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Sonny and Reese are in bed together, seeming content.

Nikolas and Emily stand by the gazebo, noticing a bouquet of flowers. At that moment, he notices her hand is all bloody. She says she might have cut herself with a thorn. But she tells him she’s been waiting for this moment to be with her husband without any fears. But he wants to go and take care of the cut on her hand.

Lucky and Elizabeth are with Cameron on the couch, all cozy. Lucky reads the baby a bedtime story. She notices he is tired and they put him to bed. They still have not finished packing and there are boxes still in their new apartment. He tells her that he’s so happy that they are together as a family. She tells him that her son adores him. He tells her that Cameron is a beautiful boy and he is very much in love with his beautiful mother.

Jax and Courtney laugh about her being stuck on an elevator right on her wedding night. They drink champagne. He tells her he wanted to make a toast and say something romantic. But looking at her right at this moment, all he can think is about how lucky he is. She tells him she knows how he feels and they kiss.

After hearing Jason and Sam discussing that Carly proposed to Lorenzo Alcazar, Michael rebels and tells them that he is determined to get his parents back together. Jason tells Michael that he needs to accept the reality that his parents are not getting back together. But Sam tells him he must not give up hope. She tells Jason that after all that Michael has been through, if he wants to believe that his parents will get back together, they must let him.

Alexis and Ric discuss their divorce. When they discuss the possibility of one or both of them hooking up with someone else, she tells him that she realizes that nobody would want her while she is pregnant. She runs through a list of women whom he might be interested in. He asks her to stop going on like this. But she tells him that he might consider Reese Marshall.

Meanwhile Reese is with Sonny. She asks him if he got what he wanted. He tells her that what he wants is to have her again.

Lorenzo makes plans with Carly to get married on the Hacienda and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She kisses him and tells him he need not convince her because she wants to get married tonight. He gets on the phone and is ready to make plans. She reminds him that she wants her kids to come with her. He tells her she must realize that that cannot happen. He tells her that if she goes to Sonny’s right now, he will refuse to let her take the children. She tells him she will not let Sonny prevent her from marrying him or having her children with her. He tells her he’s afraid that Sonny will put doubt in her head about it. She tells him she is not committing a crime or doing anything wrong. He reminds her that he knows that Michael does not approve of him. But she tells him that she wants her boys with her.

Reese tells Sonny, somewhat in a joking manner, that maybe sleeping with him will cloud her professional judgment. He jokes about it not mattering. She tells him that she’s getting tired of law enforcement anyway. She’s tired of all the John Durants of the world. He asks her if she is really considering quitting her job. She admits to him that what she really wants to do now is protect people.

After hearing Alexis suggesting he might be interested in Reese Marshall, Ric laughs and sounds like he would not consider Reese. Alexis tells him that Reese is attractive in a “Charlie’s Angels” kind of way and tells him that since they are only married on paper, he may sleep with whomever he wants.

Jason protests to Sam that Michael is traumatized about the whole thing involving AJ. She says she knows and that could be why Michael needs to hang on to a security blanket. She tells him that therapy is very important. Right at that moment, Carly comes in and asks where Michael is. They both know what she is up to. Jason tells her she can marry whomever she wants but she is not taking Michael. She tells him that she can take Michael whenever and wherever she wants. He’s her son and nobody can stop her.

Sonny gets up to leave. He tells Reese that this will not happen all the time but tonight, he cannot spend the night with her. She tells him there is no problem, tries to sound like she’s ok with it and asks him to call her tomorrow. As soon as he leaves, she gets a call and tells the person on the other end she will be right down.

Emily and Nikolas come to visit Elizabeth and Lucky and bring a pizza. Nikolas asks if they have a band aid for Emily after she cut her hand. Elizabeth gets out her first aid kit and asks Emily what happened. Emily laughs and says she and Nikolas met at the gazebo, she found flowers and must have cut herself on a rose thorn. Elizabeth looks at her cut and notices that it looks really big. Emily admits to Elizabeth that she kind of freaked when Nikolas was kissing her and she grabbed the flower and held it a little too tightly. In the living room, Lucky and Nikolas talk about how they are both happy in their relationships.

Jax and Courtney have ice cream in bed after making love.

Reese goes to the metro court and orders a drink. Ric is there and informs her that Alexis is really upset about their divorce. He admits to her that he is considering refiling on the basis of adultery. She asks if he means in regard to their “encounter”. He tells her that maybe the best thing to do is to tell the truth and admit that it happened. But she tells him he cannot do that.

Lorenzo meets his son for dinner and informs him that he is marrying Carly. Diego sounds very surprised and not certain what to say. Lorenzo tells him that she is bringing her children and going with him to Hacienda and he’d like his son to be there. Diego tells his father he cannot be there.

Jason tells Carly that she is making a very foolish decision to marry Lorenzo and he knows she’s only doing it to get back at Sonny. Sam protests that she cannot do that to Michael. Carly asks Sam who asked her. Jason tells Carly she cannot talk that way to Sam. Carly protests that she is marrying Lorenzo because he is a kind and loving man whom she can have a good life with. At that moment, Michael comes out and violently protests that she cannot do that. And right then, Sonny appears and demands Michael tells him what is going on.

