GH Update Monday 7/18/05

General Hospital Update Monday 7/18/05


By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

STABLES: Courtney and Nicholas are laughing at his busted nose when Jax walks in. He asks if he can laugh, too, or if they are sharing a private joke.

Jax wants to know what happened to Nicholas’ nose. Courtney and Nicholas joke that he got hurt in the storm. Nicholas thanks Courtney for her company and leaves. Meanwhile, Jax wants to know what was really going on between Courtney and Nicholas, since she obviously seemed happier before he showed up. She tells him that she’s still struggling with the surrogacy, and since Nicholas is one of Elizabeth’s best friends, he is a good person to talk to. Jax tells Courtney that this might be their one chance to have a child, but Courtney wants to know at what cost. She asks Jax if the surrogacy is worth losing their marriage. He says no, and she tells him that if Elizabeth isn’t pregnant, she wants to call the plan off. He says that’s fine, but if she is pregnant, then he can’t walk away.

Courtney is shocked that he would say such a thing. She has no plans to walk away, either, and would never abandon their baby. Jax apologizes. Courtney reminds him that Elizabeth has been pregnant before, so Jax doesn’t need to hover over her like she’s…his wife. Elizabeth has her own life, which is the reason why she agreed to the surrogacy. Jax says he understands all of that, but Courtney isn’t convinced. She tells him that this is a business deal, a deal that will insure a better life for Elizabeth and Lucky. Jax says that his only objection to Lucky and Elizabeth’s marriage is a legal one; he doesn’t want to have to adopt his own child. Courtney says that makes sense…if he means it. Courtney finally admits that she’s afraid of getting hurt for not being enough. It happened with Jason, and she can see it happening with Jax. She’s not blind to what Elizabeth has to offer, and if Jax is honest, he’ll admit that he isn’t either.

Jax apologizes for being a bad husband - for hurting Courtney and not realizing it. He has been paying attention to everything but her. She tells him she believes him. He says he wants to have children, but not at the cost of their marriage. She apologizes also, for handling things badly. She didn’t realize the surrogacy would dredge up all of her insecurities. Jax says the most important thing is their future together, with or without children. The two kiss and wind up making love on the barn floor (in the same spot as Sonny and Reese ewww). Jax tells Courtney this is the way it should be. He tells her there’s a good chance that the procedure didn’t take, and if not, they’ll take a break from babies and just focus on being husband and wife. Courtney says that’s the best idea he’s had in awhile.

ALCAZAR HOME: Elizabeth proposes to Lucky (he took the ring back) and tells him that regardless of whether she’s pregnant, she won’t let the surrogacy ruin their relationship. Just then a big clap of thunder sends something shattering to the ground outside, and Lucky and Elizabeth hit the floor. When the power returns, Lucky tells Elizabeth that marrying her would be his honor and privilege.

Elizabeth asks Lucky to put the engagement ring back on her finger. He complies, they kiss, and then they dance to a song playing in the background. Elizabeth makes Lucky promise that no matter what happens with the surrogacy, they won’t let it come between them. Nicholas almost interrupts but instead stands at the door watching the two in envy.

Reese nudges an unconscious Carly, who wakes for just a moment and recognizes Reese as Charlotte. Sonny comes in, and Carly says to him, “You have to hear this,” before she falls unconscious again. Lorenzo runs in and wants to know who caused Carly’s fall.

Reese tells them that she and Carly had a fight, and Carly lost her balance and fell. Lorenzo thinks Reese pushed Carly on purpose, but Reese insists it was an accident. Reese goes to find Emily while Lorenzo blames Sonny for not keeping the two women apart. Emily says that Carly has a bad bump on her head and her pulse is weak. The medivac arrives for Alexis. Carly can probably go, too, but Emily says there won’t be room for everyone.

Ric carries a pregnant Alexis to the medivac. She hollers back at Emily to grab a roll of film in her coat jacket that contains pictures of Christina. The medivac team says they have room for two patients and one passenger, so Lorenzo lets Ric go. Lorenzo then asks Lucky to arrest Reese for assaulting Carly.

