GH Update Tuesday 7/26/05

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/26/05


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GENERAL HOSPITAL: Alan asks Durant why the police are looking for his grandson. Durant explains that Sam and Jason kidnapped Michael. Sam has been picked up in South Carolina, but Michael and Jason are still on the run. Dr. Thomas shows up and tells Alan that they have reason to believe that Michael killed A.J.

CRUISE: Jason calls Reese at Greystone and has her investigate Jodie. As it turns out, Jodie is now a 35-year-old woman but attended Michael’s elementary school and was the 1979 spelling bee champ. Reese wants to know why Jodie is important, and when Jason explains that Michael has made her into his imaginary friend, Reese suggests Jason come home. Jason refuses and says he just has to figure out what to do next. He tells Reese that Sam was picked up by two cops and asks Reese to check on her.

Jodie runs away before meeting Jason, and Michael wants to know why. She tells him that Jason won’t believe her. Michael says that he will. He asks her who killed A.J. just as Jason walks in.

Michael tells Jodie not to run. Jason is their friend and he’s on their side. Michael encourages her to tell Jason who really killed A.J., but Jodie says she can’t. Michael tells her that Jason has never let him down. Michael asks Jason to talk to Jodie and tell her that he’s on her side. Jason tries to play along, but he’s not very convincing.

Michael tells Jodie that Jason doesn’t say just what people want to hear; if he tells her she’s safe, then he means it. Jason tells Jodie that he’ll do anything to protect her and asks her who killed A.J. Jodie remains silent, so Jason tells her that the police think that Michael did it. A true friend would tell them what she saw so that Michael can stop running and go home to his family. Jodie continues to stay silent, and Michael can’t understand why. Jason thinks that maybe Jodie would rather just talk to Michael, so he leaves.

Michael tells Jodie to stay put and follows Jason on-deck. He asks Jason if he believes him about Jodie. Jason says that he does. Michael explains that Jodie came along on this trip just so she could tell them who killed A.J., but now she won’t talk. Jason says that she might be scared to tell the truth about something that big. Jason asks Michael why Jodie hasn’t told him about A.J.’s killer before. Michael says that Jodie told him she was afraid that he might freak out. She was right at the time – he was in bad shape for a while and wasn’t ready to feel it – but now he feels better. It helps to have a friend his own age. Michael says that although Jodie appears quiet, she says a lot of things when they’re alone together. Michael says he’s going to go try to get her to talk. He promises to let Jason know when the truth comes out. He just wants this whole thing to be over.

Michael goes back to his room, but Jodie is gone. Up on deck, Jason gets emotional. He calls Dr. Thomas and tells him about Jodie and her claim to know who killed A.J. Jason wants to know how to help Michael. Dr. Thomas asks if Michael is frightened or upset. Jason says no, but Michael claims his friend is. Dr. Thomas says Michael is projecting his feelings onto Jodie. Jason asks if he should go along with this or tell Michael the truth. Dr. Thomas tells Jason to keep pretending that he sees Jodie. Jason says he’s always been honest with Michael and has to tell him the truth, but Dr. Thomas says it’s crucial that he not confront him. Just then, Michael walks up and overhears Jason’s end of the conversation. Jason promises to do what he can and hangs up.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Dr. Thomas hangs up the phone and then turns to ask Durant if he is satisfied. Durant says he will be when Michael is safely back in Port Charles.

CRUISE: Michael asks Jason what he wants to tell him. Jason lies and says he was talking about somebody else. Just then Jodie appears. She says she was hiding because she was scared. Michael tells her everything is okay. He wants her to tell Jason who killed A.J., but she says Jason won’t believe her. Jason doesn’t know what to say. Jodie tells Michael he can’t trust Jason, but Michael tells her otherwise. Michael wants Jason to tell Jodie that he can be trusted, but Jason has a hard time talking to Jodie. Jason tries anyway, but when he goes to speak, Jodie has moved and Michael realizes that Jason can’t really see her.

Michael is mad that Jason doesn’t believe him. Jason apologizes – he wants to see Jodie. Michael asks Jason if Jason thinks that he’s making this up. Jason says no and then pretends to see Jodie again, so Michael asks him to shake her hand. Jason reaches out, but Michael tells him he’s nowhere near Jodie. Michael is angry that Jason is lying. He thinks Jason is doing it because Jason thinks he’s crazy. Jason says he doesn’t think that, and Michael cries in his arms.

Jason carries Michael to bed and promises him that he’ll get through this. Jason calls Dr. Thomas back and tells him that Michael realized Jason couldn’t see Jodie. Even though Jason tried to pretend that he still could, Michael saw right through it. Dr. Thomas says this is bad. Jason has to get Michael back and into treatment, but Jason is scared that Michael “won’t survive this.” While talking to Dr. Thomas, Jason has a memory from his accident. He recalls Dr. Thomas telling somebody that Jason “won’t survive this.” Dr. Thomas pleads with Jason to bring Michael home, but Jason hangs up the phone.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Dr. Thomas remembers the same conversation that Jason just did. The person he was talking to was A.J.

