GH Update Friday 7/1/05

General Hospital Update Friday 7/1/05


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THE HOSPITAL: Dillon, Felicia Monica and Mac are wheeling Maxie out into the lobby of the hospital. Monica says Maxie's vitals are good and if she stays on her medication and follows some dietary restrictions, BJ's heart will suit Maxie very well. The adults leave to take care of paperwork and Maxie takes the chance to ask Dillon if he's heard anything about Jesse.

THE PIZZA SHACK: Georgie is closing up at the shack when she finds Jesse -- wounded -- hiding in the booth. She asks who shot him and he says that the police did, but that he is innocent. He says she should trust him because he is a friend of Maxie's. Georgie looks suspicious.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke thinks that she and Skye can use Lorenzo's checkbook to their advantage in case John Durant wins the suit against the hospital. He wants Skye to charm Lorenzo into their way of thinking. Skye, at first seeming offended that Luke is effectively trying to pimp her out, says that Lorenzo is after all a handsome charming man. She says this will be the most fun Luke ever asked her to have. Luke says that they also have to discuss problems that they have -- the insistance that she has on misunderstanding what's going on with him and Tracy. She says that they all have to do what they must for the cause and now it is her turn (with Lorenzo). She saunters off.

GREYSTONE: Carly is at Greystone, much to Jason's surprise. She brought Morgan by -- but Sonny is not there. She realizes that Sonny must be with Reese.

REESE'S PENTHOUSE: Reese answers the phone at the penthouse -- it is Sonny, he wants to come by. She tells him it's not a good time, but he insists -- and he is right outside her door! She tries to close the door in his face, but he tells her to wait.

THE HOSPITAL: Dillon and Maxie discuss Jesse. Maxie wants to go help Jesse, but Dillon is not in favor of the idea. He doesn't understand how Maxie can be so sure that Jesse is innocent. The adults return -- they are planning to meet Georgie at the Pizza Shack.

THE PIZZA SHACK: Georgie wants to call 911, but Jesse begs her to help him. He says that Maxie would want her to. Georgie points out that cops protect their own, and that the cops would help him. He says that isn't the case this time. Georgie relents and instead of calling the cops she puts the "Sorry we're closed!" sign up on the booth.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy and Luke are inside the mansion -- Tracy wants Luke to hurry and make the lawsuit disappear, or else she will not divorce him. Alice, the maid, comes into the room and mouths off to Tracy. Tracy threatens to fire Alice. She turns back to Luke and demands to know his plan. He says that she needs to leave the house for his plan to happen. Tracy finally agrees and takes off. Luke asks Alice to stay behind -- he needs her. "Finally!" Alice remarks. Luke smiles.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Skye has dropped by to see Lorenzo. He fixes her a sparkling water with ice for drink -- and she explains the situation with John Durant and his lawsuit against the hospital for malpractice. Lorenzo says he is aware. Skye also explains that the hospital is not adequetly ensured. Lorenzo notes that that is Alan's responsibility. Skye asks Lorenzo to help them. He asks her why he should bother sinking millions of dollars into the hospital...what's in it for him?

REESE'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny tries to flirt with Reese, but she's mad at him for practically throwing her out of his house earlier. She reminds him about how she connected with Michael following his return home. Sonny apologizes if he made her feel like an outsider -- but he explains that he only wants Michael's pain to go away. He thinks that if he and Reese meet up away from his house, it would make it easier on Michael. Sonny smiles at Reese, who warns him not to try his dimples on her. He asks her if it's working? She doesn't answer.

GREYSTONE: Jason wants Carly to accept that Sonny has moved on from her. Carly is upset that Sonny doesn't seem to care about his kids anymore. She also feels that he is being taken in by Reese. Jason admits that he doesn't trust Reese, but that they should both mind their own business. Carly goes upstairs to get Morgan...she says that when Sonny is ready to see Morgan, then he can come see him at her own house.

THE SCORIPO-JONES HOUSE: Brook Lynn and Diego are setting up a "Welcome home" party for Maxie. They argue a bit about whether or not Brook is jealous of Diego's feelings for Maxie. Just then, Mac, Felicia, Dillon and Maxie return home. Brook greets Maxie, who thanks her for the banner. Diego hugs Maxie while Brook watches them sullenly. Georgie comes downstairs and, after hugging Maxie, whispers to her sister that they need to talk in private. But before they can, Felicia asks Georgie to help her out in the kitchen. Maxie seems a bit confused about what Georgie meant by needing to talk to her.

REESE'S PENTHOUSE: Sonny returns after picking up some gelato (sort of like ice cream) for them. He says he needs to ask her a favor -- he wants to spend more time with her...and he wants her to spend more time with his kids as well. He thinks Michael and Morgan should get used to having her around. Reese says she would love that. He explains that he never meant to exclude her in the first place, just that they need to take it slow for Michael's sake. Reese is fine with that.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Skye explains that they will name a wing after Lorenzo if he helps the hospital. He asks her for her price and she says that it's 20 million dollars. Lorenzo replies that he is a businessman...and that while other people lose sight of the fact that a hospital is merely another business, he does not. He notes that his money would only go toward a settlement with John out of court. Skye begs him to look at this from an alturistic point of view. But he says that he will pass on this one. Skye leaves. Carly returns to the house at around the same time. She tells him that Sonny wasn't at Greystone when she brought Morgan by to see him. She says she is "done" with Sonny and his tramp.

THE SCORPIO-JONES HOUSE: The party comes to a halt when Maxie says that she is starting to feel tired. Brook, Diego and Dillon leave after wishing Maxie well. Once Felicia and Mac have gone into another room, Georgie and Maxie are alone. Georgie explodes at Maxie, saying that Maxie has only been home for two hours and is already in more trouble than she's ever been in in her life!

