GH Update Wednesday 6/15/05

General Hospital Update Wednesday 6/15/05


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At the Metro Court, Courtney and Jax run into Carly and Lorenzo. Courtney is shocked to notice a wedding ring on Carly’s finger. Courtney asks Carly how she could marry this jerk. Carly tells Courtney she congratulates her on her marriage and hopes Courtney can return that. Courtney asks Carly when the last time was when she remembers Jax kidnapping a woman or causing someone to miscarry their child. Lorenzo tells Courtney he’s sorry she disapproves but hopes she can get over it.

Noticing he has some real financial problems, Lucky tells Elizabeth that he will not ask Nikolas for money. She tells him he must not feel guilty. He tells her it’s not guilt. It’s pride. He cannot ask his brother to support him. He needs to handle this alone. She tells him he will never be alone.

Michael goes to see Reese in her hospital room and notices her ex-husband. He asks her if this is her boyfriend. She awkwardly answers that this is just somebody she used to know. Reese’s ex asks Michael if he is 9 or 10 and informs him that his own little boy would be his age right now. Trying to get her ex to leave, Reese tells Michael she’s really glad he came to visit him and wonders where his dad is. Her ex says he’d like to meet Michael’s father.

Felicia inform the Monica and Bobbie that Maxie is getting better but she is worried about Georgie.

In Maxie’s room, Georgie is with Max fixing her hair and laughing together. Dillon enters and informs them that Georgie is having a job interview. Maxie asks Georgie why she hasn’t heard about it. Georgie says it’s just a simple job at a pizza shop.

After hearing Courtney’s discontentment about her marriage to Lorenzo, Carly tells Courtney that she thanks her for her opinion but her marriage is none of Courtney’s business. Courtney reminds Carly that Lorenzo kidnapped her (Carly) and tried to ruin Sonny. Carly tells Courtney that those things are none of her business. Courtney tells Carly that it is her business that Lorenzo caused her to have a miscarriage. Carly protests to Courtney that it was her own choice to jump into the freezing water while pregnant and not Lorenzo’s fault.

Elizabeth informs Bobbie that she and Lucky are really financially strapped because when Lucky was suspended from the police force, he had no medical coverage. Bobbie asks Elizabeth how she can help. Elizabeth tells Bobbie she can give her more shifts.

Michael asks Reese if she’s feeling better after her accident. She tells him she’s ok and is really happy that he is seeing a therapist. Reese’s ex appears friendly to Michael and walks him out the door. Alone with him, she tells him he better leave her and Michael alone. He tells her she’d better be nice to him or he will tell Michael about all the lies she’s told everybody.

Georgie informs Dillon that when she was little she used to get these really bad stomach aches. And she would go and find Maxie and Maxie would get her some ginger ale and they would talk all about their dreams to travel and have fun. She tells him that when Maxie would talk about what fascinated her, it seemed she could make magic come true. And she tells him that she wants to make it all better for Maxie and make magic come true for her. Dillon tells Georgie that she needs to give herself a break. Georgie tells Dillon this is not about herself. It’s about Maxie. She’s worried that Maxie is getting weaker and she’s afraid that when she comes back tomorrow, that Maxie will be gone.

Bobbie tells Elizabeth that she believes that extra shifts might not be the best thing, right now. Elizabeth tells Bobbie that she doesn’t want everything to be on Lucky’s shoulders. Bobbie says she knows but Cameron spends so much time with the babysitter already. And she tells Elizabeth that she does not feel proud of all the time she remembers working instead of being with her family. Elizabeth tells Bobbie she agrees that her son should not have to spend so much time around strangers but she wishes she knew what to do in order to help Lucky. At that moment, Lucky comes to see her and informs her that Mac gave him some overtime.

Courtney tells Carly that she may have made a mistake by jumping in the cold water. That was her judgment call. She accepts responsibility for her decision. And maybe if she’d done things differently, she might have a child right now. But she tells Carly that she now needs to take responsibility for the serious mistake she’s made to marry Lorenzo. Carly protests that she married Lorenzo because she loves him. Courtney tells Carly that she knows she only married Lorenzo in order to get revenge upon Sonny because he’s slept with Reese. And she tells Carly that she will regret her decision. And she, emotionally, asks Jax to take her home.

Michael sits with Max. Alan Quartermaine talks to him. Michael calls him Dr. Quartermaine. Alan tells Michael he wishes he’d call him grandpa. At that moment, Dr. Thomas comes out and Michael goes with him to start his therapy session.

Reese tells her ex that she will not go down without a fight. She tells him he already killed her when he murdered her little boy.

Georgie tells Maxie that she’s about as interested in delivering pizza as she is in fixing hair. Maxie tells Georgie that she knows she is just afraid to leave the ICU. She tells Georgie that one of them has to have fun in the sun during the summer with their boyfriend. She tells Georgie that since she, herself, is unattached, it must be Georgie, instead. She makes a light-hearted joke about herself being on death-watch. Hearing that, Georgie demands she not say that or even think it. Maxie apologizes and tells Georgie she will make a deal with her. Georgie must go out and have a life. And she promises Maxie that she will not die

Lucky tells Elizabeth that he needs to find a way to get out of this financial mess. He tells her the only way is to work longer hours. She protests that they don’t have enough time together as it is. He tells her that he refuses to take money from Nikolas, especially after the mess his dad got Nikolas into with Helena. But she disagrees.

After the end of their unpleasant conversation with Carly and Lorenzo, Courtney apologizes to Jax for causing a seen and getting so angry. He tells her it’s perfectly ok and realizes that Carly really pushes so many ones buttons.