GREYSTONE: Carly and Lorenzo walk in and demand to know where Sonny is. They want information about Michael. Reese is surprised that Carly knows about the entire escape plan. Carly rubs in that she and Sonny went to say good-bye to Michael together. Lorenzo has been tracking the cruise ship and knows it’s headed to the Caribbean. Reese tells Carly that it’s possible that Michael didn’t kill A.J.

Reese explains that Michael now believes that somebody else killed A.J. He had a bad dream that he smothered A.J., and when he told Reese about it, both he and Reese thought it might be a memory. In fact, he might have just been trying to make sense of a bad dream. Carly lashes out at Reese for coming up with such a ridiculous conclusion that could now be wrecking her son’s life. Reese says that they don’t know what really happened. Carly wants to know where Michael is, but Reese tells her not to go to him. Carly doesn’t want advice on how to treat her son, but Reese warns that if she brings Michael home, he’ll be arrested and he could lose his memory of what really happened. Carly wants to help Michael, and Lorenzo suggests that the best course of action is to find A.J.’s real killer.

QUARTERMAINES: Alan tells Monica to sit down; he has something to tell her. The police are looking for Michael because they think he killed A.J. Monica says she’s known about this all along. She tells Alan that she went to A.J.’s room the night he was murdered and saw Michael holding a pillow over his face. Alan is angry that Monica never told him, but she says he was drinking and acting irrationally. He tells her that Michael and A.J. are part of them family, and she had no right to keep a secret like that. Monica explains that she had no idea how Alan would react. She had to protect Michael.

Carly and Lorenzo walk in and Alan demands to know what they want. After all, they’re the ones who poisoned Michael’s mind against the Quartermaines. Alan blames Carly and Sonny for Michael murdering his father. Carly explains that Michael might not have killed A.J. Alan is confused after Monica’s confession. Monica explains that she got distracted when an orderly tried to enter A.J.’s room, so she might have missed something. Alan says that leaves one question: what are Carly and Lorenzo doing here? Monica says that her guess is they believe one of them killed A.J.

Alan says this it’s idiotic to think he killed his own son. Carly points out that they both had motive, and Monica agrees that an outsider could see it that way. Alan asks what her problem is. Monica reminds him that A.J. betrayed them, he stole million of dollars from them, and he shot Alan in the back. Carly asks if that’s an admission of guilty. Monica admits that she and Alan are both ideal suspects, but so is Carly. Carly says she’d never let Michael suffer if she was the real culprit, and Monica says they all feel that way. They would never let Michael take the blame for something he didn’t do. Even Alan wouldn’t put him through that. Monica says that nobody in their family killed A.J. Carly wants to know where that leaves them. Monica says if Michael is innocent, then whoever killed Michael was willing to let a 9-year-old take the blame. Carly wonders who could hate him so much, and Lorenzo points out that it could be somebody who hates the family. Carly asks Monica if she thinks that somebody would make Michael look guilty to take she and Sonny down. Monica says it always come back to this: somebody with a grudge against Sonny. Alan remarks that it’s a long list, and Carly says they have to figure out who is at the top of it.

DOCKS: Carly feels helpless when it comes to helping Michael. Lorenzo tries to comfort her by reminding her that Michael has Jason and Sam, but Carly thinks Sam is useless. Lorenzo says that Michael seems to like her, and Carly trusts Jason. Carly just keeps thinking about the night that Jason had to take Michael away, and Lorenzo went to Sonny’s to tell Michael that she missed him. She tells him it was the best time she’d had with Michael in months. She talked to Michael about coming to live with them, and he actually seemed receptive, but now he’s gone. Lorenzo tells her this will all be resolved soon. He tells her the fastest way to bring Michael home is to find out who killed A.J. Carly admits he has a good point. She leaves to go home, but Lorenzo stops her. He wants to know what she’s really up to. She tells him she has a crazy surprise in mind for him that involves hot oil and sexy lingerie, and good things come to those who wait.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Durant walks up on Reese reading a hospital file. Reese tells him to quit threatening and to actually stop her. Durant says she’ll hear about Michael’s test results soon. Reese says that even if Michael’s DNA is on the pillow that smothered A.J., it doesn’t prove he did it, but Durant says that’s enough proof for him. Durant says he’s trying to save Michael from a violent, criminal father, but Reese accuses him of using Michael just to get at Sonny. Durant tells her that Sam has been arrested and will be extradited back to the states. He tells her that if she cares about Michael, she’ll get in touch with Sonny and tell him to do the right thing: tell Jason to bring Michael home.

Reese goes to see Rachel. She calls her the forgotten person in A.J.’s murder. Rachel says she told the police everything she knew after the murder. Reese reminds Rachel that she and A.J. were lovers until he got her involved in his plan to get back at all the people that hurt him. Rachel says it’s all in the records. Reese says the most important part of the plan was taking Michael from Sonny and Carly, the two people A.J. hated most. Rachel said she had no idea how far A.J. would go, and Reese said she also had no idea she would be dumped like yesterday’s garbage. Reese tells Rachel that she had motive and accuses her of killing A.J.

