GH Update Wednesday 7/6/05

General Hospital Update Wednesday 7/6/05


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Nicholas wakes up before Emily and stares over at her, obviously in deep thought. She wakes soon after and tries to kiss him and get him to spend the morning in bed with her, but he says he has to handle some Cassadine business. He promises it’s nothing personal, but when does Nicholas turn down lovemaking with Emily?

Elizabeth shows Lucky a picture of a toy that she wants to buy for Cameron. He tells her that it’s out of their price range but offers to work some extra shifts so they can buy it. Elizabeth apologizes for making him feel guilty – she knows they can’t afford the toy and never should have mentioned it. Lucky once again laments the fact that Elizabeth has to be a surrogate to pay his bills. Later at the police station, Lucky fusses out another cop for not filing a folder. The cop explains that he got distracted with the Jesse Beaudry case. Nicholas walks in and asks Lucky why he’s so upset over something so minor. Lucky tells Nicholas about the toy that he and Elizabeth can’t buy for Cameron, but Nicholas suspects the problem is much deeper. Lucky finally admits that he’s upset about the surrogacy and hopes that it fails. Nicholas tells Lucky that if he needs a loan, he should just ask him – they’re brothers – but Lucky has too much pride. Lucky tells Nicholas that he can’t possibly understand his money problems, but Nicholas says he does understand wanting to please his wife and not being able to. Lucky asks if Emily is still in therapy. Nicholas tells him that she is. He says that Emily claims it’s working, but to him it just seems like she’s going through the motions. They’re both trying to do what they think will make the other person happy, and it’s not working.

Jax goes to Elizabeth’s to give her the first check for the surrogacy, but she refuses to take it until they know the procedure worked. Elizabeth invites him to stay for coffee and he accepts. While she’s in the kitchen, he picks up a toy catalog and notices a picture has been circled. He decides to pass on coffee and leaves with the picture from the toy catalog. Later, he comes back with the toy car that Elizabeth had picked out for Cameron. He tells Elizabeth that since she won’t accept his money, buying a toy for Cameron is the least he can do. Elizabeth is grateful, but she worries that Lucky will have problems with Jax’s gift. However, once Cameron sees his new car, Elizabeth forgets about Lucky’s reaction. Lucky returns home while the three of them are playing with Cameron’s car. He’s not happy with Jax’s gift and tells him that they can’t accept it, but Elizabeth says she won’t throw Jax’s generosity back in his face.

Sam comes downstairs in her pajamas and asks Jason if he took her up to bed the night before. He says that he did, and she tells him she tried to stay awake so she could hear what happened between him and Sonny. Jason says that Sonny told him to lay off Reese. Sam asks Jason if he plans to obey, and he says no. He trusts Carly’s instincts. Sam tells him that she saw Ric going into Reese’s apartment, but they could have been meeting for business. Jason thinks they’re hiding something and lying to Sonny, and he plans to find out their secret.

Lorenzo surprises Carly over breakfast with the newspaper headline announcing her new post at General Hospital. She tells him that she’s unqualified for the job, but he says he believes in her. She tells him what a good man he is, and he says it’s all her. Jason comes bursting through the front door, and Carly warns him not to do that anymore. He points out that she’s being hypocritical – she has been bursting into his home uninvited for years. Carly says she understands now why he never liked that and promises to start respecting his privacy. She warns him that if he comes into her home, he has to respect Lorenzo. Jason gets mad and tells her that Sonny’s relationship with Reese “forced” her to do something drastic (like marrying Lorenzo) as payback. She denies that, so he asks why she’s so interested in Reese. Jason wants to know if Reese has ever actually said or done anything to indicate that she is hiding a big secret. Carly says no; she’s simply acting on her intuition. And her reasons? She wants to protect Sonny. But, Carly explains, her infatuation with Reese is now in the past. She’s married to Lorenzo, and following after Sonny’s girlfriend with Jason is insulting her husband. She tells Jason that from now on, she’ll discuss any problems she has with Reese with her husband instead of with him. Jason says that’s fair enough and walks out. Later, Carly’s torn about how she handled Jason and wonders if she was too abrupt. She tells Lorenzo that Jason has always been her rock, but she asked Jason to leave because she’s with him now. “He assumes he can snap his fingers and I’ll jump at his every command,” Carly tells Lorenzo. Lorenzo tells her that her choice means a lot to him. Even so, Carly admits that without Jason, she feels off balance. Lorenzo reminds her that it’s been a long time since she has stood on her own two feet, but she’s not alone; she has him.

