GH Update Monday 6/27/05

General Hospital Update Monday 6/27/05


By Jennifer
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Carly overhears Reese and Sonny talking inside the penthouse and bursts through the door, despite Jason’s efforts to restrain her. She’s livid that Sonny would offer their family’s former home to his “bimbo.” Sonny explains to Carly that the penthouse is his and he can rent it to whomever he chooses, and she needs to “get the hell out.” Jason tries to calm Carly but also reprimands Sonny for the harsh way he speaks to her. After an intense verbal assault on both Sonny and Reese – she calls Reese a hooker and points out places in the penthouse where she and Sonny made love – Carly leaves and tells Sonny that Reese is playing him and he deserves everything he gets.

Later Carly tells Jason that although she has been jealous of other women in his and Sonny’s lives, this time is different. Reese is out to get her and is infiltrating herself in every aspect of Carly’s life – her ex-husband, Michael, and now her mother Bobby. Jason tells Carly she’s being paranoid, but Carly says that Reese is acting the same way that she did when she first came to town and wanted to take from Bobby everything that mattered to her. I guess it takes one to know one.

Reese is shaken up but admits that Carly has some points. She even understands why Carly feels betrayed and violated. She asks Sonny if he offered her the penthouse to make Carly jealous. He says that due to the nature of his business and the kind of people with whom he associates, he wants someone he knows and trusts living there. Reese is practically convinced until Max, Sonny’s butler, shows up at the door with Reese’s boxes. Reese is offended that Sonny assumed she would take the penthouse before he ever offered it. He apologizes and leaves her to decide on her own – without pressure from him - if she wants to live there. After he leaves, she immediately goes through the boxes to find her high school yearbook.

Michael is surprised when Jodie shows up at his house. After the confrontation in the park between him and her mother, he never expected to see her again. She tells him that despite what her parents say, she wants to stay Michael’s friend. When Michael realizes Sonny’s home, he asks Jodie to meet him. She insists that can never happen; she promised her dad that she would not associate with the mobster. Jodie asks Michael if the rumors about his dad are true, and Michael says that most of what she sees in the news is lies. Jodie point-blank asks if Sonny has ever killed anybody, and Michael says only when he’s had to protect his family (do I hear a mobster in training?). Jodie asks if that’s why Michael killed A.J. – to be like his father – and he tells her that he regrets what he did.

Michael goes inside to greet his dad. Sonny asks him why he was on the terrace, and he lies and says he was looking at constellations. Michael remarks that the light pollution isn’t as bad as it was at the penthouse, and Sonny uses that as a segway to tell him about Reese and the penthouse. Michael sees things the way Sonny does: He enjoyed living there when his parents were together, but now that Carly is remarried and Sonny has a new house, there’s no reason for the penthouse to stay empty. Michael meets up with Jodie again when Sonny’s not looking. The two agree that when their parents fall in love with new people, they seem to get lost in the shuffle. “But you matter…to me, at least,” Michael tells her. “You matter to me, too,” Jodie says and then kisses him on the cheek.

Sam gets home and immediately asks Jason if he’s okay. He says one word – Carly - and she responds, “Headache.” Sam massages Jason’s headache away, and he apologizes for not going with her and Michael to see Dr. Thomas. Sam admits that although she and Jason differ on their opinions of Dr. Thomas – and other things - she doesn’t feel like that threatens the stability of their relationship. “I think we can agree on one thing,” Jason says and then kisses her. Sam admits that therapy isn’t going that well for Michael, but there’s good news: he’s met a friend (Jodie). Jason tells Sam that Carly thinks Reese has a personal vendetta against her, but Sam disagrees. She thinks that Reese came to Port Charles legitimately and that her original motive was to help Michael. Jason says he fears that Carly is planning something big involving Reese.

