GH Update Monday 6/20/05

General Hospital Update Monday 6/20/05


By Jenn
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In the hospital, right when Monica is attempting to get Georgie back when it looks like she is not responding, Georgie has a dream that Maxie tells her she must live.

Nikolas goes to Sonny’s to see Emily. He tells her that she needs to stop telling him what she thinks he wants to hear and they need to talk about reality.

Reese goes to the pier and notices that Evan is lying on the ground in a pool of blood, probably dead. Just then, Ric enters. He comes up behind her and covers her mouth. He informs her that he had an interesting night and her ex-husband tried to kill him. Just then Sonny and Jason enter and Sonny asks if somebody would like to tell him what is going on. Ric informs Sonny that he killed Evan in self-defense. He also informs them that he just called the cops and advises them all to get out of there before Durant implicates them all. Jason tells Ric that nothing will happen to give him any cause to panic. Forensics will prove that Ric acted in self-defense of that is in fact the case. But Ric tells them that he would not put it past Durant to frame him for murder. He tells them this is his mess and he will deal with it and doesn’t want any of them getting involved. Right then, they hear sirens.

Nikolas tells Emily that he is a little suspicious to know that she’s hiding out at Sonny’s and has reservations about the last time Sonny saw them together and reacted like he was protecting her from a rapist. She admits that she told Sonny about the rape and told him that Nikolas was justifiably frustrated over not having her there with him. But he tells her that Sonny has this big thing about violence and he’s not comfortable knowing that she’s told him about the rape. She admits to Nikolas that it’s true what he said about how she’s been using Michael as an escape to avoid dealing with her issues. She tells him that she wants to put the rape in the past. But it’s not happening as soon as she’d like. And when what she wants does not happen in a timely manner, she gets frustrated and has a need to make herself useful. She admits that she has felt she’s been doing a better job as Michael’s Godmother than she has as Nikolas’ wife. He tells her if she believes she has to “work” at having him in her life, then what is the point?

At Lorenzo’s house, Diego come sand informs his father that both Maxie and Georgie are in the hospital in critical condition. He tells his father he wants to help but doesn’t know how to. He notices his father was on the phone before he came in and asks him if he was planning a trip. Lorenzo informs his son that he had a disagreement with Carly. Diego admits that he still feels somewhat awkward with the father-son thing and doesn’t want to appear nosey in regard to his father’s business. Lorenzo tells Diego that Carly is waging a war against Sonny’s girlfriend. And he wishes she’d get over her ex-husband. Diego tells his father that Carly and Sonny have been together for a long time and it may be an adjustment for her to have his girlfriend around the kids. Hearing that, Lorenzo asks his son if he’s implying that he is being unreasonable with his new wife and he admits to Diego that he might be right.

Carly goes to see her mother at the hospital, ready to unload her problems upon her. But she discovers that Bobbie has some serious problems on her hands. Bobbie informs her daughter that Maxie is rejecting BJ’s heart. And now Georgie is also in critical condition and her heart may be the only thing to save Maxie. Hearing that, Carly holds her mother. Bobbie cries and tells her daughter she remembers all too well when BJ died and asks how history could repeat itself that way. Carly tells her mother that she must have faith and hold on and she will be there for her.

In Georgie’s dream, she hears Maxie tell her she does not want her to die for her. She wants her to live. She wants her to marry Dillon and have many children, read the greatest novel, climb Mount Everest. Georgie tells Maxie, in her dream, that she wants the same things for her. Maxie admits so does she. But it might not have been meant to be. And so Georgie should make every second count. Right then, Monica notices that Georgie’s bp is coming up and she is breathing on her own. They look at Maxie, however. And she does not appear to be doing as well. Felicia, Mac and Dillon go in to see Georgie. They are so happy to know that she will be ok. They assume that Maxie will pull through also. But Monica tells them she must talk to them about Maxie.

Nikolas tells Emily that being together used to be so easy and now it seems like work. He second-guesses himself with everything that comes out of his mouth and constantly watch himself every time he tries to get near her. He tells her that it’s no good for either one of them. She asks him what he is saying. He tells her he loves her. But he knows he must keep his distance. She wants to tell him he can’t do that. But he tells her it is not to punish her. It is what he knows she wants and needs. She asks him to wait and she tells him she loves him. He goes out the door.

