GH Update Thursday 7/21/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/21/05


By Ali
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THE POLICE STATION: Maxie breaks into her father's office at the police station trying to get the file on Officer Murphy, but Mac catches her in the act. Just as they begin to argue again about her claim that Jesse is innocent, Lucky comes into the room just then and offers to find out the truth about Jesse for Mac once and for all.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly is worried about Michael -- Lorenzo tries to calm her down. He reminds her that now that it's a matter of public record that Michael killed AJ, she has only two options: she can surrender Michael to the court or spirit him out of the country for good.

GREYSTONE: Reese informs Sonny that she has struck a deal with John Durant -- if Jason and Sam deliver Michael to the authorities, all charges against them will be dropped. Sonny is against the plan because he doesn't want Michael to be arrested and treated like a criminal. Reese asks him if he's willing to just grab Michael and run?

THE WYNDEMERE CAVERNS: Sam and Jason discuss what to do about Michael (as Michael sleeps nearby). Jason says that he can't make the decision -- it has to be up to Sonny and Carly. He is worried because he doesn't know what the right option is...should they take Michael away from everything he knows and loves, or do they make him confess to a murder a live with the consequences?

THE POLICE STATION: Maxie argues with Lucky and Mac, trying to convince them that Murphy is the real dirty cop -- not Jesse. She believes Jesse's story, but Mac and Lucky think that's because Jesse's gotten to be a good liar from all of his undercover work in the past. Finally, Mac agrees to let Lucky start investigating the matter. Maxie promises that she'll go along with whatever Lucky finds out. She leaves the room. Lucky notes that it's easier to believe Murphy than Jesse. Mac warns him to find all of the evidence they need, or he'll put Jesse behind bars. He also thinks it'd be a good idea to keep Jesse away from Maxie while they're at it.

Elsewhere in the police station, John and Ric are arguing about Michael. John thinks that Ric knows where Michael is, and he wants Ric to tell him. Ric says he would never trust John with Michael's future. John replies that all he cares about in this is Michael's safety.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Lorenzo tells Carly that if she wants to take Michael and Morgan and leave the country, he will go with them. But he wants Carly to realize everything she would be taking Michael away from -- his school and grandparents and friends, for example. He notes that since Michael's a minor, the law will deal with him accordingly...everything would be done behind closed doors, and he'd probably end up getting court-appointed therapy. He really does believe the best thing for Michael is to hand him over to the police and let justice run its course.

GREYSTONE: Reese wants Sonny to take John's deal, but Sonny is hesitant. He doesn't want Michael to know what it's like to be arrested. Reese says she understands that, but she wants Sonny to try to put his love for Michael over his own fear. Sonny asks Reese to give him some time to think -- he wants her to go see John and tell him that he (Sonny) will come to the station to talk to him later. Reese agrees and leaves.

Just then, Emily shows up to speak to Sonny. She tells him that Jason and Sam have Michael safe in the tunnels at Wyndemere -- and that no one knows where they are, not even Nikolas. She also warns Sonny that they won't be able to stay there for long, and that Jason is only waiting for word from Sonny on what to do. Sonny admits that while everyone's telling him to bring Michael back, everything inside of him is screaming to get Michael away from Port Charles. Emily tenderly asks him -- as Michael's father, what does his heart say?

THE WYNDEMERE CAVERNS: Jason tells Sam that when Michael was little, he (Jason) always knew what to do for him. But now, he's just not sure. He doesn't think he should drag Michael all over the world, give him a new identity and fill his head with lies -- the way AJ did. Sam scoffs at the notion that Jason and AJ are anything alike. Jason muses that maybe Michael should just stay in Port Charles with his family. Sam agrees and says that they'll just wait for Sonny and Carly to call. She also reminds him that whether or not they end up turning Michael in, they are in this together.

THE DOCKS: Lucky and Maxie meet up on the docks. Maxie asked Lucky to meet her so they could talk away from Mac. She and Lucky start to argue again about whether or not Jesse's innocent. Lucky notes that he's known Maxie a long time -- and he knows she can convince herself of anything if she tries hard enough. Maxie thinks he's just trying to bring up the crush she used to have on him. She reminds him that she doesn't lead with her emotions, she just trusts them. Lucky thinks it's possible that Jesse is taking advantage of her. Maxie retorts that she thought Lucky was different and fair. Just then, Jesse shows up. He is upset to see Maxie and warns Lucky that he won't cooperate with him if Maxie is involved.

