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Jesse asks for Maxie’s car keys. She pulls them from her pocket but tells him he’ll have to take them from her. He doesn’t, which proves to her that he’s innocent. After all, she tells him, a guilty person would have overtaken her to get the keys.

Dylan and Georgie are taken down to the police station for aiding a fugitive (Jesse). They point out to Durant that arresting them may not be a good idea: Georgie’s dad is the police commissioner and Dylan comes from one of the most prominent families in Port Charles. Durant, however, is not intimidated; he reminds them that social influence doesn’t change the law. The two then change their story. They tell Durant that Maxie, not the two of them, met Jesse when she was in the hospital having heart surgery. They claim to be setting up this meeting between Jesse and Durant just in case Jesse contacts Maxie again. Durant asks them to sign a statement and reminds them that perjury is a federal offense. Instead of signing, the two ask to make a phone call. Georgie tells Maxie (while Durant is listening) that Durant is interested in meeting Jesse if Jesse happens to call. Maxie relays the information to Jesse, who in turn calls Durant at the police station. He tells Durant to meet him in the elevator on the second floor of General Hospital…alone. When Durant accuses him of using Dylan and Georgie to do his dirty work, he says he doesn’t know them. Georgie and Dylan are released.

Maxie gives Jesse her keys so that he can drive to the hospital. She encourages him to actually go to the meeting instead of running (his idea) so that he can clear his name. He tells her that no matter how things turn out, he’s glad they met. In the General Hospital elevator, Jesse explains to Durant that a corrupt cop on the Port Charles police force framed him. He goes on to claim that the cop already stole drugs and is possibly selling them. Durant asks for a name or some kind of evidence, but Jesse doesn’t have any. Jesse reminds Durant that if he actually wanted to kill him, he’d do it right there. He also points out that if he had shot Durant, he wouldn’t be trying to meet with him; he’d be on the run. Durant has cops waiting outside of the elevator to arrest Jesse, but Jesse escapes through the elevator hatch. He takes Maxie’s car and is startled to realize that she’s hiding in the backset.

Carly pretends to have opened Reese’s lockbox, but Reese soon realizes that she’s bluffing. Carly says that she won’t stop trying to uncover Reese’s secret, so Reese hands the box back to her, along with the key, and encourages her to open it. Carly can’t because the lock is jammed, so Reese goes on to tell her that the box contains photos and letters from her past, mostly related to her deceased son, Jamie. Carly asks why she keeps those things locked. Reese says that she wasn’t able to protect her son when he was alive, and although it sounds silly, locking up his remaining things – a lock of his hair, some colorings, and his favorite toy - is her way of protecting what’s left of him. Carly obviously feels badly, but she refuses to apologize.

Luke tries to walk out of the board meeting, but Tracy asks him to stay for support, explaining, “Your niece took over my chair in the clubhouse.” Luke predicts that Carly will fold quickly due to lack of interest in the position, but Lorenzo maintains that she is committed to her new post. The Quartermaines are waiting for Carly to show up to accept her new job as Director of the Charity Endowment, but before she arrives, Lorenzo has one last request: in exchange for the $20 million, he also wants a seat on the General Hospital board. The Quartermaines tell him that he can’t buy himself social stature. Luke, keeping in mind that the hospital really needs Lorenzo’s money, says that Lorenzo can, in fact, buy himself a respectable place in society. Carly walks in and tells everyone that they either give Lorenzo a seat on the board or the Alcazars will take their money elsewhere. The Quartermaines are sluggish, but eventually Lorenzo acquires the necessary votes much to Tracy’s dismay. After the board meeting, Skye is still moping around. Luke asks about her sour mood, and she tells him that Carly doesn’t have to jump through hoops or work to keep Lorenzo interested; he loves her just the way she is. Skye wants to experience love like that, and Luke reminds her that she’s the reason why HE can’t experience love like that.

Ric, Sonny and Jason argue about which woman is to be trusted, Carly or Reese. Ric thinks Carly should be punished for breaking into Reese’s home, but Jason thinks Reese is hiding something worth uncovering. He also reminds Sonny that she has lied to him. Sonny warns Jason to back off Reese. He tells Jason that so far, Reese has been very good to him and especially to Michael. He decides to tell Reese that Carly was her burglar. He tells Jason that he doesn’t want Reese to press charges, but if she does, he won’t blame her. When Sonny arrives at the penthouse, Reese says there’s something important she wants to tell him before he says anything to her. She admits that she wasn’t honest earlier; she woke up momentarily while the burglar was still in her home and saw that it was Carly. Sonny is upset that Reese lied again, but she says she did it to protect Michael. She maintains that she and Carly will never be friends, but they have one priority in common: Michael. She vows to be honest from now on.

Dr. Thomas tells Sam that it’s time for Michael’s parents to get involved with his therapy. Sam thinks it’s a bad idea; after all, if Sonny gets angry, he’ll take Michael away and never allow him to go back. Dr. Thomas says that Sonny’s feelings about therapy rub off on Michael; if Michael sees his dad embracing therapy, then he might be more forthcoming. Sam doesn’t think Sonny will agree to go, but she promises to do her best to convince him. Sam tells Jason what Dr. Thomas said, and he agrees that Sonny probably won’t be a willing participant. He tells Sam that Carly broke into Reese’s penthouse, but Sam isn’t surprised. Sam continues to think that Reese is an upfront citizen and that Carly is being paranoid, but Jason reminds her that Reese has managed to immerse herself in every aspect of Carly’s life, including her mother’s current law suit and Michael’s troubles. Jason says that Sonny isn’t listening to reason, which is always a bad sign. Sam says that if Sonny’s right and Jason can’t get be objective, it’s because Jason is thinking of Michael and viewing this situation with his heart. After all, their relationship started when they were trying to give Michael a family. Sam says that’s why she doesn’t think Jason is being fair to Reese. Jason goes back to Sonny’s, and Sonny tells him to leave Reese alone.

Carly tells Lorenzo how proud she is to be his wife. He asks her if she’s happy, and she says, “I’m married to the most generous, kind, handsome man in Port Charles. Of course I’m happy.” Carly asks Lorenzo if he’s happy, and he says that he is and that she has changed his life. The two kiss, and Carly tells him that the one thing that would make their life together more perfect is if Michael would accept his new stepfather. Lorenzo promises that he eventually will, and Carly tells him she has a plan to make that happen.

Carly shows up at Jason’s, but Sam tells her that he’s at Sonny’s house defending her. Sam tells Carly that she needs to stop obsessing over the affairs of her ex-husband and concentrate on being Mrs. Alcazar. Carly leaves in a huff, and when Sam opens her door to get a package, she sees Ric slipping into Reese’s penthouse.

Reese finally pries open the lockbox and shows Ric its true contents: pictures of her and Carly/Caroline as teens. The two discuss how different Reese looks now. Ric tells her that as long as she keeps the pictures, Sonny could find out the truth. Then Ric asks her if she wants to stay connected to the past or move on. She answers by tossing the photos into the fireplace. Reese cries and tells Ric how hard it is to let her past go. As he’s holding her, he notices a single photo accidentally left out of the fire.

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