GH Update Friday 7/8/05

General Hospital Update Friday 7/8/05


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THE HOSPITAL: Jason comes by the hospital and tracks down Dr. Thomas. He wants to talk to Dr. Thomas about Sam.

GREYSTONE: Michael brings a tray of food into his bedroom -- where he finds Sam trying to close the window. She says a storm is coming (wind is already blowing outside). She sees that the tray is weighed down with food and remarks that he must be pretty hungry. She doesn't see that Jodie is hiding behind his bed.

THE HOSPITAL: Elizabeth, Emily and Nikolas are all dressed up at the hospital, waiting to go to Lorenzo and Carly's party. Lucky shows up and tells them that the hurricane coming will apparently be missing the city entirely. Elizabeth comments that Lucky (who is wearing a jacket and button down shirt) is not very dressed up. He replies that if he has to go to the party he at least wants to be comfortable. He says that these functions are just for people like Jax to throw their money around. Jax, who is nearby, hears the statement. He is all dressed up in a tuxedo. He comments to Lucky that the statement probably has some truth to it.

GREYSTONE: Reese comes by to see Sonny. After telling her that he's had a talk with Michael about their relationship, he gives her a present -- a dress to wear to the party at Lorenzo and Carly's.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly is trying to find something to wear to the party when Lorenzo presents her with a beautiful dress.

GREYSTONE: As it turns out, the dress is the same one that Sonny bought Reese! Sonny wants Reese to come to the party with him, wearing the dress he bought her. She accepts and suggests that he pick her up at her penthouse in 15 minutes. Reese then leaves the mansion.

Meanwhile, up in Michael's bedroom, Michael is evasive when Sam questions him about the huge tray of food he claims is all for him. (In reality, some of it is for Jodie, who is still hiding behind his bed.) Sam agrees to back off, but then suggests that he get ready for their appointment with Dr. Thomas. After Sam leaves the room, Jodie comes out of her hiding place and is delighted to see all of the food Michael brought her. He tells her to eat all of it since he has to go to the meeting with Dr. Thomas. Jodie reminds him that she told him how to handle it, and Michael agrees that he knows exactly what to do.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason tells Dr. Thomas that he is worried about Sam helping out so much with Michael, considering the strain that is still on her from the loss of her baby. Dr. Thomas disagrees with Jason...he wants Sam to continue to work with Michael, since Sam is a good influence on him. He leaves. Justus comes over to Jason and asks him what he found out? Jason says that nothing seems suspcious. Justus mentions that he did another background check on Dr. Thomas and came up with something disturbing.

Elsewhere in the hospital lobby, Jax, Emily, Nikolas, Elizabeth and Lucky are making small talk. Jax tells them that Courtney won't be joining them at the party as she is currently away on business. He offers to take all of them to the party with him in his limo. He also offers to lend Lucky one of the spare ties he keeps in the limo. Lucky gets embarrassed and tells Elizabeth to go on without him -- he says he will meet her at the party later. Elizabeth agrees.

Lucky wanders over to where Officer Murphy is standing. He offers to take Murphy's shift for the night. Murphy notes that Lucky just wants to duck a boring party. Lucky insists that he does want to help track down Maxie before Mac loses it altogether. Murphy notes that Jesse Beaudry is very dangerous. He also notes that Lucky has already had three double shifts. Lucky promises he can handle it. Murphy replies that they can't afford any mistakes with a young girl's life at stake.

JESSE AND MAXIE'S HIDEOUT: Maxie is rubbing some medicine on Jesse's back. She comments on the fact that Jenna has Jesse out there in the July heat chopping wood with his shirt off just so she can droll at him. She says Jenna doesn't care that they are supposedly newlyweds. Jesse reminds Maxie that they do need Jenna. Maxie notes that she's noticed a key to the cellar in Jenna's back pocket -- she knows that in the cellar are cans of fruit and jelly and pickles. Maxie thinks Jenna should offer them some of it; but of course Jenna doesn't. There's no food in the house, not even crackers. Jesse asks her if she is starting to regret coming with him?

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly comes downstairs, decked out in the new dress Lorenzo bought her. Lorenzo thinks she's looks even better than he imagined she would. Carly looks outside and notes that the hurricane must be some kind of cosmic joke on her. Lorenzo thinks it will make a nice backdrop for the party. Carly tells him how much she loves him, and how much she loves that he believes in her so much. Lorenzo said he wouldn't have pushed to make her the head of charitable endowments at the hospital if he didn't think she could do it.

