GH Update Tuesday 6/21/05

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/21/05


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Nikolas tells Emily that before jumping into making love, he wants to make sure that if she has any doubts, she’ll let him know. She tells him she loves him and she kisses him.

After hearing that Maxie is going to die, Georgie cries and tells her sister that she doesn’t want to hear her making any plans about what will happen when she dies.

Jason tells Ric that it seems a little odd that Reese’s ex husband shows up in Port Charles, tries to kill them both and then Ric shoots him out of self-defense. Jason expresses that he is suspicious of both Ric and Reese. Ric tells Jason he’s getting very paranoid.

Sonny tells Reese that he’d like to have a relationship with her but has problems if he cannot trust her to tell the truth and open up to him.

Alan Quartermaine talks to John Durant about the possibility of Michael living with his paternal grandparents instead of with either of his parents, since there is so much instability in both Sonny’s and Carly’s lives. Durant tells Alan that he might be able to arrange for a judge to have Michael live with his grandfather. Carly hears their conversation and goes over to tell her father that if he plans to take Michael from her, it will be the last thing he ever does.

Ric asks Jason what the problem is. Does he have a problem accepting that Sonny now trusts his brother and Ric no longer wants hold a grudge against Sonny? Ric asks Jason if he’s jealous. He tells Jason that he knows Jason does not like him or trust him. But he must accept the fact that Sonny sees things differently.

Nikolas tells Emily that he wants everything to be perfect for the both of them. He puts on some music and they make love.

Lucky and Elizabeth go to court and ask Alexis if they can talk to her. They ask her how her pregnancy is. She says it’s going good. Elizabeth says that that is the reason why she’d like to talk to her. Alexis asks Elizabeth if she is pregnant. Elizabeth says not yet. But she’d like to be a surrogate and they’d like Alexis to represent them.

Reese tells Sonny that she’s glad that Evan is dead and Ric will not get in trouble because it was self-defense. So she asks if they can forget it now. He asks her what her plans are. Does she plan to return to the bureau or stay in town or what? She tells him that she’d like to set up a law practice with his brother.

After Carly finds out what Durant and Alan are up to, and they get into an argument. Bobbie asks them what they are yelling about. Carly informs her mother that they want to take Michael from her and give him to Alan. Bobbie angrily tells them that obviously Alan is not thinking rationally because of all the grief he’s dealt with and it’s none of John’s business what happens with Carly’s children. Jason comes and tells them that they will not make any decisions about Michael. He belongs with Sonny and Carly. Alan tells Jason that he abandoned his own family, so what would he know about it? And he reminds him that although Sonny was acquitted of murdering AJ, Michael is still living with his father’s killer. Durant tells them that Sonny is not fit to raise his grandson. Carly tells her father she wishes she’d never met him. Bobbie agrees. But when he leaves, Bobbie tells her daughter that Durant did only one good thing in his life. He gave her Carly.

Reese tells Sonny that she watched Ric very carefully during the trial, and he put Michael’s well being over helping Durant. She tells him that she’s going to have her own life and work with his brother. He tells her that he was once unable to let people in his life make their own decisions but he is ok with that now and indicates he might trust his brother.

While she’s with Nikolas, Emily gets a call from Michael. She’s surprised to hear from him so late at night. He does not inform her that anything happened but indicates that he is a little disappointed that she is not with him. Right then, it looks like Emily has a dilemma of staying with her husband or her godson. Nikolas tells her he’s fine with her going off to be with Michael. She tells him she will come back and wants to wake up with him in the morning.

Maxie’s family all gathers in her room. Georgie tells her sister she cannot give up. She has to fight. Maxie again, makes arrangements with Georgie about how Georgie will inherit her clothes and possessions and their “to do” box and Georgie must go about looking for a unicorn by herself. Georgie sobs ad tells Maxie that she cannot do that on her own. Maxie tells Georgie she knows she will figure it out. Georgie tells Maxie she will promise anything Maxie asks of her. But she will not say goodbye. Monica enters and tells them that there is another medication she will try on Maxie. She goes out and informs Bobbie that she will try the new medication but is worried that it will not work. Hearing that, Bobbie vents to Monica about how a beautiful, teenager with a brilliant future is dying. But monsters can still run free and ruin lives. Monica asks Bobbie if she’d like to share about the “monsters”. But Bobbie knows she maybe needs to keep her mouth shut about her daughter’s biological father and Monica’s husband.

