GH Update Thursday 7/7/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 7/7/05


By Ali
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LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly is preparing for a cocktail party, which she refers to as "a new beginning" for the General Hospital Endowment fund. She wants the Quartermaines to know that things will be different now that she is in charge and Lorenzo is on the board. Lorenzo approves, but notes while checking the guest list that it is imcomplete -- she forgot to invite Sonny and Jason. Carly looks surprised.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Emily is at the penthouse -- where she informs Jason that she and Sam were discussing Carly's obsession with Reese. Jason seems to agree with Carly though -- he thinks that Ric and Reese are up to something. Emily warns him that he should shift his priority less on what's going on with Carly and Reese and more to a focus on Sam.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: Dr. Thomas is meeting with Sam. Dr. Thomas wants Sam to explain the dynamic of the Corinthos family to him. Sam agrees with Dr. Thomas that Michael has complete trust in Jason's point of view on things. Dr. Thomas notes that Jason is doing whatever he can to discourage Michael from confiding anything in their sessions. Sam replies that she can't help it if Jason has issues with Dr. Thomas, who asks her in turn what he could possibly done in the past to Jason that Jason seems to find so unforgivable?

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Michael have just come back from riding (out on one of Sonny's boats). Michael notes that when he and AJ were together in the Caribbean, AJ let him steer the boat. Sonny apologizes for bringing up bad memories but Michael replies that Dr. Thomas says he is supposed to talk about this sort of stuff. He also notes that Dr. Thomas thinks it would help if Sonny came in to talk to him.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S APARTMENT: Elizabeth has just put down Cameron for his nap. Lucky wants to quickly pack the toy back up so Jax can return it to the store. But Elizabeth disagrees -- she thinks Cameron will want the toy the second he wakes up. Jax apologizes to both of them for buying something without checking it with them first. Elizabeth takes Lucky over to another room so they can discuss the matter. Lucky is upset because he feels it's charity to accept the toy from Jax. Elizabeth replies that she will not break her son's heart because Lucky's pride is wounded.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Edward, Skye, Tracy, Luke, Alan and Monica are relaxing in the library when Alice brings Luke an invitation for the Quartermaines that just arrived by messenger. Tracy swoops in and snatches the invitation out of Luke's grasp. She is disgusted to see that it is from Carly -- "the guttersnipe!" -- who is having a cocktail party to benefit the endowment fund at the hospital. She rips it up. Skye is displeased, but Tracy tells her that they are not going to dignify the invitation with a response. While Luke tries to reign Tracy in, Monica notes that they shouldn't dismiss Carly altogether, as she represents access to Michael. Skye warns the family that Lorenzo is very powerful now, holding principle stock in ELQ -- not to mention he is their insurance policy against John Durant's lawsuit. Alan thinks this must be what hell feels like. Edward reminds them all that Lorenzo might have money but he doesn't have the social status to back it up. Monica in turn reminds HIM that social status is worthless if you don't have money.

Luke and Skye are now out on the patio. Luke tells Skye that he thinks she is right about not blowing off the invitation completely -- that Lorenzo and Carly need to be "massaged" a bit. He wants Skye to go to Lorenzo to tell him that his wife's party would go a lot more smoothly without the Quatermaines in attendence -- sort of a "Thanks, but no thanks." Skye wants to know why Luke cares and he replies that he just wants to make sure that Bobbie is protected. He thinks that Skye can work her charm on Lorenzo to finesse him with no problem.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly doesn't understand why Lorenzo would want her to invite Sonny and Jason to their party, into their home. But then, once she thinks about it a bit, she realizes that it would be a good idea to show off her new life to Sonny. She also thinks he would donate a lot of money to the endowment fund just to make a point. Lorenzo thinks it will be important for Sonny to see Carly in her element -- as a charming hostess, beautiful wife and generous philantropist. Carly teases Lorenzo that now he is a legitimate businessman. She thinks if people are too petty and paranoid to share in their bliss, they don't need them anyway. Lorenzo agrees with her. They kiss.

GREYSTONE: Sonny is surprised to hear from Michael that Dr. Thomas wants to see him alone. But he understands that Michael wants him to see that Dr. Thomas is not such a bad guy after all. Sonny promises Michael that he will make an appointment to see Dr. Thomas today.

