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General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/13/05


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Sam and Jason

Sam tells Jason that despite what Dr. Thomas thinks, Jason has a heart. She tells him that he is the most kind, loving man that she has ever known, and if doesn’t believe anything else, he should believe that.

Jason recounts his first memory of waking up in the hospital after his accident and not recognizing the people who knew him. He felt like his friends and family got hurt just from seeing him, so he avoided them. He later met Sonny and built a life where the injury actually worked in his favor since he doesn’t feel fear. But Michael feels things, and Jason has no frame of reference to help him. He feels like he’s failing Michael and could also fail Sam.

Sam asks Jason if he’s cheating on her or if he has ever lied to, cheated on, or abused her. He answers no to all, so she wants to know why he thinks he could fail her. He says because he has brain damage but pretends it doesn’t exist. As such, he doesn’t think and feel things like a normal person. Sam tells him that normal is over-rated. She tells him that when she looks at him, she sees a person who feels as profoundly as anyone. She experienced that, especially when she was pregnant and lost her baby, and hearing all of this brings tears to Jason’s eyes.

Jason and Sam are looking for something to do. They start kissing and Jason wants to make love, but Sam stops them since Michael is upstairs. Sam suggests they go find one of Sonny’s six bedrooms to camp out in, but Jason has changed his mind and now feels weird doing “it” in the house with Michael and Dr. Thomas. Sam promises to be quiet, but Jason tells her she’s never quiet. Instead, the two decide to play a drinking game with dominoes.

Sam loses dominoes – by quite a lot – and is pretty drunk. She says she won’t stop playing until she wins, so Jason finally concedes. Sam tackles Jason to the floor. She tries to get him to go upstairs so they can make love, but in her drunken state, she doesn’t make it very far. The two fall down in a clump at the bottom of the stairs.

Maxie and Jesse

Maxie tells Jesse that she’s afraid. He apologizes for dragging her into this mess, but she tells him that the she’s not afraid for herself, she’s afraid for him.

Jesse encourages Maxie to leave. He says that Murphy has him so framed that nobody will ever believe him, but they would believe the commissioner’s daughter. He thinks Murphy will try to kill her unless she gets away. Jesse asks why she continues to stay with him, even though they’re constantly in danger.

Jesse says that when he met Maxie in the hospital, he was just looking for a place to hide. He remembers begging himself to get away while he could, but after seeing her, he wanted to be there when she finally opened her eyes. He keeps pointing out their dire straights, but Maxie tells him that she believes in him and wants to help him prove his innocence. She also wants them to come out of this together so they can get to know each other in the “real world.” But if they are about to die, she tells him that there’s nobody else she’d rather be with.

Maxie wants to make love, but Jesse doesn’t want to take advantage of the situation. Maxie says she knows he cares about her and is trying to do the right thing, but she can make her own choices. He doesn’t want to be one of the bad choices that she regrets. She promises this won’t be like that, and they start to make love animal-like.

Elizabeth, Lucky and Jax

Jax asks Elizabeth if she thinks she’s pregnant. She tells him she’s not sure, so he says they should just botch the whole agreement. Her only concern is that she may have already conceived, and if so, she won’t get an abortion.

Jax tells Elizabeth that he hopes she’s pregnant. He can’t think of a better person to carry his child. Elizabeth says she never imagined how difficult this would be for Lucky, especially since he stands to gain from the arrangement. Jax says that men are naturally insecure; he says he would feel the same way if Courtney were carrying Lucky’s child.

Jax says that men put lot of stock in pride, and sometimes they trip over that when they don’t feel like they’re fulfilling their roles. Jax says he’s been there before and understands that Lucky feels the need to provide, but Elizabeth has taken that away from him. Elizabeth is confused about how Lucky could love Cameron, also another man’s child, but be so opposed to Jax and Courtney’s baby. Jax points out that Cameron’s father is dead, so Lucky gets to assume that role in Cameron’s life. Elizabeth hopes Lucky will get past his reservations and support her, but if not, she’s glad they’re finding out now.

Lucky is waiting around for Elizabeth when Emily walks in. She’s looking for Nicholas after their fight but can’t find him. Emily tells him that she understands he’s having a hard time with Elizabeth’s decision, but Elizabeth loves him and is doing everything in her power to make sure they have a good life together. Emily tells him to count his blessings and go take Elizabeth in his arms. At least they aren’t 1000 miles apart when they’re standing in the same room together. Emily tells him that she and Nicholas can’t seem to get back to what they used to have, but he and Elizabeth did. And if they throw that away because of pride, they’re going to regret it forever.

