GH Update Thursday 6/23/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/23/05


By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Edward is wandering around trying to find Tracy. When he does find her out on the patio he yells at her for allowing Luke to stay in the mansion. Luke is laying out on the couch in the the life of luxury.

GREYSTONE: Michael is alone with Jodie. He asks her if she's scared of him now that she knows he killed AJ.

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Carly has come to visit John, who is furious over his injuries. He demands to know who did this to him, because he wants revenge. Bobbie listens to him from the hallway, looking worried.

REESE'S HOTEL ROOM: Reese is going through a box of her stuff -- she finds her highschool yearbook. In it is a picture of a couple of cheerleaders -- her and Carly, along with handwritten notes saying things like "Best friends forever!" Reese has a flashback to a younger version of herself asking Carly, "How could you do this to me?" -- as well as a flashback to the car wreck she was in as a teen. She hears teenage Carly screaming. Then she shakes herself out of it. Just in time, fortunately, as Sonny comes by. He says he has come to check up on her.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Edward is in a fury over Luke's behavior and the fact that Tracy is allowing him to freeload at the mansion. Alice, the maid, is waiting on Luke hand and foot, which only serves to worsen Edward's mood. Tracy swears she will take care of it -- but Alice steps in to defend Luke.

JAKE'S: Skye is pouring coffee for Coleman at the bar. They talk about their respective relationships with Luke and Tracy. Skye blames herself for Coleman and Tracy's break-up. Coleman tells Skye that she can make it up to him if she wants.

GREYSTONE: Jodie doesn't understand how Michael could have killed his own father. Michael corrects her, saying that AJ was only his biological father and that he didn't mean to kill him -- he just wanted to keep AJ from hurting Kristina and Morgan. Jodie wonders how Michael is sure that he really was the one to kill AJ.

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Tony stops by John's room -- John says that he still had feeling in his legs before the surgery, and now he doesn't. Therefore, he is blaming the hospital for the fact that he is now paralyzed. He wants Tony to give him the names of every single person in the operating room.

REESE'S HOTEL ROOM: Reese and Sonny discuss their relationship. Reese is concerned about the fact that Michael won't want Sonny to date her. Sonny isn't so concerned about that, as he wants to be with Reese anyway.

JAKE'S: Skye turns down Coleman's "offer" -- assuming he wants to sleep with her. She offers to give him money so he will go get Tracy back. Coleman doesn't think Tracy would want him a second time around. Skye doesn't want him to be so down on himself. He jokes that the first night he was with Tracy she thought he was Luke! Coleman offers to go back to Tracy if he can have Skye on the side. Skye declines.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Alice has Tracy in a headlock. Edward and Luke don't seem to care. Luke wants Tracy to give him the money and the divorce, both. Luke finally allows Alice to let Tracy go. Edward has decided Tracy is incompetent. He leaves. Tracy tells Luke that he can't do this forever. Luke begs to differ...he likes living the high life. But he does want his money back from Tracy. He urges her not to fight him, but to use him instead.

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Elizabeth has come by John's room. He asks her if she was in the operating room the whole time with him and she says that she was. He wants her to tell him which of the attendents paralyzed him. Elizabeth tells him that she is sure that his paralysis isn't the fault of anyone working at the hospital. He asks her who she is protecting?

THE HOSPITAL: Tony is talking to Bobbie out by the nurse's station. He notes that he doesn't think she was negligent in the O.R. but that the mistake she made when trying to stop the blood flow (while it did save John's life) could now result in a malpractice suit. He thinks she should try to talk him down from it. At this point, a buzzer sounds -- coming from John's room. Bobbie goes off to see what the matter is.

GREYSTONE: Michael makes Jodie promise not to tell anyone that he killed AJ. Jodie promises not to tell her parents since they don't even want her to be friends with him. Just then, Michael hears a noise at the door behind them.

REESE'S HOTEL ROOM: Sonny and Reese are laying in bed, post-love making. Reese says that the FBI won't pay for her hotel room anymore. Sonny offers to pick up the tab, but she declines, wondering who he thinks she is, Carly?

JAKE'S: Coleman is sure that Tracy will never take him back -- not when she can have Luke. Skye finally breaks and says that she will sleep with him one time if he tries to get Tracy back. Coleman wants to know how she can be sure Tracy will take him back. Skye is certain she will be able to help him in that regard.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Luke and Tracy are discussing their chances of forcing Lorenzo out of ELQ. Tracy doesn't think that they've got a shot of that, considering that Lorenzo is trying to go legit. Unfortunately, Lorenzo doesn't want her on as CEO and Edward has now turned against her. Luke offers to help Tracy. She asks him what accepting his help would entail? He wants the divorce and the money in exchange for helping her, of course. He thinks they should blackmail all the members of the board into voting to keep Tracy as CEO -- he doesn't think that any of them really want Lorenzo in charge, anyway. The board members are Edward, Alan, Monica, Ned, Skye, Justus, Emily, Jax, Carly and Sonny (who is trustee for Michael). Tracy and Luke strike the deal -- but Tracy has one condition.

GREYSTONE: Jodie hides behind some furniture as Max comes in and talks to Michael about their plans for lunch. Max leaves and Jodie tells Michael that she was supposed to be home five minutes ago to have tea in the park with her mom. Michael tells her to go upstairs and escape through the back window. After Jodie leaves, Max comes back into the room and Michael asks him if they can have lunch in the park?