JESSE AND MAXIE'S HIDEOUT: Maxie has returned from her errands in town. Jesse is taking a look at his wound. While his shirt is off, Maxie inspects another scar he has from a prevous gun shot. She asks him where it came from but Jesse is evasive, not wanting to talk about it. Maxie notes that since they are trying to pass themselves off as husband and wife, maybe she should know more about him. Jesse tells her that he is a loner and that she is a good girl from a nice family who is in way over her head. Maxie retorts that she is on his side, meaning that he should not be throwing attitude in her face. She wants him to be fair. He replies that life is not fair -- or hasn't she heard? He storms out of the house, leaving Maxie looking unsettled.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S APARTMENT: Jax is on his way out. Elizabeth tells him goodbye. Once he is gone, she turns on Lucky and tells him that she refuses to take the toy away from Cameron. They start to argue. Lucky thinks Cameron would not know the difference if they took the toy away from him -- he thinks Cameron would be just as happy playing with the box the toy came in. Elizabeth wants to know what the big deal is? Lucky explains that it's embarrassing for him -- that Jax can buy Cameron gifts that Lucky can't afford...he says it is almost as embarrassing as the fact that Elizabeth has to carry Jax's child for money to pay off Lucky's own medical bills. Elizabeth reminds him that this was her decision -- that she did it for them. But now she wants to know -- if she carries Jax and Courtney's baby, will it tear them apart?

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Emily calls Carly a "crisis junkie who creates chaos were none existed" and accuses Jason of being so much her protector that he is always there to rescue her when she needs him. Jason informs Emily that Carly is no longer allowed to barge into his penthouse like in the past. Emily wants Jason to understand that Carly is trying to do whatever it takes to keep Jason in her own orbit -- she asks Jason if he's tired of it? Jason replies that he is tired of it, but he can't abandon Carly. Emily notes that Jason is in love with Sam now and that he should not take her for granted or let her get away.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: Sam tells Dr. Thomas that Jason doesn't really talk about what happened after the accident -- and that Jason couldn't stand any of the doctors who treated him during that time. Sam notes that Jason never has talked to her about his earliest memories after the accident either. Dr. Thomas asks if Jason has ever mentioned AJ to her outside of the contest of Michael's kidnapping. Sam asks him why he wants to know and Dr. Thomas replies that AJ and Jason were biological brothers and Jason simply stole his own brother's child. Sam says that's not how it happened and Dr. Thomas reminds her that she didn't know Jason back then. He wonders if Jason didn't just take Michael out of wanting revenge on AJ for the accident? Sam says that Jason isn't like that, that he would never use a child for revenge. She's angry with Dr. Thomas, who notes that she is getting defensive. Sam says that AJ was an emotionally abusive slimeball and if Dr. Thomas wants to defend that, he can go to hell. Dr. Thomas replies that Michael was just an innocent pawn in a lifelong rivalry between Jason and AJ. He thinks Jason's memories from back then affect how he is relating to Michael now. Sam reminds Dr. Thomas that Jason loves Michael and Dr. Thomas should concentrate on making Michael okay again. She warns him not to blow it, then storms out of the room.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S APARTMENT: Lucky hugs Elizabeth and tells her that he is not a complicated guy -- he just loves her and Cameron and wants them all to be a normal family. Elizabeth feels the same way. They settled down together on the couch. She promises him that one day she will be pregnant with their own baby. Lucky is still worried over the fact that he isn't the one carrying their debt for them. Elizabeth reminds him that she doesn't mind -- besides, who else besides Lucky will love her when she is as big as a whale and needs him to get her food in the middle of the night? Lucky thinks when she is pregnant she will still be sexy and beautiful. They start to kiss, but Lucky slows her down, saying that they can't have sex until they know for sure she is already pregnant with Jax's baby. Elizabeth smiles and says they will just have to be more creative, then.

