GH Update Thursday 7/14/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/14/05


By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

JESSE AND MAXIE'S HIDEOUT: Maxie and Jesse are making out on the bed, when Jesse pulls away and tells her, "We can't." Maxie looks upset.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S STABLES: Nikolas carries a soaking wet Courtney into the stables. He places her gently on some hay on the ground. Courtney wakes up and asks him what happened?

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Lucky tells Elizabeth he wants to make her happy, but she tells him that he has already done that. He wants to put the ring on her finger, but she stops him and tells him to wait.

GREYSTONE: Jason is carrying a sleeping Sam over to the sofa when he suddenly hears Michael shouting, "No, leave me alone!" Jason leaves Sam where she is and rushes upstairs. As Jason leaves, he doesn't notice Dr. Thomas coming into the room -- the doctor starts to watch Sam as she sleeps.

Jason makes it to Michael's bedroom, where Michael tells him he was having a bad dream about AJ. Jason tries to comfort Michael. They discuss Dr. Thomas and how he has figured out that Michael was the one to kill AJ. Michael is worried he'll go to jail now, but Jason promises that they have made sure Dr. Thomas won't tell the police.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S STABLES: Nikolas explains to Courtney that he was driving home from the party when he found her car in the road -- she was slumped over the steering wheel. She thanks him for his help. She tells him that she lost control of her car on the way to Lorenzo's party to meet up with Jax -- as a surprise. Nikolas explains that the party didn't turn out very well, with the arguments and the hurricane and what-not. He also tells Courtney about Alexis' accident earlier. Courtney thinks that Jax must be worried about Alexis; Nikolas winds up admiting to her that Jax was busy earlier getting into a fight with Lucky. Courtney knows what that must be about -- she thinks that Lucky is having second thoughts about Liz being a surrogate. Courtney admits to Nikolas that she is having second thoughts about it as well.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Elizabeth brings up the fact that she and Lucky almost got married the first time because he only felt obligated to her. She wants to know why he wants to marry her now? He replies that she is the only one he will ever love, but Liz thinks it's more about his attempt to one-up Jax and stake his own claim on her. But Lucky promises her that this time it's different -- she is his soulmate, and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He asks again, "Will you marry me?" She says, "Of course I will." They kiss and he slips the ring on her finger, and then gently kisses her hand. They start to kiss again.

JESSE AND MAXIE'S HIDEOUT: Jesse tells Maxie that he wants their first time to be special, with no danger and no regrets. They start to kiss again.

Neither of them see Murphy and Jenna lurking outside the window. Murphy vows that Maxie and Jesse will not live long enough to turn him in.

Jenna enters the house (while Murphy stays out of sight elsewhere). She calls Jesse and Maxie food-swiping freeloaders and warns Jesse that he and Maxie had better get back to boarding up the windows all over the house, unless they want her to report them to the cops as trespassers. Jesse promises they'll get it done. Jenna leaves. Maxie asks what they are going to do now and Jesse replies that they will have to board up the windows, pray for the storm to lift and then get the hell away from the house before Murphy comes back to kill them.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Elizabeth is thrilled with the engagement ring Lucky has given her. Jax and Emily come into the room and annouce that they just checked on Alexis, who is doing a bit better. Just then, Courtney and Nikolas come in. Jax is extremely surprised to see her, and worried when Nikolas tells him that Court's car went off the road into the ditch. Courtney assures him that she is all right, thanks to Nikolas. Jax thanks Nikolas as well, though he still wants to take Courtney to the hospital to get her checked out. She insists she's fine, but Jax says that she should humor him since they are still newlyweds. Lucky and Elizabeth pick this moment to announce their own engagement. Everyone seems thrilled to hear it. Emily and Elizabeth go toward a lamp to get a better look at Liz's ring. Courtney looks back at Jax, who appears to be eyeing Elizabeth with some concern.

Elsewhere in the house, Alexis is resting alone on a bed. Ric comes in to see her. He sits down on the bed next to her while they discuss her condition. Ric assures her that she will be fine. But Alexis is still worried. Ric thinks that the hurricane was sent by God as a sign that they need to hurry and name their baby. Alexis admits she's been calling the baby "Bunny." She also likes the name "Owen" if it's a boy. Ric points out that then the baby's initials would be (for Owen Lansing Davis) -- "O.L.D." (for "old"). Alexis also brings up the name Abigail as one she likes. Just then, a crash of thunder sounds outside. Alexis admits that maybe the baby doesn't like Abigail, then. Alexis is sure, though, that she will be all right as long as Ric is with her.

