GH Update Monday 6/13/05

General Hospital Update Monday 6/13/05


By Jenn and Suzanne
Pictures by Boo

Alexis arrives at the hospital with Kristina because she's had a small accident with a knife in the kitchen. Elizabeth asks Alexis if she wants her to call Ric. At first, Alexis says she may call him. But later, she reconsiders and does not want Ric to know.

Ric informs Lucky and Nikolas that he believes that somebody attempted to kill Reese twice now.

In Reese’s room, a strange man stands over her bed, calls her Charlotte and threatens her.

Carly and Lorenzo go to see Michael, Sonny, Jason and Sam at Sonny's house. At first, Michael tells his mom that he refuses to live with her and Lorenzo and will stay with his dad. Carly tells her son that in time, he will learn to love Lorenzo, and she does not want to fight with him. Michael tells her he does not want to fight, either. He just refuses to live with Mr. Alcazar and wants to live with his dad. Emily comes down from upstairs and announces that she told Leticia that she’d put Michael to bed. He’s ready to go with her. Carly stops them and tells her son she will always love him. She hugs him, but he does not respond to her and goes with Emily. When he is alone with Carly, Sonny asks her not to barge into his home with Lorenzo and ask to talk to his son unannounced. Lorenzo tells Sonny that Carly has the right to see her son whenever she wants. Sonny, barely controlling his temper, tells Lorenzo he better not ever barge into his home again.  Carly suggests they act like adults for the children's sake.

At the hospital, Ric tells Lucky that he suspected Durant for the first attempt on Reese's life, but they shouldn't assume it for both attempts and should look at other suspects.  He thinks Durant might try to impede the investigation even if he's not involved.  Lucky goes in to talk to Reese and asks her if she knows of anybody who might want her dead.

Elizabeth pulls Nikolas aside at the hospital and asks him to stay with Alexis, explaining about Kristina's accident.  He wants to tell Ric, but she explains that Alexis doesn't want him to.

Emily goes with Michael to his room. She tells him that she knows he’s been overhearing lots of adult’s conversations and she remembers herself doing the same thing when she was his age, living in the Quartermaine house. She tells him that when she used to do that, it just made everything more complicated to her when she was too young to understand everything. Michael tells Emily that his mom marrying Alcazar is not complicated.  She tells him that she understands that he and Sonny disapprove. But he should realize that his mom has the right to make her own decisions and be happy.

Carly gets into an argument with Jason when he doesn't wish her well on her marriage.  He tells her that he does wish her happiness but doesn't think she will find it with Alcazar.  Carly counters that she is not too fond of his choice, either, but she's accepted it.  She gets annoyed with him and dismisses him to talk "family business" with Sonny.  Sam makes a comment to Carly about treating Jason that way.   Downstairs, Sonny tells Carly that she did the dumbest thing ever by treating Jason in such a horrible manner. Lorenzo tells him he must not speak that way to Carly. She asks him if he would have acted any differently if Jason said to his face that he'd never be happy with Reese.

Reese tells Lucky in her hospital room that she thinks one of the past bad guys she put away probably tried to kill her. Lucky is suspicious that she doesn't seem too upset about it.  She asks to think about it and get back to him.  After Lucky leaves, Ric, who has been listening, slips and accuses Reese of hiding something.  She asks him why she’d try to hide anything.  He tells her he suspects that she has some secretive information that somebody would be willing to kill her for, or someone has a personal grudge against her.   He does not believe her when she tells him that she has no idea. He tells her he knows she thinks she can handle everything on her own, just like his wife tries to, but she must trust him and realize she might need help.

Lucky gets on the phone and asks his contact for all information they might have on the history of Agent Marshall's FBI cases. He asks Elizabeth out to a nice dinner, since Audrey is baby-sitting for them.  She asks him if they can go to Metro Court.  His face looks a little surprised, but he agrees. She informs him that Alexis came by with Christina after an accident, and she said she did not want Ric to know. Ric is not far away and hears their conversation.

Alexis chats with Nikolas as they wait for the doctor to be done with Kristina.  She blames herself for the accident, but he suggests it wasn't her fault.  She confides that she's just really tired, stressed out, and hormonal.  She admits she misses Ric.  Alexis babbles on to Nikolas about how she’s become this needy thing. She says she does not recognize herself that way. She likes being independent and strong and on her own.   Then this guy came and charmed her, and she admits that she’s found herself falling for him. She admits to Nikolas that if he were not there, she might very well run to Ric and admit that she needs him and misses him. Nikolas tells her there is nothing wrong with missing her husband. As she is saying all of this, Ric walks up behind her and listens in.  Nikolas leaves the two of them alone, even though Alexis doesn't want him to.