Durant arrives on the scene after Evan’s murder. Ric attempts to explain what happened. He tells Durant that Evan was a prime suspect on both attempts on Reese’s life. He tells Durant that he did some investigation into that. Durant tells Ric this might be a good time to remind him that it is no longer his job to investigate crime. Ric admits that he followed Evan, knowing he was coming to the pier in order to meet somebody. So he asked him what he was up to. Reese admits that she planned to meet Evan but discovered he was already dead when she found him. Durant admits that their story is too much for his suspicious mind and asks them what he might have done to provoke them.

Sonny and Jason go back to Sonny’s. Jason tells Sonny that there was no point in the two of them fleeing before the cops showed up. There’s no way either of them could be implicated for Evan’s death. Sonny tells Jason he believes that Durant could very easily twist the facts to make it look like Ric lied on his behalf. Jason tells Sonny that he believes that what is more likely is that there is some conspiracy between Ric and Reese and that it may not be a coincidence that both of them and her dead ex-husband were in the same place, not wanting either himself or Sonny anywhere around. Sonny tells Jason that Reese may have lied but Ric did not. Jason asks him since when did he start trusting Ric. Sonny tells Jason he may say what he wants about Ric but Ric came through for him when he acquitted him of AJ’s murder. And he saved Michael. And he risked his marriage and his career. Jason asks Sonny if he should believe he can trust Ric, regardless. Sonny tells Jason that Ric proved he did not want to send his brother to prison. And Ric insisted that they all leaved the scene of Evan’s murder. Jason reminds Sonny that when Ric first came to town, he worked to win Sonny’s trust just so that he could ruin him. He kidnapped Carly and chained her to a wall like an animal. Hearing that, Sonny tells Jason that his brother had a breakdown. He went temporarily insane and it obviously runs in the family. And he asks Jason how he can hold that against his brother when the same thing has happened to him more than once.

Durant concludes that he is done with his investigation for now but if he needs to talk to either of them, he will ask them to come down to the station. He leaves and Ric asks Reese if it is true that she knew Carly way back in high school. Reese admits that she did and Carly was Caroline. He asks her what happened to end their friendship. Reese informs him they got in a fight, she got in her car, had a terrible accident caused by a drunk driver and had to have extensive plastic surgery to fix her face. He concludes that that must be the reason why Carly would not be able to recognize her. Reese admits that it just happened, a few years before the kidnapping, by coincidence, that she obtained the FBI files on Sonny and discovered Mrs. Sonny Corinthos AKA Caroline Benson Corinthos, her old high school pal. And Reese admits to Rick that she did not belive that it was fair that her former friend got to have a husband and a son, when both of those things had been taken from Reese. Ric concludes that, then, Reese must have somehow decided to take it back.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Carly tells her mother she remembers once having a high school friend with whom she had a connection just as if the two of them were sisters. And after hearing the tragedy involving Maxie and Georgie, she knows there must be a bond between them. And tells her mother that the funny thing is, although she never met BJ, she can feel that sister connection to her and she can see BJ in Bobbie’s eyes. She tells her mother that she loves her will do anything she can in order to help her. Bobbie hugs her daughter and thanks her and tells her that means more to her than she can say. She tells Carly that what she may do now is pray for Maxie and for Georgie. She tells Carly she must get back to work but Carly need not worry about her because she is fine. Right then, Lorenzo finds Carly.

Bobbie finds out that Georgie will probably be ok but Maxie is growing weaker.

Dillon holds Georgie’s hand and tells her that he will be with her until she grows as sick of him as her parents are. He tells her that he’s realized something tonight. And that is that she is his world, his whole world. He tells her that their parents may call it puppy love or believe they are not old enough to know their own hearts. But they are wrong. He tells her this is it. This is how he’s going to feel for the rest of his life.

Felicia goes to see Maxie. Maxie seems to know that Georgie will be ok. But she drifts off. Felicia makes no indication to her daughter of her worries. Monica informs Felicia that none of the medications they’ve tried have worked for Maxie. She tells Felicia that if Maxie continues to deteriorate, all of her organs could be shut down and she could die.

Reese admits to Ric that she does have resentment toward Carly. He tells her he thinks he knows a lot about what she is feeling. He asks her how many nights she has stared into the bottom of a wine glass and wondered about all the ways she could take back what Carly has taken from her. He informs her that he knows all too well what she is thinking and feelings. He grew up as Sonny’s little brother, never being cared for by their mother the way Sonny was, watching Sonny have all the wealth and benefits that he missed out on, being able to snub his nose at the law and have that cozy little life that he never had. He tells her he’s felt the same way about Sonny as she does about Carly. And what he’s learned is that revenge is something that ruins your life. She tells him she’s already figured that out for herself and is over her issues with Carly. She tells him that her interest in Sonny has nothing to do with Carly. She just simply wants Sonny. He tells her that if she really does care for Sonny, then maybe she should tell him the truth. She tells him that if she does that, she will lose Sonny. Ric tells her that in that case, she must, at the very least, make certain that Carly never finds out that she is her long lost friend, Charlotte Roberts.

