GH Update Friday 6/24/05

General Hospital Update Friday 6/24/05


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JAKE'S: Skye and Coleman are slow dancing at Jake's when Luke arrives. He asks them what the hell is going on here? Skye asks if Luke followed her here and he replies that Alice told him where Skye was. Coleman quips that Skye is with HIM now.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jesse pops back into Maxie's room to hide again. This time he's dressed like a doctor. Maxie notes that this is becoming a habit for him and he replies that she is the only friend he has in the world right now.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason comes home. Sam is glad to see him, because they are running late for Michael's appointment with Dr. Thomas. She's rushing around trying to get ready for it. Jason wants Sam to go without him. Sam gets upset and asks Jason if he wants Michael to get better or not?

THE HOSPITAL: Carly has brought Justus to represent Bobbie in the malpractice suit that John Durant is threatening, but Bobbie tells them that she already has a lawyer. On cue, Reese arrives. Carly, realizing that Bobbie has hired Reese, gets upset and accuses Reese of using Bobbie to further her own agenda.

REESE'S HOTEL ROOM: Sonny stops by Reese's hotel room and opens the door -- but doesn't find Reese there. He pokes around a bit and finds Reese's highschool yearbook. It's from the same school that Carly went to: Robert F. Kennedy High. Sonny (who has a flashback to Carly telling him about her highschool days as a cheerleader) looks intrigued.

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: John, still laying in his hospital bed, wants to hire Alexis as his lawyer to represent him in his suit against Bobbie. He explains the situation to Alexis -- that his legs worked fine until surgery, and now he's paralyzed. He's convinced that Bobbie messed up on purpose to get revenge on him. Alexis doesn't seem interested in representing John, even when he threatens to blackmail her (over the bribes she paid him to falsify evidence against Sonny). Just then Ric shows up...he announces to John that he and Reese are going to represent Bobbie in the lawsuit. After he makes this announcement he turns and realizes for the first time that Alexis is in the room, too.

THE HOSPITAL: Bobbie and Carly argue over Bobbie's desire to have Reese represent her. Reese and Justus leave to let Bobbie and Carly discuss this themselves. Bobbie explains that Reese has a very good record and most importantly is no big fan of John's. Carly asks Bobbie if Bobbie approached Reese or if Reese approached Bobbie?

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Sam rants to Jason that it doesn't do any good for her and for Emily to encourage Michael to see Dr. Thomas if Sonny and Jason won't support the idea fully. Jason replies that whenever he goes to the appointment with Michael he argues with Dr. Thomas. Jason just doesn't trust the doctor and he doesn't see that Dr. Thomas has done any good for Michael, either. Sam argues that Michael is definitely getting better since he hasn't run away anymore and is now talking about his feelings. Jason says that that's fine, but he still doesn't want to go to the appointment with Sam and Michael. Sam replies that Jason needs to figure out what's more important -- his hatred for Dr. Thomas or his love for Michael. With that, Sam storms out of the penthouse.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S PLACE: Courtney comes home and Jax is there waiting for her. Courtney tells him she had a rough day at the office. Jax promises to make sure that her evening goes more smoothly. Jax also says that Dr. Meadows called and asked them how they are doing in regard to their part of the surrogacy agreement (that is, how they are doing collecting a sample of Jax's sperm). Apparently they made love several times the night before, but failed to actually get a sperm sample each of those times. Courtney notes that obviously she can't participate this next time around. She hands him the sperm sample cup and tells him that he will have to fly solo.

JAKE'S: Luke wants to know what a woman like Skye is doing in a hole like this with something like Coleman? He also thinks that Coleman's dancing is pathetic. Coleman hands Skye off to Luke and Luke and Skye dance for a bit. Luke tells Skye that he knows what she's trying to do -- she's trying to groom Coleman so that he'll make nice with Tracy so that Tracy will divorce Luke, sending Luke back into Skye's arms. Skye replies that Luke's assumption that she wants him more than Coleman is wrong. She then goes back to dancing with Coleman.

