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Jessie tells Maxie that he believes that somebody is outside trying to get in and might be spying upon them. He goes out the door and instructs her to stay inside and stay away from the windows.

Nikolas tells Courtney that he is getting frustrated in not being able to get through to Emily. She tells him she understands only too well what it’s like to be unable to connect to the person she loves and admits that she feels the same way about Jax.

Inside Lorenzo’s, while they wait for the hurricane to pass, Elizabeth concludes that she and Lucky should hold off on getting married until after the baby is born. Jax indicates that he is concerned that it’s very possible that Lucky will exercise his legal right to prevent Jax and Courtney from having the baby that Elizabeth is carrying, if he becomes Elizabeth’s husband.

Alexis may be going into labor. Rick goes outside the room where she is resting and tells Sonny that she may need to get to a hospital. Sonny promises to go and get help. But Lorenzo interrupts them and tells them that if anybody is going to help Alexis in her condition, it will be him.

As soon as Jessie goes out the door, Maxie tries to hide herself under a blanket but becomes restless. At that moment, her cell phone rings. It’s Mac. He asks her if Jessie is holding her captive and if she is ok. She tells him Jessie has not done anything wrong. She is with him of her own free will and he is innocent. She tells him that Murphy is the bad cop. But just then, they lose their phone connection. Jessie returns and tells her that somebody is outside and not ready to back off. Up above their heads, there is the mysterious light bulb that Murphy injected with the mysterious potion. Jessie seems to know not to turn it on although he does not tell Maxie why.

In the barn with Nikolas, Courtney tells him about hers’ and Jax’ arrangement to have a surrogate to carry her baby. She explains to him that at first they thought they’d only need a gestational host who would carry Courtney’s egg and Jax’s sperm. But Dr. Meadows told her her eggs were not viable. So, Elizabeth offered to carry the baby for them. And if she gets pregnant the baby will be Elizabeth’s and Jax’s. She smiles and laughs but indicates that she is not entirely comfortable with this arrangement. She expresses to Nikolas that Elizabeth has become the focus of their marriage. He tells her that he is having similar frustrations with Emily where it seems like she pretends to be close to him for the sole purpose of not wanting to hurt his feelings. She tells him he should know that he and Emily love each other so much. He tells her he knows and if he thought there was anything he could do, he’d never give up. But the scar that Connor left them was too much. Courtney tells Nikolas that the whole start of their relationship was based upon a bet where she thought she would not be able to sleep with him no matter how much money have gave her for her foundation. And because she lost the bet, the rest is history.

Jax explains to Lucky that he knows that anything could happen and he’s concerned about the possibility that Lucky would not sign for him and Courtney to have adoption rights. Elizabeth asks him why Lucky would do that. Lucky does not seem to want to assure her that he never would. Jax admits that he finds it very coincidental that Lucky would propose to Elizabeth right at the same time he believes she might be pregnant by Jax’s sperm and he’s discussed, with Alexis, the adoption rights he could have if he married her.

Lorenzo, Carly, Sonny, Rick and Reese assemble outside of Alexis’s room. Carly tells Sonny that if he wants to go, he may. Rick tells them that whoever goes to get help needs to realize that Alexis and the baby’s lives are at stake here. Lorenzo goes and takes Carly with him. She tells him that she is no longer interested in Sonny. He is so arrogant he makes her sick. Lorenzo tells her that he believes that Sonny’s arrogance is just what she likes about him. She tells Lorenzo that she does not care about Sonny or about Reese. They deserve each other. She only cares about him and wants him to return in one piece. She kisses him and he leaves.

In the cabin, Maxie asks Jessie if they should just sit and wait like ducks in a barrel for Murphy to kill them. He makes a joke about ducks in a barrel. She informs him that her dad wants to turn him in. But she says they know that Murphy framed him. He tells her he’s worried that her father will find out what is going on between them. She tells him that has nothing to do with the fact that he is innocent.

While Nikolas and Courtney talk about their woes in both of their relationships, they seem to enjoy each other’s company. He makes a comment about how nobody will overhear their conversation except for the thoroughbreds. She laughs tells him that he and Emily need to get over her being raped. She tells him that she feels as though there’s a fairy tail that is being written and the happy ending does not include her. He tells her that the longer this situation with Emily goes on, the more he believes he has to love her enough to let her go.

Jax tells Lucky that marrying Elizabeth cannot be about anything other than love. Elizabeth asks Jax what he is talking about. Jax tells Lucky that the only reason he’s even considering the surrogacy is for the money. So he asks Jax how much money it will take for him to postpone the wedding. Lucky tells Jax that he is twisted and he tells Jax he does not give a damn about his money or his baby. He tells Jax that it’s amazing how everything in his life is about money; marriage, family, children, everything. He asks Jax if it makes him feel like more of a man to be able to reduce everything to a price tag. Elizabeth tells Jax he needs to back off. She asks Jax if he can give Lucky some room to explain. Lucky tells him he wants to marry Elizabeth because he loves her. Jax asks him if he’s rushing to marry her in case there’s some kind of question about whom Elizabeth belongs to. Elizabeth speaks up telling them she does not belong to anyone. Jax concludes that that is what drives Lucky crazy. He needs to marry her as if he’s marking his territory. He says he knows that Alexis went over the legalities with Lucky about being the husband of a surrogate. Hearing that, Lucky asks Elizabeth if she wants to postpone the wedding. She tells him she just needs to figure some things out. He then concludes that the wedding is cancelled.