THE HOSPITAL: Dr. Louise Winters is out in the lobby talking to Dr. Thomas, who tells her that Michael is making progress. He tells her that he has found at least one sensitive, caring adult in Michael's life -- Sam. He rants a bit about the fact that Sam is currently involved with Jason, a man completely incapable of returning her love. Louise looks intrigued.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Sam comes storming into the penthouse. Jason asks her what happened and she tells him that she doesn't think she should tell him. Jason wants her to, anyway. Sam says first that she does think Dr. Thomas is helping Michael. She also says that now Dr. Thomas wants to know why Jason hates him so much. Jason asks what she told him and she replies that she said that Jason didn't like the way he was treated by doctors after the accident. But that Dr. Thomas wouldn't leave it at that and asked her what Jason's memories were after the accident, and how he feels about AJ. Jason doesn't get what that has to do with anything. Sam replies that Dr. Thomas thinks that Jason took Michael from AJ because he (Jason) wanted revenge on AJ for the accident. That's what got her so upset. Now she doesn't know if they should keep sending Michael to Dr. Thomas. Jason notes that they should keep sending Michael to him and that he (Jason) will just have to put aside his personal feelings. Sam and Jason agree that they both want to take turns punching Dr. Thomas in his face. Sam explains that Dr. Thomas would never believe her if she told him how generous and loving Jason is. So why bother? Jason doesn't care what Dr. Thomas long as Sam knows how much she means to him. He says if Sam doesn't know that by now, he will have to find some way to tell her.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy and Luke are now out on the patio alone. Luke is busy giving himself a tan. Tracy notes that he didn't have to work too hard to convince Skye to go see Lorenzo. Luke accuses her of eavesdropping earlier on his conversation with Skye. Tracy taunts Luke about Skye's attraction to Lorenzo -- but Luke points out that it's all an act to make him jealous. Tracy reminds Luke that not too long ago Skye ended up in bed with Lorenzo's (now deceased) twin brother Luis Alcazar. She thinks that if she were Carly, she wouldn't turn her back on Skye and her new husband. Tracy goes back into the mansion. Luke takes off his sunglasses -- for the first time, he looks concerned.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Skye has shown up to see Lorenzo. She tells him that the invitation was sweet -- but that with the way Tracy has been lately, and the way Edward has been ever since Lila passed away, and the way that Monica and Alan can't be in the same room together... Lorenzo gets the picture: she was elected to come to him to extend the Quartermaines' regrets about not being able to come to the party. She reminds him that with the Quartermaines in attendence it would only mean disaster. Lorenzo says that the party means a lot to Carly, so he suggests that Skye return to the family and tell them that there will be repercussions if they decide to snub his wife.

GREYSTONE: Sonny is making the appointment on the phone to see Dr. Thomas when Carly comes into the room. He explains to her that Michael asked him to see the doctor. Carly can't believe that Sonny agreed considering how he feels about shrinks. Sonny reminds her that they should both do anything they can to help Michael. He thinks Carly should go see a shrink after the stunt she pulled breaking into Reese's penthouse and commit aggravated assualt. Carly tells him that she honestly does regret that...that it was an ancient reflex, all about protecting her territory. But she knows now that that's not her territory anymore. She says she has moved on, but that she is very worried about Michael. She thinks she and Sonny should try to peacefully coexist -- starting today. She wants to go see Dr. Thomas with Sonny. She wants to hear what he has to say.

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Jason kisses Sam and tells her that he loves her and that he understands her worry about how he hasn't let this thing with Ric and Reese go. Sam agrees with Jason now that he is probably right and Reese is hiding a secret. She knows she herself has a ton of things in her past that she won't ever want to tell him, for example. Jason says he doesn't care about her past -- he just wants her to know that he trusts her now, and that she should be able to tell him anything because even if he doesn't agree, he will always listen. Sam agrees. Jason also tells her that he will back off of the Ric adn Resse thing, because if it doesn't bother Sonny then he shouldn't care either. He thinks Carly will have to get over it. Sam teases that Carly is going to make his life miserable for this and Jason replies that she can't, because he has Sam now. They kiss again.

THE HOSPITAL: Justus drops by the lobby to see Louise. Louise tells him that if he is serious about unraveling all of his emotional entanglements, she has just had an opening her schedule. Justus replies teasingly that his issues are so complex that an hour of her time won't fix him...though it would be a start. Louise brings up Dr. Thomas, and notes that he has taken a special interest in Sam. Justus asks if she's sure and she replies that a woman knows when a man's interest turns personal. Justus thanks her for the info.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: Dr. Thomas welcomes Carly and Sonny into his office. They pull up chairs. Sonny says they are here to help Michael however they can. Dr. Thomas first talks to Carly about how Michael has been responding to Lorenzo. She points out that Michael refuses to live with them, which is odd since Dr. Thomas is the one who suggested the arrangment. Dr. Thomas says a nine year old should not make adult decisions. Sonny points out that he is only there today because Michael asked -- is that letting Michael make an adult decision as well? Dr. Thomas asks Sonny what changed his mind? Sonny replies that Michael had an episode the other day in which he smashed a picture of himself. Dr. Thomas asks if Michael has always had rage issues and Carly points out that that's more like Sonny's territory. Sonny seems upset at this, but Carly doesn't see the problem, as it's true. Dr. Thomas asks Sonny to elaborate and Sonny replies that he has lost his temper at times, even in front of Michael. Sonny notes that it's possible that he's done things in front of Michael that have disturbed him. Carly doesn't see the issue -- she says it's just been a little yelling and a little broken glass. Dr. Thomas thinks that Carly is being an enabler where Sonny is concerned. He also thinks that they have been enabling Michael as well.

