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DOCKS: Courtney confides to Nik that she feels left out of the pregnancy, even though Jax has tried to include her. Nik understands and tells her it’s hard to feel pain and have no one to blame. Courtney says that after she found out she couldn’t have children, she distracted herself with the foundation and with Jax, but now the one thing she was running from has caught up to her. “I can’t run and I can’t hide,” she tells Nik. Nik says he realizes why it’s so hard for Emily to be near him after the rape, but it still hurts. The two wonder how they can fight, but Nik says they can’t.

Courtney says this isn’t the first time she has felt like an outsider in her own marriage. Sonny was as much a part of Jason’s life as she was. Nik empathizes and tells Courtney that Emily is suddenly up in Sonny and Jason’s business and is keeping secrets for them. Nik says that Sonny is now Emily’s protector, but Courtney says that she should be Nik’s job. “All the rules have changed now,” Nik says.

Nik encourages Courtney to remember why she fell in love with Jax. She tells him it was an embarrassingly childish physical attraction and his openness. Courtney says Jax has the ability to be completely honest about what he feels and wants…until what he wants is something you can’t give him. Nik laughs and tells her that Jax doesn’t blame her for not having his baby. Courtney knows, but she sees how excited he is about this baby. With each passing day, she feels like the baby is less hers and Jax’s and more his and Liz’s.

Nik asks how Jax responds when they talk about it, but it’s clear that Courtney hasn’t done that. Nik jokingly mocks her for expecting Jax to be honest but refusing to be that way herself. Courtney says she has tried to talk to him, but each time she plays the conversation in her head, she thinks it sounds petty and jealous. Nik says that he knows how she feels and doesn’t think less of her. Courtney says yes, but she has nothing to lose by being honest with him. Nik jokes that she’s not evil, just a little insecure, but Jax can’t change that if she won’t talk to him.

Courtney tells Nik that she had a dream where they went to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Everybody was fighting to listen in, but nobody even noticed that was she there. She’s afraid that when Liz starts showing, everybody will be bonding over the baby’s kicks while she’s stressing out about the nursery theme, her only contribution to this pregnancy. Courtney all of a sudden realizes how ridiculous she sounds whining to Nik, but he tells her that he actually thinks she’s pretty terrific.

Nik offers to give Courtney a guy’s perspective. He encourages her to lay it all out there and tell Jax how she feels. She wants to find a way to do that without undercutting Jax’s joy about the baby. Courtney points out that she and Nik are young and healthy. They have everything they’ve ever wanted, but when is it enough? Nik says they have to stop believing there’s a happy ending somewhere. Life is a lot of pain and sadness and hard work interrupted, if they play their cards right, by just a few moments of joy and love. Courtney marvels at his deep thought, and he jokes that while in prison, he had a lot of time on his hands.

Courtney finally realizes that Jax can’t read her mind, so she has to tell him how she really feels. She tells Nik to consider taking his own advice. He says he’s told Emily a million times. Courtney says to tell her a million and one; the energy she spends tangled up in Sonny and Jason is better spent on their marriage.

WINDEMERE: Reese shows up with a court order for Emily. Durant has listed her as the person of interest in Michael’s disappearance. Sonny says all this means is that Durant doesn’t have enough evidence to arrest Emily. Reese says she just can’t leave town, and Emily says she didn’t plan to. Reese reassures Emily that this is typical of Durant; if he can’t come up with anything concrete, he resorts to intimidation. Emily says that Durant is out of his mind to charge Michael with murder. He’ll have a fight from half the town.

Reese leaves but Sonny stays behind. He tells Emily to go pack her things so he can take her home. She explains that she is home, but Sonny thinks she’ll be safer with the Quartermaines.

