GH Update Thursday 6/16/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/16/05


By Ali
Pictures by Juanita

JAX AND COURTNEY'S HOUSE: Elizabeth has arrived and she is talking to Jax (Courtney is not present). Basically, Liz is offering to carry a baby for Jax and Courtney (since Courtney can't get pregnant).

THE HOSPITAL: Courtney meets with Dr. Meadows, who tells her there is a problem with her latest blood tests.

THE PIZZA SHACK: Dillon and Georgie are at The Pizza Shack (by the docks) -- where Georgie is supposed to be having a job interview. The two of them are goofing off and kissing and having fun.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Mac and Felicia are visiting with Maxie. They are discussing Georgie's upcoming job interview. Maxie is certain that Georgie will get the job. Suddenly something happens to Maxie's heart -- the monitor next to her bed starts to beep and Mac and Felicia freak out and call for help.

THE PIZZA SHACK: In a montage that coincides with the chaos in Maxie's hospital room, Dillon and Georgie can be seen back at The Pizza Shack -- while giggling and running from Dillon, who is chasing her, Georgie falls and slams her head into the edge of a bench on one of the tables. Dillon rushes to her side -- she's unconscious...he tries to wake her up to no avail.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric is explaining Reese and Evan's past to Sonny -- apparently, Reese and Evan's son Jamie was kidnapped as a result of Evan's business practices (the kidnappers wanted Evan to throw a deal he'd been working on). When Evan refused to throw the deal, the kidnappers killed Jamie. Immediately afterward, Reese joined the FBI and put Evan in jail. But now, Evan is out and Sonny thinks Evan wants revenge on Reese for sending him to prison. Ric notes that Reese doesn't think Evan's the one trying to kill her. But Sonny isn't sure that Evan's innocent.

REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Reese, laying in bed, asks Evan what he is planning. Evan makes sure the door is closed and then says that he plans to tell Sonny everything about her -- that her real name is Charlotte and she came to town for revenge on Carly. Apparently, Reese/Charlotte was best friends with Carly in high school, until something happened that caused Charlotte to start hating Carly. Evan notes that Carly stole Charlotte's identity for some reason before coming to Port Charles, and now Charlotte/Reese is here to take everything Carly loves away from her. Evan wants 1 million dollars from Reese/Charlotte in exchange for him keeping his mouth shut to Sonny.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S HOUSE: Jax wants to know how Liz found out that Courtney can't have kids and Liz says she put the pieces together after seeing Dr. Meadows and Courtney together at the hospital. Jax asks why Liz is so enthusiastic about the idea of carrying his and Courtney's child, and Liz explains that she and Lucky need the money for his medical bills. Jax seems to agree with Liz -- he thinks it's a good idea and he thinks Courtney will agree. Elizabeth thanks him.

THE HOSPITAL: Dr. Meadows informs Courtney that the chances are very, very slim that she would be able to use one of her own eggs for a pregnancy. Courtney realizes that this means any baby she and Jax get a surrogate mother to carry would be biologically Jax's but not biologically hers. Dr. Meadows assures her that it's common. (Neither of them realize that Rachel is watching them from a few feet away.) Dr. Meadows and Courtney leave. Rachel happens to sneak a peek at Courtney's lab report, which is on the counter of the nurse's station.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Monica and some nurses try to stabilize Maxie while Mac and Felicia look on. Felicia thinks Georgie will never forgive her for making her go to the job interview, if something happens to Maxie while she (Georgie) is gone. Finally Monica manages to stabilize Maxie -- but she warns Mac and Felicia that Maxie's not out of the woods yet.

THE PIZZA SHACK: In another montage that coincides with everything going on in Maxie's hospital room, Dillon manages to revive Georgie, who doesn't remember hitting her head. When she tries to stand, she notes drowsily that her head hurts...and then she falls back down to the ground, asleep. Dillon calls 911 for help and gives them directions to The Pizza Shack. He is frantic with worry.

GREYSTONE: Michael is angrily crashing two cars together, over and over again, while Carly tries to talk to him regarding her recent marriage to Lorenzo Alcazar. The constant banging and crashing noises irritate Carly, who asks Michael to stop. In response, Michael runs out of the room and up the stairs to his own bedroom. Carly looks very weary.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric believes Reese when Reese says that Evan would never try to murder her. Sonny thinks differently, feeling that Evan would do anything to get revenge on Reese for sending him to jail; besides, Sonny can't think of anyone else who had motive to want Reese dead. Just then an alarm goes off. Sonny and Ric wonder what's going on and Rachel (who is at the nurse's station) informs them that there's a security problem in Reese's room.

