GH Update Thursday 6/9/05

General Hospital Update Thursday 6/9/05



By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Felicia is now being played by Sandra Ferguson (Amanda, Another World). Kristina Wagner wanted to finish her college career and GH wouldn't give her any kind of contract, so....can't blame her for leaving. It's such a shame GH keeps making these bad casting decisions.

On to the story....

At the Quartermaine mansion, Coleman eats shrimp cocktail greedily, while Tracy hovers over him protectively. Luke watches them with narrowed eyes, then he sees Skye batting her eyes at Coleman, which really steams him. Edward comes in and wonders what's going on. He doesn't trust any of them, so he asks Alice. Alice explains the whole plot to Edward, with her own spin on it (saying sweet things about Luke). It's very funny, and there are interruptions from everyone. Edward is horrified that Tracy wants Coleman. As Alice concludes, they all start arguing. Skye pleads with them to think about love and real human emotion. Skye says that a man in this room owns her heart: Coleman. She tells him she loves him, much to everyone's surprise. Luke doesn't buy it. When he lists Coleman's defects, it sounds a lot like Luke's defects as well. Skye maintains that she is telling the truth. Skye turns on the charm to Coleman, but everyone else is disgusted. Coleman laughs it off, a little conceited about the way Skye is acting. As Luke follows Skye outside, Coleman tells Tracy that she's not the first gal who thought she loved him. Tracy is aghast. Coleman says Skye will have to get over it because he's already in love. He adds a kiss, but Tracy's mouth is still hanging open in shock. Edward leaves to get dinner in peace. Coleman tells Tracy that Skye means nothing to him and besides, he's surprised she remembers because she was always drunk. Tracy tells him angrily that he'd better be telling the truth, then she stalks out of the room. Outside, Luke asks in a pitiful voice if Skye is really bailing on him. She goes on again about how he's bad for her (blaming him for the prison term, which was NOT his fault!!). Luke tries to talk her out of being with Coleman, saying she is too classy for Coleman. Skye defends her choice. Coleman overhears the conversation about him, eavesdropping from inside. Luke points out gently that it's amazing what Skye will go through, just so she won't admit her love for him, then leaves. Coleman walks outside and asks if Skye has been alone. She admits she and Luke had one last fight. He strokes her face and says she's too pretty to be this sad. He asks her how much of what she said about him is true. She shrugs and asks what the difference is. Coleman says he has always had a thing for her, but it's nice to hear...he trails off as he starts to kiss her. Skye stops him and reminds him about Tracy's money. She suggests they can find some places in the big house to be together secretly. He tells her that Tracy's going to a charity event, so he suggests they meet back there. She thinks the boathouse will be a better idea, so he agrees to meet her in 15 minutes. She flirts with him some more and then asks if this is for real. He is adamant that this is for real and says that Tracy is just a "needy cow with a big ol' bag of dead presidents". Ouch! Luke and Tracy come out just then, having heard the whole thing. Tracy is very angry at both of them.

Georgie is shocked to find Maxie out of bed and taking off out her IV and other equipment. Maxie doesn't want to miss her high school graduation. Georgie tries to talk her out of it, but Maxie is adamant. She is proud of the hard work she's done to get this far. Georgie is really scared about Maxie risking her life. Dillon, Brook Lynn, and Diego drop by to say hi before school. They wonder why Maxie is out of bed, so Georgie tells them. Felicia and Monica walk in. Felicia orders Maxie to go back to bed. Maxie tells her that she's over-reacting. Monica tells Maxie that if she leaves there, she could die. The others wonder if they should go, but Maxie insists that they go. Dillon says they will act just like she's there anyway. Maxie asks Brook to pick up her diploma. Brook agrees, with a hug. Maxie urges a reluctant Georgie to go, too. Georgie hugs her and says this really sucks, then she follows the others out. Monica tells Maxie that they have a situation. She tells her gently that she may not go on with B.J.'s heart, even though that's what she wants to do. Maxie's blood and tissue match are very rare. Felicia tells her what they went through before with finding a match, saying it could take some time. Monica urges Maxie to sign the consent form to get put on the donor list for a new heart. Maxie refuses. She wants to know about other options that Monica suggested. She doesn't want them to give up on those options and thinks they will just go with the transplant if she signs that. They argue with her about what this means, but Maxie insists on living with B.J.'s heart.