Reese refuses to dignify the accusation with a response. A.J. had a lot of enemies, but Reese points out that Rachel’s motive is the oldest in the book: a woman scorned. Rachel says that A.J. was hardly the love of her life, but Reese realizes that Rachel had opportunity to kill A.J. at the hospital. Rachel tells Reese her job is to heal people, not kill people. Reese admits that since Rachel is a pediatrician, she has a hard time believing that Rachel could kill A.J. and let a child take the blame. Rachel says if that’s true, Reese should stop accusing her. Reese knows that Rachel is withholding something, and Rachel finally admits that she is: she knows who really killed A.J.

Carly meets Durant at the hospital and wants to know how he could do this to Michael. Durant doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Carly accuses him of killing A.J. and letting Michael take the blame, then she slaps him.

DOCKS: Jesse walks up on two thugs and asks for Jersey Joe. They’re waiting for Murphy, but Jesse says that he is Murphy’s representative. Just then, Lucky jumps out with his gun. The two thugs pull out knives, but guns are scarier and Jesse and Lucky are able to cuff them. Maxie walks up, and Jesse accuses her of following him. She says she was going to meet Georgie. Jesse is rude and tells her to take a hike. Maxie tells him to stop acting like he doesn’t care about her. She knows he’s only being that way because of her father. Jesse encourages Maxie to leave before she gets hurt, but Maxie thinks it’s stupid for Jesse to walk away from their budding relationship just to protect her. After all, don’t other cops on the force have girlfriends? Jesse says that Mac is against it, and Lucky has been told to watch after him. Maxie says she won’t take this anymore and plans to handle it.

Dillon and Georgie invite Maxie to go with them to a concert on the beach, but she passes. Maxie asks Georgie if she told their parents she was hanging out with Dillon. Georgie says no, it’s not worth it. Mac just interrogates her, and by the time the discussion is over, she’s exhausted. It’s a dad reflex she explains; Dillon equals trouble.

Maxie points out that their parents like Dillon now. Georgie says yes, but it took her nearly dying for them to come around. And if Mac sees any kind of affection between the two, he goes postal. So they just avoid it and sneak around. Maxie says that Mac is treating them like fugitives, just like he treats her and Jesse. She decides to handle it the way that families do when somebody’s behavior is out of control and needs to be stopped. She tells Georgie to come with her, and Dillon reluctantly goes too.

POLICE STATION: Mac congratulates Jesse and Lucky on the drug bust. Lucky says that Jesse makes a good boss. Mac asks how soon they can wrap up the paperwork, and Jesse hands it all to Lucky. Maxie, Georgie and Dillon show up and demand to talk to Mac immediately. Maxie says she and Georgie are tired of him controlling their lives, and it has to end. He says he’s their father and that’s his job. Maxie explains that this is not a discussion, it’s an intervention.

Maxie tells Mac that they love him, they just want him to see how his behavior affects other people. Mac tells them this is absurd, but Georgie says he’s not allowed to talk. The idea is to listen. Maxie points out that she’s nearly 19 and when Mac tries to control her life, it makes her feel like he can’t trust her. Mac says he does, he just doesn’t always trust her judgment. Maxie tells him that’s something to work on. Mac catches Jesse peeking through the window and tells Maxie this is about him. She wants to date Jesse, but he’s off limits. Georgie tells Mac he’s violating every rule of the intervention. Maxie tells Mac he has a fanatical need to control. He’s even doing it to Lucky by making him keep tabs on his superior. It’s not Lucky’s job to be her baby-sitter. She and Georgie are not children, and Mac needs to stop telling them whom they can and can’t see. He asks what happens if he doesn’t, and Maxie says she and Georgie will move out. Georgie didn’t know this was coming, but she goes along with it. Maxie says she’s sure if Mac thinks about it, he’ll agree that they’re grown up enough to make their own decisions. And if he doesn’t, then he loses their love. They’ll cut him off. Mac walks out of the room.

DOCKS: Maxie finds Mac hanging out at the docks. She apologizes for putting him on the spot, but he realizes she was just trying to get through to him. She just feels it’s important to make her own decisions. She’s been trying to tell him for a while, but she hasn’t been heard. Mac says she was heard this time. Maxie says yes, but they didn’t go about it very well. Mac tells Maxie that he loves her and wants to protect her. She understands, but she has to spread her wings. Mac says that pretty soon, she’ll be living out in the world on her own, and she’ll be learning a lot of life lessons. Even though he knows she’s grown now, when he looks at her, all he sees is a little girl. He wants to hold on tight and keep her safe forever, but he hears what she is saying. He promises to try to do what she asks if she’ll just be patient with him. Maxie says she won’t always be his little girl, but she will always be his daughter.

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