GH Update Thursday 6/30/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/30/05


By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy, Skye and Alan discuss the fact that John Durant is suing General Hospital. Unfortunately, Alan allowed the insurance at the hospital to lapse. Tracy doesn't care about the fact that John is going after Bobbie...she only cares about the family. Luke shows up and tells Tracy that Bobbie is her family now that they are married...he wants Tracy to cover-up for Bobbie just as she is planning to cover-up for Alan.

THE PIZZA SHACK: Dillon, Brook Lynn and Diego are ordering food at The Pizza Shack, where Georgie is working as a waitress. Dillon, Brook and Diego are all talking and joking about college classes. Georgie gives them their food and goes back to work in the booth -- passing by a wanted poster posted nearby. On the wanted poster is a picture of Jesse, wanted for allegedly trying to murder John Durant.

THE HOSPITAL: Jesse is in disguise as a janitor at the hospital, hoping no one sees him while he mops floors. Monica, meanwhile, discusses the terms of Maxie's release with Maxie (who is thrilled to be going home). After Monica leaves, Jesse sneaks back into Maxie's room. Maxie excitedly tells him that she is going home today.

THE PARK: Sam and Michael are talking in the park. Sam goes to buy them a pretzel from the vendor. Michael, by himself, calls out for Jodie. Jodie's mom shows up instead and asks Michael what it will take to keep him away from her daughter.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Justus informs Jason that he dug around into Dr. Thomas' background -- and Jason will not like what he found. Justus says that Dr. Thomas is a good shrink but has a God complex. However, he is flawless when it comes to confidentiality and most of his patients get better. Jason notes that he does not trust Dr. Thomas -- he wants Justus to keep digging. Justus is fine with that, since it means he gets to spend more time with Dr. Winters.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: A secretary gives Dr. Thomas a file folder just before Dr. Winters shows up to talk to him. They discuss Dr. Thomas' involvement with Michael. Dr. Thomas says that it looks like the case is changing directions on him. (The file folder on Dr. Thomas' desk is patient information on Sam McCall.)

THE PARK: Jodie's mother tells Michael that he is a terrible influence on Jodie. Michael denies it but Jodie's mom insists that Jodie's dad is going to get her away from people like Michael before something terrible happens to her.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke and Tracy kick Alan and Skye out of the room so they can argue about Bobbie. Luke refuses to let Tracy look down on Bobbie or brush her aside. He is sure that Bobbie will not lose the lawsuit. Tracy tells him she has an idea that will help all of them -- if Luke helps her pull it off.

THE PIZZA SHACK: Dillon is talking to Georgie -- he wants her to help him pick out his classes for college in the fall. Georgie jokes that he doesn't need her help, since she is a mere highschool student. Dillon says he will always need her for something in his life. Georgie jokes again that once Dillon leaves town for film school she will be stuck going to prom with "this guy" -- she points to the Wanted poster picturing Jesse. Georgie says she has to stay late at work, and she wants Dillon to go check on Maxie for her. Dillon agrees. Diego pipes up, saying that he could go with Dillon to see Maxie. But he changes his mind when he sees that Brook Lynn looks jealous at the thought of him spending more time with Maxie. Dillon leaves (taking a piece of pizza with him to sneak in to Maxie) while Brook tries to assure Diego that if he wants to go see Maxie, it's fine with her.

THE HOSPITAL: Monica tries to get the attention of one of the nurses (she needs the nurse to run an errand for her), who is caught up looking at the Wanted poster of Jesse. The nurse notes that Jesse is very cute. Moncia looks at the Wanted poster with a curious expression on her face.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jesse is happy that Maxie will be able to leave the hospital; but she realizes that once she leaves, he won't be able to hide in her room anymore. She wants him to tell her dad, Mac, what happened to him, but Jesse refuses. He tells Maxie to go home and forget that they ever met. Just then, Dillon comes into the room to see Maxie. When he notices Jesse, he starts to freak out: "You shot the D.A.!"

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy's big idea is that Luke come up with some plan to get them out of this jam. She says she trusts him to do it -- and that once he stops John Durant from sinking the hospital, he will get his divorce and the Cassadine money. Luke says he will go to the hospital and wing it. Tracy flirts a bit with Luke, saying that she likes his ability to think on his feet. Neither of them see Skye watching them from the doorway.

THE HOSPITAL: Bobbie, Alexis and Ric meet up before the deposition (which will take place in John's hospital room -- since John is unable to leave it to attend court in the courthouse). Alexis asks if they are ready, and Ric tells her that they are. Alexis leaves and Ric tries to reassure Bobbie -- he says if she just tells the truth, she will be fine.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Jason has arrived for Michael's appointment with Dr. Thomas. While he waits, he has a flashback to a memory. In the memory, he is in the hospital after the accident. He wakes up and finds Monica at his side. Everything about his vision is blurry. Monica leaves the room and a nurse enters and tells him that Dr. Thomas is anxious to see him.