Emily thanks Sonny for the offer but says she feels safe at Windemere. Despite what Sonny thinks, Nik isn’t violent or abusive. Sonny says Nik is a time bomb, but Emily argues that he was only venting and it was never directed at her. Sonny wonders what will happen if Nik comes home angry one day and Emily is the only one around. Emily realizes that no matter what she tells Sonny, it sounds like she’s protecting Nik and she’s not. She says that Nik is very good to her, and there aren’t a lot of guys who would try to understand what she has been through. She just wishes she could do the same for him. Nik wants his wife back, the woman that Emily was before the rape, but she’s not that person anymore. Sonny says Nik should accept who she is now, and Emily says he’s trying. Sonny says Emily should try, too. If Emily continues to smile and act like nothing is happening, she and Nik will both go down in flames.

Sonny says he will never tell Emily what to do. She thanks him for being so generous since Jason has been gone. Sonny says he knows what she has been through. She ask him if he is living proof that she can survive, but he tells her the question is how. He knows what happens when somebody smashes your body and cripples your soul, and you’re too small and helpless to stop them. When the physical scars heal, people think you should get over it, but you can’t. Emily says that before Connor raped her, the defining moment of her life was her mother’s death from breast cancer. That loss colored everything that came after – even her own cancer was easier than losing her mom so young. Sonny asks her what she would have done if somebody told her to just get over it, and she says that she can’t. She’ll never forget her mom and she’ll never be the same for having lost her. Sonny says that what Connor did will always be with Emily and eventually she’ll get stronger, but she can’t forget. She’s different now. Sonny wonders aloud what kind of man he would be now if he wasn’t abused as a child. Emily suggests he might be a little less angry and a little quicker to trust. “This is how our lives play out, there’s no going back to who we were before,” she tells him. “I’m not who I was a year ago or even six months ago. The woman Nicholas married is gone, and whoever I am can’t give him what he wants.” Just then Nik walks in and overhears her.

Sonny leaves Nik and Emily alone to talk. Nik walks slowly over to Emily and asks her if she’s not the woman that he married, then who is she? Nik reminds Emily that they used to keep secrets for each other instead of from each other. When she had cancer, he was the only person she told, and he cherished that trust she had in him. He would never violate her confidence. That secret brought them closer – they were two people against the world – and he doesn’t understand what went wrong. Emily says her world fell apart. She wanted to tell him about the rape, but he was in prison. He asks if she was trying to protect him, and she says yes. She felt like she owed him that because he pushed Helene off a cliff to protect her. He wants her to admit that he was absolutely useless to her while he was in prison. She tells him to stop, but he wants to know from her why everything has changed. Emily tries to appease him by finally apologizing for keeping him in the dark about Michael. Nik says he wishes she meant that. She asks him what else he wants from her, and he yells that he just wants her to be honest. She tells him that she had to protect a little boy. She would have told him, but Jason made her promise not to for Michael’s safety. She tells him if he wants to make it about something else, fine, but she won’t. She then grabs her book and runs out.

Nik pours himself a glass of brandy before bed. He watches the liquor swirl in his glass as he stares off into the distance. Emily comes downstairs and watches him from the foyer.

GREYSTONE: Max calls Reese to come to Sonny’s immediately. When she arrives, Durant is there with a search warrant. Reese tells him he has become more bitter and angrier and meaner than he used to be. She tells him he needs a date and suggests a popular website. Durant tells her he has a forensics team working upstairs but won’t reveal what he’s searching for. Reese says this isn’t about who killed A.J., it’s about bringing Sonny down, and Durant is using a scared little boy to do it. Durant says Michael would be a lot less scared if he was at home where he belongs. Durant tells her the pillow that killed A.J. still contains unidentified DNA. All he needs is a strand of Michael’s hair to get a match. Durant says he’s not trying to ruin Michael’s life; he’s trying to save him.

Sonny arrives home and wants Durant out. Reese says there’s nothing she can do…at the moment. She tells Durant that whatever evidence he finds won’t hold up in court, just like the evidence he stole from Dr. Thomas. Durant says he has enough evidence to put Dr. T. on the stand. When Sonny realizes that Durant actually plans to go through with this, he vows that not matter how much evidence Durant finds, Michael will never stand trial for A.J.’s murder.

