GH Update Tuesday 6/14/05

General Hospital Update Tuesday 6/14/05


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Jax and Courtney return home after their honeymoon. They are in his apartment, laughing and having a good time.

Nikolas goes to the hospital and sees Elizabeth. But she’s not there. Elizabeth informs him that Emily asked for a personal day off from work. And he assumes that she is going to spend it as far away from him as possible.

At that moment, Emily is with Michael in his room playing video games and having a good time. But she tells him she bets he misses his mom. And that ends Michael’s smiling and laughing.

Carly and Lorenzo are in the new house he bought revealing that it may not be entirely complete for them when her kids are not ok about heir plans.

Lucky finds Sonny and informs him that there is something he heeds to know about Reese.

In Reese’s hospital room, her secret “contact” stands over her bed. She demands he leaves. He asks what she’s going to do about it and tells her he will inform everybody about her little secret. And he calls her Charlotte.

Lucky tells Sonny that Agent’s Marshall’s crash was not an accident. Her brake lines were cut and somebody tried to kill her. He tries to assures Sonny that the department wants to do everything they can to help her. Sonny seems not to trust Lucky. Lucky tells Sonny that he knows Sonny’s relationship with Reese is none of his business but he tells Sonny that he could help him nail whoever tried to kill Reese if he tells him what he knows about this.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that the last time he thought he was having a good time with Emily, she suddenly disappeared. Elizabeth tells him that maybe he’s taking it too personally. He asks her what would possess Emily to take a day off from work. Sonny comes and informs them that Emily is in his house staying with Michael.

Michael seems to enjoy being with Emily but reveals to her that he does not believe that his mom cares how he feels. She tells him that she does not believe that that is true. He asks her why, then is everything is so messed up? Emily shares with Michael that when she was his age, she saw her mom, Monica as having no problems. But later on, she got to see that her mother had some problems and could not take care of her. She tells him there were times when she had to be the parent and her mom had to be the child. She tells him that our parents are not perfect. They have problems and were once children just like we were. He asks why his mother would marry Lorenzo Alcazar. Emily says she does not know. But she was able to accept the fact that her real mom died and that Monica is now her mom.

Carly tells Lorenzo that she wants to bring Michael to their new home and show him how good things are. He asks her where he will be when she does this. He tells her that he’s concerned about Michael getting the idea that he can manipulate their lives and get him to disappear. She assures him that that will not happen. But she’s concerned about her son being traumatized and not yet ok with the idea that they have gotten married.

Reese’s “contact” asks her if her girlfriend, Caroline would not like to know that she’s alive and well. She asks him why he is now free. He informs her that he got early parole. She tells him that he failed to save her son. He tells her that he had no control over what the kidnappers did and he jokingly tells her that her anger will eat her up inside. He also tells her he will build a new life and will not let her stop him. At that moment she hears a knock on the door. The guy escapes and Sonny enters. He asks her how she is feeling and informs her that there are some things he needs to say.

Courtney and Jax open their wedding presents. When she discovers that they might not need everything they have, she suggests maybe they should donate them to some children’s charities. She goes through some personal things of his, which he does not want her to see. She tells him that she notices that they are pamphlets about fertility and asks why he really wants to have a baby.

At the hospital, outside Maxie’s room, Brook Lynn tells Diego that she assumes he has flowers for Maxie. She sounds ok about that and tells him she really admires Maxie for being so positive and not feelings sorry for herself. But Diego surprises her and informs her that the flowers are for her and not for Maxie.

Carly goes to see Michael and tries to encourage him to look at their new house. He asks if Lorenzo will be there. She says of course. He is her new husband. Michael does not seem happy. Carly encourages him to just go check out the stables and the lake and his new room. He turns to look at Emily and asks her what she thinks. She smiles and tells him it sounds like a plan. Carly hugs her son.

Sonny tells Reese that he is very worried about the fact that somebody is trying to kill her. She evades the issue. He asks her what she knows, who it could be and why she is not telling him the truth.

Nikolas goes to see Emily at Sonny’s new place. He informs her that the guard let him in, surprisingly, when he told them he was her husband. He informs her that he went to the hospital and had to hear from Sonny that she was in his home with Michael. Emily reveals to Nikolas that she is very concerned about Michael. He tells her he can see that she loves him and his brother. He also tells her that staying behind the gates and security system is a great way to hide. She protests that Michael has been through a lot. He tells her that this is not about Michael. It’s about her. He notices that she is staying there and using Michael in order to avoid him.

Carly takes Michael to Lorenzo’s new place. She tries to encourage him to check out the scenery. Lorenzo greets him. He does not seem happy to see Lorenzo. Carly tries to encourage her son to enjoy living there. He tells her that by marrying Lorenzo, she does not care about anybody except herself. They both protest that that is not true. He tells them that he does not want either one of them and he runs off.

Brook Lynn asks Diego why he gave her flowers. He tells her that that is what you do when you like somebody. She tells him she can see that he likes Maxie and asks what kinds of feelings he might have for her. He tells her that after seeing what happened to Maxie, he wanted to be there to support her and encourage her not to give up. He also tells Brook Lynn that he believes that she had dumped him in their last conversation where she had a problem with the wealth he’s acquired from his father. She tells him that she was afraid that he’d changed and she freaked. He assures her that he has not changed who he is. And he tells her that whenever something happens in his life, she is still the first one he wants to call.