REESE'S HOTEL ROOM: Reese comes back to her room and finds Sonny there with the yearbook. He asks her what she's doing with it, and she lies and says that the FBI gave it to her during the kidnapping part of a packet of information on Michael and Morgan's mother (Carly). She says that the FBI must have dug it up somewhere. Sonny replies that this isn't Carly's yearbook. Reese notes that the FBI must have gotten one from one of the other students. She wants to know instead what Sonny is doing in her room. Sonny says that he stopped by to make a delivery. He hands her a little velvet box -- inside is a key. Reese asks what the key leads to and Sonny says that it's for Harbor View Towers, Penthouse #4, and that she should be there in an hour. Reese realizes that Sonny used to live there...she wants to know what's going on and he says that she'll find out when she gets there. He then leaves the hotel room.

THE HOSPITAL: Bobbie and Carly are still bickering over Bobbie's decision to hire Reese. Bobbie admits that Reese did come to her and offer to help. Carly says that Reese is trouble and Bobbie should get another lawyer, like Justus. Bobbie notes that Justus is "tainted" by the number of times he's defended Sonny. She thinks that Carly's only upset about this because Reese is Sonny's latest bed-mate. Carly says again that Reese is only out to get her. Bobbie replies that Carly is only acting out over Sonny again -- except this time it's different because Carly has her own husband she should be worrying about. Bobbie says that Reese is staying on as her lawyer, end of discussion. She walks off while Carly looks depressed.

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Ric and Alexis are still in John's hospital room. Ric is advising John against filing the lawsuit. John and Ric argue over this for a short while, with Ric pointing out that in the end John will just look like he's been throwing another temper tantrum -- one that will waste law enforcement's time and money. Alexis speaks up in John's defense, outlining the case that can be made against Bobbie. She thinks that John has a right to take it to trial, unless Ric is after a settlement. Ric says no way and then he and Alexis both agree they will see each other in court. Ric leaves the room and John gloats a bit about how Alexis is apparently now his lawyer. Alexis asks him why he seems more concerned with Bobbie than in finding out who really shot him?

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jesse pokes his head out in the hallway and then ducks back into Maxie's room, closing the door behind him. Maxie asks him what awful thing he did. He says he tried to tell her last night but she fell asleep on him. Maxie says major heart trauma can tire a girl out. Jesse explains that the cops think that he shot a man. Just then, Monica comes into the room. She sees Jesse and asks him what he's doing here. She looks at his name tag and, thinking that he is really the "Dennis" on the name tag, says he should be in the OR right now going about his residency. Jesse quickly leaves. Monica tells Maxie that everything about her condition looks good and if she takes her medication she should have BJ's heart for a long time. Maxie asks if this means she can leave the hospital now?

JAKE'S: Luke interrupts Coleman and Skye's dance. Coleman says he might have to ask Luke to step outside. Skye steps in just before they start to fight. She tells Luke that she came to ask Coleman to be her date to the Quartermaines' charity cocktail party tomorrow night. Luke laughs at the thought of Coleman being Skye's date. Coleman replies that Luke can't pass for class any better than he can. They decide to make a bet on that -- and the winner takes Skye.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S PLACE: Courtney tries to "spy" on Jax by listening to him while he's in the bathroom (presumably with the sperm sample cup). He comes out of the bathroom and catches her. She laughs and says she was just curious. Jax replies that it's just not working. He says that obviously he needs a woman's touch -- as conceited as some people think he is, he guesses that he just doesn't love himself THAT much. Courtney laughs and accuses Jax of trying to explot the situation to get more sex out of her!

SONNY'S OLD PENTHOUSE: Jason is in the hallway of Harbor View Towers when he realizes that the door to Sonny's old penthouse is open. He wanders over and finds Sonny there, looking the place over. Jason asks what's going on and Sonny says that he is giving this place to Reese. Jason asks him why?

