GH Update Friday 6/10/05

General Hospital Update Friday 6/10/05



By Suzanne
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Continuing from yesterday, Tracy and Luke catch Coleman telling Skye that he's only interested in Tracy for her money. It's Skye he wants. Coleman tries to lie his way out of it and kiss up to Tracy, but she punches him hard in the gut instead. (At least, I think it was the gut!) Coleman tries to be honest with Tracy, but that makes things worse because she doesn't want to hear the truth. Tracy tells him off for good and orders him out. Luke confesses that he's forgotten who's doing what to whom but says this is all a mess. He tells Tracy that he'll give her the divorce. Tracy turns on him and says, "Not on your life", shocking both Luke and Skye. They all argue. Tracy blames Skye for ruining her relationship with Coleman. Skye points out that there was nothing for Tracy to lose and reminds her what Coleman said about her. Tracy sticks up for him, saying they had something special. Tracy is determined to ruin Skye's happiness, but Skye claims she did Tracy a favor. Tracy doesn't buy it. Luke reminds Tracy that he has a picture of her cheating, so he doesn't need her permission. She counters that New York is not a community property state, so Luke's legal fees will eat up most of the money he is looking for. Skye thinks that will be ok, but Luke doesn't. They argue because Luke wants the 15 million still, even though Skye is offering her heart. Skye tells Luke that's the end and he's on his own. Later, Luke is sitting outside when Skye tells him to come inside with a sweet voice. He goes in and sees her in a black negligee and offering him brandy. She tells him to sit down and make himself comfortable. He wonders what she's up to as she kisses him. She asks if he wants her. He assures her that he does. She pulls his head back roughly and tells him that it is too bad. She says, "No sex until you divorce Tracy!" Then she walks away.

The blonde girl from the hospital yesterday, Jodie, has somehow snuck into Michael's bedroom. She claims she lives down the road. She wants to warn him about Dr. Thomas. Michael wisely wonders how she got through all the security. She claims she climbed through the hole in the back fence, which only Michael knew about. She tells Michael that she goes to Dr. Thomas, too, but hates it because he always asks her how she feels about stuff. Michael says he has to go because he promised Emily, Jason and Sam he would. She says he can get out of it by "having a fit", crying like a baby and curling up in a ball. She thinks they will never make him go back that way. MIchael ponders this. He hears a noise from the hall, so he tells her to go out the window.

Jason worries about Michael going to therapy. Sam knows that Jason blames himself for everything that happened to Michael. Jason knew what A.J. was capable of and didn't protect Michael. He beats himself up as Sam tries to talk him out of it. Jason and Sam get Michael for his therapy session.

Lorenzo and Carly are at his villa, looking out at the mountains. He kisses her. They talk about getting married tonight. He is surprising her about where they will honeymoon. He kisses her and they part company to get ready for the wedding. Carly and Lorenzo have their wedding ceremony. The priest tells them to speak from their heart (for their vows), so they do. Lorenzo prepares to take Carly on their honeymoon. She wonders where they're going. He still wants it to be a surprise but says they are picking up her children first.

Sonny has found Reese in her car, which has crashed. Her head is slumped against the wheel, with blood streaming down.. She dreams about another similar crash, where a girl is screaming in the background. Sonny asks if she's all right, but she doesn't answer. He gets her out; she mumbles "Caroline?" while in his arms. Sonny lays her on the ground as she keeps mumbling that. Reese has visions of some cheerleaders. The paramedics take her to the hospital as Sonny looks worried. Monica works on Reese in the ER. Sonny tells Reese where she is and that they are going to take care of her. Reese murmurs, "I saw you with her. How could you?" Sonny wonders what she means. Elizabeth has some paperwork that Sonny needs to fill out, and she asks if Reese has any family they can contact. Sonny doesn't know.

Nikolas and Emily chat at the Metrocourt about their date, where they pretended to meet each other for the first time. He gets up and kisses her. She closes her hand into a tight fist, where he can't see it. He asks if she's ok, but she assures him that he doesn't have to ask that every time he kisses her. He asks her to go back with him to Windemere to walk on the bluffs, but she remembers conveniently that she has to go back to the hospital. Michael has his session with the therapist tonight, and she wants to help him out like before. Nikolas understands but seems a little surprised. He gets an expression on his face after she walks away, like he realizes why she is really walking away. Later, Nikolas tells Lucky about his date with Emily. Lucky is happy to hear that it went well, until Nikolas tells him that he thinks Emily is just forcing herself to act like everything's okay. Nikolas is very frustrated. Lucky assures him that things will work out in time. Lucky is paged for work.