Just then the doorbell rings -- the Quartermaines (Alan, Tracy, Monica and Skye) have arrived, and they look less than thrilled to be there. Lorenzo assures an anxious looking Carly that everything will still be all right. Carly tells them she's happy to see them, but Alan notes that it's not like they had a choice in coming. Lorenzo asks where Edward is and Monica says that Edward wasn't feeling well. Tracy quips that the rest of them are here, having been duly blackmailed. She wants to know how long they have to stay? Lorenzo tells them that they have to stay until they have made a civil showing to the crowd and to his wife. At this moment, another guest arrives -- it is Reese...and she is dressed in the same gown as Carly. Carly and Reese stare at one another while Tracy notes to Lorenzo that he might want to get a stiff drink.

JESSE AND MAXIE'S HIDEOUT: Maxie tells Jesse that she is not going back to Port Charles unless he goes with her. He says he just doesn't want anything to happen to her. She assures him that her heart is fine, and he says that he wants it to stay that way. They are dealing with a very bad guy who uses the police badge to cover his corruption...he is running drugs, and he even shot the D.A. and then framed Jesse for it. He doesn't want Maxie caught in the crossfire, the way his brother Will was. Jesse thinks that the cop will show up to find him, eventually. He wants Maxie to promise him that if the dirty cop does show up, that she should let him handle it. Maxie promises. At that moment, Jenna comes into the room. She wants Maxie to go into town to get some more batteries. Maxie objects at first, but Jenna insists. Maxie gives "her husband" a kiss goodbye and then exits. Jenna turns on Jesse and tells him that she is sorry that she couldn't get herself up to cooking. Jesse tells her not to worry and that they'll manage. She tells him that sometimes she gets tired and lonely...she forgets that there is real love in the world. She wants just one moment of feeling love like that again. Jesse looks a bit nervous.

THE HOSPITAL: Justus informs Jason that he thinks (based on what his source has told him about Dr. Thomas' constant talk about how Jason is emotionally incapable of being attatched) that Dr. Thomas is convincing himself that Sam shouldn't be with Jason. Just then, Sam shows up. Justus leaves after telling Jason he'll be in touch. Sam tells Jason that she just left Michael at his appointment -- and she is starting to think that Jason is right about his reservations regarding Dr. Thomas.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Reese suggests that Carly change her dress, since she is the one home. Carly notes that Reese isn't even invited to the party, but Sonny steps in and says that Reese is his guest. Reese informs Carly that the dress was a gift from Sonny, and Carly informs Reese and Sonny in turn that her dress was a gift from Lorenzo. Carly says that Lorenzo always picks out special things that look cheap on other women and yet fall perfectly on her. Sonny steps in before the women can start fighting. Carly busies herself with answering the door -- it's Emily and Nikolas. She and Lorenzo greet them both. Lucky and Elizabeth are next to arrive, along with Jax. Carly is surprised to see Lucky and Liz, and upset to hear that Courtney won't be able to attend, considering she can't stand most of the other people at the party. Jax gives her a tip -- when asking for donations from the guests in attendence, she should try to lose the attitude.

Lorenzo introduces Carly to the guests as the new director of endowments at General Hospital. Carly starts to make a speech about how she is honored to carry forth the tradition set by Lila Quartermaine. She also promises to make sure that the endowment exists to help people and not feed members' egos. At this point, Tracy speaks up, saying that no one cares what Carly thinks as she is only a figurehead -- and she refuses to let Carly tell any of the members of her family how to run the organization.

Skye tries to stop Tracy, but Tracy continues, saying that she can't believe Carly dares to speak of Lila, who is probably spinning in her grave over the fact that Carly is now in charge of the endowment program. Lorenzo interrupts, reminding all of the Quartermaines that if they attack Carly in any way again, he will remove each of them from the hospital board. He thinks Tracy should return home to rethink her attitude. Tracy asks Lorenzo if he's done, then stalks out of the room. The other Quartermaines follow suit...including Skye, who apologizes to Lorenzo and Carly on her way out. Emily decides to stay with Nikolas. Elizabeth notes that even though she dislikes Carly, no one deserves to be treated badly in their own home. Jax tries to change the mood by setting the opening pledge at $500,000. Carly thanks him. Elizabeth applauds Jax on his impressive pledge, while Lucky ducks over to the bar for a drink.

THE HOSPITAL: Sam tells Jason that Dr. Thomas is really condescending to everyone but her -- with her, he tries to be very he wants her to trust him. She says it doesn't feel right. Jason asks her if Dr. Thomas has ever done anything inappropriate? But before she can answer, Michael and Dr. Thomas join them. Dr. Thomas tells Jason and Sam that he thinks he and Michael made excellent progress. Michael agrees, and acts pretty cheerful. Sam, Jason and Michael leave. After they're gone, Dr. Thomas' secretary Nella comes over to him and gives him Michael's backpack, which Michael left behind in the office. Dr. Thomas promises to make sure he gets it. He and Nella make some small talk about the hurricane -- Nella thinks it will hit them. She leaves, and Dr. Thomas checks out the notebook inside Michael's backpack. He finds something in it that he seems to find very interesting.

