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Luke lies on the couch in the Quartermaine house. When he awakens, he asks the maid to bring back his suitcase, assuming that Tracy removed his things from her home. But, he notices that Skye is sitting nearby waiting for him to wake up. She informs him that it was she who removed his things. And she informs him that she will make a deal with him. She will join him on the “dark side” if he agrees to end his joke of a marriage with Tracy. He is very happy to hear her say that.

Maxie is in her hospital room. After finding out she might have to think about a heart transplant, she considers what it will mean.

Michael is walking through the park with Jason and Sam. Sam encourages him to consider seeing Dr. Thomas. He tells them he does not want to see a shrink. She tells him that she talked to Dr. Thomas and thought he was really nice. But he tells them he really wants to skip seeing a shrink and promises he will not get mad anymore.

Lorenzo goes to Carly’s and again he proposes to her. He gives her a ring in a box. She tells him that nothing has changed from last night. She assures him that it is because of Michael and Sonny has nothing to do with it. He tells her, in that case, he just wants her to accept his proposal for engagement. She tells him that Michael will need a lot of time. But when she takes out the ring, she notices a gorgeous stone. He tells her it was his great grandmother’s antique ring. He promises to love and honor her and her children for the rest of his life. She kisses him.

Skye and Luke kiss and seem happy with their new agreement. They plan to go somewhere romantic and lie on the beach. She tells him that his marriage to Tracy will just melt away. At that moment, Tracy walks in with Coleman looking romantic together. Luke informs him that he will grant her divorce. He also tells her that if she thinks her papa freaked at the thought and sight of him, she must imagine what he will think of her with Coleman. And he tells her that she must deliver the $15 million to him as was their arrangement. She evades the issues but tells him she will arrange a transfer. Coleman hears that and asks her that if she really got what she wanted, being with him, why, then must she pay Luke off?

Felicia goes to Maxie’s hospital room and notices that Georgie is there with her sister. She tells them she will leave them alone but wants to talk to Maxie alone soon. Georgie tells Maxie that she has many plans for her to come to her graduation. She can hear Georgie sing with her lousy singing voice. She can bring Diego and have a good time. And it will be almost like a real graduation, she tells Maxie.

Sam talks to Dr. Thomas. He, again, tells her that to him, doctor/patient confidentiality is sacred. She tells him that she knows he’s already told her that but she just wanted to hear it again so that she is safe. He concludes to her that Michael is very lucky to have her in his corner. She tells him they are all very concerned about Michael. Unknown to Sam, Alan Quartermaine is hiding and hearing their conversation.

Carly and Lorenzo are on the couch after a romantic encounter. She assures him that in time, Michael will learn to accept him as his stepfather. He tells her he is a very patient man. But right at that moment, Jason enters with Michael and they see her and Lorenzo nude on the couch. Lorenzo goes off in the kitchen so that Carly may talk to Jason and Michael. Michael notices the ring and asks his mother where she got it. She informs her son that Lorenzo gave it to her and she is now engaged to him. He tells her that he knows she was in bed with Lorenzo just like she should have been with his dad. She tells him she’s really sorry that he had to walk in on such a grown up moment. Jason informs her that he and Michael came over to discuss Michael seeing Dr. Thomas. She tells Jason that she wishes he had warned her before coming. Michael says he is not ok with these new arrangements. He goes out the door and Jason goes with him. Lorenzo then comes out and assures Carly that everything will be ok.

Luke tries to get the attention of Tracy that he is laying down the law to her that she will not get her divorce without handing over $15 million to him. But she is too distracted staring and kissing Coleman to hear or care.

Bobbie tells Felicia that Maxie might need a heart transplant. But Felicia is concerned about Maxie’s refusal to authorize a transplant and let go of BJ’s heart and asks Bobbie if she could talk to her. Georgie appears and tells them she heard that very thing from Maxie and is afraid that they will lose Maxie.

Jason and Sam take Michael to see Dr. Thomas. Sam seems very trusting and comfortable with Dr. Thomas. But Jason admits that he does not like him. Alan Quartermaine appears and asks them what they are doing there. Sam informs him that Michael is seeing Dr. Thomas. Alan sounds courteous and tells them he believes that is a good idea. Dr. Thomas asks Michael about school and his family. Michael answer the questions. He then asks him about AJ Quartermaine.

Luke tells Tracy that it is her choice. She can hand over the money or he will see her in court. She tells him she will win. Coleman tells her that no judge will give Luke the money because they have not been married long enough nor have a real marriage. Luke tells her he will stay in her home and make himself a nuisance until she complies. She tells him that she knows her family hates her so she will not deny herself any happiness that she can have, like what she’s now doing with Coleman. She goes off and Luke confronts Coleman for not doing what was in the deal. Coleman tells Luke that he kept his end of the bargain. He did what Luke asked him to do by sleeping with Tracy and making her think he was Luke and he tells him that she just determined that he, instead of Luke, was the trophy husband for her.

Elizabeth and Lucky are in the hospital together talking about the less-than-accommodating situation in their new apartment. She seems to apologize to him for the inconveniences. He tells her that all he wants is to be with her. She tells him that she knows that he did the right thing to push and not take no for an answer about their living together because he must have known that that is what would make them truly happy.

