GH Update Wednesday 7/20/05

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/20/05


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PORT CHARLES: Courtney has a break down with Nik. Even though Jax has tried to ease her fears about the surrogacy, she still feels inadequate. She’s afraid that Jax will be completely focused on this baby, which in turn means he’ll be focused on Liz. Nik points out that Courtney agreed to the surrogacy and should have anticipated all that goes with it, but she never expected to feel so irrelevant. Nik asks her if she always beats herself up for no reason.

Nik tries to talk some sense into Courtney. He tells her that Jax loves her and wants to spend his life with her. He asks what else she wants Jax to do, and she says she wants him to need her. Nik says Jax is married to her; she has nothing to worry about. Courtney says it’s way too soon to be planning a family, but Nik points out that a lot of people have children they aren’t ready for and still manage to stay married. Courtney is still hung up on the fact that Liz can give Jax what she can’t. Nik tells her she’s acting as if Liz and Jax are having a steamy affair, and Courtney says that’s what it feels like. Nik reminds her that the surrogacy is a business arrangement that she agreed to, and nothing has happened so far against her will. Nik decides to take a different approach and shows Courtney what she and Jax have that he and Emily are lacking – she doesn’t cringe when Jax touches her, she doesn’t force herself to stay in bed with him or look for reasons not to look at him in a crowded room. Even if their current situation isn’t absolutely perfect, at least it’s based on love and not duty or obligation. He warns her that she’ll ruin her marriage if she doesn’t change the way she’s viewing the surrogacy. Courtney says she feels like a big ball of insecurity, but Nik tells her to stop creating obstacles and looking for reasons for things to go wrong. Courtney finally realizes Nik is right. She tells him he’s pretty smart and he says yes, with other people’s problems. He tells her she’s an extraordinary woman; she thanks him again and he leaves.

COURTHOUSE: Jax walks in on Lucky and Liz’s nuptials and is upset that they went ahead with the wedding. Liz tells him that the decision to wed is hers and Lucky’s, but Jax says that because she’s carrying his child, her decisions now affect him.

Liz goes off on Jax. She explains to the judge that although she’s pregnant with Jax’s child, it’s a surrogacy arrangement, and she never promised not to marry the man she loves. Jax says marrying Lucky is okay, just not now, but Liz says she can marry him when she wants. She points out that she is holding up her end of the bargain by staying in town, taking care of herself, and promising to give the baby to Jax and Courtney when it’s born. In the meantime, however, Jax can’t tell her what else to do. Jax says he’s just trying to avoid a custody dispute, but Liz says he’ll just have to trust she and Lucky. Jax asks why Liz is insisting on getting married now. She says she and Lucky love each other, and their decision to wed is not about him or the baby; it’s about she and Lucky and their future together. Liz tells Jax to excuse them so they can continue with the wedding, but Lucky stops her.

Liz is confused, but Lucky tells her she made a commitment and they can’t change the rules. He also tells Jax that he can’t barge in where he doesn’t belong and start taking control. Lucky tells Jax he’s already agreed not to put his name on the birth certificate so there won’t be any custody fights. They also won’t be asking for any more money or scheme a way to steal his child. Jax asks them to prove it by postponing the wedding, and Lucky says that is what he is suggesting. Liz still wants to go through with it, but Lucky doesn’t want to put her through stress. He tells her he wants their marriage to be about them, not money or somebody else’s baby. Liz agrees, and Lucky tells Jax that after the baby is born, Jax and Courtney can start a life with their baby and he and Liz can finally get married. Just then Courtney walks in.

Courtney is surprised that Lucky backed out so quickly. She thought Liz really wanted to marry him. Jax says she does, but what are a few more months? Liz and Lucky tell them that the judge is not pleased with them. Jax offers to cover the court costs, but Liz and Lucky say he’ll pay what they originally agreed upon and not a cent more. Liz says they should all agree to stop fighting with each other and focus on the baby. Both Jax and Lucky apologize for being jerks, and Liz says she’ll start taking better care of herself. Jax apologizes for barging in on the wedding, but he says he won’t apologize for trying to take care of Liz and THEIR baby. Lucky and Liz leave, and Jax tells Courtney that Lucky has finally opened his eyes to what is really going on. Courtney says she has, too.

Courtney asks Jax what is wrong with Liz and Lucky getting married. Jax says he’s trying to prevent problems down the line. Courtney tells him she’s being paranoid to think he would ever go after Liz. Jax tells her he’s in love with her. They have a perfect situation: they’ll have nine months of honeymoon and then the family they’ve always wanted but without all the work.

PORT CHARLES: Liz gets a message from Lucky and meets him on the waterfront. She tells Lucky he was great with Jax, and it won’t be so bad putting off the wedding. Lucky says that’s why he called her: they aren’t putting off the wedding.

