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General Hospital Update Tuesday 7/12/05


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Sonny and Lorenzo arrive at the stables in time to see Carly down on the ground with Reese. Carly is trying to figure out what Reese was saying about a friendship being destroyed. Sonny is sure that Carly caused Reese’s accident, but Carly maintains that Reese was unconscious when she arrived. Lorenzo defends his wife. He tells Sonny that Carly was not responsible for this accident just like she wasn’t responsible for burglarizing Reese’s home. Carly and Sonny lock eyes, and she admits to Lorenzo that she did, in fact, break into the penthouse. Carly apologizes for lying and tells Lorenzo that she went to the penthouse to look through Reese’s things, but Reese returned while she was still there so she knocked her out. Reese wakes up momentarily while Sonny is questioning Carly about Reese’s ramblings. When Reese finally gets up, Sonny and Carly ask about her ramblings, but she feigns confusion. Sonny takes the opportunity to sing Reese’s praises by informing the Alcazars that Reese was willing to keep quiet about the burglary to keep the peace. Lorenzo is embarrassed and leaves with Carly at his heels.

Meanwhile, Sonny tries to get Reese to admit that Carly was responsible for her accident, but she tells a different story. She tells him that she walked down to the stables and was looking for identification collars for the horses when something fell on her head. Sonny points out that since they’ve been dating, he has inadvertently caused her a lot of trouble – first when Carly broke into the penthouse and knocked her unconscious, and now this accident. She asks him if he’s trying to break up with her. He’s not; he just wants to be sure she can handle all that comes with being in a relationship with him. Reese reminds him that her job is to keep up with bad guys. Reese tells Sonny that she won’t let Carly get away with anything. Sonny asks what she wants most: to be in a relationship with him or to beat Carly.

Once they’re back in the house, Carly stands in front of a mirror and laments their horrible night. In a rage, Lorenzo grabs the mirror off the wall and slams it onto the ground. He tells her that she will not make a fool out of him while she chases after Sonny.

Alexis is leaking amniotic fluid and needs to get to a doctor. But in the meantime, doctor-to-be Emily sends her to bed with her hips and feet elevated. Everyone helps Alexis upstairs, and Nicholas offers to stay with her through the night. Alexis wants Ric’s company instead and encourages Emily and Nicholas to spend some time together. Alexis calls Christina to check on her and let her know that she’ll be coming home soon. Alexis asks Ric to take care of Christine if she were to die. She thinks Christina would be safer with Ric than with her father. Ric puts his hand on Alexis’ stomach and promises to do as she asks, but he thinks she can beat this and promises to help.

Elizabeth notices Jax’s bruised cheek and asks what happened. He lies and says he was hit by debris from the storm (haha), but Lucky overhears and admits responsibility. Jax, being the gentlemen, tells Elizabeth that they had a disagreement, but he’s confident that everyone will feel better once the storm passes. Lucky, on the other hand, can’t stop talking about how Jax “flaunts” his wealth. The real problem: Lucky’s pride is bruised over his girlfriend loaning out her ovaries to pay his bills.

Later, when Lucky and Elizabeth are alone, she gives him an earful about his behavior. She reminds him that her decision to become a surrogate isn’t solely about his bills; it’s also about her wanting to help a wonderful couple have a child of their own. Lucky tells her that if she’s not pregnant this time, he doesn’t want her to try again, but Elizabeth says that decision will be hers. Lucky thinks Elizabeth’s behavior is an indication that she would rather be Jax and Courtney’s surrogate than be with him. She tells him that she fell in love with him when he was a teen-ager, and now that he has become a man, she’s not sure she likes what she sees. Elizabeth tries to explain to Lucky that the surrogacy will solve all of their money problems, but Lucky is worried about how she will feel when she sees her biological child being raised by other people. The two can’t reach an agreement, so Lucky leaves in a huff.

Later, Jax walks in on Elizabeth crying and suggest that perhaps this entire surrogacy plan was a bad idea. He doesn’t want to build his family at the expense of hers. She’s starting to agree. He tells Elizabeth that they should quit now and offers to let her keep the money, but she is concerned that she might already be pregnant.

When Nicholas and Emily are alone, he tries to get her to admit that despite spending time together and living in the same house, their relationship hasn’t gotten any better. She’s still pretending that all is fine, even thought it’s not. Emily says they’ve been through a lot – her rape and his time in prison – but insists that things are improving. Nicholas tells her there’s no way for things to get better if she won’t admit they have a problem. He points out that Emily is always busy working or with her family, anything to avoid being with him. She makes excuses instead of admitting that she’s doing all of those things in excess to avoid being alone with him. She even tells him that they are together – now – but he feels like she’s got her eye on the door. Emily tells him that she wants them to be the way they were before, but Nicholas is afraid that will never happen. Both of them wonder aloud what they can do to fix things, but neither one seems to have an answer. Nicholas says that no matter what, he’s going to stop pretending that everything is great when it isn’t. Emily says that she is, too, and walks out.