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Bobbie comes back by John's room, looking a bit nervous. She asks him how he's doing. He asks her what it was like to see him out cold and cut open and completely vulnerable. He thinks that she paralyzed him on purpose as revenge for walking away from her years ago. Bobbie denies it, of course, but John doesn't care -- he says he is going to sue the hospital and then go after Bobbie. Carly, overhearing his threats, storms into the room and says no he won't.

REESE'S HOTEL ROOM: Reese apologizes for her comment about Carly. Sonny says that Carly is a survivor but Reese wouldn't know that because she and Carly have nothing in common and don't know one another that well. Reese says she will pay her own rent -- she is thinking of getting involved in Ric's law practice. Reese jokes that she doesn't know if Ric is as arrogant as Sonny is. Sonny says he would never try to run her life for her -- he also notes that they should leave the past in the past. Reese agrees, looking a bit wistful.

JAKE'S: Skye is coaching Coleman on how to act like Lorenzo to get Tracy back. Coleman tries to act a bit like Lorenzo, making small talk with Skye and eventually moving close to her ear and whispering to her about his favorite "hobbies." Whatever he says seriously unnerves Skye, who asks herself how she got herself into this.

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Tracy says that for the remaining three months, Luke can torture the Quartermaines as much as he wants...but if he ever cheats on her with Skye, she will not give him the divorce. Luke agrees. But there's a problem -- Tracy only wants to give him back 10 million of the Cassadine money...she thinks she should keep the remaining 5 mil as hazard pay for the simple reason that Luke used her to bait Helena. Luke and Tracy haggle and finally end up at the sum of 14 million for Luke, and 1 million for Tracy. Tracy accepts and kisses Luke on the lips.

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: An argument ensues between Carly, Bobbie and John over Bobbie's palce in the O.R. during his surgery. Carly defends Bobbie but John is hearing none of it. Bobbie ends up leaving the room. Carly stays behind to warn John that she will not let John take away the life Bobbie has built for herself.

GREYSTONE: Justus is with Sonny -- they are finalizing Sonny's plan to rent the penthouse out to Reese. Justus warns Sonny that setting Reese up in the penthouse will only make Carly crazy. He asks Sonny if Sonny's doing this to get back at Carly or to get Carly back?

THE QUARTERMAINE MANSION: Alice comes back into the library where Luke is still resting on the couch. She is thrilled at the excitement his stay is causing -- and even more thrilled when he tells her that he'll be staying for three more months. Alice tries to come onto Luke who reminds her that he is only there for Skye. Alice talks about how rotten the Quartermaines are and how she knows everything that goes on in the house. Luke wonders if she has any dirt she should share with him. Alice is coy about it so Luke dips her low to the couch, acts as if he is about to kiss her and then asks her to spill. Alice smiles up at him.

JAKE'S: Coleman is now shooting pool. He is still bummed about his chances of getting Tracy back. Skye says he has to try or she won't get Luke back. She wants him to make Tracy feel like the most wonderful woman in the world. Skye puts a song on the jukebox and tells Coleman to ask her to dance. After a few mis-steps, they start dancing together. Skye thinks there's hope for him after all.

THE PARK: Michael is in the park where he has tracked down Jodie, who is dressed up for the tea with her mom. She is alarmed that he is getting a chance to see her in a dress. He says that she looks nice. Jodie's mother arrives and tries to take Jodie away. She suddenly recognizes Michael as the "gangster's son." Michael looks uncomfortable.

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Carly tells John that when he got shot she realized she wanted him in her life. She warns him not to blame Bobbie for what happened. John says that Bobbie did this to him on purpose and will deserve what she gets.

GREYSTONE: Justus and Sonny bicker about how Carly will react to the news that Reese will move into the penthouse. Sonny thinks Carly is moving on with her life as he is moving on with his. Just then Justus gets a call on his cell phone -- it is Carly, asking him to come to this hospital immediately. Justus agrees and on his way out tells Sonny that he thinks Carly will be fine with all of this after all.

JAKE'S: Skye and Coleman are still dancing at Jake's. Luke walks in on them and he is not pleased -- he wants to know what the hell is going on here?

THE PARK: Jodie's mom instructs Jodie that she must never speak to Michael again. Jodie says she doesn't even know Michael...Jodie's mom warns her that Michael's family members are terrible people who do terrible things and never pay for them. She says Michael's family pretend to be normal but they aren't -- and if she ever catches Jodie even looking at Michael again she will send Jodie to live with her grandmother. With that, Jodie and her mother leave. Michael looks very unhappy.

JOHN'S HOSPITAL ROOM: A woman walks into John's room -- when he sees her (the audience only sees her legs) he tells her that she owes him and that it is time for her to pay up.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly and Justus arrive to talk to Bobbie -- Carly is going to have Justus handle the case that John will possibly be bringing against Bobbie. But Bobbie says she has already hired a lawyer -- Reese, who arrives on the scene at that moment. Carly looks uncomfortable.

REESE'S HOTEL ROOM: Sonny arrives at Reese's room but can't find her anywhere. He goes into her bedroom and takes a look at the highschool yearbook under her bed. He looks at the school's name on the front and then flashes back to a memory of laying in bed with Carly, where she told him where she went to highschool -- back in the present, Sonny realizes that it's the same school whose name is on the cover of the yearbook. Sonny looks intrigued.

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