In the barn, Courtney encourages Nikolas to take out his frustrations by pounding a bag of oats. He punches it. She laughs. He then tells her it’s her turn. He holds up the bag. She punches it and accidentally knocks him down. They seem to really enjoy being together.

Sonny and Reese go to see Morgan. Reese holds him and is really friendly to him. She introduces him to a stuffed duck and tells him that the momma duck holds her baby in order not to make him scared. She makes duck noises. Sonny watches and seems content to have her with his kids. Right when he tells her that when she spends more time with his kids, they will be more comfortable with her, Carly enters and angrily tells them it’s never going to happen.

Right when Maxie and Jessie are hiding out in the cabin, Jenna enters and turns on the light that Murphy injected with the explosive liquid. And right away, Jessie knows it will blow up the house so he pushes himself and Maxie out the door. They both fall to the ground. Murphy comes to see if Jessie is conscious. But soon thereafter, Jessie comes to and pulls a gun on Murphy. He gives it to Maxie to hold on him and goes inside. The house is still burning inside. Maxie yells at Murphy that he killed Jenna. Murphy protests that Jenna got what she deserved.

In the hospital, Dillon notices that Georgie is very worried about her sister. He tells her that Maxie will be ok. She tells him that her sister is so selfish to worry everybody. He tells her that she needs to know that she is a little different than her sister. When she sees a crisis, she looks on the bright side. She rescues a kitten, whereas Maxie rescues a wanted fugitive. Hearing that, Georgie tells Dillon that she hates being the way she is; so predictable and lame. But he tells her that she is perfect. She is brilliant and dependable and perfect. And he says he would pick smelling the roses over wanted fugitives any day. She tells him he is just being nice. He tells her he is being selfish. He’s never before had anybody whom he could depend upon. And he needs her in his life. She tells him she loves him.

Jax tells Lucky he does not buy his “innocent” act. He goes out the door. Elizabeth urges him to wait. Alone with Elizabeth, Jax asks if she is ok. She tells him he was out of line. She asks him why he thinks he can judge Lucky. He asks her if she really believes that Lucky is not threatened by their arrangement. She tells him if Lucky needs reassurance about what is going on, that’s ok with her. She protests to Jax that Lucky is decent and honest and has no ulterior motive for marrying her. Haring that, Jax admits to Elizabeth that he is a businessman and maybe does think in terms of contracts. She tells him that if she is not already pregnant, then maybe she will agree with Lucky. Their contract should be null and void. He tells her that settles it and that he will go and tell Courtney.

After accidentally injuring Nikolas in the barn, Courtney asks him what she can do. He suggests maybe stay away from her. But he says it in a joking way. And they are laughing and enjoying themselves.

Rick goes to see Alexis and gives her a pop sickle. She asks him why he’s there with her. He tells her that the weather makes it impossible to go anywhere. He asks her where she’d prefer he be. She tells him that he is being really sweet and she appreciates it but she knows he’s just obligating himself to be with her because of the baby.

After Carly comes it to break up Sonny’s and Reese’s interaction with Morgan, Sonny puts his son to bed. Alone, Carly tells Reese she demands to know what her agenda is.

Felicia asks Mac if he believes that Jessie may have forced Maxie to lie about being ok. Dillon and Georgie tell them they must have faith that Maxie will be ok. Mac asks Dillon what his opinion is about Jessie. Dillon asks why Mac wants to know what he thinks. Mac implies to Dillon that maybe one “bad boy” can understand the mind of another. Georgie protests to her father that Dillon is not like Jessie. Right at that moment, Jessie and Maxie appear. As soon as Mac notices Maxie has been injured, he asks Jessie if he did that to her. Mac and other cops hold a gun on Jessie and restrain him. But they wonder if he really is guilty or just framed.

Ric tells Alexis about all of the small problems they could have being married, such as putting the cap on the toothpaste and putting the toilet seat down. But he admits that when he is alone, he feels the bed is empty without her on her side. He tells her they could postpone making a decision about divorce until the baby is born. He tells her that he is willing to go forward with their relationship for the time being and asks her what she thinks about that. She does not know what to say.

Carly tells Reese that she thinks of the old saying that she would not be paranoid if Reese were not out to get her. Reese asks Carly if that is what she believes. Carly tells Reese that she came into this town under Carly’s father’s coat tails. She gets Carly’s husband in bed. She is trying to bond with Carly’s children. She tells Reese she can do what she wants with Sonny. But Reese will not get Carly’s children. Reese walks away. Carly goes to grab her and demands to know if she “gets it”. Reese tells Carly that she’s got it and pushes her away and accidentally causes Carly to fall.

After Maxie and Jessie appear at the hospital, Dillon tells Georgie that everything Maxie told him about Jessie checks out. It’s entirely possible that Jessie is telling the truth. Mac calls the cops who are on the scene at the burning cabin. When they tell him they cannot find Murphy, Mac instructs the cops at the hospital to arrest Jessie. But Maxie protests to her dad that he cannot do this.

In the barn, Courtney gives Nikolas a tissue to stop his bleeding. They laugh and he puts his head on her lap. Jax enters and sees them.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she wanted this evening with the rich people to be nice. She thought it could just be a night they could spend to enjoy themselves, forget about work and bills and everything and see how the other half lives. She tells him that he is all she needs. He is the man she loves and is so good with Cameron and would make her the happiest woman in the world if he married her. And she asks him if he will please become her husband.

Reese stands over Carly, after she’s knocked her to the ground. Again, she has the flashback of the fatal car accident that ended their friendship and which Carly believed ended Reese’s life, back in high school. Sonny enters and witnesses Reese having her flashback and looks like he can sense something is going on that he has not been told about.

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