JESSE AND MAXIE'S HIDEOUT: Jesse returns to the house and apologizes for being out of line. Maxie tells him that she knows very clearly that life isn't fair. She is just curious about how he was shot. Jesse tells her that it is his least favorite subject...because the bullet that left the scar should have killed him and it killed his brother instead.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Skye returns to the mansion patio and informs Luke that Lorenzo requires the presence of the Quartermaines at Carly's party -- or there will be hell to pay. Luke thinks that Skye is probably exaggerating Lorenzo's threat just so she has an excuse to get all dressed up for the party. Skye asks why she would even need an excuse?

GREYSTONE: Jodie shows up at the back door of Greystone -- she has come to see Michael. Michael notes that she no longer lives down the street like she used to, and she replies that she has just tricked her mom and dad. She wants to know if she can stay with Michael?

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: Dr. Thomas brings Carly a glass of water. He thinks that he recognizes the symptoms of psychotic episodes -- what he thinks Sonny has been having. Sonny says he has never sought professional treatment because he knows how to ride them out and keep them under control. Carly says that Sonny just needs rest and peace. Dr. Thomas asks how Sonny gets that peace -- does he lock himself in a closet or do his loved ones isolate themselves from him? Sonny says that he is claustrophic and has been since his stepfather used to beat him and lock him in the closet under the stairs. Dr. Thomas says that abused children often become abusive adults -- he wants to know if Sonny has ever struck Michael.

JESSE AND MAXIE'S HIDEOUT: Jesse talks about the differences between him and his little brother -- his brother was the smart one in the family, the good one. He joined the chess club and Jesse joined a street gang. Maxie tells Jesse that she used to think if she could make Georgie feel bad about herself, it would make HER feel better. She says that while she loves Georgie, she sometimes gets tired of seeing the disappointment in her parents' eyes. Jesse finally tells Maxie about his brother. He says his brother Will was supposed to go to college, and that one night they were out cruising -- when a bullet came from a nearby car. The bullet passed through Will's body and hit Jesse (and that's why Jesse has the scar). Jesse says that he held Will, to keep him warm...but that Will died right there in his arms. Jesse gets up to leave the room, but Maxie stops him. She asks how he got from that moment in the car, to being a cop. Jesse replies, "How could I not?" Suddenly, they start to kiss.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: The Quartermaines are in the library. Edward does not care how much money Lorenzo has -- he will not go to the party. Emily thinks attending the part is the right thing to do. Alan thinks maybe she should attend alone since she's the only one with the stomach for it. While the Quartermaines argue, Alice has been trying to get their attention to no avail. Finally she shouts, "Yo, people! Chill!" Everyone stops talking as Lorenzo himself enters the room. He reminds them all that he does own a controlling interest in ELQ and that his money is all that stands between General Hospital and the lawsuit from John Durant. He wants them all to show up at Carly's party with smiles on their faces. He wants them all to respect Carly, because without his investment, they would all be in the unemployment line. Then he leaves the room. Skye says, "Now that's what I call love." Luke looks at Skye, unamused.

GREYSTONE: Jodie informs Michael that her dad thinks she's at her grandma's and her grandma thinks she's on a cruise with her dad. Michael says that that's cool and he agrees to hide her. Just then, they hear Sam out in the hallway. Jodie runs to hide behind the couch. Sam comes into the room and asks Michael who he was talking to?

JASON AND SAM'S PENTHOUSE: Justus drops by to see Sam, but Jason tells him that she has gone to see Michael. Justus tells Jason that he may have something else on Dr. Thomas -- he has a source (Dr. Winters, though he doesn't tell Jason this) who says that it looks as if Dr. Thomas is taking more than a professional interest in Sam.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: Sonny tells Dr. Thomas that he has never hit a child and that he has never hit a woman, either. Carly chimes in and says that Sonny is not abusive. Dr. Thomas asks Sonny where he directs his rage, then? Sonny reminds him they are supposed to be talking about Michael...but he answers Dr. Thomas' question, saying that he has kicked doors down before or busted his fist through a wall. He asks Dr. Thomas, "How do you release YOUR rage?" Dr. Thomas asks if Sonny has ever shouted at Michael...or if Michael has ever been in the way of one of Sonny's rages? Carly tries to defend Sonny, but Dr. Thomas points out that as an enabler, of course Carly would feel the need to defend Sonny's actions. Sonny -- getting more agitated by the minute -- says again that he has never hit Michael -- but he will snap Dr. Thomas' neck in a heartbeat. Carly urges Sonny to calm down, but he continues to glare angrily at Dr. Thomas.

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