Tracy catches Luke preparing for the Quartermaines' charity cocktail and orders him to leave so she won’t have to introduce him as her husband. “Pretty little precious pink Popsicle, you have pre-party panic,” Luke tells her. “No,” Tracy says, “I have inappropriate spousal mortification.” While they’re arguing, Skye and Coleman arrive, decked out in their finest attire. Skye remarks how nice it is that they can put aside petty jealousies now that the right people are in bed together. The two pretend to be a couple in front of Luke (or Duke, as Coleman calls him) and Tracy, who appear to buy their act. Skye is convinced that their plan worked. But when Tracy and Coleman are alone, Luke crashes their make-out session, claiming that what he and Tracy have is “mutually beneficial.” Luke tells her, “What we have is better than sex.” Tracy agrees and goes with Luke. Skye feels Luke may actually be falling for “that viper.” Later, when they’re alone, Luke professes his love for Sky. He goes to kiss her, but she turns away.

Carly is late meeting Lorenzo for the cocktail and lies that she was with her father. Carly complains about the lack of food at the event and asks Lorenzo if they can stop for her favorite snack - french fries with mayonnaise – on their way home. Lorenzo says they can, and Carly is reminded of a conversation long ago when her best friend Charlotte joked that she would lose a guy if he ever found out about her thing for french fries with mayonnaise. Lorenzo says he loves her, “peculiar eating habits and all.” Later, Skye catches Carly alone and reminds her to appreciate Lorenzo because he waited for her and he continues to show her devotion and loyalty that is uncommon. But instead of rejoining her husband, Carly pays one of the waiters to keep Lorenzo drunk on tequila while she slips out for a while, as Luke watches in the background. Carly’s plan fails; Lorenzo is soon asking the party guests if they’ve seen her.

Reese accepts Sonny’s offer for the penthouse. Sonny says he planned to make her dinner, but he didn’t want to be presumptuous after their previous argument. “See, I do learn,” he tells her. Reese is open to the dinner idea and asks him to make her something “that will totally gross him out” - french friends with mayonnaise. “That was Carly’s favorite,” Sonny responds in shock. “How could you know that?”

Jason breaks into Reese’s penthouse to wait for Carly, who he knows is planning the same thing. She arrives, as expected. She thinks Reese has an agenda and she wants to prove it.

Mac walks into Maxie’s hospital room while she and Jesse are talking, and Jesse quickly pretends to adjust her IV; Maxie complains that she wants ice cream, but the intern (Jesse) insists she stay on a strict diet. Jesse manages to maintain his disguise and slips out of the room undetected. Later, he returns to thank Maxie and presents her with a bowl of ice cream.

Lucky and Elizabeth go to General Hospital so that she can be artificially inseminated. The two are surprised to see Courtney and Jax, who wanted to be present for their baby’s conception. The mood in the waiting room is tense; Courtney is upset that she can’t be the one to carry her husband’s child, and Lucky’s still getting used to the idea that Elizabeth will be carrying Jax’s baby. Jax and Courtney tell Lucky that they understand his misgivings but appreciate him supporting Elizabeth. Later, Courtney is overtaken by feelings of inadequacy and decides she no longer wants to be there. Lucky is called away on a police assignment, so when Elizabeth is finished, Jax offers to drive her home.

Nicholas comes home and finds Emily in his apartment. She says she forgot her rings the night before. The two start kissing, and Nicholas suggests she move back in with him. Emily says she will, but that she's enjoying having an affair with her husband. Emily initiates a lovemaking session, but when Nicholas asks her to stay for dinner, she makes up an excuse about having to work. Elizabeth runs into Emily at General Hospital and thinks she came for moral support. When Emily reveals that she had some free time and decided to make herself useful at the hospital, Elizabeth wonders aloud why she's not with Nicholas. Emily says the two are taking things slowly. Nicholas goes to the hospital to find Emily, but Lucky tells him that she only stayed a few minutes because she was wasn't working. Nicholas goes up to the roof to think and runs into an upset Courtney. Meanwhile, Emily goes to Sam for advice. She admits she's still faking intimacy with Nicholas and is desperate for a solution.

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