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Emily and Nicholas go to their new home and are reminded of when Wyndemere was their safe haven and a place where they could reconnect. They hope it will have the same effect on them now. Nicholas tells her, “I would tear this mausoleum down brick by brick and rebuild it if you didn’t like it just to hear you laugh again and mean it.” Emily tells him that she only needs him to be happy, but Nicholas knows something still isn’t right.

Emily goes to General Hospital to see Elizabeth, who is excited about her and Nicholas moving back into Wyndemere. Emily admits that they’re definitely a couple again, but everything is not completely back to normal.

Meanwhile, Lucky helps Nicholas uncover the furniture at Wyndemere. He’s also excited about the two reuniting, but Nicholas responds by asking him if he ever feels inadequate with Elizabeth. He admits that the surrogacy makes him feel “totally useless and inadequate.” He recounts seeing Elizabeth and Jax at dinner and says he wanted to punch Jax, even though he knows he’s a decent guy. Nevertheless, Lucky is just going along with it, and Nicholas says that’s what he’s doing with Emily. He keeps getting the feeling that she’s going through the motions and pretending to be happier than she really is.

Emily arrives back at Wyndemere, where Nicholas has champagne waiting on ice. They make a toast to their new home. He tells her what he remembers best about living there – making love to her on the sofa – and she asks him to refresh her memory. The two make love, but as they lay together after, it’s clear that their minds are worlds apart.

Sonny goes to Lorenzo’s to talk to Carly about Michael. They take turns insulting each other’s mate, blaming all of Michael’s problems on Lorenzo and Reese. Lorenzo walks in and tells Sonny not to insult him in his own home. Carly and Sonny continue arguing, and Carly applauds Lorenzo for giving Michael the time he needs to adjust to him. She goes on to say how lucky she is to have Lorenzo. Sonny says he can’t talk to her when she’s like this and tells her to call him when she wants to actually discuss Michael. Carly apologizes to Lorenzo, but he tells her that’s not necessary; he only wants to know why she’s so angry. Is it because Sonny insulted their marriage or is it because she’s jealous of Sonny and Reese? Carly says Sonny has never appreciated her for who she is (unlike Lorenzo). Lorenzo keeps pressing for an answer and Carly finally tells him, “I’m not jealous of Reese, but I reserve the right to hate her guts because she’s hiding something.” She goes on to say that if Sonny buys her act, then he deserves everything he gets; she only wants to protect her children. Lorenzo still thinks this is more about her being a jealous ex-wife instead of a good mother, but Carly starts flirting with him and he lets it go…for now.

Jason interrogates Michael about his session with Dr. Thomas. Michael reluctantly admits that they discussed A.J. and tells Jason how much he hates his biological father. Jason really wants to know if Michael admitted to killing A.J., and when he says that he didn’t, Jason is relieved. Michael’s considering telling all to his therapist and asks a lot of questions about what might happen to him if he did. Jason says that although he and Sonny know that Michael killed A.J. accidentally, others may not understand. Sonny comes home and talks to Michael about breaking the frame. The two have a nice father-son chat. Sonny reassures Michael that he’s not mad; after all, Michael’s witnessed him get angry and break things before. Sonny tells him that no matter how angry or sad Michael feels, he will always love him. Michael is afraid he’ll never make the bad feelings go away, but Sonny tells him that the bad feelings never win.

Meanwhile, Sam is upset that Dr. Thomas taped his session with Michael, but Dr. Thomas assures her that he only uses the tapes for diagnostic purposes. He hands them all over to Sam anyway but tells her he would never go against doctor-patient confidentiality. Dr. Thomas has basically figured out that Michael killed A.J., but Sam won’t confirm it. She even suggests that Michael take a break from therapy, but Dr. Thomas insists that if he stops going, he could have an emotional breakdown. Sam says she’ll think about it and let him know. Dr. Thomas tells her she’s Michael’s best advocate. He points out that after treating Jason, he can see why Jason wouldn’t be therapy’s biggest champion. Sam agrees to talk to Jason on Michael (and Dr. Thomas’) behalf.

Jodie stops by for a few minutes, and Michael tells her that his dad really understands him. She tells him that she’s also acted out violently against her parents. Meanwhile, Sonny is upset that Michael is turning his anger inward, just like he does. Jason tells Sonny not to read too much into it – Michael’s had a terrible year – but Sonny still feels like a horrible role model. Sonny suggests that Michael go back to his therapist, but Jason’s afraid he’ll tell Dr. Thomas everything. When Sonny realizes that Michael trusts his doctor, he decides that Michael could benefit by telling someone other than his parents about what he did to A.J. Jason wants to know what happens if Dr. Thomas breaks Michael’s confidentiality, and Sonny says if that happens, then Dr. Thomas “will have to be handled.” Meanwhile, Sonny has Dr. Winters to check on Dr. Thomas. She says that Dr. Thomas would keep his patient’s confidence, even if he had to go to jail. She does reveal that Dr. Thomas has a bit of a “God complex.”

