GH Update Monday 7/11/05

General Hospital Update Monday 7/11/05


By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

As the hurricane changes direction and heads straight for Port Charles, Alexis and Ric get into a car accident near the Alcazar’s home. Everyone who is stranded at the Alcazars helps prepare for the storm by taping up windows. Reese is concerned about Lorenzo’s horses, especially after witnessing the devastation the hurricanes in Florida caused. Carly, who was raised in Florida, finds it ironic that Reese spent time there. Reese covers for herself and tells Carly that she was involved in a trial in Florida’s horse country, “a long way from Carly’s trailer park.” Carly wants to know how Reese knew the location of her childhood home. Reese says she was speaking metaphorically, but Carly isn’t convinced.

Ric and his pregnant wife crash the Alcazar’s party. Alexis is having contractions, so Elizabeth and Emily put their medical “expertise” to work. Elizabeth is on the phone with Dr. Winters but loses her connection mid-conversation. Emily asks why Ric and Alexis were out in the storm, and they say they were going to a doctor’s appointment for the baby. Elizabeth continues to try to contact a medivac, but she’s not having any luck. Alexis experiences a sharp pain and fears that her water broke. She appears to be going into labor. Emily informs her that her water is still intact, but she is leaking amniotic fluid, which could lead to a dangerous infection.

Lucky, Nicholas and Jax tape some of the windows in an upstairs bedroom. Nicholas asks Jax about Courtney, and Jax responds that she’s on a business trip in Manhattan for one of her foundations. When Lucky and Jax are alone, Lucky lets it be known that he thinks the surrogacy plan is a bad idea. Jax accuses Lucky of acting as if Jax and Elizabeth are in love; in fact, Jax explains, the surrogacy is nothing more than a business arrangement. Lucky is jealous of the wealth that appears to have fallen into the laps of people like Jax, Nicholas and Emily. He tells Jax that if Elizabeth had money, she would be painting somewhere in Paris, not living in Port Charles. Jax realizes how uncomfortable Lucky is with the surrogacy and tells him that if Elizabeth isn’t pregnant, he and Courtney will not ask her to try again. He even tells Lucky that he and Elizabeth can keep the money if the procedure fails. Lucky tells Jax that he doesn’t want his charity and punches him in the jawbone.

Later, Nicholas confronts Lucky about his outburst. Nicholas tells him that there are other ways to handle his feelings about the surrogacy besides getting violent. Lucky says that at least he’s being honest about his feelings, unlike Nicholas and Emily who put on a happy face but can hardly stand being in the same room together.

Nicholas congratulates Emily on the way she handled Alexis. Emily asks about Lucky’s outburst, and Nicholas tells her, “He agreed to something he can’t live with…don’t you hate when that happens?” Emily is caught off-guard by the question.

Lorenzo and Sonny are taping windows downstairs, and Lorenzo suggests that Sonny do some research on his girlfriend on account of Carly’s suspicions. He tells Sonny that Carly doesn’t want Reese near her children incase Reese has an agenda. Sonny points out that Carly wouldn’t be happy with any woman that chose to date, which is odd since she’s married now. Sonny tells Lorenzo that Carly is not over him, but Lorenzo disagrees. He takes great pleasure in telling Sonny how he and Carly plan to raise their children together in their big, new home. Sonny promises that in six months, Carly will want to end the marriage, and he vows to be there to help. Lorenzo says it won’t happen because Sonny just uses her and treats her like an object, whereas he loves her in a way that Sonny never did.

Reese and Carly fall into a similar argument. Carly accuses Reese of being Sonny’s casual mistress. Even though they are divorced, Carly reminds Reese of the bond that she and Sonny share because they have children. She callously reminds Reese that Sonny won’t allow her to see his son, probably because he doesn’t want his children to have unnecessary contact with his mistresses. Reese tells Carly she’s just jealous. She accuses Carly of sleeping her way to everything that she has. Reese outright calls Carly a prostitute and tells her it must be genetic. Carly gets violent, and Lorenzo and Sonny have to break up the fight.

Both Sonny and Lorenzo come to Carly’s defense, which angers Reese. Reese says she’s leaving and heads out to the stables. Carly and Sonny recall a previous time when they were scared together in a storm. Sonny tells her he never should have come to the party, and she says no, he just should not have brought Reese. The two see an argument brewing and agree that fighting is counterproductive. Carly goes out to the stables for some fresh air. When she arrives, she finds Reese passed out in the hay.

Reese is semi-conscious and is babbling about a friend who deceived her by sleeping with someone. She cries out, “You ruined it, you destroyed everything.” Carly asks Reese what she is talking about, but Reese nods off again, just as Sonny arrives.