Elizabeth returns home and talks to Lucky about taking pictures. But it looks like he’s lost in thought. He seems to be very concerned about their inability to afford their living expenses. She asks him how bad it is. He tells her she might have to go back and live with her grandmother.

Jax tells Courtney that he has been researching what it would be like to be a surrogate. But Courtney reveals to him that she knows exactly how it would work where somebody else would be fertilized. And she reveals to him that she might know the answer that everybody has been looking for. She suggests adoption.

In Reese’s hospital room, she tells Sonny that she wishes he would not play the hero. She tells him that Michael does not want her in his dad’s life. She tells him that Sam came to tell her that. He tells her she must not worry about Michael or about Sam. He tells her he wants her to stay in town. He wants it to work out between them and he doesn’t want her to give up on them. She tells him that she might have to stay away from him. She knows how painful this is to Michael. She tells him he is not her designated white knight. In case he does not notice this, she is in a hospital, recovering from a fatal accident and does not have time for him or anything else right now. When he leaves, her “acquaintance” enters and tells her he now knows that her long-lost best friend, Caroline stole her life. And now she intends to steal Caroline’s life.

Carly tells Michael that regardless of how he feels, she is still his mother. He tells her he refuses to live there. She tells him he is too young and too angry to make that decision. Lorenzo tells them that there is no reason to rush anything. At that point, the servant comes to take Michael to his therapy session. Alone with Carly, Lorenzo tells her he wishes he knew the right way to handle this. She admits that she is really scared that she will lose her little boy.

Courtney informs Jax that she was only pregnant once ad miscarried because of Lorenzo Alcazar and was told by doctors that she would not be able to carry a baby to full term. She tells him she would be very encouraged to adopt a baby, who would be their own. She tells him they are very lucky that money is no object. She says she heard it would cost $50,000 to pay for a woman to carry a baby. He concludes he is also glad that money is no object.

At that moment, Lucky and Elizabeth go over their bills and discover he is $50,000 in debt for his medical bills. She asks if he is having second thoughts. He tells her that now that she’s seen this, he wants to offer her an opportunity to get out. She assures him that she’s not going anywhere and has no intention of letting financial problems get between them.

Nikolas tells Emily that she has been finding many excuses to avoid dealing with him. He asks her to be honest in admitting that she’s now using Michael as an excuse. She tells him that not everything is about him. She has her own reasons to care about Michael. He tells her she keeps finding excuse after excuse. She tells him she cannot speak to him when he is “like this”. He tells her she doesn’t want to speak to him at all. He urges her to see that he is her husband and he wants to be there for her and work through this together. She tells him she is grateful. He tells her he does not want her to be “grateful”. He tells her he loves her and wants to be there for her through everything. And he admits that he is tired of having to pay for what Connor did. She walks away and he looks like he wants to pull her toward him. At that moment, Sonny enters and demands to know what Nikolas is doing in his home.

Lorenzo tells Carly that he’s sorry that their marriage has caused so much heartache. She tells him she does not like this either. But she’s with the man she loves and wants to make this work. He tells her that he wants to make this work also and loves her too. They kiss on the couch. At that moment, Diego enters and asks if this is bad timing. They get up and greet him. He tells them he wants to see the house and wanted to congratulate them but he appears uncomfortable. Carly comes up and kisses him on the cheek and tells him she is happy to see him and wants him to feel welcome to come and visit and to be a real brother to her sons. He smiles and tells her he wants that too.

Reese’s contact tells her that she may think Sonny Corinthos cares about her. But when he finds out about her past and her previous relationship with his wife, she’ll be all alone. He reveals to her that he is her ex-husband.

After being seen by Sonny in a “struggle” with Nikolas, Emily assures Sonny that everything is ok. Nikolas tells Sonny that his discussion with his wife is none of Sonny’s business. Sonny tells Nikolas that Emily is a guest in his home and she has the right to not be bothered by him, especially after she went through. He tells Nikolas that he should know better than to grab her after her experience. Hearing that, Nikolas appears that he is really angry to know that Emily told Sonny about the rape. Sonny demands that Nikolas gets out of his house.

At the Metro Court, Courtney and Jax make plans to adopt a baby. But right at that moment, they are distracted when they see Carly and Lorenzo enter. Courtney sees the wedding ring on Carly’s finger and says she cannot bleive that Carly has married this jerk.

After being confronted by Sonny, Nikolas storms out. Emily tells Sonny that he is really upset. Sonny says he does not care about Nikolas. He just wants to make sure she is ok. He tells her that he remembers his mother constantly making excuses for his father beating her. She tells him Nikolas would never hurt her. He tells her he knows a loose cannon when he sees one and asks Emily what might have happened if he had not shown up. She keeps assuring Sonny that Nikolas would not hurt her and she admits she’s been shutting him out and has lost her ability to trust. Sonny asks if she might be hiding out in his home where it is safe. And he tells her that he has a big house and she may stay with him for as long as she needs.

Reese’s ex tells her that she will never have a future with Sonny Corinthos so why not consider getting back with him? Right at that moment, Michael enters and notices Reese’s ex. Michael tells Reese that his father informed him that she’s been in an accident and he wanted to see if she was ok. He asks the guy if he is Reese’s boyfriend. Reese replies that he’s just somebody she used to know. The guy asks Michael if he’s nine or ten and informs him that his own little boy would be about his age right now.

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