Courtney is driving home in the storm while listening to a radio broadcast warning motorists to find shelter. She eventually loses control of the car and goes barreling toward a phone pole.

Officer Murphy takes aim, but Jesse is overtakes him and grabs his gun before any shots go off. Jesse threatens to kill Officer Murphy for shooting Durant and framing him. Maxie tries to call for help but can’t get a dial tone. Just then, Jenna, who has been watching through the window, walks in with a shotgun. Officer Murphy says that Jesse attacked him, but Jenna – pretending to protect her guests – orders the cop off her property. Jenna tells Maxie and Jesse that she wants them to leave as soon as the storm is over. Jesse asks Maxie if she has taken her medication and tells her to get some rest; he promises they’ll leave as soon as the storm passes and it’s safe.

Once outside, Officer Murphy applauds Jenna’s acting. She tells him that Jesse suspects something, but he assures her that Maxie and Jesse will be gone soon. She wants to know his plan, but he tells her to leave that part up to him.

Jesse really wants Maxie to sleep, but she’s not into it. She tells him about her family and how they act as if she’s fragile. He tells her that too much care is better than none at all. Jesse tells her that his family changed when his brother, Will, died. He tells Maxie that although he didn’t pull the trigger that killed his brother, he was still responsible. “There’s some things you can’t come back from,” he tells her, “and for my family, it was losing Will.” Maxie encourages him to move past his guilt, but he changes the subject and orders her back to bed. As Maxie sleeps, Jesse stares down at her and thinks back over their time together.

Sam and Jason are cuddling on the couch when Dr. Thomas walks in. Even though Jason tells him he’s interrupting, Dr. Thomas thinks they should make the most of their time together and suggests an impromptu therapy session. Jason tells Dr. Thomas that this is Michael’s house, not his office. But the person Dr. Thomas wants to counsel is standing right in front of him. Jason tells the doctor he doesn’t like him and hasn’t since his accident. He tells Dr. Thomas that he is arrogant and never helped him.

Dr. Thomas accuses Jason of hindering Michael’s progress by pulling him out of therapy right before he has a breakthrough. Jason accuses Dr. Thomas of being more interested in Sam than Michael, but the doctor claims that he has to understand the people in his patients’ lives so he can help them better. He goes on to say that because of Jason’s accident, he can’t empathize with Michael’s plight, which angers Sam. Sam tells Dr. Thomas that Jason wants to help Michael. If that’s true, Dr. Thomas says they should let Michael admit he killed A.J. Dr. Thomas says it’s clear that Jason is trying to protect Michael, which is how he figured out the truth. He tells them he won’t tell the police – he genuinely wants to help Michael – but Michael needs special help soon before the secret hurts him. Dr. Thomas tells Jason that despite his best intentions, Jason can’t help. Sam tells him to shut-up, so Dr. Thomas leaves.

Sam tells Jason not to listen to Dr. Thomas, but Jason says he’s right. He tells her that he can’t imagine anything, which means he can’t imagine what it’s like to be scared or kidnapped. Sam tells him that he loves Michael, but Jason says that doesn’t matter if he only hurts him instead of helping him. Jason leaves and Dr. Thomas walks in. Sam calls him a bastard and tells him that he had no right to tear Jason down. Dr. Thomas maintains that he’s not trying to hurt Jason; he just wants him out of the way so that Michael can heal. Sam tells Dr. Thomas in anger that she will never forget the things he said to Jason. When Jason returns, he tells Sam that Dr. Thomas might be right about him. Sam disagrees and tells him not to believe Dr. Thomas, so Jason asks her if she thinks he’s hurting Michael

Michael is giving Jodie the silent treatment after finding out that she lied about going to Dr. Thomas. She says she lied to get close to Michael after her parents forbid her to befriend him. Michael tells Jodie that she gave him good advice about how to act around Dr. Thomas, things she wouldn’t have known if she’d never been to therapy. Jodie tells him that she’s been to other therapists but not Dr. Thomas. Michael asks why she was in therapy, and she tells him she acted out after her parents divorced. Michael can’t get over Jodie’s lie, which puts her on the defense. She offers to leave if he no longer wants her as a friend. Michael tells her that everybody lies to him except for Jason. Michael asks Jodie if she’ll reveal his secret if they are no longer friends, but Jodie thinks that since Michael refuses to talk about it, maybe he didn’t kill A.J.

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