JESSE AND MAXIE'S HIDEOUT: Jenna is coming onto Jesse -- she tells him that she was once engaged to a wonderful man...who was killed on the day that they were supposed to be married. Apparently a cow kicked him in the head. That was 10 years ago, Jenna explains, and she misses him every day. Jesse tells her that while it's hard to lose people, life goes on. (Outside, the storm is starting to rage.) Jenna tries to cozy up to Jesse, just as Maxie comes in. Maxie yells at Jenna to get her paws off of her husband!

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Sonny informs Carly that he is contributing 1 million dollars to the charitable fund. Carly thanks him. Lorenzo notes that with Sonny's 1 million and his 2 million they are off to a good start. Reese remarks that she thought that the organization was Carly's baby alone -- and Carly replies that she and Lorenzo are a package deal. Lorenzo adds that Carly is really the one doing the work. Carly thanks him for having faith in her. Lorenzo leaves to refill Carly's drink glass. Once she and Reese are alone, Reese tells Carly she's full of it -- that everyone at the party knows the only reason she is in charge of the endowment is because Lorenzo is her husband. Carly replies that Reese only got Sonny's penthouse by lying on her back. Reese promptly spills her drink on Carly on purpose. Carly promises to get Reese back for this. Then she goes upstairs to change.

Lorenzo warns Reese that he will not tolerate that kind of behavior in his home toward his wife. Reese remarks that her hand just slipped. Sonny pipes up, suggesting that Carly provoked Reese. Lorenzo wants Sonny and Reese to leave. Sonny asks, "With or without my million dollars?" Lorenzo replies that he will cover it himself. He leaves to take care of his other guests.

Sonny turns to Reese, who apologizes to him for losing it in front of Carly. She is just upset at the way that Carly is flaunting her new position and her new house and husband. She thinks it's ridicous. Sonny remarks that if Reese threw the glass at Carly, that was pushing it -- but the reality is that it's his fault as much as it is anyone's.

THE STABLES: Nikolas finds Lucky out in the stables...Lucky rants about how there is no justice -- good men work hard and all they get for their troubles is that they are tired. And bad men like Lorenzo and Sonny get rewarded for breaking the law. Nikolas notes that there are also guys like him (Nikolas) who are born into wealth. He says they are lucky to be balanced by people like Elizabeth who don't care about money that much. Nik says he understands what Lucky is going through, but Lucky disagrees. He is upset that he can't give Elizabeth the life he deserves -- that Liz has to carry the child of another man to bail him out of a financial crisis. Nikolas reminds Lucky that Elizabeth's choice is to carry the child. He thinks Lucky should stop creating a problem where none exists...or it will take on a life of its own.

GREYSTONE: Jason and Sam want to know if Michael is sure he's okay...but he says he's fine. He goes up to his room instead of staying to have dinner with them. Sam thinks that the storm has Michael a little upset. Sam notes that she's happy right now that she's in a safe house and not out on her salvage boat. Jason pipes up that he probably doesn't tell her enough how much he respects her. Sam asks what brought this on, and Jason notes that he just realizes more every day how lucky he is to have her. They embrace. Max comes in and informs them that the hurricane is coming back down on the city. He and another guard, Vic, are going to try to fasten down what the can outside. Jason is upset that the storm will traumatize Michael. Sam tells him that they will just make the whole thing into an let Michael know that he is not alone.

Meanwhile, Michael is up in his room conversing with Jodie. He tells her that he pretended to be a perfect, happy little kid in his session with Dr. Thomas, who was thrilled at the fact that they seem to be making progress. Jodie says that that's good, the sooner that they think Michael's okay the sooner they will leave him alone. Thunder crashes outside and Jodie asks him to shut the window. Michael agrees and goes to get it -- but has trouble closing it alone. Jodie goes to help him. At another crash of thunder, she shrieks and Michael hugs her.

MAXIE AND JESSE'S HIDEOUT: Maxie wants to know what's up with Jenna sending her on a bogus trip to the store? Jenna says she needed batteries, but Maxie replies that the man at the store told her that Jenna cleaned them out of batteries two days ago. She wants Jenna out of the house now. She and Jenna get into a fight, and Jesse tries to break them up. Jenna ends up leaving, warning Jesse to control Maxie or they are both out of there. Jesse asks Maxie what she was thinking, and Maxie slyly informs him that the fight was just a front -- she shows him that during the squabble with Jenna, she managed to swipe the key to the cellar from Jenna's pocket. She asks Jesse how he feels about fresh peaches and strawberry jam for dinner?

