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General Hospital Update Friday 7/22/05


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THE DOCKS: Officer Murphy is holding Maxie as his hostage, as a helpless Lucky and Jesse look on. Lucky tries to convince Murphy to let Maxie go. Murphy declines, saying that Maxie is his insurance policy -- no one will shoot at him while he has her. He tries to leave with Maxie, who suddenly manages to get out of his grip. Before he can go after her, Jesse is on him -- and the two struggle with Murphy's gun. As Maxie watches, Lucky shoots -- the bullet hits Murphy. Jesse and Maxie hug.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S APARTMENT: Courtney is coming up with ways to decorate the baby's nursery when Jax comes in and joins her. Jax notes that she's thinking ahead and Courtney replies that since Elizabeth is now pregnant, in nine very short months their spare bedroom will be occupied by "the baby." Jax asks her, "Isn't it time you started calling it OUR baby?"

JASON AND SAM'S BOAT: Jason and Sam are out on the deck as the boat sails out into the open water. Jason expresses his concern that Michael might not ever be okay again.

Meanwhile, below deck, Michael opens up one of the cabins and is shocked to see Jodie there waiting for him. She explains that she followed him to the boat and then stowed away. She says she has something important to tell him: he didn't kill AJ after all.

GREYSTONE: Sonny is waiting at Greystone when Reese shows up. She is upset that he lied to her about turning Michael into the authorities. Sonny insists that he was only trying to protect Michael, but Reese demands to know why he can't just tell her that he doesn't trust her?

THE DOCKS: Lucky calls for an ambulance for Murphy as Jesse blows up at Maxie over the fact that she should have stayed out of all of this in the first place. Maxie insists, however, that she would do it all the same way again if she had the chance. Jesse asks her if she's crazy? Lucky, meanwhile, talks to Murphy -- Lucky still cannot believe that Murphy sold out, but Murphy retorts that Lucky might understand the next time Elizabeth asks him for something that his paycheck can't afford to buy. Lucky turns away from Murphy and Murphy pulls a gun on him. Jesse, seeing Murphy about to shoot, rushes to stop him, but it's too late -- Murphy manages to shoot Lucky in the soulder.

WYNDEMERE: Emily is by herself, looking at a framed picture. The picture is of her, standing with Nikolas on their wedding day. As she looks at it, Nikolas comes up behind her and gives her such a shock that she ends up dropping the picture frame -- which breaks on the floor. He apologizes for startling her -- he's brought her some flowers. Emily tells him she was just studying for an anatomy test. Nikolas tells her that he'll let her study -- that he's going to take out one of the launches. With that, he leaves.

JASON AND SAM'S BOAT: Jason and Sam are still above deck talking about Michael. Jason is worried about how they are taking Michael away from his family. Sam points out that the three of them can sort of be their own little family now. Jason tells her that there's something eating away at him -- sitting at the back of his head...he explains that it's sort of like the way it was when he was the only one who believed Michael was still alive.

Meanwhile, in the cabin below deck, Jodie tells Michael that she was in the hospital that night -- she saw what happened in AJ's room, but didn't want to tell Michael before because she was scared he would freak out. Now, she wants to tell him because the police think he did it; but they are wrong. She explains that while Michael only remember's half of that evening's events, she remembers it all. He asks for her to tell him everything. Just then, they hear footsteps approaching. Jodie runs to hide under the bed, scared that Jason and Sam might send her back -- once she's hidden, Jason comes into the cabin. He asks Michael if he's okay?

GREYSTONE: Sonny tells Reese that he wanted to keep her out of the loop for her own protection against any charges John might try to bring against her. Plus, he thinks she doesn't need any bad publicity now that she's just opened the law firm with Ric. But Reese isn't so sure she believes these reasons that Sonny is giving her -- she thinks Sonny is just holding back from really and truly trusting her. Sonny insists that everyone keeps secrets...and that as people grow up, they learn to keep their defenses up. He thinks he's so overprotective when it comes to Michael because of what he himself went through as a kid. While he does trust Jason with his life, he says that it's different to trust someone with his heart.

WYNDEMERE: A police officer shows up at Wyndemere. He tells Emily that she is wanted downtown at the police station -- John Durant wants her to answer some questions about the disappearance of Michael.

JASON AND SAM'S BOAT: Michael assures Jason that he's all right and that he thinks living on a boat will be fun. Jason explains that they are currently sailing the Caribbean, which Michael thinks sounds cool. He tells Jason that it's almost like the bad stuff never even happened.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S APARTMENT: Courtney explains to Jax that she's feeling that she isn't going to be really needed the next nine months -- that Elizabeth is going to be the one who is pregnant, having check-ups, etc. etc. Jax replies that Courtney, not Elizabeth, will be the baby's what's nine months compared to the rest of their lives? The conversation turns to picking out furniture and things for the baby's room. Jax and Courtney lapse back into happy preparation for a few moments before Courtney tells him she has to go to the foundation for a little while to work on a case. Before she leaves there's a knock on the door -- it's Elizabeth, who has come to give them the news that her first checkup went fine. She's also brought them the test results. As Jax looks at the results, Elizabeth spots the fabric swatches for the baby's nursery. She asks Courtney and Jax if they would mind her throwing in her two cents on how to decorate the nursery? Courtney looks somewhat upset.

