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General Hospital Update Friday 6/17/05


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THE HOSPITAL: Monica informs Mac, Felicia and Dillon that if Georgie doesn't make it following her surgery, her heart could save Maxie. Felicia refuses to accept that Georgie won't survive.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Georgie, in her bed next to Maxie's, wakes up and asks her sister what happened?

JAX AND COURTNEY'S PLACE: Rachel has arrived to visit Jax and Courtney. She is offering to carry their baby for them.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Elizabeth comes home and finds Lucky there with the cash he stole from the men at the docks. She asks him what he's done -- he doesn't reply. She sees drugs mixed in with the drugs. Lucky says they can use the money to pay the bills. Liz refuses.

THE HOSPITAL: Jason and Sam are picking up Michael from his appointment. Michael wants to get pizza afterward. Dr. Thomas needs to speak to Jason and Michael goes to wait by himself in the waiting room. The doctor tells Jason he thinks Michael needs a bit of a chance. (Alan can be seen watching them converse.)

In the waiting room, Michael's friend Jodie shows up. She talks to Michael for a bit and then offers to run away with him. Michael smiles.

GREYSTONE: Carly has arrived at Greystone, where she finds Sonny and Reese together. She tells Sonny that she needs to tell him who Reese really is, informing him in the process that Reese lied about the man who attacked her in her room. But Sonny doesn't care -- he just tells Carly to leave immediately. Carly is taken aback.

THE HOSPITAL: Monica explains to Mac, Felicia and Dillon that if Maxie doesn't get a transplant, she will die. Dillon leaves them alone for a moment. Felicia is crying -- she says that the worst situation cannot happen, here. Monica stresses that she understands. Felicia is sure that her girls will recover. Tony asks Felicia and Mac to please, just be prepared.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Maxie tells Georgie what happened at The Pizza Shack -- and promises that Monica and Tony will help her. Felicia comes in with Mac. Mac tells Georgie she needs an operation immediately.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Lucky wants to use the money to pay off the medical bills -- he says that the cops aren't even looking for the cash. Elizabeth is very angry, stressing that Lucky is not supposed to do things like this. She says she loves him and that she wants to have a future with him. Lucky doesn't want to lose all they have, but Elizabeth replies that they can find legal ways to pay the money off. She wants him to get rid of the money; if he doesn't, she will.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S PLACE: Courtney and Jax are outraged that Rachel would come up with such an idea as carrying their child for them. She replies that she would do it for them for free, to try to make up for the horrible things she's done in the past. Jax notes that Rachel would not only be carrying their child, but their hopes and dreams. They can't trust her. Rachel leaves. Jax comforts Courtney.

THE HOSPITAL: Dr. Thomas thinks that Michael needs to live somewhere else for awhile, since he is not comfortable with either of his parents right now. Jason argues with Dr. Thomas, saying that he won't let the doctor decide where Michael lives. Alan wheels over to them in his wheelchair and asks if Michael could come live at the Quartermaine mansion. Jason is exasperated, begging Alan not to bring this subject up again. He and Sam go to the waiting room to get Michael -- only to find that he's gone.

THE PIZZA SHACK: Michael and Jodie are hanging out at The Pizza Shack. Michael explains to Jodie that the people with him at the hospital were Jason and Sam -- Jason, he explains, is his uncle. Jodie wonders why Michael's parents weren't with him at his appointment?

GREYSTONE: Carly explodes at Reese, calling her a liar. Sonny forces Carly to leave, saying he will take care of Reese. Carly exits and Sonny is left alone with Reese. He asks her why she lied to him? Reese finally explains the truth to him -- that the man who was trying to kill her is Evan, her ex-husband. She goes on to admit that Evan wanted her to pay him off with 1 million dollars. Sonny notes that he would have given her the cash, but she replies that she knows that paying Evan off would not have been Sonny's first impulse. She admits that Evan knows that Michael is Sonny's son -- she is worried that Evan might do something to Michael. Sonny asks Reese if Evan has anything else on her and Reese says yes.

THE PIZZA SHACK: Michael tells Jodie that his parents are divorced but he knows they still love each other. He says he hates Carly's new husband, Lorenzo Alcazar -- but that he knows Carly doesn't care. He also says that he is not comfortable with his dad's new girlfriend, Reese. Jodie promises Michael that it will only get worse and that they should run away right now, to a place where their parents won't find them for days -- then their parents will do whatever they want.