Dillon films the graduation for Maxie. Diego does a bad Antonio Banderas / Zorro impression for the camera. Some of their friends come up and wonder where Maxie is, so they just say she was too sick to attend. Dillon films them all. Georgie is sad and won't smile for the camera, so Dillon asks her what's wrong. Georgie tells him that she feels she's already lost him, then she beats herself up for doing this. Dillon understands and compares this situation to the movie "American Graffiti". She says this is real life, not a movie. Georgie is very upset as they discuss the problem; Dillon doesn't know what he should have done. She says it's not his fault. She worries about being all alone next year. Dillon points out that it's Maxie she's really upset about, not them. They hug and she cries on his shoulder. Diego and Brook return. Diego has a great idea to prevent Maxie from missing graduation.

Outside Maxie's room, Felicia and Monica discuss it. Felicia wonders what to do and asks Monica about the other options that Maxie mention. Monica says that a donor heart is the best option. They keep discussing what they can do to help Maxie. Felicia wonders what will happen if Maxie is too sick to sign the consent papers once a heart is available. Monica replies that then Felicia would sign for her. Felicia gets an idea. She asks Monica if she thinks of herself as a doctor first, or a mother. Monica asks why, suspicious. Felicia forges Maxie's signature on the paper, hoping Monica won't turn her in. She will be glad to have Maxie hate her for this, as long as she's alive. Later, as she folds the cap and gown, Felicia tells Maxie that they will have a special graduation ceremony for her when she's better. Maxie asks her to promise that she won't force her to sign anything. Felicia maintains that she wouldn't do that. Bobbie brings in a wheelchair so that Maxie can take a test. Felicia wonders about the test, but Monica assures her that Maxie will like the results of this test.

Georgie wheels Maxie to a larger area where her whole graduating class is waiting, with caps and gowns. Felicia puts Maxie's cap on her head and tells her "Happy Graduation Day". Felicia kisses her and tells her how proud she is. Diego plays some taped music while they all have their graduation processional, and Dillon films the whole thing. Maxie's principal is waiting and gives her the diploma. Her full name, by the way, is Maria Maximilliana Jones. They all move their tassels over to one side as Diego says, "Now presenting the class of 2005", and they all throw their hats up in the air with a lot of noise. Maxie is very touched and hugs Diego, who kisses her on cheek. There are more hugs from her friends.

Michael, Jason, Sam and Emily are at the nurses' station in GH. Michael didn't think he'd be coming back to see Dr. Thomas this soon (he's scared). Emily gives Michael a pep talk about therapy. Sam suggests that Emily escort Michael to the shrink's office, so everyone agrees. Jason promises to wait for him there as Michael and Emily leave. Sam suggests that he keep any negativity about the doctor to himself and points out that Jason's feelings are obvious on his face. Jason wishes Sonny could have been there. They discuss how Sonny and Carly have been acting lately with regard to Michael. Emily brings Michael out; Dr. Thomas had an emergency and has to reschedule. He asked to talk to Jason and Sam, so they go to talk to him.

Emily gets a phone call from Nikolas. They make plans for a "hot date". Another little girl comes over and starts chatting with Michael about how stupid therapy is. The girl tells Michael about her problems with her mother. She was told she is always bad, so that's why she has to see Dr. Thomas. Michael guesses he was bad, too. The girl leaves to find her mom. Emily brings Michael a candy bar. He almost tells her about the girl, but then doesn't. Later, Nikolas and Emily meet up at the Metrocourt bar. They pretend they are meeting for the first time, but they keep giggling and joking around. They keep the game going, telling each other about themselves. He invites her to go back to his house because he hasn't back there for a while to check up on it. He tells her about the beautiful gardens. She lets him hold her hand and then gets a serious look on her face.