Emily enters Michael’s room and talks about his video games. He admits that he’s afraid to fall asleep and have nightmares. She tells him that she has some dreams like that but she tells herself they are not real and she thinks of happy things. He tells her that’s why he called her. She tells him she’s glad he did and he can feel free to call her but if he needs anything, he can always call his parents. He tells her that his parents are both too busy with their new relationships. She tells him that life gets complicated for adults. He reminds her that she always had time for him and asks her if she does not have anybody with whom to be complicated.

Sonny is on the phone with somebody telling them that something must be done right away. Just then, Carly enters and tells him he must get Reese out of his home. He protests that they are not married anymore and he can see whomever he wants. She tells him this is not about herself, it’s about Michael. He has apparently told his shrink that he is not happy in their home and Alan Quartermaine got wind of that and told her father and they are now conspiring to take her son away from her. Sonny tells her that that will not happen and that Michael is choosing to live with him instead of with her because he cannot stand Alcazar. Carly tells Sonny that she needs to know that Reese has kept a lot of secrets from him, starting with her ex husband.

Alexis asks Elizabeth and Lucky if they are really ok with going through with surrogate thing and warns them that it’s more complicated than they might think. She tells them if they were to get married, then Lucky would be the legal father of the baby and there could be a custody battle. She tells them she’d like to talk more about it with them. When they walk away, Elizabeth asks Lucky if he did not detect an attitude from Alexis. He tells her that he too has concerns about how she might have trouble giving up the baby. She says of course she will be a little attached but she will not back out.

Alexis goes to find Ric and overhears him talking to Reese about “Charlotte’s secret” and whether she should tell that to Sonny. She asks who Charlotte is. Ric answers that she is a new prospective client. Just then, Durant asks them both to come to the DA’s office and make separate statements about Evan Tucker’s death. Ric reminds Durant that he’s already given his statement. But Durant tells Ric that it’s what he has not told him that he’s interested in hearing. Just then, somebody shoots Durant in the back several times and he falls to the floor. Reese pulls a gun and tries to protect people from casualties. Lucky gets everybody out of shooting range. While everybody else is ok, Durant is hurt from the gunshots. Elizabeth and Lucky go to help him and discover that he is not critical. He yells to Reese that it is not critical and so she cannot start celebrating now.

After the traumatizing visit with Maxie, Georgie gets very weak and has to go back to her room. The doctor tells Felicia and Mac that he specifically warned them that Georgie has cranial hemorrhaging and he instructed them that she was not to be taken out of her room. Dillon admits to Felicia and Mac that he blames himself for taking Georgie out of the room. But Mac tells Dillon it’s ok and they would never forgive themselves if they did not give Georgie the chance to be with Maxie at a time like this.

Jason goes home and tells Sam what happened with Alan and John Durant threatening to take Michael away from Sonny and Carly. He tells her that Durant must be stopped. But she warns him that he should not mess with Durant because he’s a very powerful man, could call in some favors or do whatever if he messes with him.

