GH Update Tuesday 7/19/05

General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/19/05


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GENERAL HOSPITAL: After sneaking into Dr. T.’s office, Durant finds and listens to the tape that reveals that Michael shot A.J. He picks up the phone and dials Judge Harris.

Elizabeth (Liz) breaks the news to Lucky: she’s pregnant. Liz tells Lucky they should be happy because the surrogacy is going as planned; Jax and Courtney will be great parents. However, it’s no secret that Lucky was hoping that Liz wouldn’t be pregnant. He’s ready for them to start their own lives again, but now there’s a new life to consider. Lucky tells Liz they’ll get used to the baby, but Liz wonders how. Just the idea of the surrogacy is pulling them apart, so how are they going to last for 9 months?

PARK: Jax and Courtney are looking up dream vacations on his laptop. Jax suggests they go away this coming weekend for some romance and relaxation, but Courtney isn’t convinced that those are his true motives. He admits that, sure, they need a break from the emotional roller coaster of the surrogacy. Besides, they’re newlyweds, and they’re supposed to go on last-minute romantic getaways. Courtney is excited until Jax tells her they can only go if Elizabeth is not pregnant.

Jax and Courtney admit that planning a family a month after their wedding was rushing things. After all, they’re in love and financially independent, so they should be enjoying their freedom while it lasts. Courtney apologizes for being so fixated on what she can’t provide. Jax reassures her that they’ll eventually have a baby – through surrogacy, adoption, or a breakthrough in reproductive medicine. They decide to wait to start a family. Just then, Dr. Meadows calls and delivers the news that Elizabeth is pregnant.

Jax is surprised that Liz got pregnant so quickly. Courtney feigns excitement and tells Jax that obviously this baby was meant to be. Jax reassures her that she’ll be a wonderful mother. He encourages her to tell him if she feels left out or if she feels like he’s crowding Liz. After all, there’s nothing more important to him than her happiness. Courtney tells him she’s more than happy, she’s blissful. Jax agrees and says a baby is the best wedding present a couple could have.

PORT CHARLES: Emily remarks that Nicholas (Nik) hasn’t said a word all morning. She wants to know if he’s all right. He tells her he’s not. He heard her tell Jason that being with him isn’t getting any easier. He can’t stand to keep hurting her. Emily reminds him that he didn’t hurt her, Connor did. Nik wonders if she’ll ever get past the resemblance between him and Connor, not that he can blame her for it. He asks Emily if they’ll ever be able to live together as husband and wife. She tells him that she never stopped loving him. He knows that, but he also sees that being together is tearing her apart. He loves her too much to let that happen, so if she can’t be happy with him, then he needs to let her go. Emily doesn’t want him to think like that. She tells him, “You’re the love of my life, we belong together, and nothing’s going to make me give up on that.”

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jax and Courtney go to the hospital in hopes of seeing Liz. The nurse tells them she took the rest of the day off to spend with her boyfriend. Jax is concerned, but Courtney says that Liz and Lucky are probably just celebrating the pregnancy. Jax thinks they might be eloping, but Courtney isn’t convinced.

PORT CHARLES: Courtney goes for a walk and runs into Nik. He asks if she’s all right, and she tells him she just got some news. He assumes the news is bad, but she tells him it’s exactly what she and Jax have been waiting for: they just found out Liz is pregnant. Nik says, “Congratulations…I think.” Courtney tells him to wait and congratulate her if her marriage survives this pregnancy.

COURTHOUSE: Liz and Lucky meet at the courthouse for their wedding. Lucky says he wishes he could give her a normal wedding with family, friends and a towering cake, but Liz says she has a bouquet of flowers, a wedding band and the love of her life. She couldn’t want anymore. Lucky is concerned that Liz feels rushed, but she tells him this is what she wants.

Liz tells Lucky she has loved him since she was 15 years old. It seemed like an impossible dream that he would ever love her back. When he did, she thought she could never be happier…until right now. She tells him she’s never loved anyone the way she loves him. He agrees and tells her he always knew she was the woman he wanted to marry. Liz says it’s time they do something about it. Liz and Lucky are about to be married when Jax walks in and offers his objection.

ALCAZARS: Carly arrives home from the hospital and is greeted by Diego and Morgan, who present her with a vase of freshly picked wildflowers. While holding Morgan, Carly realizes how much she misses Michael.

CORTINTHOS HOME: Jason tells Michael that Carly had an accident, but she’s okay. Michael asks if Jason saw Dr. Thomas at General Hospital. Jason says he did, and Michael asks if Jason made Dr. T. go away. Jason tells Michael that he doesn’t have to, Dr. T. is not going to reveal Michael’s secret.

Michael asks Jason why he doesn’t like Dr. T. Jason says that his brain was damaged in the car accident. When he went to therapy, Dr. T. didn’t understand that he wasn’t able to think and feel things the way he did before the accident. Jason says that seeing Dr. T. reminds him of that bad time. Michael wonders if Dr. T. will be able to help him. Jason assures him that Dr. T. helps a lot of people (including Michael) by allowing them to talk out their problems; that kind of therapy just wasn’t what Jason needed.