Dillon and Georgie are concerned for Maxie’s safety, but Mac says the hurricane has made their search effort unsafe. Felicia agrees, but Dillon, Georgie and Diego insist that Maxie could be in danger. Brooke thinks Maxie left on her own accord and is upset that Diego is so concerned. She accuses Diego of being jealous because Maxie is with another guy. He finally admits to Brooke that he likes Maxie as more than a friend.

Diego apologizes for his feelings, but Brooke is angry and starts insulting Maxie. Felicia overhears them and breaks it up. She reminds them that Maxie could die, and they only want to argue. Brook admits she was out of line and apologizes. Diego continues trying to do damage control with Brooke, but she’ll have none of it and walks off with him at her heels.

Georgie and Dillon watch Brooke and Diego break up in front of them and start feeling guilty for encouraging their relationship. After all, they supported Brooke when she gave up school for Diego, and now they wonder what they will say to comfort her. Georgie also feels responsible for Maxie’s current state of affairs, since she brought Jesse home from the Pizza Shack. She tells Dillon that Maxie has a thing for losers – citing Kyle and Xander as examples. She wishes aloud that Maxie would find somebody normal like she did, but she’s afraid Maxie will fall hard for Jesse and end up hurt again. Dillon, however, says he trusts Maxie and Jesse.

Georgie and Brooke talk, and Brooke apologizes for saying mean things about Maxie. Dillon tells Diego how good Brooke has been to him and reminds him that she gave up school and music to be with him. He says he knows, but he couldn’t lie to her when she asked about his feelings for Maxie. He says that he doesn’t know if he has a chance with Maxie, but he has to try.

Dillon tries to comfort an upset Felicia. He reminds her that Maxie has her medication. He tells Felicia to think of the awesome stories Maxie will have when she returns. He promises her that Maxie is warm and safe, probably in an abandoned cabin (or a castle or a cave). Felicia can tell that Dillon really loves movies, and he says he loves them almost as much as he loves Georgie. Felicia still feels helpless and wishes she could do something. Dillon suggests prayer, and Felicia says she’s already done that. Dillon reminds Felicia that Maxie has a perfect heart. He tells her that Maxie can hear her mother’s prayers through the wind and the storm and that Maxie’s coming home. Georgie walks up on the two, and Felicia says that Dillon has helped her feel better.

Diego catches up to Brooke, but she tells him there’s nothing left to say. He tries to tell her how much she means to him, but she gets mad and tells him that he either gets her or Maxie, but not both. Diego says that when he first arrived in Port Charles and was learning about his parents, she was the only person who was honest with him. He’s trying to return the favor. He tells Brooke that he wants and needs her in his life but only as a friend. She tells him that her friends are over there and gestures toward Dillon and Georgie. Brooke tells Diego that if he really cared about her, he wouldn’t be leaving her because the grass looks greener on the other side. He’s throwing away what they have to chase something that he might never catch. She looks in his eyes and tells him that he didn’t need the makeover; he’s already exactly like his father.

Maxie and Jesse are on the verge of kissing when she sees somebody in the window. Jesse grabs a gun and runs outside. The peeping tom manages to escape, so Jesse asks Maxie for more details about the person she saw. Jesse wonders if it was Jenna, but Maxie is sure it was the dirty cop who framed Jesse.

Jenna walks in and announces that Maxie and Jesse’s luck has run out. She accuses the two of stealing food out of her cellar. The two admit that Jenna accidentally dropped the cellar key, and since Maxie was starving, she took it. Jesse tells Jenna that he can’t deny a woman in need, but he promises to make it up to her. Jenna decides to let them stay if they will help her prepare for the hurricane. Maxie and Jesse tell Jenna that it’s unsafe to be outside. They ask her if she saw anyone suspicious wandering around, but she says no and makes them go out anyway.

Once Maxie and Jesse leave the cabin, Jenna starts rummaging through their things. Unbeknownst to her, Officer Murphy lets himself into the cabin. It appears that he’s going to surprise Jenna, but it turns out that they know each other. She asks him where he’s been. It turns out that he is the corrupt cop on the Port Charles police force, and he has been running a drug ring off of Jenna’s property. Jenna tells Officer Murphy about Jesse and Maxie, and he fills her in on the details that they have left out. He promises the two won’t make it through the storm.

Later, Maxie and Jesse are relieved to be alone inside the cabin again, but their peace doesn’t last long. Officer Murphy bursts in with a gun. Jesse and Maxie accuse him of being the corrupt cop, but Officer Murphy tells Maxie that she has him and Jesse confused. He takes aim at Jesse. The two try to stop him, but he says he’s just stopping a fugitive who is resisting arrest.

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