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly is upstairs in the bedroom in the middle of changing her clothes. As she stands there in her underwear, Sonny walks into the room. Carly turns around and they stare at one another.

JESSE AND MAXIE'S HIDEOUT: Jesse and Maxie return from the cellar, loaded down with food. Jesse starts to make a fire while Maxie tries to open one of the jars of peach jam. She can't get it though, and Jesse has to come and help her. They eat a bit of the jam...just as the lights go out. As Maxie remarks that they should find some candles, Jesse points out that she has jam on her lips. He wipes off some of it...but not all. They start to kiss.

GREYSTONE: Sam has a bunch of camping supplies in a basket -- candles and flashlights and even marshmellows to roast over the fire. She hopes that this will help Michael get into the spirit of their little adventure. Jason says that watching her with Michael makes him realize what a good mom she would be have been. Sam says he would have been a great father to their child, too. She thinks maybe someday he'll get the chance again. Jason hopes so. Just then, Dr. Thomas -- of all people! -- shows up. He is carrying Michael's backpack, which he tells them Michael left at the hospital. He says he brought it by because he found a letter inside...addressed to someone named Jodie. He wants to know who that is? Michael can be seen listening from the stairwell.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Nikolas returns from the stables and meets up with Emily, who tells him that things seem to have calmed down. She thinks maybe they should duck out early, go home and build a fire, open up some wine, etc. But Nik thinks they should stay a bit longer, to make sure Lucky's really okay. He leaves to get Em some more champagne.

Meanwhile, Jax joins Elizabeth, who is sitting on the couch. He notes that if he was working Lucky's hours, he'd be crashing on a couch somewhere. He thinks Lucky really does work hard. Elizabeth says she's proud of him. Jax thinks that she should be proud of herself as well -- for all that she's done with her life so far, in raising Cameron and having a nursing career...not to mention what she is doing for him and Courtney. He also tells her that she looks beautiful tonight, and that she seems to fit right in at the party. (Neither of them see Lucky glowering at them from a few feet away.) Just then, Jax's cell phone rings -- it's Courtney. Jax leaves to take the call elsewhere. Lucky goes over to Elizabeth and informs her that he is leaving early...but that she should stay, as she is having a good time and fitting in so well. Elizabeth asks him to wait, but he leaves anyway.

Upstairs, Sonny tells Carly that he and Reese are leaving...but he wanted to talk to Carly first. He wants them to get out of this pattern they they keep trying to hurt each other. He thinks they should concentrate instead on being good parents to Michael and Morgan. Carly agrees. Then she gives him a light kiss on the mouth. (Reese is watching them from the open doorway.) Sonny asks her what that was for, and she says it was for goodbye. She sees Reese and notes that now Sonny and Reese will probably be leaving. Reese says that she will wait downstairs. She leaves, and Sonny follows. But before he goes, Carly warns him that next time he comes back to the bedroom...he should knock, because he might not like what he walks in on.

JESSE AND MAXIE'S HIDEOUT: Jesse and Maxie start to make out. Jesse stops, saying that he doesn't think this is such a good idea. Maxie asks him if he has a better idea? He obviously doesn't. They start to kiss again.

GREYSTONE: Sam tells Dr. Thomas that Jodie was a neighbor girl that Michael was friends with, until her parents moved away very suddenly. (Michael is still listening to this conversation from the upper stair level.) She thinks Michael does need friends his own age. Dr. Thomas says he doesn't agree -- whoever the girl is, he is glad that she's gone. He says that it seems that after Jodie moved away, Michael started to make an improvement. He turns to leave, but Max comes in and tells them that the roads are blocked. Dr. Thomas will have to stay for the night. Dr. Thomas notes, "Well, won't this be cozy?" Jason and Sam do not look happy.

Michael returns to his bedroom and informs Jodie that Dr. Thomas is downstairs -- he says that Dr. Thomas doesn't seem to have any idea who Jodie is...even though Jodie told him (Michael) that her mom was making her go see him for appointments. He wants to know why Jodie lied?

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Sonny comes back downstairs and asks Reese how long she was standing in the doorway upstairs? Reese tells him, "Long enough."

Carly comes downstairs, changed into a new dress. Lorenzo apologizes to her for the way the evening is turning out, but Carly insists that it will be better once Reese is out of their house.

Just then, Lucky comes in. He tells them that the bridge has been washed out, so like it or not they are all stuck at Lorenzo and Carly's for the duration of the storm. Lorenzo, Carly, Reese and Sonny do not look impressed.

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