Dr. T. arrives and asks to speak to Jason alone. Michael starts to tell the therapist how Jason feels about him, but Jason tells Michael to go upstairs. Dr. T. says he owes them all an apology because he hasn’t been honest. He has been working with Alan, who provided information and insight on Michael’s home life. Jason is irate, but Dr. T. says he realized early that Alan was self-serving and promptly severed all ties with him. He told Alan that Michael should live with people that he loves like his parents and Jason and Sam, but Alan disagreed and insisted he would keep fighting. Dr. T. informs Jason that Alan broke into his office and stole Michael’s file, which contained a tape of Dr. T.’s personal reflections about the cause of Michael’s trauma. Jason realizes that the Quartermaines now know that Michael killed A.J.

Jason is angry that Dr. T. made a tape, but the therapist says he does it for all his cases. His files have always been safe, so this had to be an inside job. Besides, there were no signs of forced entry, and no other file was taken. Jason agrees that Alan definitely had motive to steal the file. He tells Dr. T to tell Laticia and Michael that he has to run an errand.

Lorenzo goes to see Michael and tells him how much Carly misses him. Michael says that his mom knows why he’s living with Sonny. Michael drops a toy, and Lorenzo hands it back to him and tells him that maybe one day they can be friends. He thinks Michael misses Carly as much as she misses him. Lorenzo asks Michael to consider visiting his mom.

Jodie appears and tells Michael that his stepfather didn’t seem so bad. He sure acts like he loves his mom. Michael admits that Lorenzo can be okay sometimes. Jodie wants to know why Michael hates him so much. He tells her that Lorenzo did some bad things in the past. Jodie reminds him that just because a person does something bad doesn’t mean they’re evil inside. She says the same is true for Michael, IF he actually killed A.J. Jodie encourages Michael to give Lorenzo a chance.

POLICE STATION: Jesse is about to be interrogated for allegedly shooting Durant and murdering Jenna. He tells Maxie she’s not responsible for his current situation, but she disagrees. After all, she convinced him to turn himself in. He jokes that he has to stop listening to gorgeous women. Maxie says she won’t let her dad prosecute Jesse for crimes he didn’t commit. Jesse wants her to let it all go, but she thinks that because she was a witness, her dad will have to believe her. Mac comes in and tells Maxie to leave. She tells her dad that Jesse was framed, but Mac thinks Jesse has deceived his daughter. Maxie finally agrees to leave the interrogation room, but she refuses to leave the police station until Mac believes that Jesse is innocent. When Maxie walks out, Mac tells Jesse that if he gives a damn about Maxie, he’ll leave her alone. Officer Murphy walks into the station, and Maxie shouts, “He’s the dirty cop, arrest him!”

Maxie openly accuses Murphy of stealing crystal meth from the evidence room and pedaling it to children. Then, she says, he tried to kill her and Jesse because he feared they would turn him in. Murphy remarks that Jesse sure has done a number on her. Maxie tells her dad that Murphy tried to kill them with the explosive but instead killed Jenna. Murphy says Jesse is a liar and is using Maxie, but she says she heard him admit to the drug trafficking minutes before he pulled a gun on the two of them. Mac grabs Maxie and tells her to calm down because this hysteria isn’t good for her heart. He tells her they will talk about this later. Just then Durant walks in. Maxie runs over and tells him that Murphy shot him at the courthouse.

Maxie retells her story, but Durant mocks her. He asks if there’s any evidence that her tail is true. Maxie says that she was an eyewitness, but Durant points out that Murphy is a decorated officer. He was pursuing a felon with a gun and was acting in self-defense. Durant says that since Maxie didn’t see Murphy rig the explosive, then perhaps Jesse did it. Maxie says that’s impossible because she was with Jesse the whole time. Durant says it’s a miracle that she’s still alive. Maxie realizes that everyone thinks she’s lying. Durant points out that she’s an impressionable young woman and Jesse can be very persuasive. Mac tells Maxie to back off. Durant tells her that if she still believes Jesse’s innocent when he’s brought to trial, she can tell that to the judge and jury. In the meantime, however, Durant wants Jesse booked. Maxie admits to Mac that she’s done a lot of stupid things, but she would never make up a story like this. Mac agrees. He thinks Jesse has essentially brainwashed her into believing that Murphy is the guilty one. Jesse comes by in handcuffs and Maxie runs after him, but he tells her to stay out of his life from now on. Mac admits that he put Jesse up to that. He warns Maxie to stay away from Jesse or he will find a way to make her.