Ric and Reese go to General Hospital to interview staff members who worked the night of Durant’s operation. Reese is still emotional about burning all of her old photos, but what she doesn’t know is that Ric swiped the only one left out of the fire. Ric confides to Reese that he’s torn between Sonny and Alexis. He says that defending Sonny in court is ultimately what broke them up, but he misses her. He tells Reese that Alexis is a good mother, but she’s overprotective and won’t allow Sonny to be a parent to Christina because of his lifestyle. Reese tells him that if Alexis is so rigid, maybe he would be better off without her. He tells Reese about the day they were arguing in the halls of General Hospital and their baby started to kick. He realized at that moment that this was his family and what he wants. Reese says he’s going to find a way to make it work with both Alexis and Sonny. Ric says he can as long as he respects both parents’ position regarding Christina. Later, Ric asks the hospital if Emily is working. He finds out she’ll be there later, so he asks to leave her a message. Reese walks up and is curious; Emily’s not one of the people they’re interviewing about Bobbie. Ric tells her that Emily could bury them both: she saw Ric leaving Reese’s hotel room. Reese is concerned, but Ric tells her that Emily agreed not to speak about what she saw. Still, she’s loyal to Jason, and if Jason starts asking Emily questions, she’ll tell him the truth and he will take that information straight to Sonny.

Emily goes to Sam’s and tells her that there’s a wall between she and Nicholas, and it’s breaking her heart. Sam asks Emily if she has told Nicholas how she really feels, and Emily admits that she hasn’t. Sam tells her to be honest, even if she hurts Nicholas or drives him further away. Emily realizes that Sam is also talking about her relationship with Jason. Sam tells Emily about Carly’s obsession with Reese. She recounts how Carly broke into Reese’s penthouse twice and tells Emily that Jason is going along with Carly’s shenanigans, which is causing a rift between him and Sonny. Emily says that Jason knows better than to always trust Carly and must have his own reasons for being suspicious of Reese. Sam says that Jason think Ric and Reese are “in bed together.” Emily, of course, remembers seeing Ric leaving Reese’s hotel room. Jason comes home and Emily says she has something to tell him. She says that Sam told her about Carly. He tells Emily that Carly has decided to lay off Reese, but he still thinks something is up between Reese and Ric.

Dillon and Georgie go upstairs to the attic to look for Maxie. Mac and Felicia follow them and are concerned that she’s with Jesse. Felicia reminds the two that Maxie is not fully recovered, so if they have any information, they need to spill it. Georgie figures out that Maxie’s medicine is gone, so she assumes that Maxie left voluntarily. Georgie still wonders if Jesse is lying and Maxie’s now alone with him and in big trouble, but Dillon tells her to calm down. He promises Georgie that Jesse won’t hurt Maxie. Dillon tells her that he trusts Maxie’s instincts and believes that Jesse was framed. A cop shows up to look for Jesse and overhears Dillon and Georgie’s conversation. He tells the two that Jesse has them fooled; he’s an undercover cop, so lying is part of his job. He tells Dillon and Georgie that he needs information on Maxie’s whereabouts or Maxie could wind up dead.

Maxie and Jesse hide out in what they think is an abandoned cabin. Jesse plans to wait here for the dirty cop who shot Durant. Soon after they arrive, though, a woman appears in the doorway with a shotgun. The two make up a story about being married, poor and on the run. Maxie says that her father never liked her boyfriend, “Jimmy,” so she used to lie and tell her dad she was at choir practice so she could go see him. That is, until her father died. “Jimmy,” tells the woman that he has no family. The lady – Jenna – takes an interest in Jesse/Jimmy. She buys their story and decides to let them stay in her cabin if they’ll help her with chores. Jesse is worried about Maxie’s health and encourages her to leave. Maxie tells him that if she leaves, Jenna will discover their lie. “I’m your cover story,” she tells him. “You need me.” Jesse fears the situation will cause unnecessary stress on Maxie’s heart, but Maxie tells him that stress would be going home and possibly leaving him in jeopardy. Jesse makes a comment about being good with his hands, so Jenna asks him to help with her tractor while she sends Maxie to buy groceries. When Maxie returns with the food, she tells Jenna that she bought a few treats for “Jimmy.” Jenna fires back and says she’ll distribute food as she sees fit. Maxie goes back to the cabin and walks in on Jesse half-naked and bathing. He catches her looking and winks at her.

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