Just then, a car approaches. Jodie and Michael run off to hide. Apparently it's Jason and Sam, who have come to The Pizza Shack looking for Michael. Michael comes out from his hiding place and asks them how they knew to find him. Sam notes that Michael did, after all, say he wanted pizza. Jason also knew that Michael likes this place. Jason, hearing a noise from behind the shack, asks Michael if someone is with him. Michael swears he's alone. Sam asks him why he ran from the hospital and Michael replies that he doesn't know. Jason says that there is only one thing for them to do now.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S PLACE: Jax and Courtney discuss their disbelief that Rachel would even offer to be the surrogate. They agree that they must find someone they can trust, maybe someone who already has a child and is in a solid relationship...maybe someone who could use the money. Courtney adds that it should be someone who understands the situation they are in and realizes what a special gift a baby could be.

THE HOSPITAL: Mac and Monica are looking in the window of the room where the girls are -- Mac admits that he has said every prayer he knows and still doesn't know what to do. Monica asks him to put some good words in for her with God.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Maxie and Georgie are talking to themselves when Tony comes in to wheel Georgie out to surgery. He wheels Georgie out of the room -- Mac follows her to surgery, but Felicia stays behind with Maxie. Maxie asks her what's going on and Monica informs her that they are going to prep her for surgery, too, "just in case." Maxie realizes that they are going to give her Georgie's heart in the event that Georgie dies. Maxie gets very emotional, but finally admits that she knows it's out of her confrotn and that she will do whatever her mom wants. Felicia hugs her.

THE HOSPITAL: Out in the lobby, Dillon is blaming himself for Georgie's accident, while Diego tries to reassure him that it wasn't his fault. Dillon is very upset, though, noting that he could have stopped her from falling and he didn't. Diego tells Dillon to hang onto that 50/50 shot that Georgie has of surviving the surgery.

Dillon, seeing Mac in the lobby, walks over to him and apologizes again. He says he wishes that he could make this nightmare stop -- he loves Georgie a lot and doesn't know what he would do without her. Mac places a reassuring hand on Dillon's shoulder while Dillon bows his head with grief.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Lucky returns after dumping the drugs and dropping the money off at the PCPD. Elizabeth is relieved -- she hugs him and asks him not to do anything like that again. Lucky promises he won't and says again that all he wants is to take care of her. He swears they will find a way to get the money they need. Just then the doorbell rings. Not knowing who it is, Elizabeth looks worried, but Lucky promises her that no one saw him with the drugs. Elizabeth answers the door and finds Jax and Courtney there. Courtney says that they are hoping that the two of them will revisit the idea of Liz carrying a child for them. Lucky asks how it would work, and Courtney and Jax admit that they would need Elizabeth to supply her own eggs for the baby, since Courtney's eggs aren't viable. Lucky asks if this means that the baby would biologically be Elizabeth's and Jax's? Elizabeth looks hesitant.

THE PIZZA SHACK: Jason, Sam and Michael have just broken into the restaurant for dinner -- a pepperoni pizza. Jason left 100 dollars on the counter to cover it, and the damage to the shack's door. They all dig in. Jason and Sam try to talk to Michael to get at the root of the problem that made him run from the hospital. They know he must be upset about Reese moving in with Sonny. Sam and Jason both promise Michael that Sonny loves him a great deal. Jason says that if Michael ever needs anyone to talk to, he can talk to him. Michael replies that he already has someone to talk to. Sam asks if he means Dr. Thomas and Michael says yes. Jason looks very uncertain.

GREYSTONE: Reese and Sonny are talking about Evan. Reese says that once upon a time she loveds him, but now that's over. Sonny thinks there's something that she's not telling him -- what is it? Reese says that if she told him the whole truth about Evan, Sonny would go and kill him and she doesn't want that. Sonny promises that he will make Evan leave town for good. She thanks him and apologizes again for getting him involved. He replies that he will take care of it. He goes to the phone and picks it up.

Just then, Jason and Sam return with Michael. Sonny tells Jason that they need to discuss some business. But first, he gives Michael a magazine...the new issue of "Dragon Master." Michael goes upstairs to read it, and Sam goes with him. Reese leaves the room and Sonny turns to Jason and informs him that he needs Jason to take care of someone.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Courtney tells Elizabeth and Lucky that ever since the miscarriage that caused her inability to have children, she's been dogged by a constant pang of loss and longing. Elizabeth understands the pain of a miscarriage, having suffered one herself. Courtney notes that now Elizabeth has Cameron, who has made her life to complete. Courtney wants to give that to Jax. Elizabeth asks Lucky what he thinks and he points out that it is a very big decision. He doesn't think that Elizabeth will be able to give up a baby that is her own flesh and blood for two other people to raise.