Jason is snapped out of his memory by the arrivals of Dr. Thomas and Sam and Michael, all at once. Michael and Dr. Thomas go to Dr. Thomas' office for the appointment, while Sam stays behind in the lobby with Jason. Jason tells her that a memory came back to him from out of nowhere.

THE PARK: Courtney is sitting on a bench in the park when she is approached by Nikolas. She jokes with him about the shoes she is wearing -- that they kill her feet, but they look so cute she can't help but wear them. Nikolas says the same thing happens with him and his pair of riding boots he has -- not that he thinks they are cute, but he tries them out every once in awhile hoping that they'll be different. Courtney notes that maybe it's like staying in a situation that's not right because if they believe they just keep trying, that somehow it will work out.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Maxie tries to reassure Dillon that it's okay, but Dillon is freaked out that Jesse, the man on the Wanted posters all over town, is in her room. Maxie tries to explain that Jesse was framed and just needs a place to hide. Dillon tries to leave the room, saying he's going to go get sodas, but Jesse grabs him by the neck and stops him from leaving.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason is explaining his memory to Sam -- he says he remembers waking up in the hospital and being told by a nurse that Dr. Thomas was anxious to see him. Jason notes that something about the whole situation felt wrong to him. Sam asks if he's sure that these memories are about Dr. Thomas? Just then, Michael comes running toward them. He throws himself at Jason, hugs Jason tightly and begs him to take him home right now.

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: The deposition is beginning with John, Alexis, Bobbie and Ric in attendence. Alexis questions Bobbie about her relationship with John -- the fact that they share a daughter, for example. Alexis also questions Bobbie about her experience in the O.R. with surgeries like the one John faced the other day. Bobbie defends herself, saying she was just trying to clamp the artery to stop John from bleeding to death. Alexis asks Bobbie if Bobbie purposely paralyzed John. Just then, Luke storms into the room. He demands a halt to the "witch-hunt" immediately. He tells John to back off of Bobbie.

THE PARK: Courtney tells Nikolas that she knows they were both really emotional on the hospital roof the other day and if he wants they can just forget the conversation ever happened. Nikolas says that he doesn't want to forget their conversation and he hopes that Courtney doesn't think he would betray her confidence. She explains that she just needed to let someone know how she felt about Elizabeth carrying Jax's baby. She says that it's hard to love someone completely and then one day not be able to reach them. Nikolas can relate in his experience with Emily. He asks Court if she has advice for him. She talks a bit about her failed marriage to Jason and how it fell apart because they just pulled further and further away from one another over time. Again, Nikolas can relate. He asks Courtney how he can tell Emily taht he doesn't want to be someone that she has to try to love.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Maxie asks Jesse to let Dillon go, but Jesse refuses, pointing out that Dillon was clearly going to go to the police about Jesse's whereabouts. Just then, Officer Murphy comes into the room. He points a gun at Jesse, who holds Dillon up in front of him like a shield. In the chaos, Jesse manages to run out of the room and toward the elevator. Just as he gets into the elevator, Officer Murphy fires a shot at him before the doors have a chance to close.

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Luke is disappointed in Alexis for representing John in the lawsuit. John wants Luke out of his room immediately. Luke agrees to go -- but he takes Bobbie with him, out into the hallway (despite John's protests).

Out in the hallway, Bobbie admits to Luke that is responsible for John's paralysis because she was distracted in the O.R. She says when she went into the room she had no idea it was John on the table. Now she has to face what she has done. Luke tells her that he has an idea for how to get her out of this.

THE PIZZA SHACK: Brook and Diego are now arguing about Maxie. Brook thinks that Diego likes her, but Diego insists that he just cares about her because she's been sick. Brook brings up the fact that he hasn't kissed her in a long time...that since Maxie came back to town, their relationship has gone from romantic to a buddy-buddy sort of thing. Diego accuses her of being paranoid and Brook snaps that he is hurting her and it is not okay. With that, she runs off.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Dillon stops Maxie from running out into the main part of the hospital -- she is worried about Jesse after hearing the gunshot. Mac shows up and Maxie is forced to admit to him that she was the one helping Jesse evade the cops.

THE HOSPITAL: Officer Murphy and another cop open up the doors of the elevator where Jesse was last seen -- but there's no trace of him. They begin to search the hospital -- Officer Murphy says that because Jesse was shot, he won't get very far. No one sees Jesse lurking in a nearby hospital hallway.