Carly and Lorenzo return to their new place. She tells him that she really lost it and should not have had that argument with Courtney. He tells her everything is ok. She tells him that she understands Courtney doesn’t care for him and has the right to her opinion. But she did not appreciate the way Courtney attacked her and accused her of marrying Lorenzo just to get back at Sonny. He tells her he knows the truth and knows who she is. And he tells her he loves her for whom she is. Not in spite of it. And they kiss.

Reese’s ex admits to her that he has not been able to sleep at night after what has happened to their little boy. She tells him he’s a pig. He tells her he’s spent four miserable years rotting in prison. She asks if he believes that it is now her turn to pay. He tells her that he can see that she really has some strong feelings for Sonny Corinthos. He knows that special look in her eyes when she is in love. Hearing that, she tells him he must not make her throw up. He tells her that he previously hoped she’d die. But now he’s glad that she did not. Because he can make her pay him all the money he wants. She tells him she does not have money. He tells her he knows her boyfriend does. She asks what he will do if she does not get the money from Sonny. Will he kill her? He tells her he will do worse. He will tell Sonny the reason why she is really in Port Charles.

Jax and Courtney go to the hospital to talk to Dr. Meadows about how they find a pregnant woman who would let them adopt their baby. Dr. Meadows explains that some women want to give birth and some do it in order to get money from the adoptive parents. Courtney asks about having a surrogate who would carry the baby with Courtney’s egg and Jax’s sperm. Dr. Meadows tells them that in cases like that, the pregnant woman might be less emotionally attached to her baby. And she tells them she can introduce them to some candidates.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that if he refuses to take money form Nikolas, perhaps they can go to her grandmother. He tells her absolutely not. He will find a way out without taking anybody’s money. She chuckles and tells him that maybe she can play the lottery. Right then, they are able to hear Dr. Meadows walk Courtney and Jax out of her office telling them she can set up an appointment for them to meet some “candidates”.

Lorenzo tells Carly that he appreciates her for who she really is. She tells him she wishes she could enable Courtney to see how different he is than so many other people. She tells him she is also concerned about how stubborn Michael is. He assures her he will find a way for there to be peace in the family and promises he will not come between her and her children.

Michael’s friend, Jodie tells him that his mother must not really care about him if she married another man. Michael protests that his mom says she loves him. She tells him she believes her stepfather is a jerk and asks him if he wants to find out for sure if his mom really loves him.

Ric comes to see Reese and tells her that he found the person who cut her breaks. He tells her he knows about her ex husband and knows he got out on parole right before her car blew up and he notices that she does not seem to be surprised. She admits that she is not surprised.

Courtney and Jax return home and she talks about the nursery she wants to create for their baby. He says perhaps they should get their own house. She laughs and tells them that she realizes that fertility treatments sometimes cause multiple births and she’d be perfectly ok to have twins or triplets.

Dr. Meadows asks Elizabeth to pull some patient files for her, call them and ask if they are still interested in becoming gestational hosts. She tells her she just talked to a couple who is considering having a baby by that method. Elizabeth inquires why women would want to carry a baby in order to give the baby up to another couple. Dr. Meadows informs Elizabeth that there are many reason, the most common of which is to get money.

Finding out what happened with her husband, Evan, Reese tells Ric that she’s not surprised that Evan found a way to get early parole. He was a brilliant lawyer and master manipulator. Ric asks her why she put her ex in jail. She tells him they met in law school and were very ambitious. They started seeing each other and she accidentally got pregnant. She admits that she found out that Evan had no interest in having a baby. They divorced and she noticed that Evan regarded Jamie as an alien. He was completely detached from their son and she did not even ask him for child support. She tells Ric that Evan got involved in some very dangerous deals and the people whom Even had the problems with kidnapped their child, assuming that Evan would do anything to get his son back. Evan assumed that they would never have the guts to kill a little boy. But they proved him wrong. He tells her he concludes that she joined the FBI to put her ex away. And now Evan is coming back to get revenge upon her. She tells Ric that she knows that Evan is greedy and selfish and driven but she does not believe he’s violent. He tells her that after she put a successful businessman away, it’s very possible he’s coming back to settle the score with her.

Dillon acts out a scene with Gerogie at the pizza joint where she’s going to be working. They play around and have fun.

Felicia and Mac come to see Maxie and inform her that Georgie will call as soon as she’s gotten the job. They all agree that Georgie will be hired because she’s so smart. But right then, Maxie suffers a cardiac arrest. The doctors come to revive her.

And right when Georgie is having fun with Dillon, she falls over and looks like shes’ hurt.

Elizabeth comes to see Jax, after finding out from Dr. Meadows what he and Courtney are doing. She tells him that maybe the answer to his problems could solve hers.

Courtney goes to see Carly at Carly’s and Lorenzo’s new place. Noticing Carly is not there. Courtney tells Lorenzo that she knows that Carly only married him because she was angry at Sonny and Lorenzo must realize that Sonny is the only man Carly will ever love. She goes out the door.

Carly returns to Sonny’s, greets Michael and apologizes for having an argument previously. For the first time in a long time, he is receptive and happy to see her. She asks him about his appointment with Dr. Thomas. He says it went ok. She tells her son she misses him. He tells her he misses her too and would like to live with her. She tells him she’d like nothing more than for that to happen. He tells her if she divorces Alcazar, he will move in with her so fast.

Evan comes back to see Reese. She tells him she wants him to leave Port Charles, informs him that she told the authorities that he is not a violent man and wants him to prove that to be correct. But he tells her that he will not leave Port Charles until she comes up with the cash. She tells him she cannot. He tells her that he will expose her to Sonny and to Carly and that she is there to strip Caroline Benson Corinthos from everything she loves, including Sonny and Michael.

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