Diego goes to see Maxie. He tells her that he’s found out from her family that she has declined to get on the waiting list for a transplant. She explains to him that the reason why she got to live when her heart gave out, and why she’s lived this long was because of a terrible accident that killed somebody she loved. She tells him that BJ’s heart enabled her to live. And she does not want to live without BJ’s heart.

Bobbies goes to BJ’s grave and brings flowers. She tells her deceased daughter that she so misses her but sometimes sees her when Maxie smiles or laughs. She tells BJ that she doesn’t know what to say and knows that she is selfish to want things her own way. But she tells her that if it is really time for her to let go completely, she just wants to find a way to accept that.

Dr. Thomas asks Michael about AJ. Michael does not want to talk about that, asks him why he is bugging him about that and tells him he’s glad that AJ is dead. Emily runs into Jason and Sam and is ready to tell them what she knows about Dr. Thomas. But right at that point, Michael comes running out of Dr. Thomas’ office and runs to Jason, telling him he never wants to talk to Dr. Thomas again.

After hearing Luke’s argument with Coleman, Skye tells Luke that he really doesn’t even want to divorce Tracy and she’s concluded that all he wants is the Cassadine money. She asks him what it will take for him to get over that. When they are alone, she tells him that he must really want to keep battling Tracy, because once she’s out of the picture then he will have to deal with her instead. He tells her he’s just asking for a little patience. He reminds her that she did agree to go in on this scheme with him. She tells him that she never thought he’d marry Tracy. She then tells him that he can spend time fantasizing about her but she will always be out of his reach and that she has now become the impossible dream.

Diego asks Maxie to think about what her cousin would want for her if she came through that door and Maxie could talk to her. Maxie says BJ would want her to come with her. He tells her he knows BJ would want her to survive and she must realize that she cannot end her life when she has a chance to live.

Georgie tells Dillon and Brook Lynn that she blames herself for what happened to Maxie since she remembers being so jealous of Maxie getting all the attention throughout their lives. Brook Lynn tells her she must not blame herself. Siblings fight. She’s heard it throughout her family and it’s not that big of a deal. But Georgie says she remembers wanting Maxie to disappear so many times when they were children and she’s now afraid that she’s gotten what she’s always wished for.

After witnessing Michael running out of Dr. Thomas’ room, Emily offers to go down and get some ice cream with him.

Carly goes to talk to Dr. Thomas alone. She informs him that perhaps her son is upset because he’s having difficulty with the news that she’s agreed to marry a man whom Michael does not like. He suggests that maybe she’s given Michael too much power if he can cause her to doubt her decision to marry somebody just because he does not like him. He asks her if Michael blames himself for everything that has happened since AJ’s death. She says yes, she knows he does. He tells her that she needs to let Michael know that she loves him and will always be there for him. But she also needs to let him know that she will make her own decision to marry whomever she wants and that she, not Michael, is in charge of her life.

Coleman approaches Skye. She tells him to leave her alone. He tells her that since they are housemates, they need to learn to be civil to each other. She asks how much money it will take to get him to leave town. He tells her that she is not any more ethical than he is, remembering her history of scamming with AJ and with her family. She asks him how he knows all that. He informs her that she talks a lot when she drinks. She tells him that’s one more reason to stay sober. She tells him she cannot imagine why he’d want to stay with Tracy for the rest of his life and knows he must not even like her. He tells her he likes her and moves toward her. She violently slaps him. But right then, she hears Luke calling Tracy “spanky-buns” and indicating interest in her. And she grabs Coleman and kisses him so that Luke and Tracy can see it.

Emily tells Michael that she, herself, is seeing a therapist for a similar reason as why he should. There’s nothing wrong with it, she tells him. When you have someone to talk to, it helps you to let the bad things go away.

Jason runs into Carly and tells her that marrying Alcazar is not only bad for Michael. It will not benefit anything or anybody including herself.

Skye makes Luke and Tracy believe that she is hot for Coleman. They both reveal to her and to Coleman that they are insanely jealous of the thought of them being interested in each other.

Diego informs Brook Lynn that his father is going to marry Carly. She sounds surprised and shocked and asks if it just happened suddenly. He tells her it was not sudden since Lorenzo has been in love with Carly for years.

When Maxie is sleeping in her hospital room, she has a dream where BJ visits her and tells her she needs to live her life and not end her chance to go on. But right at that moment, Bobbie awakes her from her sleep. She tells Bobbie she just talked to BJ. Bobbie tells her that it was just a dream. BJ tells Bobbie and Felicia and Georgie that she wants to keep BJ’s heart but knows BJ would not want her to give up so she will keep going.

Jason and Sam meet up with Emily and Michael. She tells them that she’s convinced Michael that talking to a therapist is a good way to help one make the bad things go away. They look very happy and encouraged that Emily’s talk with Michael helped him.

Carly returns home and tells Lorenzo that although she cares about her son and puts him first, she also realizes she must make her own decision and follow her heart. He asks her what that means. She tells him that she wants to give her son a chance to grow to love the man whom she is in love with. She kisses him and tells him she wants to marry him.

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