THE PARK: Nikolas apologizes for dumping on Courtney. Court says it's okay -- that she volunteerd more information than Nik will ever need to know about her reproductive difficulties. She tries to reassure him about his marriage to Emily, saying that the important thing in a marriage is to love unselfishly...and to know when to let go. Nik says that he can't let go of Emily because he believes in the love that they share. Courtney urges him to tell Em that, and Nik says that he did. Courtney advises him to be honest with Emily, even if it's about something like the riding boots in his closet. She says they just need to make a connection. And on that note, she tells him she should go find her husband. They say bye and Courtney leaves.

GREYSTONE: Michael is sitting by himself in the main room of Greystone when Jason comes in to talk to him. Michael tells Jason about his friend Jodie -- and about the fact that Jodie's parents won't let her see him anymore, because of who Sonny is. Jason asks him if he wants Jodie to come over, but Michael says her parents won't let her. Jason offers to go talk to Jodie's dad on Michael's behalf -- he doesn't want Michael to lose a friend because of his and Sonny's involvement in the mob. Michael notes that Jodie's dad will really hate him if he finds out that Michael killed AJ. Jason promises Michael that no one will ever find out about that...and that little by little Michael will feel better.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: Dr. Thomas is looking at some brain scans in his office when Sam comes in -- she wants him to reassure her that Michael will be fine. Dr. Thomas does reassure her in that sense, saying that it's normal for kids to run out of sessions. But he doesn't know if Michael is getting any better, due to the secret he's keeping. He shows Sam the brain scans and tells her they are of Jason's brain following the accident. He explains that Michael is trying not to show emotion because of emotional trauma. But Jason, Dr. Thomas states, cannot feel emotion because of physical trauma in his brain resulting from the accident. Sam says that Dr. Thomas is wrong -- that Jason loves her and he loves Michael...and that he shows that love in his own way. Dr. Thomas agrees that maybe no one can really understand the human heart...deep feelings can arise when we least expect them.

THE PARK: Diego tracks Brook down in the park. He wants to talk to her about what happened but she says that their situation is not complicated -- he likes someone else and she accepts it. Diego says he will not apologize for caring about Maxie. He wants to know why she is so jealous. She says that the way Diego looks at Maxie is the way he used to look at her.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Maxie defends Jesse to Mac, saying that Jesse is being framed. She explains Jesse's story to Mac, who calls it ridiculous. Officer Murphy comes into the room and tells Mac that Jesse got away -- however, he is wounded. This upsets Maxie. Officer Murphy tells Mac that Jesse will not go far.

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Bobbie comes back into the room and the deposition continues. Bobbie denies that John is paralyzed because of her. Ric and Bobbie prepare to leave, but before they go, John shouts that he will own the hospital by the time he's done and Bobbie will be back on the street where she belongs. Alexis yells at John to shut up.

Ric and Bobbie go out into the hallway -- Ric asks if she's okay and when she says that she will be, he says he will talk to her later. Bobbie leaves and Alexis comes out into the hallway to talk to Ric. Ric can't understand why she is representing John -- he thinks John has something on her. Alexis says that even John -- a jerk -- deserves a defense. Ric thinks maybe Alexis just wants to beat him in court. She asks him to stop being so self-centered. They tell each other that they will see each other in court. Then they part ways.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke finds Skye on the Quartermaine patio. He has changed his mind about Lorenzo Alcazar -- instead, he wants Skye to use her charm on him to make sure that he keeps his checkbook open to them. Skye notes that Luke is basically pimping her out to Lorenzo. She explains that she does find Lorenzo atractive, so she would enjoy seducing him. As she gushes about Lorenzo, Luke gets the impression that she is not being serious -- but Skye assures him that she is. She says this might be the most fun he has ever asked her to have.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: Dr. Thomas tells Sam that he can help Michael, but only if Michael resumes treatment. Sam promises him that she will do what she can. Dr. Thomas also assures her that he has not told anyone about Michael being AJ's killer. Sam says she would expect nothing less. She leaves the room, but quickly comes back for her coat, which she left in the office. Dr. Thomas gives it to her and Sam exits. Dr. Thomas goes back to his desk and studies Sam's file with a little smile on his face.

GREYSTONE: Jason comes back from going to see Jodie's father, but he has bad news for Michael -- he saw a moving van at Jodie's house, and when he knocked on the door no one answered. Jason says it looks like Jodie's family moved.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Maxie (who is getting her stuff together) wants to go after Jesse but Dillon tells her that she can't, that she has to go home and get well. Maxie says she knows Jesse is innocent because she looked into his eyes and didn't see a killer there. She says she has to find him, but Dillon points out that she doesn't even know where to start.

THE PIZZA SHACK: Georgie is closing up The Pizza Shack when she finds Jesse hiding inside the booth. He tells her not to scream.

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