Diego visits Maxie, but he admonishes her for not resting. She is surprised to hear that he has visited her before when she was sleeping. She thinks he should be out celebrating his graduation. He says he has no one to celebrate with. Maxie knows that Brook's parents and hers took the other teens out for dinner, but he says that he doesn't get along with Brook's parents. She wonders about his parents. He tells her that his parents are both away. Maxie asks Diego about what it's like to live with a father he barely knows, so he tells her about living with Lorenzo. Lorenzo's lifestyle and wealth is very different from the way Diego used to live in foster homes. Maxie wonders if Diego is happier now that he's gotten what he wanted. She wonders if Diego loves Lorenzo for what he's done for him, or just because he's his father. She asks him, "What about the fact that he missed your whole childhood?" She seems to be thinking more about her own absentee father when she says that, but he doesn't know that. Diego can't really blame Lorenzo about that because her mother didn't tell him about Diego. He asks Maxie if she was talking about her own father. Maxie confides that Mac is like her own father, but now that she is in the hospital and it's graduation day, she is thinking about her biological father. Diego asks where he is, but Maxie doesn't know. She confides that her father is a spy for the government; he gave up his family for his job. Diego knows that hurts. Maxie says it only hurts on special days like this. She shares the few memories she has of him and says that Georgie doesn't remember him at all. She tells herself to stop feeling sorry for herself. Diego wonders what he can do to help, so she suggests that he take her for a ride. They go for a ride to the cafeteria to get ice cream (mostly off-screen). Maxie is disappointed that he didn't wheel her outside to get fresh air. Diego promises that when she gets out, he will take her as far and as fast as she wants to go (in the Porsche Lorenzo gave him). Diego even offers to let her drive, which surprises her. When she wonders if he is nervous about letting her drive, Diego tells her that he will take her smile over the car any day. They joke about it, but he tells her something in Spanish. She asks what he said, so he translates that he said, "eat your ice cream". (Really, he said that her eyes show him what is in her soul and that both are equally divine.)

Emily chats with Dr. Thomas as they walk down the hallway at GH. He wonders about the details of the trauma Michael suffered, but Emily doesn't know them, either. Dr. Thomas thinks she is just covering up, but she swears she doesn't know. Jason, Sam, and Michael walk up for his appointment. Emily gives Michael words of comfort and Dr. Thomas says it will only be for a little while. Michael looks up at Jason, who looks like he wants to throttle Dr. Thomas, but he tells Michael to go ahead and they'll be waiting. Sam thanks Emily for coming. Emily share with them what she told Michael about therapy. Sam and Emily chat about Michael while Jason waits pensively. Michael comes running out again, upset, and leans against Emily like she is his lifeline. He mumbles, "What do I have to go?" repeatedly. The adults get upset and try to soothe him. Sonny walks by and demands to know what is going on. Michael tells Sonny that he doesn't want to talk to Dr. Thomas any more, so Sonny agrees that he doesn't have to. The others try to convince Sonny to talk to the doctor, but Sonny doesn't want to hear about it. He wants to go with his original instincts. Ric comes up, so Sonny tells him about Reese's car accident. He asks Ric to sit with her while he takes Michael home. He tells him that Reese is trying to tell him something, but he can't figure it out. Ric assures him that he will help. Sonny tells the rest of them that he is taking his son home and he doesn't want the subject of therapy ever raised in his house again. Jason looks pained.

Jason yells at Dr. Thomas for hurting Michael. Dr. Thomas assures Jason and Sam that Michael was lying about the session. He thinks that Michael is hiding something and afraid of revealing it. They argue about what's best for Michael. The doctor asks Jason to help Michael by telling him what he's hiding. Jason tells him that it's not his concern any more. Dr. Thomas is sorry that Sonny doesn't want to send him there any more because Michael needs help. He walks away. Sam thinks Dr. Thomas is right. Jason wants to find another way to handle this. Sam thinks they should tell the doctor about Michael killing A.J., if Michael can't do it. Jason refuses and says it's not working. Sam knows he thinks this because it didn't work for him. Jason replies that it's because MIchael doesn't like it any more than he did. Sam thinks Jason shouldn't let his own mistrust stand in the way of Michael getting what he needs.

Back at the house, MIchael thanks Sonny for bringing him home. Sonny asks what Dr. Thomas did that upset him. Michael replies that he asked about A.J. Emily arrives and insists that Michael will get better if he tries to talk about what happened. Sonny orders Michael to go upstairs and get rest. Sonny tells Emily never to contradict him with his kids again or to ask Michael to go to the doctor again. Emily doesn't back down. She tells Sonny that if he loves Michael, he needs to let him get help. They argue about the therapy. Emily shares with Sonny about how therapy helped her (without telling him specifically about the rape), even after she tried to avoid going to therapy and her life spun out of control. She asks if Sonny doesn't want to spare Michael the pain. Sonny tells her quietly that he won't force Michael to do anything he doesn't want to do, but if she can get him to go, he won't fight it. Emily thanks him and goes up to visit Michael. Jason and Sam return home later and discuss it with Sonny. He doesn't want them to pressure Michael.

Michael finds Jodie in his room again. He tells her that her advice worked, and he doesn't have to go back to the doctor again. She wonders why he's not happy. He feels bad about lying because everyone is so worried about him. He tells her that Emily thinks going to the doctor will help. Jodie tells him that Dr. Thomas asks about things that it hurts to remember so he's lucky he doesn't have to go back. Michael looks confused. Emily plays with Michael's video game and talks to him about therapy. He asks why she goes to therapy if she doesn't like it, either. She says that she goes because it makes her feel better to tell someone about what happened. She shares that not telling was a lot worse and things didn't go away, they just go worse. She talks about how she got so upset and mad at people. She tells him that only facing the bad stuff makes it go away. Michael wonders why it still bothers her, then. Michael goes downstairs with Emily to tell him that he is reconsidering therapy. Just then, Carly and Lorenzo walk in, all smiles.

Ric visits Reese. She asks him where Caroline is. Reese wakes up, so Ric fills her in on what happened. He wonders if she told Sonny about them sleeping together. She doesn't think she did, but she's not sure. She says everything has been mixed up with something that happened in high school. Ric tells her to get some rest.

Lucky and Nikolas arrive at the hospital and want to see Reese. They were just at the crash site. Lucky let Nikolas tag along when he got the call to go there. Ric comes out, so Lucky tells him that the crash wasn't an accident--someone tries to kill Reese. A man visits Reese's room. She looks up to see him. He says, "Hello, Charlotte".

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