THE POLICE STATION: Lucky places a call to Nikolas, who asks him to come to the station right away, as Emily has just been brought in for questioning. Nikolas agrees, saying he'll be right there. As Lucky hangs up, he is called over by Mac to go over the Murphy case. Apparently Lucky wore a wire during the meeting on the docks, and Mac is none too happy to hear the recording, which reveals that Maxie was present when all of this was going down. Lucky and Jesse try to apologize, but Mac doesn't want to hear it -- he says that if this is their idea of protecting Maxie, they are going to have a serious problem.

Elsewhere in the station, John is with Emily. He thinks Emily should place a call to her lawyer. Emily snaps, "Or try to call my brother so he'll find out I'm here and come back?" John says she's a smart girl, but apparently not smart enough to talk Jason out of running off with Michael, who is wanted for murder. Emily declines to comment. John points out that he has everyone in this town right where he wants them.

GREYSTONE: Reese is still with Sonny. She reminds him that her heart is involved in this, too. She reminds him that she could have helped him get Michael out of the country. Sonny thinks she would have tried to talk him out of it instead. Reese finally admits that yes, she would have wanted justice to take its course -- but that ultimately she would have backed him up. They start to flirt a bit. Just then, they are interrupted by a phone call from Emily -- she tells Sonny that she's at the police station, and she's going to need some help.

JASON AND SAM'S BOAT: Sam tells Michael that he's had a long day, so he'd better get some sleep -- but she and Jason will be on deck if he needs them. Sam tucks Michael into bed, and then turns to Jason and asks him what he thinks is wrong? Jason says that he's still not sure. They turn the cabin lights out and leave.

Once they are gone, Jodie comes out from under sthe bed and asks Michael if he thinks Jason and Sam are going to go kiss or something. Michael wants Jodie to just tell him what happened the night AJ died. If he didn't kill AJ, who did?

THE POLICE STATION: Mac is still furious with Lucky and Jesse for allowing Maxie in harm's way. He also points out that Murphy is in the hospital and refusing to admit to anything. With the drug problem on the streets just as bad as ever, he has decided to make Jesse and Lucky partners. Jesse is happy about this, because since he's a detective and Lucky's a mere officer, he'll be Lucky's superior. Lucky is less than thrilled at the prospect. Mac warns Jesse to stay away from Maxie. Jesse agrees and leaves the room. Lucky asks Mac to reconsider sticking him with Jesse. Mac notes that the only reason he's doing it is because he wants Lucky to keep an eye on Jesse -- to make sure Jesse stays away from Maxie. And if Jesse doesn't, Mac will put them both on traffic detail.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S APARTMENT: Elizabeth is already throwing herself into the task of decorating the baby's nursery. Jax steps in and points out that it was sort of Courtney's project -- that she wanted to do the whole thing herself. Courtney interrupts and says that if Elizabeth wants to help she's fine with it. With that, she leaves for the foundation. Elizabeth and Jax continue to go over the fabrics and such -- just then, Elizabeth's cell phone rings. It's Lucky -- he explains that he'll be home late...Murphy shot at them, and there's paperwork to be done. Elizabeth is worried, but Lucky says he'll explain it when he gets home. Elizabeth hangs up and promptly faints -- Jax catches her just in time.

THE POLICE STATION: Emily and John are still inside the interrogation room. John is trying to question her, warning her that she is coming close to being charged as an accomplice. Just then, Reese and Sonny show up to put a stop to the questioning. Emily reassures them that John has nothing on her. John says that he has officers searching Spoon Island because he is sure that Emily aided and abetted. He warns Emily that she is breaking the law by remaining silent on Michael's whereabouts. Nikolas shows up at this point -- Emily is now free to go, but first she thanks Sonny for coming. Then she turns to Nikolas and notes that she knows he's upset that she called Sonny instead of him. Nikolas replies that Emily is lucky to not be in jail right now. Emily wants to continue the discussion somewhere else, but Nikolas replies, "Well that doesn't surprise me -- we don't talk about much of anything anymore." Emily responds by briskly walking out of the station, leaving Nikolas behind.

