michael, and Sonny reluctantly admits that Reese helped. Carly is angry that Reese knew about Jodie before she did. Just then Reese comes in and tells Carly that she knew because Jason told her.

Reese explains that Jason called her so she could do a name search on Jodie. She tells Carly that what Michael is doing is not that uncommon. Carly realizes that she is more out of touch with Michael’s life than she thought. Sonny and Reese tell her that this could mean that Michael didn’t kill A.J. He could be blocking out the truth. Carly tells them that Michael remembers seeing her standing over A.J. with a pillow, and no truth could be worse than that. Sonny is more concerned about how the killer will react when s/he realizes that Michael remembers.

Michael is welcomed home, and Sonny explains to Jason about the deal. Just then Durant shows up with two cops and orders them to arrest Jason. Durant explains that he doesn’t make deals with thugs and says he has to take Michael away. The cops hold Sonny back, but Carly is allowed to go with Michael. Sonny promises Durant that he will pay.

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