THE HOSPITAL: Carly and Lorenzo arrive at the hospital and find Dr. Thomas and Alan in the waiting room. Dr. Thomas called Carly to discuss his most recent session with Michael. He is concerned that Michael is hiding a secret -- a secret Michael can't deal with because he has too much else going onin his life. He is suggesting that Michael move out of Greystone. Carly notes that Michael will not move in with her and Lorenzo. Alan steps in, offering to allow Michael to stay at the Quartermaine mansion with Carly's consent. Lorenzo says that there is no way in hell that will happen.

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Jason are alone -- Reese is in the other room. Sonny tells Jason that he wants him to find Eban and make sure he leaves town. Jason argues that that's not enough; he wants to make Evan disappear for good, since Evan came near Michael.

Meanwhile, Reese places a call to Evan (who is at The Pizza Shack). She tells him that they have to meet and that she has the money. Evan smiles.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Elizabeth tells Lucky that of course she would love the baby, but that she would give it to Jax and Courtney because she would only be donating the egg -- the baby would otherwise be theirs. She says she would be honored to help Jax and Courtney get the baby she believes they are meant to have. Courtney is overjoyed, hugging Elizabeth and saying that money cannot even begin to repay Liz for what she is offering them. Elizabeth smiles and says that she thinks all of their lives will be better for this. But Lucky doesn't look too sure.

THE HOSPITAL: Monica gives Felicia, Mac and Dillon an update on Maxie's condition -- she says that they are hoping to increase Maxie's cardiac output but for the moment it doesn't look good. Tony joins them and informs them that he's relieved the pressure on Georgie's brain but that her vitals are weak and that it is touch and go.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Lorenzo and Alan argue over whether or not Michael should live at the Quartermaine mansion. Lorenzo doesn't think it is any place to raise a child. Alan doesn't think that Lorenzo should have a say. Lorenzo wants to know how Dr. Thomas could even be considering this -- Dr. Thomas replies that his sole concern is Michael's welfare. Lorenzo says that Dr. Thomas should make Michael comfortable enough to come and live with his own mother. With that, Lorenzo and Carly walk off toward the elevators.

Once out of earshot of Alan and Dr. Thomas, Carly thanks Lorenzo and says that while Alan is harmless, Reese is another story entirely. Carly notes that Reese has been lying to Sonny. Lorenzo wants to know why Carly even cares and Carly replies that she cares because Michael is still living at Greystone. Lorenzo says that if Carly was solely concerned about Michael, she would insist on bringing him to live with them at their place. He feels that she is also continuing to let herself get caught up in Sonny's drama. He asks her when it is going to stop? They get into the elevator together -- Carly doesn't respond.

GREYSTONE: Reese and Sonny are talking about their plan -- Reese is having Evan wait at The Pizza Shack for her...but instead, Jason and Sonny will show up to take care of him. Reese wants to go with them, but Sonny tells her to stay with Max instead. They leave. Reese looks upset.

MICHAEL'S BEDROOM: Michael is back in his room after getting changed and ready for bed. Sam is with him. They talk about a "secret" hole in the fence that Max is going to patch up. Michael admits that his friend Jodie has been using the hole to sneak in and see her. He says that if Max patches up the hole, Jodie won't be able to see him anymore.

THE HOSPITAL: Mac, Felicia and Dillon are looking in on Georgie, who is unconcious. While asleep, Georgie has a dream in which she starts to walk toward a white light at the end of the hospital hallway. Just then, Maxie shows up and asks her not to die. Georgie points out that Maxie needs her heart, but Maxie promises her that they will find another way -- that their mother and Mac and Dillon are all waiting for Georgie can't go yet.

Suddenly, back in the real world, the monitor next to Georige's bed starts to beep and flatline. Mac and Felicia and Dillon look on in horror as Monica and the nurses try to save her.

LUCKY AND ELIZABETH'S PLACE: Courtney thanks Elizabeth again for what she's doing for them. Elizabeth thanks them for agreeing to trust her with their baby. Courtney also thanks Lucky, saying she knows it can't be easy for him. Lucky doesn't reply. Jax and Elizabeth hug while Lucky looks on moodily.

THE PIZZA SHACK: Jason and Sonny search the grounds, but can't find any sign of Evan. Jason thinks Reese lied in an attempt to help Evan escape town with his life. Sonny thinks maybe Reese just wanted to deal with Evan herself.

THE DOCKS: Reese is lurking around the docks with a gun. She is surprised to find Evan on the docks, laying in a pool of blood. She curses to herself quietly. Before she can call anyone, a masked man comes up from behind her and starts dragging her away from the docks -- muffling her screams with his hand.

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