Sam comes back from Dr. Thomas’ and convinces Sonny and Jason to let Michael continue therapy. Sonny asks Michael if he misses his mom; he says he does but he doesn’t want to see Lorenzo. He then asks if he would rather talk to Dr. Thomas. Michael admits that therapy is helping and asks Sonny if therapy has ever helped him. Sonny says it hasn’t, but if he knew it would, then he would go in a heartbeat.

Alan shows up at Dr. Thomas’ office and wants to know if he’s going to get custody of Michael. Dr. Thomas maintains that Michael’s situation is more complicated than he originally thought; the last thing Michael needs is to be snatched from his family. Alan reminds Dr. Thomas of the deal they struck to put Michael with the Quartermaines, but Dr. Thomas reminds him that his son is the reason Michael’s having so many problems. Alan vows that if Dr. Thomas double-crosses him, he’ll tell Jason they’ve been working together. Dr. Thomas doesn’t flinch; after all, if Alan did that, Michael’s therapy would end and Alan would lose him for good. Dr. Thomas makes it clear that he won’t be blackmailed; his main concern is Michael’s emotional well being.

Michael goes back to Dr. Thomas and tells him why he hated A.J. – he kidnapped his siblings just to get to him. Jason is nervous, but Sam doesn’t think Dr. Thomas will break Michael’s confidence.

Alexis and Ric argue in the hallway at General Hospital about her decision to represent Durant. Ric accuses her of being on the side of the devil and assisting in bringing down General Hospital. Alexis reminds him that Durant is paralyzed, so they have a good case, but Ric thinks Durant is faking. Their argument is interrupted when they hear Bobby and Durant yelling inside of his hospital room. Bobby leaves, and when Alexis and Durant are alone, she cautions him to avoid scenes like that. She pinches him to see if he is faking his paralysis. The trick seems to have worked – he’s aware that she pinched him – but he says he saw her do it.

Alexis tells Durant he has motive and outright asks him if he’s faking his paralyses. He, of course, denies it and reminds her that they both have motives – he for faking and she for taking his case. Durant goes on to insult her skills, and she offers to walk. He doesn’t want that; he just wants her to fight her best against Bobby and General Hospital. Alexis points out that the paralyses might not be irreversible. “There’s also a chance it could snow in hell,” Durant tells her, “but I’m not buying any ski resorts there.” She asks what he wants out of this, and he says money. He asks Alexis once again if she can handle this case, and she says she can.

Ric tells Bobby she has to stay clear of Durant; it’s weakening their position. Reese shows up and calms all of Bobby’s reservations about her behavior the night of Durant’s surgery. Carly runs into Reese and Bobby chatting about their case and accuses Reese again of trying to infiltrate her life. Bobby tells Carly that her issues –not Carly’s – are the priority now, and Reese is only helping her. Carly tells Reese this is a minor victory; she won’t win the war. Reese tells Carly she’s not out to get her. Furthermore, she doesn’t have to ruin Carly’s life; Carly’s doing a fine job of that on her own.

Ric and Alexis discuss their cases. She tells him that if Bobby approaches Durant again, she’ll have to notify the judge. Ric asks Alexis if she would be as motivated to take this case if Ric withdrew and let Reese take over. She maintains her professionalism and tells him this is not about him. Right then the baby kicks. Ric gets to feel the movement for a few moments, and then Alexis walks away.

Durant summons Elizabeth to his hospital room to tell her she’ll be subpoenaed in his trial. She maintains that she has no information to give, but he asks her to refresh her memory or Lucky could lose his badge. Elizabeth threatens to report him to the PCPD internal affairs. Durant grabs Elizabeth and tells her that would be a big mistake, just as Lucky walks in and demands that Durant leave her alone.

Ric tells Alan that Durant has a good case – General Hospital was over-crowded and understaffed the night that Durant was admitted, and Bobby performed a procedure that was technically a resident’s job. General Hospital could be liable for a fortune.

Reese goes to Sonny’s with hopes of using the rain check on their dinner date. He tells her it’s a bad night because of Michael’s meltdown. He explains to her that Michael broke the frame when he saw the two of them together. He tells her from now on, they can’t be together at his house. Reese is sure she can get Michael to accept her again –he liked her once before – but Sonny doesn’t want to push him after all he’s gone through in the past year. Reese gets mad and tells him Carly was right – he just wants a backdoor mistress in his penthouse on 24-hour call. He insists she’s wrong, but she tells him she won’t be coming back to his house, and if he wants to see her, he’ll have to take her out on a date. And if he does, he should call first because she might not be available.

Carly goes home and tells Lorenzo about her fight with Reese. She tells him that Reese actually did her a favor by telling her that she’s her own worst enemy. After all, she has a wonderful marriage and isn’t going to waste her time worrying about Reese anymore. Lorenzo says that’s all well and good, but she’ll need a new project to distract her. She tells him she already has one and starts to kiss him.

Dr. Thomas asks to speak to Sam, leaving Jason and Michael alone together. Jason tries to get details about what they discussed, but Michael won’t volunteer much. Dr. Thomas tells Sam that Michael is making a lot of progress. Michael tells Jason that Dr. Thomas is a cool guy and he’s really to tell him the truth about the night A.J. died, but Jason makes him promise not to – at least for awhile.

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