Emily tells Michael that she knows he’s been through a rough time, but she believes that Dr. Thomas could help him. He asks her why when he knows he hates seeing him. She tells him that usually nothing that helps in therapy is easy at first. She also makes a deal with him by offering to go to her own shrink for him if he agrees to go to Dr. Thomas for her. He agrees to her deal. Jason comes up and hears their conversation, so he mouths "thank you" to Emily.

Downstairs, Carly asks Sonny to help her convince Michael to stay with her and Lorenzo.  Sonny thinks Michael is old enough to make his own decisions.  Carly tells him what Dr. Thomas said about how Michael really doesn't want to be making adult decisions, such as this one.    Sonny gets annoyed at the mention of therapy; he tells Carly and Lorenzo that his son has been through enough.  He will not ask Michael to live with a man he cannot stand. Lorenzo protests to Sonny that Michael barely knows him and whatever opinion he’s formed of him was influenced by Sonny.   Sonny says if they can convince Michael, he will go along with it, but otherwise he will go with whatever Michael wants.  This isn't good enough for Carly and she complains that Sonny knows Michael will side with him.  Sonny replies that she should have thought about that before she ran off and married Lorenzo.

Alexis tells Ric that she’d asked Elizabeth not to call him. He informs her that Elizabeth did not, but he knows that Kristina is getting some stitches.  Ric asks Alexis why Kristina needs stitches. She admits that she left the knives too close to where Christina could reach it.  She remembers he had previously asked her to keep it out of Kristina’s reach, but she did not listen. She tells him from now on she will and there’s no need to be freaked out because things could be much worse. Right at that moment, she falls into Ric’s arms and nuzzles his neck.

Jason goes to talk to Michael and praises him for his good behavior in hearing the bad news that his mother married Lorenzo. He tells him that it’s good that he did not throw a fit. Michael asks Jason why his parents keep wrecking their family.  Jason replies that they are divorced for good this time.  Michael blames Carly for marrying Alcazar, so Jason says he doesn't have to agree with her choices, but he can be honest with her. Jason points out that his mom loves him more than anything and will fight for him, even when she thinks he's wrong.  He asks Michael if he could do the same.

Emily goes downstairs and informs Sonny that Michael has agreed to get therapy. He asks her how she’s managed to convince him to change his mind. She tells Sonny, for the first time, that not long ago she was raped. He asks her who the man was (we know he's thinking that he wants to kill the guy). She tells him it doesn’t matter, that she killed him right afterwards. But she knows, first hand, from her own experience, that it is crucial to get therapy. She’s discovered that by not talking about what happened, and having the memory of a traumatic experience, it’s like toxic waste of the soul. Jason comes down, so Sonny asks how Michael is.  Jason says Emily helped him.  Sonny frets that this marriage of Carly's could not come at a worse time.  He asks Emily if she can come by sometimes to check on Michael, and she agrees.   Sonny tells them that if Michael agrees to get therapy, he will let him go back to Dr. Thomas. Emily thanks Sonny and promises him he will not regret it.

At the hospital, Monica has examined Reese; she tells her that she has a concussion but no serious injuries.   However, she’s very concerned to discover that it looks like Reese has had many broken bones from earlier in her life. Reese tells Monica that she had a serious car accident once a long time ago.

Lorenzo takes Carly to their new place, which is near the Quartermaines' mansion. She tells him it’s beautiful and assumes it’s a rental. He asks why she assumes it’s rental property. She says that since he has another place to live, it would seem he would not want permanency in a new place so soon. He tells her that he wants their three sons to be able to live with them and for this place to be their home. He tells her he hopes she likes it. She tells him she loves it and she loves him so much.

After falling into Ric’s arms, Alexis suddenly pulls away and says she is sorry. He tells her there is nothing wrong with missing him. Immediately, she avoids the issue and asks him if he’s found somebody with whom to commit adultery. He tells her he’s not into picking up strangers just for that purpose. At that point, the nurse comes out, asks if they are Kristina’s parents, and if they’d like to see their daughter together. Alexis asks Ric if he's coming.  Ric says he would like that and they go to see her.

Elizabeth and Lucky meet at the Metro Court for a dressy dinner.  Lucky is awed by how beautiful Elizabeth looks.

