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General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/28/05


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Reese tells Sonny that it was Michael who told her about Carly’s fetish for french fries and mayonnaise. Sonny seems to buy that, and she asks him again if he gave her the penthouse to spite Carly. Sonny admits that he'll always love Carly, but love and compatibility are not the same thing. Reese asks if that's his way of telling her he's not the guy for a long-term relationship. He says it’s just the opposite; he wants to be upfront with her from the beginning so she won’t get frustrated later on and leave him. Reese and Sonny go back to the penthouse so they can be intimate without Michael seeing. But what little Michael does see angers him; he grabs a framed picture of himself and slams it against a table. In the process, he slices his hand on the glass.

Jason argues with Carly as they’re snooping through Reese’s things and reminds her that the penthouse is no longer hers. She starts recalling memories from when it was. He still thinks Carly is wrong about Reese being after her, but he agrees that she’s definitely hiding something. Reese and Sonny enter the penthouse, surprising the two snoopers. Carly and Jason manage to hide before the lovers see them. They stay hidden, and when Reese and Sonny take their make-out session upstairs, Jason and Carly sneak out. Jason tells Carly that Reese is not trying to hurt her, but Carly protests, “She’s sleeping with my husband!” Jason reminds her that Lorenzo – not Sonny – is her husband.

Lorenzo asks Luke about Carly, but he keeps her secret and tells him, “She’s your wife, don’t expect us to keep track of her.” Skye pretends to like Lorenzo to make Luke jealous, but the plan fails and he goes to find Tracy. “I’m so bad at being in love,” she laments. Later when they’re alone, Skye apologizes to Luke, and he asks why she turned away when he tried to kiss her. She admits that she’s afraid he’s actually falling for Tracy. Luke points out that they’re both playing the game – she with Coleman and he with Tracy. Luke emphasizes that his marriage is purely a business deal, but when Tracy catches the two in an embrace, she demands that Skye get her hands off HER husband. Tracy tells Luke that Edward is trying to split the vote between her and Lorenzo. The two devise a plan and go off to execute it, leaving Skye alone. Carly arrives back at the Quartermaines and asks Skye if she’s seen Lorenzo. Skye tells her, “You have what most women would kill for, and you’re just throwing it away.”

Carly finds Lorenzo standing in front of a table of empty shot glasses. She assumes he’s drunk on tequila. He quickly reveals that he’s not, and he knows she paid a waiter to get him drunk while she ran off to do something, most likely related to Sonny. Carly doesn’t deny it, but she says it’s Reese – not Sonny – that she’s curious about. She tells him that she had a chance to go through some of her stuff – at Sonny’s penthouse. Lorenzo says he tried to convince himself that she wasn’t marrying him just to make Sonny jealous, but he was wrong. Carly denies it, but he says she needs to start acting like his wife and stop chasing her ex-husband. “Do not play me for a fool, Carly,” he tells her. “It’s demeaning both of us.”

After they make love, Reese finds Sonny downstairs peering out at the harbor. He opens up a vein to her and explains that he bought the penthouse for his friend, Stone Cates, who had AIDS and was going blind. He wanted him to have a home with a nice view before he completely lost his sight. He tells her that he wishes all of his money could have bought a cure for Stone. As the two gaze out at the boats, Sonny tells Reese that the view reminds him how lucky he is to be alive. Reese is surprised he ever gave the place up, but he tells her that Michael picked out his new house. He tells her he’s glad she’s living there and then goes home to Michael.

After Sonny leaves, Reese flips through her yearbook and remembers the last fight she had with Caroline/Carly. She then tosses the book into the fireplace. Meanwhile, Sonny goes back to his house and finds the shattered frame all over the floor. He calls out for Michael.