THE POLICE STATION: John and Ric are still arguing when Reese shows up. She tells them that Sonny is on his way. John is glad to hear that. Reese accuses him of treating Michael like a felon instead of a little boy. John points out that Sam and Jason dragged Michael away at gun-point. He wants to bury them both. Sonny arrives -- he tells John that he wants the deal in writing -- he will bring Michael in, Jason and Sam will get amnesty, and Michael will get a private hearing. Only once it's in writing will Sonny surrender Michael to the authorities.

THE WYNDEMERE CAVERNS: Jason and Sam continue to talk about their decision regarding Michael. Jason thinks that maybe being on the run with Michael and Sam -- away from the rest of the world -- could be paradise. But that would involve taking Michael away from his loved ones and making him a fugitive. Sam asks Jason if he thinks Michael would be able to stand up to the pressure of all of the hearings at court over AJ's murder. Jason finally says that he doesn't want Michael to go through that -- and now he knows what he has to do.

THE DOCKS: Jesse and Maxie recount the details of their time on the run -- and their time in Jenna's cabin -- to Lucky. They explain how Murphy tried to kill them by filling the light bulb with some kind of flammable liquid -- only Jenna died instead. Lucky is worried that Maxie is in way over her head -- he wants her to go home. She asks him to promise to be open-minded and fair. Lucky agrees to be fair to everyone, including Murphy. Jesse and Lucky talk briefly about Murphy and how he never seemed the type to cross the line. Lucky then accuses Jesse of taking advantage of Maxie while she was in the I.C.U. Jesse agrees with Lucky -- he did take advantage and should never have taken Maxie with him. Maxie points out that she was a stowaway. Jesse doesn't care -- he put her in danger and it's no wonder Lucky doesn't trust him now. He turns to Lucky and asks him not to trust Murphy, and not to let him near Maxie.

THE POLICE STATION: John is talking to Ric and Reese. He wants a police escort for Michael, but Ric and Reese disagree with that tactic so John gives in and notes that Jason, Sam and Michael will just have to formally surrender at the station, then. All charges against Jason and Sam will be dropped, and Michael will be processed quickly. He warns them both that Sonny had better keep his end of the deal, or it's off the table. Reese swears that Sonny will keep his word, but John isn't so sure. He thinks Sonny could be putting one over on all of them -- he could be buying time for all of them to leave the country.

THE WYNDEMERE CAVERNS: Emily has come to see Jason and Sam and Michael. She tells them that while she wasn't followed, there's an A.P.B. out on Jason and Sam, and their photos are all over the news. Michael is worried that Jason and Sam are going to be blamed when they were only trying to help him. Jason promises him that nothing bad is going to happen. Sam asks Emily if she saw Sonny and Emily tells them that she did, and that Sonny told her to tell them to get Micahel out of the country right away.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Sonny arrives during Lorenzo and Carly's conversation. He wants to speak to Carly alone, but she tells him that she wants Lorenzo involved as well. Sonny continues to refuse to speak as long as Lorenzo is in the room, so Lorenzo exits (after telling Carly that he will respect whatever she decides). After Lorenzo leaves, Carly turns to Sonny and tells him that she wants to take Michael to the authorities. But Sonny interrupts her, saying that he has decided instead that they need to let Michael leave the country. Carly is upset, noting that she doesn't want to lose Michael again after just getting him back so recently. But Sonny thinks that this is their only choice. They argue back and forth about this for a bit, and finally Carly backs down and agrees to let Sonny arrange to have Michael leave the country. But first, she wants to go see Michael to tell him goodbye and that she loves him. Sonny is hesitant to even allow this, but Carly begs him to trust her.

THE DOCKS: Lucky has left, and Jesse is about to leave too when Maxie stops him. She tells him that Lucky is a fair guy, and a Spencer, so he'll bend the rules if he has to. Jesse warns her that she agreed to stay out of things. Maxie agrees with that, but warns him in turn that when the police find out he's innocent she won't disappear that easily from his life. Jesse reminds her that he could have been using her all this time -- it's possible that he'll dump her the minute he's exonerated. Maxie replies that while she gets he's trying to protect her, she's a big girl now and makes her own decisions. She says that when he is exonerated, he will owe her dinner and a movie. They start to kiss, and then Maxie leaves, after telling him to call her when he is a free man.

THE POLICE STATION: Officer Murphy runs into Lucky and is surprised to see that Lucky is working the Jesse Beaudry case now. They talk a bit about Jesse and how he claims to have proof that he's innocent. Lucky says he's meeting with Jesse later. He tells Murphy not to worry about the things Jesse's saying about him -- saying that no one besides Maxie is buying Jesse's story anyway. Lucky does warn Murphy that if there is anything Jesse could possibly have on him, Murphy had better clean it up before someone else finds out. Murphy thanks him, but swears that he's clean.