Jason tells Sonny that he thinks it’s a good thing that Emily has been able to talk Michael into getting therapy. Sonny tells Jason that it’s not Emily’s job to have Michael duty. That is his mother’s job. Jason reminds Sonny that Michael doesn't want to listen to Carly right now because of her new marriage, and it will take him some time to adjust. Sonny admits that he didn't think Carly would go through with the vows.  He catches a look from Jason and thinks Jason is blaming him for what Carly did.  Jason denies it, but Sonny thinks Jason is right to blame him.   He was too stubborn to step in and stop her, and now it's too late.

In their “new place” Carly tells Lorenzo that she loves it there.  He promises to show her the stables in the morning.  She confides that she loves to ride and tells him that her best friend used to have horses that she rode with.  He suggests bringing up some of his horses from his Hacienda and thinks they can teach Michael to ride together.  She says that might take some time and jokingly wonders where Michael got his stubborn streak.  He tells her that he’s learned from the master how to be patient, and it’s paid off because of what he has now with her. She tells him that she would have never imagined that after all the pain and anger and bad choices, that she could be so happy. He gives her a surprise box to open.  She unwraps it, wondering what else he could have gotten her. It’s a car key. He’s bought her a car. She tells him abruptly to forget it.

In Reese’s room, she is having a nightmare where she relives the fatal car crash.

Emily looks for a lost scarf at the hotel, but Nikolas has already found it and gives it to her.  He says now he will have to find another excuse to go see her tomorrow, but she replies that he never needs an excuse to see her.

After surprising her with the car key, Lorenzo tells Carly that he’s considered having a private driver for her, but he thought she might like to be able to drive her own car. She tells him firmly that she does not drive. She relates how she tried and failed to learn to drive  because she has a phobia about it and freezes up during driving.  She tells him how she always remembers the accident that killed her best friend when she was 17. She remembers her friend waving and saying “bye, Caroline”.   Carly informs him that that was what they called her in high school.

Right at that moment, Reese is having a dream where she sees herself and others as high school cheerleaders and remembers a Caroline. At that moment, she awakens and Sonny is by her bed. He asks her why she said Caroline.

Jason comes home to find Sam in sweats with a night-time mask all over her face.  She is embarrassed and tries to run up the stairs, but he grabs her and picks her up as she protests.  She smears the stuff on his face.  They laugh and kiss.

At the Metro Court, Lucky and Elizabeth are having a pleasant, romantic chat, right after finishing dessert.    The waitress informs Lucky that his credit card was refused.  He figures it is maxed out from all the moving expenses, so  he cannot pay for his dinner with Elizabeth.   Elizabeth gives the waitress her credit card instead.

Nikolas and Emily are not far away, so Nikolas tells the waitress he will cover Mr. Spencer’s tab and asks her to inform Lucky that his credit card did go through their machine after all. Lucky has no clue what Nikolas did. Emily reminds Nikolas how lucky they were when they were having financial problems, it was all about keeping his business empire intact and they never had to scramble to pay their credit card bills.  Nikolas says it's kind of hard to feel sorry for them, though, because they have what really matters (each other).  Emily wishes she and Nikolas could share that kind of closeness.  Nikolas assures her it will come in time.  She hears a song she likes, so they dance together.

Ric, Alexis, and Kristina sit on the couch at the hospital.  They have given Kristina a balloon for being brave.  Alexis feels the baby kick, so she puts Ric's hand to her stomach so he can feel, too.  He is awed.

Sam asks Jason if he really feels betrayed by Carly, knowing she’s married Alcazar, whom Jason hates.  Jason admits she would help Carly if she needs it, but she knows that Carly has to put her man first, and that's not Sonny any more.  He assures Sam he will always put her first, ahead of Carly or anyone else.

The mysterious little girl from Dr. Thomas’s office, Jodie, comes to see Michael. He asks her what she’s doing there since his dad’s guards are near by.   She is sympathetic to Michael being alone after all the adults have left.  She says that her parents don't care about her, either.

Sonny asks Reese about Caroline. She says the only Caroline she remembers is a girl she knew from high school.  She claims she hasn't thought about her or seen her in years.

At that moment, Carly tells Lorenzo about her friend named Charlotte Roberts, who was nicknamed Carly. She tells him that she thought everything about Charlotte was so cool: her clothes, her social standing, and the car she died in.  She tells him of the memory she had of her friend dying a tragic death. She tells him that they were friends since they were 6. She remembers the last thing she told “Charlotte” was that she hoped she’d crash and burn, and then Charlotte was dead. Lorenzo tells Carly that it sounds like she feels responsible for Charlotte’s accident. She admits she  is responsible.  He doesn't think that's true, unless there's something else she hasn't told him.

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