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General Hospital Update Monday 6/6/05



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Courtney and Jax depart after their wedding. She gets in the elevator and Coleman is surprised to notice her in a wedding dress.

Jason tells Sam that he knows that Sonny and Carly may not like the idea of his making arrangements for Michael to see a psychiatrist. He admits to her also, he’s not certain at this point that he likes the idea, himself.

Reese returns to her room. She runs into Ric who asks her how the wedding was. She seems very frustrated and tells him that she and Sonny were over before they even started.

After Carly proposes marriage to Lorenzo, he reminds her that marriage is a big step. She says she knows. But she also knows that he loves her and she loves him too and that is why she wants to be his wife. She asks him to please say that he will marry her. Sonny is spying and listening to them.

Nikolas meets with Alexis at the Metro Court. He tells her that this can wait and he can postpone their meeting. She tells him that she wants to talk about whatever he wants now. He tells her he’s able to see that she’s in her “super lawyer” mode because she has something on her mind. He asks her if she is ok with seeing Jax getting married. Jax tells his other ex-wife, Skye, that he doesn’t want her having any hard feelings. She tells him she does not and knows that he and Courtney did the right thing. At that moment, Tracy enters and seems to want to rub Skye’s nose in the fact that her ex just got married. Skye tells Tracy that she should be more concerned about her own “marriage” to Luke. Tracy informs them both that she is no longer interested in Luke although still married to him. She tells him she’s seeing somebody else.

Meanwhile, Coleman is on the elevator with Courtney, learning that she just married Jax, and remembering when he hired her to be a stripper in his bar. They both conclude that everything worked out for her in the end now that she’s married to the man she loves. But he admits to her that he always thought she’d get back with Jason.

Meanwhile, Jason is telling Sam that although he has been uncomfortable around Dr. Thomas in the past, with his own situation that does not mean that he wouldn’t be really good for Michael to see. She tells him she can sense that he still has reservations about Michael seeing Dr. Thomas. He tells her that he remembers not knowing how to communicate with Dr. Thomas and pass his tests and he admits that he wonders how he can convince Sonny that Michael should see Dr. Thomas when he is not certain himself.

Carly talks to Lorenzo in an attempt to convince him that she now knows she was wrong to deny her feelings for him. She tells him that she now knows that Sonny is not the man for her. He is. He tells her he does not know what to say. Not long ago, he was willing to change his entire life for her in the hopes that she would return his feelings, he tells her. And now that she says she does, he doesn’t know what he should do. He tells her that he must decline her offer and cannot marry her. Sonny is listening to their entire conversation.

While meeting with Alexis at the Metro Court, Nikolas notices Jax and Courtney and congratulates them on their wedding. He also notices Tracy and pulls her aside, informing her he needs to talk to her about the $15 million she took from him. Witnessing that, Jax asks Alexis if that is part of a “plan”. Alexis says yes. It was all intended for the purpose of trapping Helena. And Skye tells him he doesn’t want to know the details, especially on his wedding night. Both of his ex-wives look at him and tease him in a good-natured way about whether he’s ready to be married. He tells them he’s very lucky to have had such beautiful ex-wives. Alexis tells him that Courtney is very lucky to have him. Skye says she agrees with that.

Courtney gets into her wedding suite, wearing a teddy and garters. IT looks like a surprise. But it also looks like she’s without something she needs and must get on the elevator again.

Emily talks to Sam about the cut on her face and asks how she got it. Sam admits that Carly struck her but she also tells Emily that she threw the first punch at Carly. Emily tells Sam she wants to hear all the details. Sam explains that it had something to do with Jason. She went off by herself to a bar, afraid that s and Jason might break up. Carly followed her and offered her $5 million to get out of Jason’s life. And she hauled off and punched her. Emily assures Sam she’s glad she gave Carly what she deserved and encourages Sam not to be threatened by Carly. She tells Sam she must realize that Jason loves her and not let Carly get in the way. And she reminds her that Carly wants to run two good women out of her brother’s life and Sam must not let her win this time.

Lorenzo tells Carly that he cannot marry her. For one, he does not want to take advantage of her in a vulnerable state. And secondly, he does not want to be used as her consolation prize after she’s had problems with Sonny. All the while Sonny has been listening to their conversation and spying upon them.

Sonny then goes to see Reese. She tells him she no longer wants to talk to him and knows that he still has Carly on the brain. But he tells her that he wants to talk to her and urges her to just hear him out.

Courtney gets into the elevator, wearing her “wedding night” clothes. Again, Coleman is there, noticing how she is dressed, and remembering her past. And the elevator gets stuck.

Skye sits down and talks to Jax. He tells her that he believes that it’s a real waste for Alexis and Ric to split right when they are having a baby. He tells her that they should work out their marriage. She tells him that a baby should not be a reason to stay together when there is no trust. At that point, a waiter informs Jax that there is a problem with his elevator and two people are trapped in it. He gets up to go and take a look.

Nikolas tells Tracy that he needs to get that money back. She tells him he might not be able to do that. She says he could take her to court and sue her, but the person whom he would really be suing is Luke.

Lorenzo goes to the metro court and orders a tequila. Skye meets him and asks him what’s up. He tells her that Carly just proposed to him but he does not buy her allegation that she loves him.

Emily goes to talk to Carly. Carly tells Emily she is in no mood for any lectures from St. Emily. Emily tells Carly that is too bad. She tells Carly that she loves her brother and wants what is best for him. Carly protests that Sam is cheap and unworthy of Jason. Emily tells Carly that she needs to realize that Jason’s life does not revolve around her and even if her own life is a disaster, she can at least have some consideration for him.