Emily goes to Jason’s and Sam tells her she promises that anything Emily says will stay in this room. Emily informs Sam that she has a problem getting close to Nikolas. Sam asks if that is because of the rape or because Nikolas looks so much like Emily’s attacker. Emily admits that she is going to therapy and realizes that because she keeps reliving what happens, she is pulling away even though she doesn’t admit to it. And Nikolas knows her too well and gets frustrated. Sam tells Emily that she believes that the “elephant” in the room is sex. They are both avoiding having intimate contact. And she tells Emily that this is a stalemate and Emily is the only one who can break it. Emily asks Sam if she’s suggesting that she initiates having sex with Nikolas. Sam tells her that that is her own call. But she tells Emily that if Nikolas can give her back her body and her self and trust in the bond they have together, then that could make a big difference.

Sonny tells Jason that Ric may have very similar tendencies as he has, himself. He says he believes that his brother is not just some sort of whack job who goes around kidnapping pregnant women for fun. He tells Jason that whether he likes it or not, he no longer has reason to believe that Ric wants to hurt him. He went to bat for him in court and he no longer distrusts Ric. Jason asks Sonny what it would mean, still, if he could not trust either Ric or Reese. He reminds Sonny that Reese lied to him. Reese enters and tells them that Sonny needs to tell her to her face what is going on.

Monica tells Maxie’s family that if Maxie just stays in the hospital, her heart will shut down and she will die. But Felicia says she refuses to go there and tells Maxie it’s all over for her. She tells Monica that they are going to encourage Maxie to fight for her life and stay with them for as long as she can. Bobbie tells the doctor that she never thought this would be possible. She never thought that BJ’s heart would fail. Maxie. He admits that he could not believe that either and it is like they are losing her all over again.

Dillon goes in to tell Georgie that she must wake up. He asks her to listen to his voice and wake up. At that moment, she awakens, removes her breathing apparatus and asks him what is going on.

Emily goes to see Nikolas and tells him that she does not want space. She wants him. He tells her this is not fair. He is respecting her need for space and distance. She tells him he needs to make love to her. He asks her whom she’s trying to convince and tells her it’s obvious that it’s too soon. But she tells him that Connor did not physically damage her. And therapy has helped her to make the separation between him and Connor. He tells her he just doesn’t want to hurt her. She tells him that he needs to help her heal. She tells him she trusts him with her heart and with her body. She asks him to make love to her and she kisses him.

Reese goes back to Sonny’s and tells him that it’s an amazing coincidence that they both went to the pier to find Evan. She asks him if he trusts her. He tells her that he trusts that he knows her motives about many things and that she must have lead him in the wrong direction knowing he’d want to kill Evan, so that he would not be able to and she could protect him from his own impulses. She asks him again if he trusts her. He asks her why she is so vulnerable and just what this Evan guy has on her. He asks her if she went to Evan that night because she wanted to kill him. She replies no. He tells her it might be very understandable with what Evan has done to her. He let her son die. And there must be rage inside of her. She tells Sonny she did not want Evan to die because that part of her life was over. She asks Sonny if he believes her. He admits that he wants to believe her. But she’s told him too many lies already. He’s already gone down that road with Carly. He concludes that if she cannot be honest with him, then she can go out that door. He does not sound angry and tells her no harm will be done. She asks if that is what he wants. He tells her what he wants is the truth.

Jason goes to talk to Ric and tells him he knows Ric is hiding something. He tells Ric he must include, in his report to the authorities, the reason why he wanted to get rid of him and Sonny.

Emily is kissing Nikolas. She admits that she’s a little nervous. But she wants this and she wants him. He asks her to tell him if she starts to feel panicked and scared or angry. She agrees and kisses him more.

Dillon tells newly conscious Georgie that Maxie’s heart is failing and she is dying. Georgie cries. She asks him not to tell anybody that she is awake and to take her to Maxie.

Maxie tells Mac he’s been such a great dad and asks how she can ever thank him. He tells her she does not have to. She and Georgie have been an incredible blessing to him. Both Mac and Felicia cry and tell Maxie how blessed they are to have her as a daughter. But right the, Maxie drifts off. Dillon, then brings Georgie in a wheelchair to see her sister. At that point, Maxie awakens and tells her she’s been waiting for her. And she knows she must say good-bye.

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