GREYSTONE: Jason comes downstairs with Michael to find Dr. Thomas lurking around where Sam is sleeping on the couch. He asks the doctor what he is doing; Dr. Thomas replies that he was concerned over the fact that Sam appears to be unconscious -- he was just taking her pulse. Jason promises him that Sam is fine. Michael asks Dr. Thomas if he can discuss his nightmare with him. Dr. Thomas thinks that's a good idea...he starts to go up to Michael's room with him, but Jason suddenly stops him.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Emily and Nikolas both toast Lucky and Elizabeth. Courtney says that late summer or early fall are the best seasons to get married in. Jax thinks that they should give Lucky and Elizabeth a little time before they set a wedding date -- but Lucky says that he agrees with Courtney...those seasons sound good to him, as he and Elizabeth don't have any reason to wait. Elizabeth points out that she would like time to plan a wedding. Lucky replies that it's not like they want anything really big, after all.

Jax and Courtney are now standing alone in a more private corner of the room. Jax is worried about Courtney's possible pain from the accident, but she says she's fine. She asks him if the bruise on his face is from the fight with Lucky? He wants to know how she found out and she admits that Nikolas told her. She wants to know who started it?

Nikolas, Emily, Elizabeth and Lucky meanwhile discuss plans for the ceremony. Elizabeth thinks it should be limited to close family and friends -- and a minister, of course, to perform the ceremony. Emily points out that the ceremony could be held at Mt. Hebron Baptist Church where Liz and Lucky said their vows during the blizzard...with the reception to be held at Wyndemere. Elizabeth thinks that sounds great. She and Emily go off to another room to discuss wedding plans.

This leaves Nikolas and Lucky alone. Nikolas is wary about Lucky's idea of proposing to Elizabeth at this time -- he thinks it has to do with Lucky wanting to send Jax a clear message that Elizabeth belongs to him (Lucky). Lucky denies it, of course -- he says that while it's weird that Elizabeth is having another man's baby, he loves her and wants to marry her. He just wants Nik to be on his side.

Meanwhile, Jax is busy assuring Courtney that Lucky was just a bit upset earlier -- but that everything is okay now. Jax does admit that he is questioning the timing of the engagement, pointing out to Courtney that there may be legal implications if they get married before the surrogate birth. Courtney isn't so sure about that -- does he really think that Elizabeth and Lucky would try to keep the baby? Jax says he just wants to make sure they look at all the ramifications. Courtney replies that she thinks he's just getting possessive of the mother of this child.

Elsewhere in the house, Ric and Alexis continue their discussion about what they'll name their baby. Ric thinks they should go with a name that has meaning for Alexis' family. Alexis says that now that she has named her daughter Kristina for her sister Kristina, there is no one else among the Cassadines (save Nikolas) that she cares to remember. She notes that she does miss her mother alot...and she misses all the things her mom could have taught her about being a mother. She isn't sure if she would have been a better mother to Kristina if she'd had her own mom around, but she notes that she did do her best -- and she's sure she can be an even better mom to her and Ric's baby. At that moment she realizes her thigh is asleep; Ric rubs it a bit for her. She and Ric start to talk about Ric's parents, and the fact that he, too, grew up without a mom's influence. He says that he felt his mother's absence his whole life, even though he didn't know her. He adds that his father was so emotionally distant -- losing Adela destroyed him, like it destroyed Ric. Alexis tells Ric that whatever Trevor Lansing broke in him, Ric has repaired it. Ric is worried because he couldn't repair their marriage -- what kind of father will he be if he gives the baby the same broken home his father gave him? Alexis promises him that he will end up being everything she could have possibly hoped for for this baby.

JESSE AND MAXIE'S HIDEOUT: The storm is blowing both wind and rain outside. Maxie's concerned about their chances of making it to Jenna's house in order to board up the windows. Jesse points out that they don't have much choice in the matter. He warns her to stay close. They leave the cabin. After they've gone, Murphy can be seen entering the cabin. He heads over to the light fixture overhead (which is currently turned off) ...takes out the lightbulb, injects a gold-colored liquid into the bulb (filling it with the stuff) and then screws the lightbulb back into the light fixture.

GREYSTONE: Sam wakes up suddenly, just as Jason and Dr. Thomas are about to get into it. Dr. Thomas tells her that Jason seems to have a problem with Michael discussing his recent nightmare to him (Dr. Thomas). Sam thinks Jason should allow Dr. Thomas to listen to Michael. Jason relents and Dr. Thomas goes upstairs to talk to Michael.