Emily tells Elizabeth that what happened tonight is a minor set back and she is making big progress in therapy. Elizabeth asks her if she is sure. Emily says of course and asks how Elizabeth and Lucky are. Elizabeth confides in Emily that everything is great but she is having problems with this apartment and sleeping in the living room. And since she is a nurse and he’s a uniform cop, they will never get rich. Emily says that many people might look at their situation and say; “this is it”. But the way she looks at it is that they are in love. And she tells her that it’s just a matter of time before she and Nikolas will be there too.

Courtney tells Jax that she doesn’t want him to have any doubts that she loves him. She tells him her whole life she felt that no matter who she was with or what she did, it was never enough. But she does not feel that way around him. He makes her feel complete. And he is all she wants and needs for the rest of her life.

Reese informs Ric that she and Sonny made love and the more she is with him, the more she wants him. He tells her that he does not want to discourage her from believing in her future with Sonny but he knows that his own marriage is in shambles. She tells him that she’d like to keep it a secret about what happened between them. He agrees and tells her maybe she’s right.

After hearing his son’s refusal to be at his wedding with Carly, Lorenzo asks Diego if he has a problem with Carly. Diego tells his father it is not that. He’s just a little uncomfortable with the decision his father made. But he admits that he is beginning to trust him.

After noticing Michael’s tantrum about Carly and Lorenzo getting married, Sonny tells Michael he needs to realize that his family loves him and that his father cannot prevent his mother from making decisions as she sees fit. Michael yells that he does not want to be in this family and runs off. Jason goes after him and asks him why he is so upset. When Sonny is alone with Carly, he firmly tells her that for Michael’s sake, she cannot marry Alcazar. She tells him that Lorenzo makes her happy. He laughs and tells her that she can do whatever she wants. But he’s concerned about how her choices affect Michael and Morgan. She tells him that she is also concerned about Michael. He tells her that their son must come first. She asks if she is supposed to turn her back on the man she loves. He tells her if she wants to sleep with the guy, that is her business. He admits that he won’t stop sleeping with Reese. But her wedding plans must be postponed.

Jason and Sam talk to Michael. He apologizes for tantrumming and breaking things. They tell him everything is ok but they really want him to see a doctor.

Emily and Nikolas depart from Lucky and Elizabeth’s new apartment. As soon as they are gone, he tells her he needs to get to sleep because he’s working an early shift the following morning. They pull out the sleeper sofa and laugh and he tells her that all he wants is to be with her. They kiss but at that moment, they are interrupted by the baby crying.

Lorenzo appears while Reese is at the bar at the metro court. She tells him that she’s just heard that he has agreed to marry Carly and congratulates him. He asks her if she’s heard that there is a problem. She tells him that she has no problem with that. Sonny and Carly are divorcing and moving on and Carly can marry whomever she wants. He tells her that he might want to thank her since she is the reason why Carly wants to end it with Sonny. She tells him that she might have him to thank for causing Sonny to let go of Carly. They both agree that they will both need a lot of luck to be with Sonny and with Carly.

Carly puts Michael to bed and assures him that both she and his dad love him. Sonny enters Michael’s room and asks if he needs to talk about his nightmares. Michael tells his father he does not want to be scared of the nightmares. Sonny admits to his son that many times he has nightmares and is scared. He tells him that when he feels that way, he goes to the island and goes swimming. And by then, he’s so tired that the dreams don’t come. He also tells his son that he needs to just think about the people he loves and who love him. He also tells his son that if he ever feels scared, all he needs to do is call his daddy and he will always be there and never leave him ever. Michael tells his dad he loves him. Sonny tells his son he loves him too and tells him he must go to sleep. Michael turns over and goes to sleep and Sonny leave his room.

Emily tells Nikolas that it was wonderful to notice Elizabeth and Lucky in love. He tells her that Lucky told him that he is starting to feel like Cameron’s father. He tells her that this night felt like old times with old friends and being able to kiss her. She tells him that it felt good for her too.

At their new apartment, Elizabeth returns after discovering her baby has a fever and she might have to call a doctor in the morning. Lucky admits that Cameron sounds terrible, as he is still crying. Elizabeth tells him everything will be ok but she goes to be with her son and Lucky looks a bit discontented that she has abandoned him.

While sleeping, Jax has a dream that he meets Courtney and she informs him that it’s a miracle that they are going to have a baby. They both awaken and he tells her he just had a dream about the two of them. It looks like he’s a bit disappointed that they cannot have a baby.

Sam goes to see Reese and tells her that she does not wish to disturb her but she is very concerned about Michael. He had a tantrum and threw things and looked very upset. Reese asks what might have caused that. Sam says she knows that it’s due to Carly and Lorenzo’s plans to get married. Reese asks Sam why she is there to discuss that with her. Sam says she believes that Michael is in agony and he cannot see either of his parents with other people. Reese asks Sam if she is asking her to stop seeing Sonny. Sam tells Reese that she is asking her to do what is the best thing for Michael.

Jason tells Sonny that he must realize that Michael is screaming for help and needs a therapist. Sonny tells Jason that things will be a lot better for him if Carly calls off the wedding with Lorenzo. Jason tells Sonny that he needs to know that Michael urgently needs therapy regardless.

Carly tells Lorenzo that she must call off the wedding because of what this will do to Michael. He tells her that he knew that this was bound to happen. She tells him that she loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. He asks her to tell him the truth. Is this about Michael or about Sonny?

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