Durant gets a hair sample from Michael’s room. He tells Sonny that that it will probably prove that Michael killed A.J. Durant tries unsuccessfully to intimidate Sonny into revealing Michael’s whereabouts. He says that Sonny let Michael cut his teeth on crime and violence, but at least Michael’s still a kid. Sonny asks what that means, and Durant says that Michael can still have a good life after he is out of Sonny’s house. Durant firmly believes that one day, Michael will thank Durant for rescuing him from this life.

Durant leaves, and Sonny tells Reese that things will get uglier. She points out that Durant is testing him. Sonny says he doesn’t do well in corners. Reese promises to keep him out, but Sonny says if Durant keeps pushing, he will be eliminated. Reese says it doesn’t have to be that way, but Sonny is determined to fight for Michael. He wants to know if Reese is willing to stand with him.

Reese told Sonny once before that she would never break the law for him. She also wouldn’t risk her career or go to jail for him, and he wants to know if she still feels that way. She congratulates him on his memory. He tells her that she’s a good lawyer and he respects her. He doesn’t want Reese to compromise for him. Reese tells him that everything she said back then was true, and it still stands now. She will not be Sonny’s mouthpiece, and she will not compromise herself for him. But for Michael, that’s a different story. She came to Port Charles to save him, and she will not let Durant hurt him or use him just to bring Sonny down. Sonny says, “So you’re with me?” and Reese responds, “All the way.”

JAX’S: Jax suggests that Lucky get a desk job while Liz is pregnant, which angers Lucky. He calls Jax a control freak and accuses him of undermining his career while Liz attempts to run interference.

Jax tells Lucky that Liz fainted when she found out that Lucky had been shot at. Liz tries to play it down and says she also got lightheaded when she was pregnant with Cameron. Lucky asks Liz if she wants him to quit his job. Liz finally speaks up and tells Jax that she’s in love with Lucky and would already be married to him if he weren’t trying to protect Jax’s paternal rights. Jax says he’s grateful for that. Liz tells Jax that eventually she and Lucky will have their own child, and she will tell their son or daughter that their father is a hero and they should aspire to be just like him. Liz says she has no intention of using this pregnancy to force Lucky into a career detour, so Jax better get his anxiety under control. She then tells Jax that she would like for her future husband to take her to get some fresh air and a bit to eat.

Courtney comes home to an agitated Jax. He wants a reality check. He wonders if he was out of line for suggesting that Lucky find a different job for Liz’s benefit. Courtney tells Jax to trust Liz, but Jax is afraid that the stress Liz feels from Lucky’s job could harm the baby. Jax tells Courtney he offered to supplement Lucky’s income if he would take a desk job until the birth. He thinks Lucky should be more sensitive. Courtney asks what Liz thinks and Jax reminds her how loyal Liz is to Lucky. He finally asks Courtney what she thinks, but she tells him there are a lot of opinions flying around right now, and hers would be one too many.

Courtney changes into her pajamas, and Jax hands her a brochure for a stress-relieving massage at the Metro Court. She says it sounds wonderful for Liz, but Jax says it’s for her. He knows he’s been a little crazy lately, but he has noticed how patient she has been, and he appreciates it. She tells him the surrogacy doesn’t feel real yet. He suggests they enjoy the next nine months and just indulge themselves. Before they know it, Courtney will be up to her neck in diapers, powder and midnight feedings. She asks where he’ll be during all of this, and he jokes that he’ll be on the golf course. Courtney laughs and points out that he doesn’t even play golf. Jax says he’ll take the 3 a.m. feeding, and Courtney says she can’t wait to see that. Jax says they have some pretty big decisions to make. They agree not to nanny for at least the first three months. Jax imagines Courtney sitting in the nursery holding their baby, and she jokingly asks if he can see what color the walls are. The two laugh at that, and Jax folds her into his arms for a kiss.

Courtney can’t sleep and walks out into the living room. She picks up the spa brochure and stares off into the distance as Jax watches from the hallway.