Jason and Sam discuss their game of dominos -- Sam is surprised when Jason tells her that after she won, she passed out on the floor...and he had to carry her to the couch. He also explains a bit about Michael's nightmare, and how when he came downstairs he saw Dr. Thomas sitting next to Sam -- presumably taking her pulse. Sam is upset that she reeks of tequila. Jason changes the subject back to Dr. Thomas -- does she remember anything of him being next to her earlier? She says no, the last thing she remembered was playing the domino game. Jason admits that it threw him to see Dr. Thomas so close to Sam. Sam says that she trusts Jason's intincts, so if Jason could only pinpoint what about Dr. Thomas that bothers him...? Jason confesses that it's possible that he just wanted to see something that would make him doubt Dr. Thomas. He does know that he doesn't trust the guy at all.

Up in Michael's bedroom, Dr. Thomas is talking to him about his dream. Michael doesn't appear to remember any details from the dream. Dr. Thomas thinks they should let it go for now, but if Michael remembers anything, he should let him know. Michael agrees. Dr. Thomas leaves the room -- but has left his P.D.A. behind. Jodie comes out from her hiding place and she and Michael inspect the P.D.A. Jodie asks him if he wants to see what's on it? Michael looks skeptical.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Jax comes back into the room where Elizabeth, Lucky, Emily and Nikolas are. He can't find Courtney -- none of them have seen her, though. Lucky goes into the kitchen to get everyone something warm to drink. Nikolas takes this time to tell Elizabeth that she shouldn't feel pressured to rush into marriage with Lucky. Emily jumps on Nikolas, wanting to know what he means by that? Nik says he thinks with all that's going on in their lives right now she and Lucky should be able to enjoy their engagement. Emily asks Nik if the sudden caution over engagement has to do with Elizabeth and Lucky or with their own marriage? At Emily insistance, she and Nikolas leave the room to continue their discussion on this matter in private.

Elizabeth is left alone with Jax. He notes that tempers are getting shorter as the night gets longer. He says he is happy for Elizabeth on the matter of her engagement -- but he is worried that Lucky might have ulterior motives behind picking this particular moment to propose.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S STABLES: Courtney is alone in the stables when she hears Nikolas and Emily approaching -- and apparently arguing. Court quickly ducks behind a haystack, just as Nikolas and Emily enter. Emily is upset that Nikolas practically broadcast to everyone that their marriage is having problems. Nikolas points out that they already know. She's also upset that he walked out of the party earlier and tried to drive home in the middle of a hurricane. She thinks he should be making an effort to talk to her. Nik replies that he has been making an effort for months, and nothing has changed. (Courtney, behind the haystack, can hear every word of their argument.) Emily argues that Nikolas can't even be happy for Lucky and Elizabeth without using their engagement to complain about the state of his own marriage. Nikolas says that he can't be happy unless Emily is, and he knows Emily's not -- he says that he knows that she is still hurting from being raped...why can't she respect him enough to admit that to him? (Courtney, behind the haystack, looks shocked to hear of the rape.)

JESSE AND MAXIE'S HIDEOUT: A soaking wet Maxie and Jesse rush back into the darkened cabin (Murphy has already left). They've apparently finished with the boarding of the windows. Maxie reaches to turn on the lightswitch, but Jesse stops her and they start to kiss.

GREYSTONE: Sam tries to explain to Jason that she was never passed out -- it was just a short nap. He teases her about the amount of alcohol she consumed. She protests that she used to drink guys three times Jason's size under the table. Jason thinks those must have been some pretty fat guys. Sam notes that living with Jason must be making her soft. They start to tease each other about who won at dominos. Jason finally admits that Sam won -- she says that she must deserve a prize then. They start to kiss. Just then, Dr. Thomas comes downstairs, interrupting them. He tells them that Michael is asking to speak to Jason.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Ric and Alexis are still in the vacant bedroom. Alexis says she is trying to keep a positive outlook on things...Ric assures her that she will be fine. He wants to discuss whether or not she plans to argue cases at work right up until the birth? Alexis says that she will if she can and won't if she can't. She does plan to take a few weeks off only and then go back to work. Ric is also concerned about whether or not Viola will be able to handle both the newborn and Kristina. Alexis promises him that she has it covered. Ric says he just doesn't want "the nanny dance" that other parents have to do. Ric realizes that Alexis feels warm. Alexis is suddenly worried -- what if the baby has an infection?