Lucky hands her the bouquet from their earlier ceremony, the only flowers he can afford right now. He reminds her that through all these changes, they have managed to stay constant. Even though the future is shaky, he trusts her and reminds her of the vows they exchanged long ago during the snowstorm. Lucky professes his love to Liz and she to him. She tells him he was her first love and her last, the one she keeps coming back to. Even after the fire, she never quite let go of him, and deep down she was always waiting for this moment to happen. Lucky says they both were. He tells her that one day, in front of all her family and friends, he will put the wedding ring back on her finger. In the meantime, however, he pronounces them husband and wife. Liz tells him he can kiss his bride.

ALCAZARS: Cops come in to arrest Michael, and Jason draws his gun. The cops insist that nobody has to get hurt. Sam comes up from behind with a shotgun and tells them they’re right. She forces the cops to drop their guns.

Jason ties up the two cops and tells Carly that he and Sam will take Michael. Carly doesn’t want him running again, but she finally lets Michael go. The three of them leave, and she’s left alone with the two cops.

CORINTHOS: Reese walks in and sees a man sleeping and moaning softly on the sofa. She asks if he is thinking about last night but is surprised to discover it’s Ric instead of Sonny. Sonny walks in and seems bothered by the two of them together.

Reese apologizes to Ric for the confusion, and Sonny tells her not to make that a habit. Ric tells Reese that Durant has decided to drop his lawsuit against General Hospital and Bobbi Spencer. Reese seems more upset than relieved and wonders why Durant made that decision. Sonny asks if Lorenzo paid Durant off. Ric says that’s possible, but he suspects Durant is after something much bigger.

Jason and Sam take Michael to Sonny’s. They tell him to hurry upstairs and have Laticia pack his things while they tell Sonny what happened. Sonny wants to argue about how they never should have trusted Dr. T., but Jason says there’s no time for this. The cops are on their way, so they need to move quickly. Jason tells Sonny he thinks Durant was responsible for stealing the tape from Dr. T.’s office, so they have to get Michael out of the country.

Michael wants to stay with Sonny, but his dad says that if he stays, the cops will get a warrant and search the entire house. Sonny promises he’ll join Michael, Jason and Sam once he gets this situation worked out. Sonny promises to take care of everything. He’ll make sure that nobody hurts Michael. Just then the cops arrive.

Sonny answers the door and tells the cop to call his lawyer. The cop says he has to search the house now, so Sonny asks for a warrant. The cop says it is one its way. Sonny tells him to do his job better and come back when he has the warrant. Michael suggests that they sneak out through a hole in the fence. Sonny thinks it’s too dangerous, but Michael says his friend Jodie does it all the time. Sam says it could work if they leave now. Sonny wants to know where they’re going to hide. Jason says he knows a place where the cops will never look.

POLICE STATION: Jesse is released and tells Maxie in front of her dad that their relationship is over. Maxie suspects that Mac put Jesse up to this, but Jesse denies it. When Maxie leaves, Mac tells Jesse he better pray that Maxie bought every word.

Mac tells Jesse he’s a dirty cop, plain and simple, but he’s good because he tainted the evidence. Jesse turns over his badge and tells Mac to believe what he wants about him but keep Murphy away from Maxie. Murphy already thinks Maxie knows too much.

Ric and Reese meet Durant at the police station and are surprised to see that Durant is walking. Clearly it’s a miracle…or a scam. Reese says that obviously Durant has another agenda, and she wants him to spill it. Durant tells her to remind everybody that he can reinstate the charges at any time. Ric tells Reese to figure out what Durant is up to and then leaves. Durant remarks that Ric couldn’t take his eyes off Reese. Reese says that only one thing matters to Durant more than his case against the hospital: his daughter. Just then Carly is escorted into the station by two cops.

Durant takes Carly into the interrogation room. She’s surprised that he can walk again. He wanted to tell her under different circumstances, but she says she couldn’t let Michael get arrested. Durant asks if she was hindering a police investigation. Carly changes the subject and asks about Reese, but Durant tells her she isn’t helping. Carly demands an answer to her question, so Durant tells her Reese was there because he dropped all his charges. Carly says, “Well I guess so since you can walk again.” Durant tells Carly that Reese is the least of her concerns; he needs to find Michael. Carly asks him to tell her that Jason is wrong about him – he wouldn’t break into Dr. T.’s office and steal the tape to use against Michael. If he is responsible, Carly says she would hate him for the rest of her life. She doesn’t think he would risk that, but he proves otherwise.

Durant says he did this for Michael. Carly and Sonny are too busy with their lives to give him the help that he needs. He asks Carly about Michael’s whereabouts, but she won’t tell him anything. Durant says Jason is probably sprinting Michael away at this very moment. He thinks Michael would be better off in a correctional facility for a few years than he will be running with Jason. At least that way, he says, Carly will have a chance of seeing her son again. Durant tells Carly that he’s ultimately trying to protect her and her children from Sonny. Carly tells him that if she tells Sonny what he did, Sonny will kill him. Durant says she’s right, but if she doesn’t tell Sonny, she still has a chance of a life with her son. Just then Sonny walks in and accuses Durant of going after his son.