Emily goes upstairs to grab Alexis’ jacket, and Nicholas follows her. He asks if they can talk for a minute. She says she has to get the jacket to Alexis, but Nicholas tells her that Alexis already left. He wants her to hear him out. He reminds her of a promise they made to each other to never let go. They vowed that if they held on tight, they could get through anything. He says he forgot that promise while he was feeling hurt and rejected, but then somebody (Courtney) reminded him of everything they have overcome, of their love and the belief in their destiny together. He asks Emily what happened – why did they stop holding on? She says she never meant to, she just lost her grip on everything, including herself. She keeps thinking and hoping that time will change things. Nicholas has decided that’s exactly what they need – time and patience – and is willing to give Emily that. He will do whatever she wants as long as she doesn’t give up on them.

Emily grabs Nicholas’ hands and tells him she can never give up on their love. Connor may have had Nicholas’ face, but not his heart or his soul. She tells him she didn’t fall in love with his face, although it’s a perfectly nice one. She was touched by how kind and gentle and understanding he was, how easy it was to be with him. She knows it’s not easy now – she let what Connor did get in the way. Nicholas tells her nothing has to be resolved tonight. He didn’t initiate the conversation so she would feel pressured; he just wanted to tell her what was in his heart. He goes to leave, but Emily calls him back and asks him to hold her. She then asks him to kiss her – not like he’s afraid she’ll break, but like he used to. After, he tells her that he felt her relax. She says she felt it, too; maybe they’re finding their way back to each other after all.

Lorenzo tells Reese that he’s starting to think Carly’s right; Reese is out to get her. Reese accuses Lorenzo of having selective memory and reminds him that Carly broke into her house and knocked her unconscious, but she never pressed charges. He thinks she waited to get her revenge now. Sonny tells Lorenzo that’s enough. Reese thanks Sonny for stepping in, but he tells her he has a question. He wants to know why Carly called her Charlotte.

Reese recounts the entire incident that led to Carly’s fall. Reese said she called Carly’s name a few times, and that’s when she woke up momentarily and called out to Charlotte. Sonny wonders aloud why that name is so familiar, but they’re interrupted by Elizabeth’s announcement that the bridge has reopened. Lorenzo is ready to go see Carly and have Reese arrested, but Lucky tells him it’s been a long night and he should hold off on the arrest. After all, nobody present witnessed the event. Lucky encourages Lorenzo to wait until Carly wakes up, but Lorenzo’s afraid that might not happen.

Elizabeth and Lucky are about to leave when she has a dizzy spell. She tells him that the last time the world spun like that she was pregnant.

GH: Dr. Thomas makes a phone call to Mac Scorpio, but Jason stops him and threatens to cut his hands off before he allows the doctor to rat out Michael.

Dr. T insists that he wasn’t going to reveal Michael’s secret; it goes against every professional ethic that he has. He tells Jason that he wants to help Michael because that is his job - he likes bringing people through emotional trauma so that they can lead happier, healthier lives. He’s just sorry Jason was not one of his success stories. Jason says his life is just fine, but Dr. T warns that Jason’s irrational, paranoid behavior may actually be hindering Michael’s progress. Just then Commissioner Scorpio knocks at the door. Jason hides behind the door with a gun while Dr. T answers. Mac wants a copy of the taped confession.

Dr. T tells Mac that he was about to return his call. Mac wants to know about Wade Nicholas, a suspected arsonist and one of Dr. T’s patients. Dr. T refuses to give Mac any information; he even burned the tapes from their session. He’s willing to go to jail to protect his patient’s trust. Mac leaves angry, and Jason tells Dr. T that if he (Dr. T) helps Michael, they won’t have problems. Dr. T says that if therapy’s going to work, Jason has to distance himself from the boy.

Alexis and Ric go in for her examination. Jason sees Carly unconscious in the hallway and asks Dr. Jones what happened. He’s surprised that Carly is alone and offers to stay with her. Just then Durant comes wheeling off the elevator. He tells Jason he’s free to go. Jason says, “So are you…to hell.”

Durant says that he’s Carly’s father, and he’ll take care of her. Jason tells him that Carly doesn’t like or trust him, and she doesn’t want him around her children. Durant blames Jason for convincing Carly to commit her life to Sonny, a common thug. Durant says he doesn’t need details about what happened to Carly; he knows Sonny is involved. He goes on to say that Jason can claim to love Carly, but all he does is keep her and her children in constant danger. Jason says that Carly makes her own choices. Speaking of choices, Durant says he heard that Jason could have been a decent doctor. Jason says, “And I heard you could have been a father.” Durant says that he’s Carly’s father and Michael and Morgan’s grandfather, and if Carly won’t protect her children, then he will.