Sonny and Ric hightail it to Reese's room...they find Reese laying on the floor, struggling to get up. She tells them that someone just tried to kill her.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S HOUSE: Courtney arrives as Jax is preparing dinner. Courtney is feeling down after her visit with Dr. Meadows, but before she can tell Jax the bad news, Jax says he has some GOOD news for her instead.

THE POLICE STATION: Lucky is with Officer Murphy -- Murphy got a tip on a drug shipment landing, but he can't get a search warrant from the higher-ups. He's pretty frustrated. He leaves as Elizabeth comes in to see Lucky. She happily informs him that their financial problems are over, as she is going to get paid for having a baby. She explains Jax and Courtney's situation and then says that Jax is willing to pay her $100,000 for carrying their baby for them. Liz assures Lucky that the procedure is perfectly safe -- a specialist will fertilize Courtney's egg and Jax's sperm in a petri dish, put it in Liz, and let Liz carry it to term. Lucky, however, is upset -- especially considering that Liz has already spoken to Jax about it. He tells Liz that he doesn't want her to go through with it.

THE HOSPITAL: Monica informs Felicia that Maxie probably won't be able to hang onto BJ's heart for much longer. She's going to try one more procedure that will measure the pressure in the heart -- if the pressure drops, a transplant will be needed, and unfortunately the chances of finding a match in time are slim.

GREYSTONE: Carly is having a dream -- in the dream she sees herself as a blond cheerleader coming upon the scene of a car accident (apparently it is a teenage Charlotte/Reese in the car). In the dream, Carly screams in fright. In reality, Carly wakes up and looks at Michael's toy cars that he had been crashing together moments earlier. She looks concerned.

REESE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Reese is back in bed. She tells Ric and Sonny that a man named David Guthrie was just in her hospital room trying to inject something in her IV. She says that she put David away in jail years ago and now he's back and holding a grudge. She describes him as the type that would blend into a crowd. Ric leaves to go look into it. Sonny stays behind with Reese and asks her if she would like to come and stay with him at Greystone for awhile, since she is not safe at the hospital.

THE HOSPITAL: Mac is with Felicia again -- he's brought her tea. Felicia is incredibly worried about Maxie. Monica comes to tell them that the procedure has been completed and that Maxie's cardiac output is dropping.

Just then, an ambulance team wheels in Georgie -- coming from the scene of her accident. Tony rushes over to Felicia and Mac and informs them that Georgie had a fall and now has a head injury. Felicia rushes off after Georgie while Mac stays behind, just in time to see Dillon, who comes running into the hospital asking where Georgie is. Mac stops Dillon and demands to know what happened.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S HOUSE: Jax has told Courtney about Elizabeth's offer. Jax is happy but Courtney is not. She informs him that Dr. Meadows has told her she's not fertile, meaning that they can't use Courtney's own eggs to try to make a baby -- meaning they would have to find someone willing to donate her eggs for the procedure. Jax says it's not the end of the world, but Courtney is upset that the baby would be Jax's and not hers.

GREYSTONE: Reese and Sonny have arrived at Greystone. Reese is worried about what effect her being at the house might have on Sonny's kids, but Sonny notes that Morgan is with Carly and Michael likes Reese anyway. Max comes into the room and drops off a briefcase containing 1 million dollars for one of Sonny's business deals. Sonny leaves the room for a moment and Reese looks at the money in envy.

THE HOSPITAL: Ric has just finished questioning a hospital staff member about the person Reese says was trying to kill her. John Durant shows up and asks for details. Ric explains what's going on, saying that the man after Reese is named David Guthrie. John says that David Guthrie died two months ago. (As they are talking, Carly can be seen listening to their conversation from just around the hallway's corner.)

THE POLICE STATION: Elizabeth tries to convince Lucky that it would be a good idea for her to carry Jax and Courtney's child in exchange for the money she and Lucky need. Lucky, however, wants to look at other options to make money in a hurry. He says that he doesn't particularly want to see her pregnant with another man's child -- he says this would only get in the way of their future together. He brings up the fact that it might be hard for Cameron to understand Liz carrying the baby of another couple, but Liz says Cameron's too young to understand. She notes that she won't go through with it if it makes Lucky uncomfortable -- and that if he wants she'll go tell Jax that she can't do it after all. Lucky still has the rest of his shift to complete, so Liz leaves without him after warning him to be careful.