Sonny tells Carly that there is no way that Durant could take Michael from them. She asks how he can be so sure of that. He also tells her that Reese went back to her hotel. He tells her that the man whom she thought tried to kill her is dead and she is not in any danger. He also informs Carly that Reese made her own decision to return to her hotel room. Carly asks Sonny why he cannot see when he is being manipulated. He tells her she needs to let go of this. She tells him that he is a pig-headed, selfish, chauvinistic bastard, but for some odd reason, she still cares about him. He tells her he can see that she has that same problem with Jason in regard to Sam. She doesn’t want any woman in any of their lives except her. Then she goes and marries Alcazar just to spite him. She protests that she loves Lorenzo. He says yea right, he bets she loves him. If that is true, she can go and tell Lorenzo how to live his life instead of him. Right then, Reese, Jason and Sam enter and Reese informs them that Durant has been shot. And when she is alone with Sonny, she asks him if he had anything to do with Durant being shot. He tells her that the only thing he ordered was a dozen red roses to her room. She tells him that she wants her own life and her own career and she wants him. And that’s how she wants it to work. She tells him she will be a lawyer and not his alibi nor his accomplice. She will not lie for him and she will not go to jail for him. He asks what is in this for him. She replies that what is in it for him is having her and she is worth it. She asks him if he wants to go with her to her hotel room and smell the flowers. He tells her he’d like to but Michael had another bad dream and he must stay with his son. Before she goes out the door, he tells her he’s forgotten something. He kisses her and tells her that tomorrow, they will start playing by his rules.

Michael tells Jason that Emily told him that whenever he had a bad dream, he must tell himself it’s not real and think happy thoughts but he knows that what happened with AJ was not a nightmare. It really happened. Jason asks him if he’s happy living in Sonny’s home. Michael says yes and asks Jason why he asks. Jason informs Michael that Alan is suggesting that he might be happier living at the Quartermaines. Michael tells Jason he doesn’t want to leave his dad’s house and doesn’t care for Alan. And he’s worried that Alan will hate him when he finds out what really happened to AJ. Hearing that, Jason tells Michael that he promises never to tell Alan about Michael’s secret. And he promises Michael that he can stay at his dad’s and never have to be taken away from him.

Emily goes down and runs into Sam. Sam remarks to her that Michael is so comfortable with her and they are all so grateful to have her there for him. And she wonders why Emily looks to be rushing out the door to go somewhere. Emily tells Sam that she took her advice with Nikolas right before Michael called her. Hearing that, Sam tells Emily she’d like to hear all the details. They smile and laugh about Emily enjoying sex with Nikolas. Sam asks Emily how it was for her. Emily says it took a bit of getting used to. But Sam clarifies to Emily that what she’s asking is did her earth move. Emily smiles and laughs with Sam. Sam tells Emily she is happy for her but she asks Emily if she’s noticed Jason being a little off. Emily says yes, Jason might be a little stressed with work and everything. Emily goes off to return to Nikolas.

In the courthouse, Lucky instructs the other cops to find the shooter any way they can. Ask any and all witnesses, he tells them. And he informs them that when the shooter finds out Durant is still alive, they could try again. When Elizabeth rushes Durant into the hospital. Alan is there and asks what happened. Right then, it looks like a suspicious kid is spying upon them, who might be the shooter. Durant tells Elizabeth that she is the only person he trusts to help him. She tells him she is not qualified to take over now. When the cops come, Alan tells them he may have some information about the shooting of DA Durant. Carly rushes in and the nurse tells her that he’s just been brought in. The mysterious kid hides and observes.

Emily returns to sleeping Nikolas. He awakens and is glad she came back. He holds her. But she kind of pulls away from him.

The mysterious kid runs through the hospital corridor. Cops go looking for the shooter but he hides. He then finds himself in Maxie’s room. She is sleeping and does not see him but she opens her eyes. She tells him she must have died and gone to heaven and asks him who he is.

The cops identify Jessie Vodrie with the kid’s picture. Officer Murphy tells Lucky he is the one who shot Durant.

Bobbie is informed that an anonymous man has been shot. She goes to operate and is very surprised to discover that it is John Durant.

Sonny goes to see Michael. Michael asks his dad why everybody is fighting over him. Sonny explains to him that there are some people who mean well but there are some people who want to use him because they are selfish. Michael asks his dad how he will know who to trust and who is selfish. Sonny tells Michael that he must trust his gut and his instincts. And he knows that Michael has great instincts just like both himself and Michael’s mom. Michael laughs but asks Sonny why it is that he likes Reese but Carly does not like her.

Carly goes to see her father in his hospital room and notices Reese. She asks her why her husband, her son and now her father are all so important to Reese. Carly asks Reese why she knows so much and has such a connection to everything in her life.

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