Sonny tells Durant that he knows everything he did, but Durant denies it. Sonny asks Carly if Durant admitted anything to her, but she covers for her father and tells Sonny he was in a wheelchair and couldn’t have stolen Michael’s file. Sonny says Durant is walking now; he could have paid somebody off. Carly says that anyone could be responsible, and besides, Durant would never hurt his grandson, even to get back at Sonny. Durant and Reese leave to go file a report. When they’re alone, Sonny asks Carly if she is lying to him since Durant dropped the charges against her mother. Carly denies it, and Sonny wonders whose side she is on.

Carly tells Sonny she is on Michael’s side, not his or Durant’s. Carly asks where Michael is, but Sonny refuses to tell her. He thinks Carly will lead him to the cops. Carly tells Sonny he can’t have it both ways: he can’t be with a woman who hates her and think that she will always be on his side. Sonny tells her to forget Reese for one second and remember what is important: Michael. Carly reminds him that she’s always been loyal to him, and now he can’t protect her family. Sonny questions her loyalty by pointing out her marriage to Lorenzo and the way she appears to be siding with her father. Carly asks again where Michael is, and Sonny tells her he can’t tell her anything until he knows he can trust her.

PORT CHARLES: Jesse runs into Murphy and tells him he’s slick for dealing drugs and then shooting Durant and framing him. Jesse asks if he killed Jenna by accident or if she was just in too deep. Murphy attacks Jesse to find his wire, but Jesse isn’t wearing one. Jesse tells Murphy that he’ll get caught…soon…but to leave Maxie out of it. Nobody believes her story, so Murphy should keep this between he and Jesse. Seconds after Murphy leaves, Maxie walks up and she and Jesse embrace.

Maxie tells Jesse they can make it to Canada by dark if they leave right now. Jesse says he isn’t going anywhere with her. She needs to forget about him, but most importantly, watch her back around Murphy. Maxie keeps trying to help, but Jesse asks her what part of “get lost” does she not understand? He wants her to leave, now, and never come back. She tells him that he’s wrong about her and about himself. She tells him he’ll see and then walks off.

WINDEMERE: Emily arranges for Jason, Sam and Michael to hide out in the tunnels beneath Windemere. She has food, water, sleeping bags and some other basic supplies and tells them to stay as long as they want. Michael asks Emily if she’s mad at him. She says no and promises not to tell anyone about them. Emily hurries to leave before anyone misses her. Jason and Sam try to get Michael settled for bed, but he’s too uptight to sleep. Jason and Sam promise to watch over him all night. Michael asks if they can play catch tomorrow, and Jason says they can try. Once Michael is asleep, Jason thanks Sam for putting herself at risk to help Michael.

QUARTERMAINES: Tracy says the meeting is over and Skye missed out, but Monica points out that nobody has called for an adjournment. Skye is hard singing in the hallway and is presented to the group by Luke as “The Diva of the Deciding Vote.” Tracy tells Skye to vote for her and make it fast. Luke asks what it’s going to be, the evil without (Lorenzo) or the evil within (Tracy)?

Skye is angry that Tracy locked her in the broom closet and casts her vote for Lorenzo. Tracy tells Luke that he betrayed her. Skye gloats to Tracy that Luke rescued her out of love. Luke says that’s true, but he also struck a deal with Lorenzo. Now it’s Tracy’s turn to gloat.

Luke tells the Quartermaines that nobody can appreciate cutting a deal on the side more than they can. Luke has agreed to run an errand for Lorenzo and will be gone indefinitely. Edward is pleased that Lorenzo is getting rid of Luke (even if only temporarily) and tells the new CEO that he will fit right in. Ned tells Luke that backing Alcazar is a huge mistake. Luke says, “Go to your room, Ned…I’ve always wanted to say that.” Tracy tells Luke that he will remain an in-law; she will not grant him a divorce and he will not see a dime of the $15 million. Luke tells her he will be back to wallow in their personal hell as soon as his errand is complete.

Outside on the terrace, Luke tries to comfort an upset Skye. She wishes he would have been honest with her, but he wonders if she would have voted his way. She says now they’ll never know. Luke tells her he’ll be back as soon as possible.

Ric arrives and stops the bickering temporarily to inform the Quartermaines that Durant has dropped his lawsuit. The Quartermaines suspect that Durant was scamming Bobbi and the hospital. Edward says, “Nice…the family lives to fight again.”

Luke tells Skye to turn around and tell him good-bye. Skye asks what difference it will make. He tells her he’ll be back, but she tells him not to expect her to be waiting. She finally turns to face him, and he kisses her. Tears roll down Skye’s cheeks as Luke goes to leave.

Tracy asks Skye if she really expected Luke to stay with her; after all, no man ever has. Tracy pours a drink to celebrate Skye never having Luke.

Nik finds Emily out on the terrace. She tells him she just missed a major family brawl. He jokes that there will surely be another one soon. Nik tells her he has been thinking about what she said earlier and realized that no matter how tough it is, they just belong together. They both acknowledge that they aren’t perfect but promise to keep fighting to save their marriage.

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