LORENZO AND CARLY'S STABLES: Emily insists to Nikolas that the rape no longer haunts her and that it doesn't bother her when he touches her. Nikolas sighs in exasperation and points out that he knows that she's not attracted to him. He wants her to be honest. She replies that she does love him, and thinks he's the most handsome man she has ever seen. Nikolas asks why it feels like they are miles apart? Emily says she hates to fight with him, and that she tries to avoid conflict -- thererfore she ends up avoiding him...which makes him mad. She adds that she is angry to, at him for not understanding. She finishes, "All I know is that standing in a barn in the middle of a hurricane isn't going to fix anything." With that, she turns on her heel and leaves the stables. Nikolas calls after her, but gives up and gives the haystack (the one Courtney is hiding behind) a swift kick. This catches Courtney by surprise -- she makes a noise of exclamation. Nikolas realizes that she is there. She stands up and apologizes to him. Nikolas, realizing that Courtney heard everything, says, "Perfect."

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Jax tells Elizabeth that if she and Lucky get married before the baby's born, it might change the surrogacy agreement. Elizabeth replies that Alexis did mention that to her already. Jax points out that Lucky's proposal might have been motivated by that knowledge. Elizabeth disagrees, saying that she and Lucky love each other, and that's why they want to get married. Jax tells her that he is trying to look at it from a legal standpoint, as a businessman -- if a surrogate is married at the time of her birth, her husband will have the presumptive paternal rights to any child she bears. He wants Elizabeth to consider putting off the marriage until the baby is born. Elizabeth asks Jax in astonisment if he thinks she and Lucky are trying to steal his and Courtney's child?

LORENZO AND CARLY'S STABLES: Courtney is shocked that Elizabeth was raped, but then notes that that does explain a lot. Nikolas adds that he wants to help Emily, but he feels somehow like he's to blame. Courtney thinks his frustration is shared by Emily. Nikolas says that whatever he does pushes her further and further apart -- and that the way she pretends to be happy infuriates him. Courtney admits that she understands what he means.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Elizabeth explains to Jax that she would never default on their agreement. Jax admits that he just feels he needs to take some kind of legal precaution to ensure that the four of them don't end up in a custody battle. Elizabeth can not imagine that happening, but Jax points out that a lot can happen in nine months -- he just wants to keep their agreement as simple and straightforward as possible. He just wants Elizabeth to hold off on the marriage until the baby is born. Elizabeth finally agrees, saying that she and Lucky haven't even set a date yet, so they can be flexible. Just then, Lucky comes into the room -- he heard her last words, and wants to know, "Flexible about what?"

JESSE AND MAXIE'S HIDEOUT: Jesse and Maxie are huddled under a blanket near the fire. (They never did turn on the light fixture that Murphy rigged.) Jesse is worried that Maxie's too cold -- he wants to bring some more wood in from outside. Maxie points out that he is constantly protecting her. Jesse replies that she protected him to when he was hiding in the hospital. Maxie says she did that because she believes in him. Jesse adds that she did it because she is the most amazing, kind and generous person he has ever known. Maxie adds that she's also a bit damp...she wants to put some dry clothes on. She goes to turn the light on, but Jesse suddenly shouts, "No!"

GREYSTONE: Jason comes upstairs to Michael's bedroom. (Jodie goes back to hiding behind Michael's bed, where Jason won't be able to see her.) Michael gives Jason the P.D.A., noting that Dr. Thomas left it behind -- Michael thought Jason might want to look at it. Jason admits that he does, but only to make sure that Dr. Thomas is really planning to help Michael. Michael helpfully points out that Jason how to use the scroll buttons to see information on the P.D.A. Jason studies it and then, something he reads sends him practically jumping out of his chair and toward the door. He wants Michael to wait there. Jason leaves and Jodie comes out of hiding. She asks him what will happen now? Michael replies that now, Dr. Thomas will be disappearing.

Downstairs, Jason asks Sam where Dr. Thomas went. Sam replies that the doctor decided to brave the roads to head back to town. Jason explains to Sam that he saw on the P.D.A. that Dr. Thomas has an appointment tonight with Mac Scropio. Sam asks Jason if Jason thinks that means that Dr. Thomas intends to turn Michael in for killing AJ? Jason says not if he can help it -- he goes rushing out of the house, leaving a worried looking Sam behind.

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