Sonny visits Reese, who called him to come there. She has been giving Sonny some space because of Michael. He apologizes for being a bit distracted. She thanks him, but he doesn't know why and wonders what's wrong. She tries to tell him something, but she beats around the bush. She wonders if Sonny has noticed the timing of their meeting. Sonny thinks she's just worrying about things out of her control. He assures her that they are part of what's good and have to hold on to things that are good. Reese looks guilty but says nothing. Sonny kisses her. Next we see them in bed. Sonny realizes he has to go, so he gets dressed and gets ready to rush out. He assures Reese that they'll be able to spend more time together soon. There is a little knock on the door, so Sonny answers it. It's John Durant. He's not surprised to see them together. Reese shocks Sonny by saying she asked Durant to come there. Durant and Sonny argue. Reese tells them that she is resigning from the FBI and is thinking about setting up a law office. She wanted Durant's advice and maybe some contacts. Sonny replies that "Port Charles reeks with lawyers". There is an awkward moment, then Reese tells him that she is thinking about New York City. Durant is happy to help out but makes obnoxious comments to Sonny. Reese suggests that he focus on Carly instead of her. Durant is clueless, so they fill him in that Carly is marrying Lorenzo. Durant is not happy to hear that, but then he quickly covers and says that Lorenzo is a step up from Sonny. Sonny says this just shows what an idiot he is. Durant says that Carly always makes terrible choices, but he blames this on Sonny. Reese tells Durant to leave. Sonny is annoyed that Reese didn't tell him about leaving town. He feels that Reese is giving him the brush off with sex and then used Durant to make a point. Reese denies it. She tells him there are things he doesn't know about why she came to town. He doesn't care why, he only thought they would be reason enough for her to stay. Reese tells Sonny that she can't stay. He thinks she won't. She asks if they can end as friends, but he shakes his head and leaves without a word. Reese cries, upset.

Jason, Sam, and Michael return to Sonny's place. Michael is still trying to get out of his next appointment. Sonny comes in just then, too, and asks about Michael's appointment. Jason fills him in that they have to postpone the appointment and will go back in a few hours. Sonny wonders why Jason is gung ho about Michael having therapy when he didn't fare so well with it. Jason thinks it will be good for Michael. He points out that he was much older and didn't have to deal with the guilt of killing someone. Sonny is still worried that the truth will come out and hurt Michael even more. Sam starts chiming in about how she thinks the doctor will be discreet. Sonny stops her and says it's not her call. Jason takes Sam's side, saying they need help, just like they did when Michael was kidnapped. Sonny pours himself a drink as they continue to argue. Sam points out how Reese helped them. Sonny tells them that Reese is leaving town now, so they grow quiet. After a pause, Sam tells Sonny that it is her fault that Reese is leaving town. Sam explains how she went to Reese to ask her to stay away from Sonny because of Michael. Sam thinks that Sonny and Carly are putting their own love lives ahead of Michael's well-being. Sonny wonders if Jason knew. Jason admits that Sam told him after she went to Reese, but he basically agrees with what she's saying. Sonny is annoyed but decides to go find Reese, since she was just thinking about Michael. Sam and Jason discuss the situation some more. Michael eavesdrops on them briefly as Jason says that maybe therapy is wrong and will do more damage. He doesn't hear the rest of the conversation, where Sam says that Jason is just projecting from his own experience and why Michael needs help. Sam worries that if Michael doesn't get help, he will end up 10-20 year later with a high-powered rifle, picking off innocent people (or maybe he'll become a MOBSTER or a HIT MAN!! LOL!!).

The girl from the hospital shows up in Michael's room, seemingly having crawled through his bedroom window (uh-oh, is this a figment of Michael's imagination or a psycho girl stalker?).

Reese drives her car, but she is still upset and crying. She flashes back to kissing Sonny. A sad song is playing, so she changes it. When her attention is diverted, another car or truck blares it's horn and she veers off the road. We hear a crash. Next we see that Reese is out cold. She has a dream about another car accident long ago, with a younger girl in the same position (unconscious, bloody head against the steering wheel). Another girl is standing outside the car and screams horribly. Back to reality, Sonny calls her name and asks if she's okay.

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