DOCKS: Liz spots a shooting star, and Lucky tells her to make a wish. She tells him she doesn’t have to; she has everything she wants. Lucky thanks for her being in his corner. She tells him it works both ways. He jokes about accepting Jax’s offer, but Liz doesn’t buy it. She knows he’d rather be selling pretzels from a car than work behind a desk. Lucky admits that she’s right, but he’s impressed by her restraint. A lot of women wouldn’t be that generous. Liz tells Lucky he’s done enough by agreeing to the surrogacy.

CRUISE: Michael pulls Jodie out from under his bed and “introduces” her to Sam and Jason. Michael encourages Jodie to tell Sam and Jason who really killed A.J. Sam walks over and attempts to befriend Michael’s imaginary pal, but Jodie tells Michael that Jason doesn’t like her. Michael tells Jodie that Jason likes her; he just doesn’t smile a lot.

Jodie says that Jason is staring at her but Michael assures Jodie that she can trust him. Jason says that’s right. Michael thinks Jodie is scared because Jason might make her go home. Sam says that Jodie doesn’t have to talk right now; she can wait until she feels more comfortable. Michael says thanks, and Sam and Jason promise to wait on-deck until Jodie is ready to talk.

Outside of Michael’s stateroom, Jason goes into shock. He finally realizes the depths of Michael’s pain. Jason is mad that nobody, especially Dr. Thomas, realized that Jodie was imaginary, but Sam says that children make up friends all the time. She thinks Michael created Jodie so that he would have somebody to talk to. She’s read about this, and traumatized people create alter egos to absorb the hits that they can’t take. Jason argues that Michael is not schizophrenic. Sam agrees – he doesn’t think he’s Jodie – but he’s an isolated kid and needed somebody to talk to. Jason recounts how Michael said that Jodie would tell them who killed A.J. Sam thinks that’s the reason that Jodie was created, so that Michael could tell them the truth.

Michael tells Jodie to get used to Jason because he is Michael’s closest friend. Michael explains that when he was a baby, his mom got sick and Jason took care of him. Jodie still thinks that Jason hates her and wishes she would go away. Michael says that Sam and Jason worry a lot, especially about him. They just want him to be happy. Jodie says that grown-ups always say that, but Michael argues that Jason’s isn’t like other grownups. He has a problem with his brain and can’t remember when he was a child. Michael promises Jodie that if he wants her to stay, then Jason will agree. Jodie fears that once she tells Sam and Jason who killed A.J., Michael won’t want her around anymore.

Up on deck, Sam tells Jason that Jodie could be Michael’s salvation. Jason asks if Sam thinks it’s a good thing that Michael is hallucinating. Sam says that when Michael first got home after being kidnapped, his world was going to hell. Nobody could get inside of his head to help him. Jason says yes, but with time and patience, Michael started to get better. Sam says that somewhere, Jodie was already being formed. Maybe Jodie exists to tell them the things that Michael can’t. Jason argues that Michael can tell him anything. Sam says that was true before Michael was brainwashed by A.J. Sam suggests that perhaps Michael witnessed somebody else kill A.J. Jason asks Sam if she thinks Michael is still suppressing what happened the night A.J. was killed, and Sam says that is exactly what she thinks.

Sam says if they take Michael home, Durant will be there to arrest him and he’ll go right back into survival mode, deeper into his fantasy world. Sam things the truth is with Jodie, and Jason needs to encourage Michael to have her tell them what happened. Jason says he can’t, he’s not good at pretending. He says he can push Michael on the swing, he can play catch, but when it comes to make-believe, he doesn’t know how. Sam tells Jason to just talk to Jodie, but he says Michael already knows that he’s freaked. Sam offers to teach Jason how to pretend, but he snaps back at her that he can’t. He apologizes and tells her that Michael needs help, and he can’t be the one to screw it up. Sam says it’s okay; she’ll get the truth out of Jodie.

Sam goes on shore to get supplies but realizes she is being followed and calls Jason. He tells her he’ll come get her, but she tells him to take Michael and leave. He says he is not going to leave her. Just then, two cops come up and tell Sam she has to go with them. Michael comes on deck and tells Jason that Jodie is ready to tell him who killed A.J.


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