THE WYNDEMERE CAVERNS: Jason has everything set to go -- a ship is docked for them at Piet 34...the paperwork is clean, and while he can get them to the ship, he won't be able to pilot it. Sam reminds him that she traveled the sea for years and knows the caribbean backward and forward. She jokes that Michael and Jason might not be able to handle her being their captain, but Michael thinks that sounds cool. Suddenly, they hear noise from elsewhere in the caverns. Sam and Michael hide while Jason gets a gun ready. But it's only Sonny, Carly and Morgan. Carly hugs Michael tearfully as everyone looks on.

THE DOCKS: Jesse meets up with Lucky on the docks. Lucky informs him of his talk earlier with Murphy -- pointing out that Murphy didn't seem all that worried to hear that Jesse has proof to back up his claim of innocence. Jesse replies taht he doesn't give up that easily and will prove his claim if it's the last thing he does. Just then, Murphy comes out of his hiding place nearby -- pointing a gun at them both. He says that he'll just shoot Lucky and Jesse and say that he caught them trying to make some kind of underhanded deal. Lucky puts his gun down. Suddenly, Maxie (who has been watching the scene from a few feet away) comes up behind Murphy and hits him. Her plan backfires -- Murphy grabs her and holds her in front of him like a shield, warning Lucky and Jesse to stay away or else she'll die.

GREYSTONE: Ric and Reese arrive at Greystone, but Sonny isn't there and Max (the bodyguard) has no answers for them. Reese still has faith that Sonny will come through, but Ric is hesitant to believe that. He thinks Sonny is using the time John gave them to spirit Michael out of the country. Reese objects, saying that surely Sonny would have told them. Ric points out, "Maybe he doesn't trust us. Welcome to my world."

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: John has arrived, but finds only Lorenzo. He wants to know where Carly is, but Lorenzo says he has no idea -- he says he was on a conference call with Caracas, and saw no one enter or exit. John puts the pieces together quickly -- he thinks that Sonny came by, picked up Carly and Morgan, and then they all left to join Michael. He congratulates Lorenzo on managing to tie Carly up in a nice little bow to hand her over to his mortal enemy (Sonny). John leaves the house.

THE WYNDEMERE CAVERNS: Sonny promises Michael that they'll bring him home as soon as they can. Michael wants Sonny to come with them, but Sonny replies that while he'd love to come, he has to stay behind to fix everything. He asks Michael again if this plan is all right with him. Michael agrees that it is. He kisses Morgan goodbye, while Carly turns to Sam and asks her to take care of Michael. As Carly and Michael embrace and say their goodbyes, Carly tearfully asks Sonny if there isn't some other way to handle this -- she doesn't want to lose Michael again. But Sonny tells her that this is it...they have to do what's best for Michael, now.

THE DOCKS: Lucky tries to convince Murphy to let Maxie go. Murphy rants that this is all Jesse's fault -- that Jesse couldn't just disappear, he had to come back. Jesse says that that's what people do when they have nothing to hide. Lucky again asks Murphy to let Maxie go, saying that they won't try to stop Murphy from leaving. Murphy declines, saying that Maxie is his insurance policy -- no one will shoot at him while he has her. He tries to leave with Maxie, who suddenly manages to get out of his grip. Before he can go after her, Jesse is on him -- and the two struggle with Murphy's gun. As Lucky and Maxie watch, the gun suddenly goes off.

THE POLICE STATION: Reese has arrived at the police station, where John asks her what happened to the rest of her party? She replies that she thought they might have come to the station already. John tells her that since Sonny has yet to arrive, the deal is off the table. Reese promises him that Sonny will come through -- there's just been a delay. But John tells her to save it, that Sonny showed up at Lorenzo and Carly's, picked up Carly and Morgan and then left for Spoon Island. He's sure that they are hiding out underneath Wyndemere, and that's where his cops will find them.

THE WYNDEMERE CAVERNS: The police arrive and find only Sonny, Carly and Morgan, who tell them that they have no idea where Michael is. Carly says that they are just enjoying a stress-free visit to the grotto. Carly also wants the cops to take a message to her father, John -- that he will never, ever get near Michael again.

JASON AND SAM'S BOAT: Jason, Sam and Michael are out on the water. Michael looks very happy. Sam is also pleased with the boat, saying that it is well maintained, sound and solid. Michael goes below deck to pick out a cabin for himself. Sam and Jason discuss the future -- Sam says that she would be doing this even if Michael weren't involved, because she loves Jason. She thinks that Michael will be able to use this trip to heal.

Meanwhile, Michael opens up one the cabins below deck and is shocked to find Jodie there waiting for him.

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