Dr. Jones comes to take Carly for a CAT scan. He promises to let them know when he has results. Carly is wheeled away, and Jason tells Durant that as long as he, Carly or Sonny can breathe, Durant will never get his hands on Michael and Morgan. Jason walks off, and Durant says, “I’ll take that as a challenge.”

Alexis tells Ric that she won’t contest a divorce. He tells her he loves her, but she has a hypothetical question she wants him to answer: If it were just the two of them and Christina (no unborn baby), and the divorce papers were sitting in front of him, what would he do? He tells her that’s easy and kisses her. He wants to share a life with her, and he wants her to stop overanalyzing. He asks what she wants, and she kisses him back.

Dr. T is in his office recording notes about Michael killing A.J. into his tape recorder. Durant comes in uninvited and wants an update on Michael’s progress. He wants to know if Michael’s present living situation is detrimental to his emotional health. Dr. T. goes on about patient confidentiality and won’t discuss the case. He tells Durant he’s had a long day and escorts him out. He tells Durant that he has confidence he can help Michael. Durant says he’s not sure, but Dr. T. says that his record speaks for itself (unlike Durant’s).

Carly’s CAT scan comes back normal, and Dr. Jones doesn’t think her condition is serious. Lorenzo sits by her bedside and pleads for her to wake up while Sonny and Reese watch from the end of the bed. Carly wakes up and is confused but quickly “remembers.” Carly recounts the argument exactly as Reese did, but she doesn’t remember waking up and calling out to Charlotte. Carly says that Charlotte, her friend from high school, has been dead for years. She has no idea why that name popped into her head (much to Reese’s relief). Sonny asks Carly to convince Lorenzo not to charge Reese with assault. Carly tells Lorenzo to let it go. He reluctantly agrees. Reese says thank you, and she and Sonny leave. Lorenzo tells Carly that he wants her to stay away from Reese; he thinks her suspicions might be true.

Reese thanks Sonny for standing up for her a second time. Sonny tells Reese to stay away from Carly, and she says she has no desire to revisit this or any other night with Carly.

Durant gets a janitor to let him into Dr. T’s office. When he’s alone, he stands up out of his wheelchair and walks (yes, WALKS) to Dr. T’s desk and finds the tape with Michael’s confession.

Emily tells Jason that Nicholas made her promise not to give up on them. Emily says she wants to believe it, but sometimes she thinks it would be easier for them to move on like he and Courtney did. Jason tells her it wasn’t easy, but if something’s broken that can’t be fixed, maybe the best thing is to break up. Emily says she can’t leave Nicholas because she loves him. She’s going to find a way to hold on, for Nicholas’ sake, but Jason tells her she can’t live her life for someone else. Emily says that’s what Nicholas is doing for her. She has to stay with him, even if it hurts right now, and she’s going to find a way to get through it. Nicholas is standing just around a corner and overhears the entire conversation.

QUARTERMAINES: Tracy is upset that Lorenzo might gain controlling interest in ELQ. Edward reminds her that she brought Lorenzo into the fold, but Tracy says that was Skye’s doing. Edward goes on to suggest that since Tracy brought the company to the brink of bankruptcy, perhaps Lorenzo could do a better job.

Luke is sitting at the table in the background chewing on a chicken leg. Alan steals some of his meal – they were thrown out of the Alcazars before food was served – and goes to eat in a corner. Luke starts to choke and everyone watches in amusement until Alice rescues him with glass of water.

Monica is fed up. She can’t decide what’s worse: watching Luke torture Tracy with his very existence or Alcazar stripping Tracy of her undeserved power. Tracy finally turns to Alan, her last possible ally, to find out how he plans to vote. He says the company is the most important thing, and since Skye thinks Alcazar would do a better job, he might vote that way.

Edward orders Tracy to get Luke out. When the Q’s leave, Tracy tells Luke that her family’s vote is in. Now she wants to know where her husband stands. Luke hands a chicken leg to Alice and tells her to go make a bet with Alan. No vote for Tracy, no chicken. Tracy says he has to come up with something better, but Luke claims he’s taking advantage of Alan’s clear weakness. Tracy reminds him that tomorrow is their 2-month wedding anniversary, and Luke owes her a present. She wants him to get rid of Lorenzo. If he doesn’t, he can kiss the $15 million in alimony goodbye and will remain Mr. Tracy Quartermaine for the rest of his life.

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