REESE'S HOTEL ROOM: Reese is sitting on a chair in her room, looking back over her yearbook. She reads autographs from old classmates who address her as "Charlotte." Then she has a flashback to a younger version of herself having an argument with a younger version of Carly. In the argument, young Charlotte/Reese calls Carly a liar and slams the door of her house in Carly's face. Afterward, young Carly cries and yells through the closed door that she hopes she never sees Reese again. Back in the present, Reese is crying. Just then, there's a knock on the door. She goes to answer it: it's Carly, who has come to talk to her.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S PLACE: Jax tells Courtney that she is the sexiest woman that he has ever known and that while he would stoop to any level to get her to bed...this is for a good cause since they are trying to have a baby. He thinks that Courtney should "help" him get the sperm sample so that they can tell their child, when the child asks "Where did I come from?" that he/she was created in the perfect moment...and not when Jax was in a room by himself with magazines and dirty movies. Courtney laughs that Jax talks a good game but doesn't follow through. They end up kissing.

THE HOSPITAL: Dillon is wheeling Georgie around in a wheelchair. They joke about the fact that Dillon is smothering her just a bit. Dillon compares them to Rose and Jack from the movie Titanic. He says that if Georgie had actually died from the injuries she sustained after her fall, that he would have gone on his whole life in love with her (the way Rose was in love with Jack in the movie even after he died). He jokes that having Georgie still alive and in his life makes him the "king of the world." Georgie promises him that she will always love him. They kiss.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Tracy and Monica talk about their charity cocktail -- which Tracy wants to use to lure new investors to ELQ. Monica advises that Tracy keep Alan away from the booze, Skye away from the booze and the unhappily married men and Edward away from everyone. Monica then goes off on an errand. Luke shows up to surprise Tracy. He is happy to tell her that he will be at the cocktail.

SONNY'S OLD PENTHOUSE: Jason thinks that Sonny is moving Reese into the penthouse to get back at Carly for marrying Lorenzo. Sonny denies it, saying that he can't understand why Carly is so upset that he's moving on with Reese in the first place. Jason thinks that Carly might be more vulnerable than Sonny right now. Sonny says that he isn't going to get into this with Carly -- this is his penthouse and he will do what he wants with it. Jason explains to Sonny that it wasn't easy for Carly to be married to Sonny, but that Carly does love him and that she does deserve better from Sonny than to have Reese move into the penthouse.

REESE'S HOTEL ROOM: Carly comes into Reese's room, refusing to leave until they talk. She says that she is onto Reese -- she knows Reese is using Bobbie to come after her. Reese says that she is only trying to defend Bobbie in a lawsuit, and that's all. She says that Carly rarely enters her mind at all. Carly doesn't buy that either -- she is sure that Reese has come to town to insinuate herself in every area of Carly's own life...getting close to Michael, to John and now to Bobbie. She can feel the hostility coming off of Reese, and she wants to know why -- what did she ever do to Reese? Reese raises an eyebrow at Carly and says nothing.

THE HOSPITAL: Tracy orders Luke to stay away from the cocktail party. Luke thinks that there's no way that Tracy could ever deprive him, her husband, the pleasure of rubbing elbows with the rich people of Port Charles. He offers to knock 50,000 off of their agreed upon alimony payment. Tracy isn't buying into it...she gives him some money and tells him to just use it to fly himself to Las Vegas as long as he stays away from the party. She stalks off, leaving Luke looking quite pleased with himself.

JAKE'S: Coleman comes out of the back of the bar changed into a vintage shirt and overcoat. The shirt has ruffles. Coleman thinks it looks good but Skye is not impressed. She wants to take him to go shopping.