Lucky is joined by Officer Murphy who says that he won't be able to act on the tip he got -- that there's a big money exchange going on down at the pier tonight, and he's been told to steer clear. Lucky looks thoughtful.

GREYSTONE: Sonny and Max clear up some business matters and Max leaves. Sonny assures Reese that the money she just saw was legal income from a real estate transaction. He notes that cash gives him a sense of security. Sonny says that he can't help if Reese thinks he's a criminal, but he stresses that she will never ever see him do anything illegal -- protecting the both of them. Reese thinks he doesn't trust her and he replies if he didn't trust her, she wouldn't be in his house. He asks her if she wants to stay?

THE HOSPITAL: Mac is grilling Dillon about the events at The Pizza Shack. Dillon says that they were messing around and Georgie hit her head. Mac is outraged -- he warns Dillon that he is sick of Dillon's excuses -- Georgie isn't safe around Dillon, in Mac's opinion.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Felicia has arrived at Maxie's room. Maxie's awake, and Felicia tells her what happened to Georgie. Maxie gets very upset. She asks if Georgie can come into the room with her. Felicia isn't certain, but Maxie begs her and Felicia and Bobbie agree. Georgie, still unconscious, is wheeled in next to Maxie -- Maxie reaches out and holds Georgie's hand.

THE HOSPITAL: John and Ric continue to talk about David Guthrie (while Carly listens from a few feet away). John informs Ric that Reese was lying about David, because David is dead after being chased by a traffic cop. Ric wants to know how John knows this and John replies that David was a potential witness for a case John was once working on. John thinks it will be interesting to find out why Reese lied.

GREYSTONE: Reese says she's not comfortable staying at Greystone considering how violent David Guthrie is. Sonny tells her that he is suspicious of her story...thinking that she is lying about some aspect of it. He wants her to be honest with him, but Reese is hesitant.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Maxie talks to the sleeping Georgie -- she jokes that Georgie is so competitive she had to come be in the hospital with her big sister. She begs Georgie to get better so she can go home. Mac and Felicia talk about waiting for Georgie's test results when Dillon comes in to try to see Georgie. Mac wants Dillon to leave, but Maxie stands up for him, noting that Georgie would want him there. Dillon is allowed to stay. At that moment, Tony returns with the test results.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S HOUSE: Jax brings up the fact that they could always adopt, but Courtney notes that then the child would not biologically be his. Jax says that he wouldn't love an adopted child any less. Courtney says she's just sort of shocked by the news that she will need an egg donor. She says she has an image of Jax and a baby boy, both of them with the sun shining on their blond heads, like golden halos. Jax jokes that she is obviously expecting the men in the family to be perfect angels.

Just then there's a knock on the door -- it's Elizabeth. She apologetically informs Jax that Lucky doesn't want her to carry the baby...and if he's not comfortable, she doesn't want to do it either. Jax says he understands. He also offers to help Elizabeth and Lucky out financially, but Elizabeth declines, saying that Lucky wants to handle it himself.

THE DOCKS: The money drop off is going on at the docks...the deal is being conducted by a couple of thugs. Lucky is lurking nearby in a ski mask, holding a gun. He pounces on the men and tells them they have five seconds to leave. The two men rush off, leaving the money with Lucky.

GREYSTONE: Sonny says his instincts are telling him that something is off about Reese's story, and his instincts are usually right. He warns her that he can't live with lies, that it was lies that destroyed his marriage. He asks her again to be honest with him.

THE HOSPITAL: Tony tells Mac and Felicia that Georgie's bleeding between her skull and her brain and needs immediate's a risky procedure and the chances of success are 50-50. If the surgery fails, Georgie will not survive. Monica steps in and hesitantly notes that in the awful event that Georgie doesn't make it, her heart could be used to save Maxie.

JAX AND COURTNEY'S HOUSE: Elizabeth has left and Jax and Courtney are alone and basking in the glow of their decision to find another surrogate mother so they can finally have a baby. Jax wants to take Courtney on another honeymoon, but Courtney thinks they should wait until they have their they can do it as a family. They are about to start in on dessert when there comes another knock on the door. This time it's Rachel, and she has a proposition for Jax and Courtney.

LUCKY AND LIZ'S PLACE: Elizabeth comes home to find Lucky -- and the pile of cash he stole. Liz asks him what he did?

GREYSTONE: Reese is hesitant about opening up to Sonny. She lies again and says that David was the man in her room trying to kill her. Just then Carly shows up -- she immediately calls Reese a liar and notes to Sonny that it's time he found out who Reese is.

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