JASON AND SAM'S BOAT: Sam and Jason are above deck, discussing their options for getting supplies on some nearby islands. Jason thinks that Sam probably misses her life at sea, but Sam says that while she did feel safest out on the ocean -- now she feels safest with him. Jason explains that he used to go on long trips in his time away from Port Charles...sometimes he would go days not talking to another soul. But now, he thinks he talks more to Sam more than he's ever talked in his entire life. Sam thinks that's good, as she likes listening to him. Jason's happy he found her. Suddenly, they are joined by Michael. Michael tells Jason and Sam that they are not the only ones on the boat.

THE DOCKS: Jesse meets up with Maxie and promptly tells her that he's finished using her and that it's over between them. Maxie is dumb-founded -- she thought that they were more than that. Jesse tells her that he was only playing her, and that if she can't see that he doesn't know what to tell her. Maxie protests -- they had a connection...and she knows he's lying, pretending to dump her so that she won't get hurt. Jesse insists that he's not pretending. Maxie replies that she's not giving up on him, but Jesse says she doesn't have a choice. With that, he stalks off.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S APARTMENT: Jax has Elizabeth on the couch -- he is worried about her, but she insists that she's fine, that she was just worried about Lucky. Jax thinks that the stress from Lucky's job as a cop must be hard on her. Elizabeth admits that it's hard on her to watch him walk out the door every morning, knowing he might not come back at night. But she also points out that there's not much she can do about it.

WYNDEMERE: Nikolas and Emily are back at Wyndemere -- Nikolas is upset that she hid Jason, Sam and Michael in the grottoes and didn't even bother to tell him about it. They start to argue. Emily says she was just trying to keep quiet -- that she didn't think things out past that. Nikolas points out that her risk could have cost her her career as a doctor...he thinks she should have let him help her. Emily replies that he would have just tried to talk her out of it. Nikolas says, "The bottom line is that if you would have been caught you could have went to jail. And you knew that, so why in the hell did you do it in the first place?" Suddenly, Sonny comes into the room. He tells Nik bluntly that they didn't want him involved. Nikolas wants Sonny to leave, as he's trying to have a private discussion with his wife. Sonny says he was just trying to protect Michael, and Nikolas demands to know who was busy protecting Emily? He thinks Sonny wouldn't even have cared if Emily had ended up hurt. He also thinks that Sonny knew that Emily would never have turned Jason down for anything, which is what he (Sonny) was probably counting on. Nikolas accuses Sonny of using people. Emily steps in and tells Nikolas to stop -- "You're not mad at Sonny, you're mad at me, okay? This isn't about anything but us and our crumbling marriage." Nikolas replies testily, "Well, so much for working it out, huh?" and storms out of the room.

JASON AND SAM'S BOAT: Michael explains to Jason and Sam that his friend Jodie is below deck -- that she stowed away. Sam is confused, pointing out that she thought Jodie's family moved to another town. Michael says that she just lied to her parents and ran away...that she's been staying at Greystone for a few weeks now. Jason is worried. He asks Michael if he called Jodie to tell her where he was, but Michael insists that he didn't...Jodie just always seems to know where he is. Sam asks him why Jodie is here? Michael replies that Jodie has come to tell him who really killed AJ.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S APARTMENT: Elizabeth is still on the couch -- Jax covers her with a blanket and keeps offering her something to eat or drink, but Elizabeth declines. Elizabeth and Jax discuss Cameron...Jax wants every parenting tip Elizabeth can give him in the next nine months. Elizabeth agrees. Just then there's a knock on the door -- it's Lucky. Elizabeth is shocked to see that Lucky has been shot. Jax points out to Lucky that obviously his job is causing Elizabeth a lot of stress. He thinks maybe Lucky should think about transfering to a desk job. Lucky says that the pay for that is lousy, so Jax offers to make up the difference in pay until the baby is born. Lucky angrily snaps that he'll tell Jax exactly what he can do with his money.

THE DOCKS: Courtney comes upon a furious Nikolas at the docks. He tells her that he's had a lousy day and she says that her's has been the same. Nikolas guesses that it has to do with Jax and she tells him that it's just the usual -- they keep trying to connect and in the process are growing further and further apart. Nikolas says Courtney and Jax are still ahead of him and Emily -- who aren't even speaking.

WYNDEMERE: Sonny apologizes to Emily for coming in between her and Nikolas. She replies that it's not his fault. Sonny knows that if Jason were here, she would explain everything to him -- but since Jason isn't here, he wants her to think of him as a stand-in. Emily finally explains that before, everything came so naturally to them -- they were always in sync. But now, they have to try to keep that up. She knows Nikolas loves her and she loves him, but instead of growing closer, they're only growing apart. She doesn't understand how this could have happened. Just then, Reese comes into the room. She has a court order for Emily from John -- and it's not good.

JASON AND SAM'S BOAT: Michael leads Jason and Sam into the cabin, and then brings Jodie out from her hiding place under the bed -- he wants her to tell them who really killed AJ. Jason and Sam exchange an uneasy look...they can't see Jodie. Michael appears to be talking to thin air.

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