GH Update Monday 7/4/05

General Hospital Update Monday 7/4/05


By Jennifer
Pictures by Juanita

Mac knocks on the attic door, where Maxi and Georgie are hiding Jesse. The girls finally open up and are forced to give an explanation for their suspicious behavior. Maxie finally comes up with something – she tells Mac that she and Kyle used to sneak and have sex up there, and she was giving Georgie pointers so she and Dylan could do the same. Mac is so surprised by what she says that his suspicions are dropped. He orders Maxie and Georgie to have a talk with their mom about protection and abstinence. Dylan, meanwhile, pays the most for Maxie’s story. Mac threatens to castrate him if he ever finds out that he and Georgie are having sex – in the attic or anywhere. Dylan is confused about where all this came from, and when the girls finally explain, he’s upset that he’s now back in trouble with Mac. Maxie and Georgie tell him that the story was to cover up what they’re really hiding – Jesse. Dylan comes up with a plan: He and Georgie will go to Durant and explain to him that Jesse was framed.

Sonny is convinced that Carly has finally dropped her thing with Reese. Jason, on the other hand, is convinced that she’s still out to uncover a secret that Reese is hiding. Jason reminds Sonny why he trusts him – he can see situations clearly without involving his emotions – and he not only thinks Reese is untrustworthy but he also thinks Carly is still after her.

Carly breaks into Reese’s penthouse and knocks her unconscious. She then finds Reese’s lockbox, and since she can’t find the key (hiding in Reese’s shirt), she tries to unlock it with a letter opener. Reese wakes up, unbeknownst to Carly, and although her vision is blurry, she does catch a glimpse of her attacker. Reese soon falls back asleep, but before Carly leaves, she unknowingly drops her bracelet. When Reese wakes up again, she calls Sonny and tells him the penthouse was burglarized. Sonny shows up to make sure she is okay and promises to find out who is responsible. He wants her to be safe there. Sonny finds Carly’s bracelet on the floor, but when he asks Reese if it could belong to the burglar, she lies and says it’s hers.

Alexis, Ric and their clients prepare for a deposition, even though Reese is strangely absent. Ric continues to badger Alexis about representing Durant, a person she detests. She explains that her job is to give every person a legal defense, regardless of whether she thinks they’re guilty or innocent. Soon after the deposition begins, Durant goes on a tirade and makes it clear to all present that this is a personal vendetta against Bobby; he’s still angry that she kept her pregnancy with Carly a secret from him and never allowed him to parent his only child. He accuses Bobby of botching the surgery because he never loved her the way she wanted him to, but it’s clear that the only person out for revenge here is Durant. He admits that even though Bobby is the best nurse at General Hospital, he would never have wanted her present during his surgery. Durant tires himself out and the deposition is post-poned until later.

Lorenzo Alcazar is prepared to give the Quartermaine’s the $20 million needed to save the hospital, but under one condition: Carly become director of the General Hospital Charity Endowment. Tracy is adamant about not giving up the position that she inherited from her mother, Lila, but Skye tells Alcazar that the family will indeed accept his generous offer. The issues appears to be null and void when Durant refuses to settle, but Tracy is reminded that they will still need the $20 million if General Hospital loses the lawsuit. When Durant leaves the deposition, Tracy corners him and tells him that Bobby is one of the most respected people in Port Charles and one of the best nurses at General Hospital. She’s made a life for herself that she can be proud of, and no jury will find her guilty of intentionally paralyzing him. Bobby and Luke are both shocked at Tracey’s sincere show of support. Later, Tracy explains to Luke how much the position actually means to her – it’s the one thing she has left from her mother, whom she loved more than anybody else. Luke is understanding and promises her that Carly’s tenure will be over in a few short months.

Alcazar goes home to tell his wife about her new job. Soon after his arrival, Jason interrupts the couple and demands to speak with Carly. She tells him she’s busy with Alcazar, so he tells her in front of both of them what he would have preferred to tell Carly privately. He accuses Carly of breaking into Reese’s penthouse and knocking her unconscious, and he wants to know why she did it. Alcazar lies and tells Jason that Carly was with him, so there’s no way she could be responsible. Jason leaves, obviously not convinced, and Carly asks Alcazar why he lied for her. He says that he doesn’t like Jason bullying her, but he still wants to know if Jason’s accusations are valid. She reminds him that she’s not worrying about Reese anymore. In fact, during the time in question, she was out purchasing a new book for Michael. Alcazar buys her lie and excitedly tells her about her new post at General Hospital. Carly is thrilled and promises to meet Alcazar to accept her new position at the emergency board meeting later that day.

Dylan and Georgie happen to run into Durant as he’s leaving General Hospital and decide to tell him what they know about Jesse. Dylan nervously explains that he’s been in contact with Jesse and that Jesse was framed for the shooting and would like to meet with Durant to explain the situation. Durant thanks the two for their information then orders a cop to arrest them for aiding a fugitive. Meanwhile, Maxie tells Jesse what Dylan and Georgie have done, and he fears the worst. He asks Maxie for her car keys.

Jason tells Sonny that he’s sure that Carly broke into Reese’s penthouse. Sonny isn’t convinced until Jason tells him that this isn’t the first time; she broke in the day that Reese moved in. Sonny vows that Carly must be stopped.

Ric and Alexis are interrupted by a call from Reese. She tells Ric that somebody broke into the penthouse and knocked her unconscious, and that’s why she missed their deposition. Ric leaves and goes to Sonny’s. From the foyer, he overhears Jason telling Sonny that he thinks Carly is responsible. Ric walks in and demands that if Carly is responsible, she must face the consequences. Sonny agrees that Carly has finally gone too far.

Tracy thanks everyone for attending the board meeting on such short notice. She announces that she is stepping down from her position as Director of the Charity Endowment and that her replacement will be Carly Alcazar; that is, if Carly shows up to accept it. Alcazar promises she’ll be arriving soon.

Carly is about to leave for General Hospital when Reese arrives. She’s holding Carly’s bracelet, and she tells her that she won’t tell anyone that Carly was the burglar if Carly will return the lockbox. Carly acts like she’s already opened it, and Reese, believing that she’s telling the truth, says they have a lot to talk about.

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