THE HOSPITAL: Officer Murphy and Mac are talking about the suspect in the shooting -- an undercover cop turned bad, named Jesse Beaudry. Murphy shows Mac a picture of him. (As they talk, Jesse can be seen listening to them from a few feet away. Murphy explains to Mac that John was closing in on Jesse and so Jesse tried to kill him. Murphy also says that it was Jesse's gun found at the scene, and that the bullet pulled out of John was a perfect match to the gun. Mac tells Murphy to put out an A.P.B. that Jesse is considered armed and dangerous.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S PLACE: Jax and Courtney are laying on the coach, post-love making. Jax is happy but Courtney is upset that they once again failed to get the sperm sample. Jax tells her that it's not just his responsibility...she should have been paying better attention. Courtney replies that he did tell her, after all, not to break the mood. She gets off the couch and goes to get dressed. Jax protests, telling her to at least give him something to cover up with. In response, she tosses the sperm sample cup at him.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jesse hightails it back to Maxie's room, explaining to her that he was trying to leave but the place is crawling with cops. He quickly realizes that Maxie's upset about something and he asks what's wrong? She reluctantly tells him that she should be grateful to be leaving the hospital with the same heart intact -- and she is. She is just upset that she will have to take medication for the rest of her life...and that she'll be stuck in the hospital for a few more days with her parents hovering over her like she's a china doll. Jesse notes that he would bust her out if he could. Maxie promises him that when she does blow this joint, they will make up for lost time. But Jesse doesn't think he'll still be around. She asks him what to explain his situation to her. He doesn't think she'll believe him, but she replies that he should try her.

REESE'S HOTEL ROOM: Reese tells Carly that she did customary research on her (Carly) when she was first assigned to Michael's kidnapping case. Carly snaps that Reese doesn't know anything about her -- about where she comes from or what she had to do to get where she is now. Reese notes that maybe she is karma for everything that Carly has done to other people to fill the empty pit Carly calls a soul. Carly starts to leave when she hears Reese laugh a bit. She turns around and tells Reese that she will give Bobbie, Michael and Sonny the wake-up call they need where Reese is concerned. Reese wishes Carly luck. Carly storms out, slamming the door behind her.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Jesse tells Maxie that he's a cop who was assigned to bring down a dirty money and drug connection. He tried to alert the new D.A. (John Durant) but then someone shot John, using a bullet fired from Jesse's own gun. Jesse's been trying to get to John since then but he's had no luck. Maxie says she thinks that she knows how to help him -- since Mac, her dad, is the police commissioner. But Jesse says that Maxie doesn't understand...the cops are out to get him and if he comes out to the department he'll be killed. Just then the door opens -- it's Mac coming to check in on Maxie. Jesse is stuck. Maxie tells Mac that she was just talking about him. Jesse looks looks frozen in place.

SONNY'S OLD PENTHOUSE: Reese arrives at the penthouse and finds Sonny waiting inside. He explains that he thought she could live here, since it was just empty with no one else in it. Reese notes that this is where he used to live with Carly and Sonny responds that he also lived there before and after Carly as well. Now he wants it to belong to Reese. Reese smiles and replies that she knows she should be insulted...but that the apartment is goregous and that she would love to live here if he only makes her one guarantee.

Meanwhile, out in the hallway, Jason is making a call to Sam on his cell phone -- he leaves a message saying that he knows that Michael is lucky to have Sam...just like he's lucky to have Sam too.

Back in the penthouse, Reese tells Sonny that she is going to be paying rent and if he doesn't cash even a single one of her rent checks, she will leave the penthouse. Do they have a deal?

Out in the hallway, Carly comes up on the elevator -- she is relieved to see Jason, saying that he won't believe what happened. Jason tries to steer her toward his own penthouse, but it's too late: Carly hears Reese and Sonny inside Sonny's old penthouse. She storms toward the door, with Jason trying to stop her.

Inside the penthouse, Sonny has agreed to let Reese pay rent. He says that as long she's happy, that's all that matters. She promises him she will be.

Just then, Carly comes in. She tells Sonny that there is no way "this little conniving tramp" is going to live in her home.

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