GH Update Wednesday 6/22/05

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/22/05


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Courtney plans a romantic evening for her and Jax with the intention of gathering a sperm sample. Despite the logistics involved with this planned lovemaking session, Courtney manages to keep things romantic. Courtney feeds Jax oysters, claiming they will increase his libido. The two have champagne, but Courtney won’t let Jax drink any. “Alcohol may lower sperm count,” she tells him. He responds, “I think you are the only woman that can make that sound flirtatious.” When they finally make it to the bedroom, the two become so engrossed in each other that they don’t grab the sample cup in time. Afterwards, Jax reassures Courtney that they’ll have other chances, perhaps even later that night.

Maxie wakes up, and Monica announces that her blood pressure is rising and the new medicine appears to be working. As long as Maxie’s condition continues to improve, she may not need a transplant. Jesse tells Maxie that he was framed for a crime he didn’t commit. When Mac comes into the room, Jesse hides next to Maxie’s bed. Maxie sends Felicia home to get some rest, assuring her that all will still be fine in the morning. Later, Jesse asks Maxie why she protected him, and she says it’s because she believes him.

Georgie also wakes up; although she appears fine, she may need a second operation. She tells Felicia that if she dies, she wants Maxie to have her heart. Georgie is ecstatic to later learn that Maxie is improving; Maxie can now live all of the dreams that she made Georgie promise to fulfill in her absence. Dylan pledges his love to Georgie. “I’ve always known that you’re beautiful and smart and funny,” he tells her. “But I think I realized that you’re more than those things: you’re my entire world.” He tells her he’s made a decision: he won’t be going to film school. Georgie tells him that he can’t sacrifice his dreams, but he tells her that leaving her would be the sacrifice.

Reese and Carly continue their argument in the waiting room at General Hospital. Carly tells Reese, “It’s like you’ve targeted my life, and you’re going after anything you want.” Reese responds, “You’re a greedy, selfish little bitch, and you always have been.” Carly wants to know how she could know that. Reese asks Ric if he’s ever wanted to cause Carly physical harm; he says he did once before, and now he owes her a lifetime of amends. He tells Reese that he will not allow her to hurt Carly, despite what may have happened in their pasts. Reese says she has not intention of doing anything that will compromise her relationship with Sonny.

Alexis shows up on the scene and tells Reese, “I would be eternally grateful if you would take my husband to bed.” She wants to speed up the divorce, and New York statues require demonstrative cause. “Adultery,” she tells them, “would do the trick.” Both Reese and Ric are offended. Reese leaves the couple to discuss the issue privately, and Ric angrily asks Alexis, “What gives you the right to pimp me out to Reese?” Alexis argues that adultery would bring an easy end to their marriage, and she obviously isn’t in a condition to be the cheating party. Ric wants to know why Alexis is so eager to end their marriage. She thinks it’s what he wants, but he admits that he’s still attracted to her. Ric suggests that since she’s so keen on the adultery idea, then she should be the one to cheat. Alexis says, “I’m not interested in men anymore. In fact, I’m never going to get involved with another one as long as I live because I have horrible taste in them!”

Jason thanks Sam for not asking if he shot Durant. He tells her that he wanted to, but he didn’t. Cops come to Sonny’s house to question Jason in the shooting. Alan claims that he heard Jason threatening Durant hours before he was shot. Sam can’t believe that the police actually believe Alan, but Jason tells her to let the cops do their job. Everyone goes down to the police station and is angry with Alan for blaming Jason every time a crime is committed; after all, he’s Jason’s father. Alan says both of his sons have died; he says Jason died the moment he picked up a gun for Sonny Corinthos.

Jodie questions Michael about his relationship to Sonny and A.J. Michael shows up at the police station and insists that Jason is innocent of killing both Durant and A.J. Mac tells Alan he’s biased and sends Jason home; they believe another person (Jesse) shot Durant. Monica blasts Alan for the way he treats Jason. She reminds him Jason was always his favorite son, and now that A.J. is dead, he feels guilty and takes it out on Jason. “(Jason’s) only crime is surviving his brother,” she tells him. Monica warns Alan not to come home tonight and to also stay away from Michael. Later at Sonny’s, Jason chastises Michael for going to the police station and almost confessing to A.J.’s murder. Michael says he doesn’t want Jason to get in trouble for a crime he didn’t commit. Jason tells Michael that he can never reveal that he killed A.J. unless Jason or Sonny says it’s okay. But Jodie is waiting in the foyer and overhears everything.

Bobby, Tony and Elizabeth are present during Durant’s surgery. At one point, Durant starts to bleed heavily, and Bobby appears not to retrieve the clamp in time. After surgery, Tony tells Carly about the arterial bleeding. She asks if her father is going to be okay, and Tony says he won’t know until Durant wakes up. Later, Carly and Bobby sit at Durant’s bedside. Carly says she’s still made at Durant for insisting that Michael live with him and the Quartermaines, but she says, “I want him to recover so I can stay mad at him for a long time.” When he wakes up, he tells Carly that something is very wrong: he can’t feel his legs.

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