QUARTERMAINES: Tracy asks Luke if he was able to dredge up any dirt on her family. He says no, but Tracy insists there must be something – Alan cross-dressing, Monica sleeping with the deliveryman, or Daddy addicted to crack. Luke says all he uncovered was that Alan has an outstanding parking ticket, Edward hoards candy bars in his desk, and Monica has some g-strings in her draw of unmentionables, “but there’s no proof she actually wears them.” Tracy says it’s impossible for her family to be that squeaky clean. Luke suggests that perhaps everyone has cleaned up their act in anticipation of her trying to blackmail them for votes. Tracy says they have to try something else. If she isn’t elected CEO, then he gets no divorce and no money. Luke suggests she try a new approach – flattery – after all, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Tracy doesn’t think that will work, but Luke reminds her that it worked for him: he got her to the altar. Tracy says no, alcohol got her to the altar. “Feisty, ruthless, hard drinking – I like that in a woman,” Luke chants. Tracy tells him not to forget ‘gullible.’ He tells her that despite what she believes, every word of admiration that he’s said about her has been absolutely sincere.

Tracy tries to talk her family into voting for her, but they aren’t convinced that she’s the better choice. Edward finds Carly entertaining, and Monica thinks that between Lorenzo and Tracy, Lorenzo is the lesser evil. Tracy tells Monica that they’re a family; when all’s said and done, they circle the wagons and take care of their own. Luke tries to plead with the family to vote for Tracy, she speaks from the heart. Edward wonders aloud whose heart she borrowed for the occasion.

Jason breaks up the family meeting and demands to speak with Alan. Once they’re alone, Jason tells him that Dr. T. admitted they were in cahoots together. Monica is shocked, but Alan doesn’t deny it. When Jason brings up the stolen file, Alan seems genuinely confused. He wants to know what is on that tape. Alan soon figures out that whatever Michael said has to do with A.J.’s murder.

The family prepares to cast their votes, even though a few shareholders, including Skye, are missing. Luke thinks Tracy has hidden Skye, but she plays dumb. Luke leaves, and Tracy tells him she hopes he finds Skye in time to join in her victory celebration.

Alan realizes Michael was there the night that A.J. was murdered. He thinks that Michael saw Jason smother his father to death. Monica says Alan will jump at any excuse to blame Jason. Alan thinks that’s why Sonny, Carly and Jason chose Dr. T. for Michael’s therapy – his doctor/patient confidentiality is well known. Monica says they sent Michael to Dr. T. so he would have a safe place to talk. Jason tells Monica to let it go, Alan will believe what he wants. Alan says he hopes that whoever has the tape makes Jason pay for murdering his brother. Monica tells Alan that if he says one more thing, she will fly immediately to the Dominican Republic and finalize their divorce. Alan and Monica rejoin the board meeting, leaving Jason alone outside. Dr. T.’s secretary calls Jason and tells him that Durant sent a uniformed cop to escort him to the police department for questioning. She says Jason should know what that means. He says he does and hangs up.

The Quartermaines are ready to vote, even though Skye is still absent. Tracy, Ned, Jax, Justus and Alan vote for Tracy. Lorenzo, Michael, Monica, Emily and Edward vote for Lorenzo. They have a tie, and Tracy says that in the event of a tie, the standing CEO stays in place. She proposes a toast, but Luke comes in and says, “It isn’t over until the redhead sings, and she’s warming up in the hall.”

POLICE STATION. Dr. T. goes to the police station and sees that Durant can walk. Dr. T. says that if this meeting is regarding one of his patients, then he has no comment. Durant says they both know that Michael killed A.J. He goes on to say that he is in possession of solid evidence; all he needs now is a statement from Dr. T. Durant says he’s entitled to every bit of evidence related to a crime, but Dr. T. points out that as D.A., he should know to get a search warrant before breaking into someone’s office. Durant tells Dr. T. that his client committed murder, so Dr. T. is morally and legally obligated to report it. Dr. T. points out that Michael is Durant’s grandson – he should think before using his power and privilege to destroy the boy. Durant says it’s in Michael’s best interest to be charged with A.J.’s murder. Dr. T. realizes that Durant is planning to force Carly to choose between Sonny and her son’s freedom.

Mac is forced to release Jesse on a technicality: the prints on the gun were compromised and aren’t strong enough for a conviction. Murphy is mad, but Mac has to let him go. Mac tells Jesse not to leave town. Maxie is excited, but Jesse tells her their “romance” is over.

ALCAZARS: Michael goes to visit his mom. Michael reveals that Lorenzo came and told him that Carly was sad and wanted to see him. Carly tells Michael that she thinks about him all the time and imagines what they would do if they were together. Michael says he does the same. Michael apologizes for getting to mad at her and Lorenzo. Carly asks him if he would consider living with them, but before he can answer, Jason runs in and says that they have to leave. Carly says Michael isn’t going anywhere, but Jason tells them that Durant has a copy of Dr. T.’s diagnosis. Carly tells Jason he’s over-reacting. Just then the cops arrive to arrest Michael, and Jason draws his gun.

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