Courtney says she was just feeling sorry for herself, but when she goes to leave, the door to the roof is locked. Nicholas calls maintenance, but in the meantime, Courtney confides to him that she's jealous of Elizabeth for carrying Jax's baby. She wonders how she’ll get through the next nine months if she can’t get through the first procedure. Nicholas asks if she’s shared her feelings with Elizabeth, but Courtney says she thought she could handle everything. She confides that she was pregnant once before but didn't care for herself properly, and now she's letting down the person she loves most. Nicholas feels the same way about his relationship with Emily. "Happily ever after isn't what I thought it would be," he tells Courtney. He questions whether love really can conquer all and Courtney agrees. She reminds him that they should concentrate on what they have instead of what’s missing. He and Emily love each other, just as she and Jax do, so they’re all pretty lucky. He just wishes he could reach Emily and get back to the way they were before the rape. Courtney assures him it will happen.

Emily goes to Sam for advice and admits that although she likes being close to Nicholas, she doesn’t feel anything. She knows Nicholas is on to her, and she’s desperate to figure out a way to make him happy. Emily tells Sam that she feels like Nicholas is taking care of her instead of loving her, and Sam says, “Well, no offense, but isn’t that exactly what you’re doing to him?” Emily remembers how great lovemaking was before the rape and is confident that everything will return to normal with time. After all, being with him isn’t exactly terrible – she just feels numb inside. Sam thinks she should tell Nicholas how she feels – especially if he suspects she’s faking it - but Emily thinks doing so would cause each of them to put more pressure on the other. “We’re going to get back to the way we were,” she assures Sam. “We have to.” The two are interrupted by a phone call from a frantic Michael.

Sam arrives to care for Michael and calls Dr. Thomas, who is at the Quartermaines. Alan hopes this "episode" will be the break that he needs to get custody of his grandson. Dr. Thomas meets Sam and Michael at his office, and Michael tells him that he broke the picture frame because he was mad. He says he chose a picture of himself because he's bad. Dr. Thomas disagrees, but Michael says, "You don't know me." Michael says that A.J. did bad things, and Dr. Thomas asks if he ever got mad at A.J.   Michael says he didn't mean to; he's about to admit that he killed his father, but Jason walks in and says they have to leave.  Dr. Thomas is insistent that Michael finish his session; he’s about to make a major breakthrough. Jason won’t allow it, so Dr. Thomas asks to speak to Sam. It's clear to him that Michael witnessed A.J.'s murder, but that's not what's troubling him. Dr. Thomas point-blank asks Sam, "Did Michael kill A.J.?"

Jax takes Elizabeth to dinner at the hotel. He’s confident that the procedure worked and that Elizabeth is carrying his child. Jax flatters Elizabeth, calling her sacrifice an “amazingly generous gift.” The two are getting to know each other when Lucky walks up – clearly annoyed - and asks if this is a private celebration. He doesn’t end up staying because he is there to question one of Jax's employees about a crime that person witnessed.  Jax can tell that there is some tension there.  Elizabeth explains that she and Lucky normally can't afford to eat there.  Even though Jax offers to give them free dinners, Elizabeth turns him down, saying Lucky has too much about pride.  Jax toasts her with sparkling water and hopes that she has as much good fortune as he and Courtney are.  Courtney shows up during dessert. Elizabeth has to pick up Cameron, but the two insist she stay for (decaf) coffee. “He’s driving me crazy and I don’t even know if I’m pregnant yet,” Elizabeth jokes. “I trust my instincts,” Jax says. He suggests that the four of them meet for dinner on a regular basis. Elizabeth passes on coffee, and after she leaves, Jax tells Courtney, “We couldn’t have picked a better mother for our child.” Courtney tells Jax they need to decide how to arrange the nursery. “You’re nesting,” he tells her excitedly, and she admits that it finally hit her after she left the hospital. She asks if he wants a boy or a girl, and he tells her that all he cares about is a healthy baby and a happy family.

Emily puts on an overly happy face and tells Nicholas over dinner at the hotel that she wants to move back into Wyndemere. He is surprised and tells her there’s no rush. She reminisces about all the things she loved there –summers in the gardens and the nice breeze off the lake - and Nicholas reminds her that it wasn’t ALL good. “Wyndemere’s our home and we belong there, together,” she tells him. Reservation shows on his face, but Emily manages to convince him that she's truly ready to put the past behind them.  In the meantime, she suggests, he still has his room there at the hotel, so they might as well take full advantage of it.

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