Lucky runs into Elizabeth while she’s searching for matches. She apologizes for not understanding his feelings, but he says he’s the one in the wrong. He promised to support her decision to be a surrogate but didn’t. He realizes that Jax was just showing his gratitude and giving Elizabeth the support that she needed. He just wants to be the rich guy who makes all her dreams come true. She tells him he does just that every time he comes home to her, every time he sits with Cameron, and every time they make love. “Our life together is my dream come true,” Elizabeth says. Lucky kisses her and then gets down on one knee to propose. Elizabeth accepts.

Carly and Lorenzo

Carly asks Lorenzo if he’s involved in some sort of violent, macho competition with Sonny. He tells her that from experience, that’s a good way to get her attention. Carly says that her problem is with Reese, not Sonny. Lorenzo thinks that if Reese were sleeping with somebody else like Jason, Carly wouldn’t care as much. Carly says that’s true, but only because Reese has wormed her way into every facet of Carly’s life.

Carly vows that she is not jealous of Reese, but Lorenzo isn’t convinced. She tells Lorenzo that he is in no place to throw stones. He admits that he’s made mistakes before, but that was before he made vows to love, honor and protect Carly. Carly apologizes and says she lied in the moment to avoid a fight, but Lorenzo says he knew when he married her that she and Sonny were a “tangled mess of loose ends.” He now wonders if she married him to pay Sonny back for choosing Reese. If so, he wants to know now “before more than a mirror gets broken.”

Lorenzo wants to know the truth about why Carly married him. She points out all the sacrifices she made – Michael won’t live with her and she’s grown distant from Jason and Courtney– to be with him. She tells him that she turned her back on a life with Sonny – a vicious cycle of love and betrayal – to have something better. Carly accuses Lorenzo of only being in love with the idea of her instead of the flawed person that she is.

Lorenzo says he loves her, but Carly wonders if it’s the version in his head or the one in front of him. She asks him if he knows what marriage means. It’s a long, hard road, and you either stick it out or you decide it’s not worth it and you walk away. He tells her he never thought about those things, which is why he never got married before. He tells her that his love for her is no allusion; it’s the driving force in his life. He asks her to be honest about one thing: how she feels about him.

Lorenzo says he won’t second-guess Carly’s behavior from now on, and he won’t sit around waiting for the next shoe to drop. He tells her that if Sonny’s still an option for her, she needs to let him know so that he won’t get hurt. She tells him that she loves him more every day and is not going back to Sonny. She promises never to lie to him about Sonny again. Carly and Lorenzo kiss and make love on the sofa.

Reese and Sonny

Sonny asks Reese if she wants to be in a relationship with him or to beat Carly. Reese says that Carly is the one who wants to fight, not her. Reese has no “big revelations of sinister intent,” but perhaps, she suggests, Sonny wants Carly to be right about her so that the two of them can get back together. Sonny is frustrated and tells Reese he’s not getting back with Carly, and both he and Carly know that. He points out that Carly doesn’t like to share, and when she considers something hers (like Jason), she holds on for dear life. Sonny compares her to a spoiled little girl who throws a tantrum when somebody takes one of her dolls. Reese points out that Sonny almost lets Carly win. He promises to work on it, but in the meantime, he wants them to move on. Sonny tells Reese that the best way to get back at Carly is not to engage with her.

Sonny suggests that he and Reese forget Carly and concentrate on each other. They make love on the barn floor. After a short nap, Reese wakes up calling out to Caroline. Sonny asks about Caroline, and Reese tells him that Caroline was her friend from high school who betrayed her “utterly and completely.” Sonny says he understands about betrayal. Reese asks him about forgiveness. He tells her that he has tried, but forgiveness is not something he does well. He shuts down inside, and he can’t get past the lie.

Reese tells Sonny he can’t expect people to live blameless lives. He understands and says he has tried to forgive people in his past. He wants to reach out and wipe the slate clean, but the relationship is never the same; it’s clouded with betrayal. That’s why he can’t get close to Mike or Carly. He makes her promise him that she’ll never betray him, and she makes a grand gesture of doing so. In turn, he promises to work on himself by opening up to her more. Reese finds a radio, puts on “When A Man Loves A Woman,” and they dance together.

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