Reese tells Sonny that she just wishes he could be honest with himself and admit that he does not want her. He wants Carly. But he tells her that is not true. He wants her. But the question, he tells her, is whether she wants him. At that moment, Jason knocks on the door and tells Sonny he’s sorry to bother him but he needs to talk about something that is very important.

Ric meets Alexis and discusses the details about how they can get a divorce.

Skye tells Lorenzo that she should seriously consider Carly’s offer. He tells her that he doesn’t want to marry somebody who doesn’t really love him. She tells him that in any relationship, love is messy. But he must not pass up this opportunity nor question Carly’s telling him that she loves him.

Courtney is stuck in the elevator with Coleman. Jax is attempting to rescue her. Tracy is also there, asking Coleman if he is al right.

Emily tells Carly that she knows they have never been close. Carly says she agrees and doesn’t want to start now. And she opens the door so Emily can leave. But Emily tells her she’s not going to run off until she talks to her about something and tells Carly that when she (Carly) is upset, it has a ripple affect on everybody whom she (Emily) loves. Emily tells Carly that she cannot marry a man that she does not love. She tells Carly that she knows she made a big mistake, herself marrying Zander when she was really in love with Nikolas. She tells Carly that if she cares about Lorenzo Alcazar, she must realize that it’s not fair to him to ask him to marry her.

Sonny informs Jason that he just heard Carly proposing to Lorenzo Alcazar. And he tells Jason he really doesn’t care. He tells him that they are over and Carly can do whatever she wants. But Jason protests that Sonny cannot let Lorenzo Alcazar anywhere near his and Carly’s children. Sonny tells Jason that he must realize that Carly needs to make her own decision and Jason must stop rescuing her and protecting her from her bad judgment. Jason does not argue and goes outside the door, realizing he never had a chance to tell Sonny what he came to tell him, in regard to Michael. When he leaves, Reese tells Sonny that she’s glad that Jason interrupted when he did. Because it saved her from saying something she might very well regret.

Emily goes by the gazebo right where Jax’s and Courtney wedding was held. She picks up a bouquet of flowers. She believes she is alone until she hears Nikolas appear and tell her that now all she needs is a groom.

While Courtney and Coleman are trapped on the elevator, both of their respective “spouses” promise to get them out of there. Jax, obviously has no clue how his new wife is dressed. They finally get rescued. Courtney returns to her husband and they laugh about the whole thing. He tells her that all he cares about is that she is safe.

Reese asks Sonny if he would have even come to see her if he had not heard Carly propose to Lorenzo. He tells her it has nothing to do with that. But she tells him that she knows better and does not want to be compared to Carly. He tells her he has no intention of doing that. She asks what he’d do if Carly asked him to reconcile. He asks her if she believes him when he tells her that he cares about her and wants to be with her. She tells him she knows he’s pretending to care. He tells her that he really appreciates all she’s done f r his boy. He tells her he does not want to hurt or use her. He will go away if she doesn’t want to be with him. He tells her he knows he is a selfish man but he’s willing to pay his debts. Right when he’s ready to go out the door, she calls to him and tells him she does not want him to go. He asks if she is sure. She puts her arms around him and he kisses her.

Carly is alone in her new apartment, looking at pictures and feeling vulnerable. At that moment, Lorenzo knocks on her door. She asks what he wants. He tells her he wants to discuss her proposal. She asks if he can come back later because she is drowning in self-pity and odes not look good. She tells him he may congratulate himself for having the good sense to turn her down.

Jason returns to Sam and informs her that he just found out that Carly proposed to Lorenzo. She is very surprised and tells him that she knows if Carly really marries Lorenzo, it won’t work and she will just come to Jason asking him to pick up the pieces for her bad decisions. He tells her that he does disapprove of Carly marrying Lorenzo, but he realizes it is her own life. He must stay out of it. And the only person whom he has a need to protect is Michael. But right at that moment, Michael comes down the stairs and protests that he cannot let his mom marry Lorenzo Alcazar.

Nikolas asks Emily if she wishes if she could have been a June bride and if she’d have preferred to not have the wedding when he was in prison. She assures him that she believes they had a beautiful wedding and with all they have been through they should believe that they can survive anything. They notice that she still has the wedding ring that she gave him, as he could not have it while in prison. He tells her that he’s still waiting for her to put it on his finger. She puts it on his finger and they renew their marriage vows and she tells him he may kiss the bride.

Jax and Courtney enter their wedding suite. They wheel in a table with champagne. He asks her to let him have his coat that he gave her when she was cold on the elevator. She gives it to him and reveals her provocative clothes. He tells her he must carry her over the threshold. But she reminds him if they go out the door, they’ll be locked out. He tells her he does not worry because he owns the hotel and can get other keys. They laugh and are very happy. They conclude that they make a really good team.

Alexis talks to Ric all about legal issues involved in the divorce and what each will allege of the other and declare as grounds for divorce. They agree that they could not say that either was abusive to the other. She asks if either could accuse the other of adultery.

At that moment, Sonny and Reese are undressing and getting it on.

Michael comes down the stairs and tells Jason that he must prevent his mom from marrying Alcazar. Jason tells Michael that he doesn’t have the power to do anything about that. Michael protests that Jason must realize that Alcazar is a bad man. Jason tells Michael that he must have faith and realize that things will all work themselves out. He reminds Jason that he and his dad and his mom and Sam all love him and he must trust them to do the right thing.

Lorenzo admits to Carly that he declined her offer because he did not believe that she could love him. But now that he knows she can, he does not want to prevent them from having a chance. He then tells her he’s somewhat old fashioned and believes the man must propose so he gets on his knees and asks her if she will marry him. She happily tells him she will.

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