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Alice has helped Luke set up a small dinner table in the library. Luke is pleased with the results. Alice sneaks up behind him wearing a shiny purple mask. Luke asks her what it is and she says it's her get-up -- she is "The Dominator"...some type of wrestler that appears at a place in town. Luke, who has heard of her act, is impressed. She asks him if it makes him think of her any differently? Before Luke can answer, John Durant wheels himself into the room. Luke says John is right on time and John asks him, "For what exactly?"

THE HOSPITAL: Dr. Thomas is walking through the lobby when he is stopped by Jason. Jason says he needs some information about the things that happened following his accident some years ago.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly is talking to Lorenzo about how she wants to forget Sonny -- the "self-centered pig" -- for good. Just as she's saying this, Sonny walks into the room. He says, "This self-centered pig is here to see his son." Carly calls for Leticia to bring Morgan downstairs to see Sonny. Sonny tells her that he and Reese are taking the boys to the park. Carly acts completely disinterested in the fact that her sons will spend the day with Sonny's new girlfriend. Leticia brings Morgan downstairs and he and Sonny leave. Once Sonny is gone, Lorenzo notes that now, Carly can stop restraining herself. As if on cue, Carly raises a pillow to her face and screams into it, in frustration.

THE HOSPITAL: Dr. Thomas tells Jason that after the accident for awhile, Jason was extremely unresponsive. Suddenly Jason has a flashback to laying in the bed post-accident and seeing, through blurred eyes, Dr. Thomas trying to make out with a nurse in his room. The nurse objects, but Dr. Thomas points out that Jason can't even tell they are there because he's a vegetable. Jason snaps out of the flashback and stares at Dr. Thomas.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Alice leaves the room and Luke turns to speak to John. He says he is willing to give John what he wants. John says he wants his legs back. They bicker about whether or not Bobbie was responsible for his paralysis. Luke offers John 20 million dollars to drop the lawsuit. John wants Luke to pour him a drink. Luke doesn't see Skye outside the patio window, wildly gesturing at him.

THE SCORPIO-JONES HOUSE: Georgie brings Maxie up to the attic -- where Jesse is hiding. Maxie is surprised to see him...he's bleeding badly from the gunshot. Maxie is very concerned about Jesse. Georgie is freaked out about the whole situation. Jesse says he just needs a place to rest until they can take him to John so he can explain the situation. Maxie promises to help him, but Georgie says, "Like hell you will!"

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION; John says he will consider the deal. Luke offers him lunch but John says he will be in touch later. John wheels out and Skye lets herself into the room through the patio door. She tells him that Lorenzo refuses to give them the 20 million. Luke notes that that was the only plan he had. Skye thinks they are finished, but Luke seems to have another idea.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Carly promises him that she is not going to spend one single second more of her energy on Sonny's life. She kisses him and says she only wants to concentrate on their life together. They kiss and bit more and she thanks him for being her lifeline. Lorenzo thanks her for holding onto him. He says he thinks she is right about needing a focus in her life besides Sonny. He adds that he has an idea or two where that is concerned. He leaves. As soon as he's gone, Carly drops the calm exterior and throws a glass at the fireplace angrily.

GREYSTONE: Jason is on the phone asking Justus to dig up information on the nurse he thinks he saw in his flashback. As he hangs up, Sonny comes in and says he is taking the kids to the park with Reese. Jason thinks it's a bad idea...that Sonny is trying to shove Reese down Michael's throat. He says that Michael is more important than Reese.

THE SCORPIO-JONES HOUSE: Georgie wants Maxie to take it easy, and even Jesse is now worried that he has involved himself too much in her life. Maxie disagrees with both of them -- she intends to help Jesse, and no one will stop her. Just then, they hear a knock on the attic's Mac.

LORENZO AND CARLY'S HOUSE: Brook and Diego arrive at the house...and they are in another argument. Diego thinks that Brook is judging him for deciding to live with his father and allow Lorenzo to support him. Brook admits that he's right, that their relationship has just turned out differently than she expected. She says that Maxie didn't know him the way he was before -- so of course Maxie would like him the way he is now. Brook says that she doesn't want to be needy or insecure where he is concerned...she says she just has to believe that he's with her because he wants to be. Diego assures her that he does want to be with her. They hug.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Alan, Monica and Tracy are infuriated when they hear that Luke tried to give John 20 million dollars to lay off the lawsuit. Just then, Lorenzo comes into the room. He says he has re-thought Skye's offer -- he has decided to give the hospital the 20 million they need to settle out of court with John. But he wants something in return. Luke thinks he means he wants Skye, but Lorenzo declines, saying that he is a happily married man and intends to stay that way. What he does want is for Carly to be in charge. Alan asks, in charge of what? Lorenzo smiles.

GREYSTONE: Sonny asks Jason why it's okay for Carly to move on with her life and it's not okay for him to do the same. He admits that Reese being with him is an adjustment for everyone, but it's happening. Sonny thinks that Carly's finally accepting it, too. Jason disagrees, he thinks Carly is up to something.

REESE'S PENTHOUSE: Reese is going through a box of old letters and pictures. She hears a flashback in her head of the argument she had with younger Carly. She looks at a picture -- it's the cheerleading picture featuring her and Carly. Then she locks the box up and puts it away. As she walks toward the fireplace, Carly can be seen hiding behind the sofa. Just as Reese's back is turned, Carly uses a heavy book to hit Reese upside the head. Reese falls to the ground, unconscious. Carly smiles triumphantly.

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