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MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Maxie is sleeping while Georgie and Dillon talk quietly in her room. Outside in the hallway, Monica can be seen talking to Mac and Felicia. Georgie tells Dillon that Maxie's arteries are clogged. Maxie suddenly wakes up and asks Georgie what Monica had to tell them. Georgie wants Maxie to go back to sleep but Maxie assures her not to worry, that it's not like she's dying.

COURTNEY'S HOTEL ROOM: Lady Jane informs Courtney that she told him about seeing Courtney and Jason's embrace earlier. Now, Jane says, Jax has gone and won't be coming to the wedding. Courtney is furious. Jane says it's better this way, for everyone, because now Jax gets to keep his heart, and Courtney gets to have Jason.

METRO COURT RESTAURANT: Jason has found Jax drinking away his sorrows at the bar. Jason wants Jax to go marry Courtney, but Jax is feeling depressed, thinking that since Jason and Courtney were hugging earlier, it is a sign that Courtney really wants Jason.

THE WEDDING LOCATION: Carly cannot believe that Reese is Sonny's date to the wedding. Reese is obviously feeling uncomfortable as Carly and Sonny argue. Carly says that this wedding is all about the wrong people being together. She also thinks that Sonny only brought Reese as his date to hurt her (Carly). Sonny tells Carly to back off and Carly storms away from them.

COURTNEY'S HOTEL ROOM: Courtney is mad at Lady Jane for refusing to trust her and her love for Jax all along. Jane says that Jax is the one who should trust Courtney, and he clearly doesn't where Jason is concerned. Courtney explains that Jason was only wishing her well, and that that was what the hug was about. Jane brings up the fact that Brenda broke Jax's heart back in 2003 by kissing Sonny before her wedding day to Jax -- Jane doesn't want Jax hurt again. Courtney promises that all she wants is to make Jax happy; to have a life with him. She says there is no way Jane will take that away from them.

METRO COURT RESTAURANT: Jason explains to Jax that the only reason he went to see Courtney at all was to ask her to help Michael through her foundation. Jason adds that he and Courtney are over and Jax should know that by now. Jax, in response, gives Jason a sheet of paper -- it's Jax's wedding vows. Jason reads over them and then tells Jax that it's obvious Jax loves Courtney. Jax thinks about it and then realizes that it's ridiculous -- he loves Courtney and he's going to marry her, and that's all there is to it. Jax asks Jason to keep their confrontation just between them -- then he rushes off to the wedding location in the park.

THE HOSPITAL: Sam is at the hospital when she sees Alan. She asks him where Dr. Thomas office is. Alan sees Sam's bruised face (the result of her fight with Carly) and thinks that Jason hit her; Sam denies it but doesn't go into any further details. She asks again where the doctor's office is and Alan gives her directions, noting that he hopes Dr. Thomas can help Michael get over the loss of AJ, in spite of the way Sonny and Carly feel. Sam thanks him and exits.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Brook Lynn runs into Diego, who is carrying a present for Maxie -- a stuffed bear. Brook apologizes for being unfair about his new car. Diego apologizes too for getting so angry with her. He admits that he's here to see Maxie. Brook says she thinks that Maxie will really like the stuffed bear.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Dillon and Georgie tell Maxie that Monica says that Maxie will need an angioplasty -- something to clear up her arteries. Dillon teases her about how she will have to be on a heart-smart diet of only tofu and broccoli afterward. Mac, Monica and Felicia come into the room. Monica explains that the angioplasty is a routine procedure and might be all Maxie needs to get better. Felicia promises Maxie that she will be out of the hospital before she knows it.

THE WEDDING LOCATION: Sonny and Carly are now talking, away from Reese. Carly is upset that Sonny didn't warn her he'd be bringing Reese; he counters that she should know he and Reese have been seeing one another. Carly thinks Sonny wants her to be upset over the fact that he's moving on. She asks what would happen if she had brought Lorenzo as a date? Sonny doesn't have an answer for that one and Carly takes it to mean that it's okay for him to move on, but she can't. Carly storms off again.

Carly meets up with Courtney, who is very worried that Jax isn't going to show up for the wedding and that Lady Jane was right. Carly promises that she didn't set up Jax to find out that Jason had gone to see Courtney. Courtney explains that Jane saw her hug Jason and ran off to tell Jax. She goes on to say that Jason just wishes her happiness. Now, it looks like Jax has disappeared. Carly starts to say that maybe this is all for the best, but Courtney disagrees -- she loves Jax and wants to marry him. She doesn't want this one misunderstanding to ruin everything for them.

Suddenly, Jax arrives. The wedding guests clap, and Jax thanks them for coming and joins Ned at the alter. Carly is shocked, but Courtney is happy -- she knows Jax trusts her and has decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. She tells Carly that that's how marriage works.

THE HOSPITAL: Georgie talks to Brook Lynn about Maxie's condition, and about the upcoming angioplasty. Brook mentions that Diego brought Maxie a stuffed bear -- she thinks Diego likes Maxie now. Georgie comforts Brook, saying that she and Diego will get through their fight.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Mac and Felicia are somewhat surprised to see Diego arrive with the stuffed bear. Mac seems suspicious of Diego, who admits he doesn't know Maxie very well, but that he was with her when she fainted. He just wants her to be okay. Maxie asks Mac not to interrogate her visitors, especially the ones who bring her presents. Mac and Felicia say it's fine for Diego to stay, and they leave. Maxie is happy with the stuffed bear, which she thinks is a "he." Diego disagrees, thinking the bear is a "she" for Maxie to tell her secrets to. Maxie thinks Diego is of the opinion that she shouldn't tell her secrets to a boy. Diego says that depends on the boy. They are interrupted by Bobbie, who has come to prep Maxie for the angioplasty. Diego promises to be back when Maxie wakes up. Maxie thanks him for the bear and he leaves.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: Sam has arrived to talk to Dr. Thomas -- she catches him napping and he apologizes, saying it was just a power nap. She comes into the office...she called him earlier about a case involving a nine year old boy, Michael. She admits that she is concerned about some legal issues; Dr. Thomas sees the bruising on her face and asks if the boy attacked her? Sam says no, that it was another incident involving Michael's mom -- and incident Sam says she started. She doesn't want to discuss it, though -- she just wants to know where Dr. Thomas stands on doctor/patient confidentiality. Dr. Thomas says he considers it sacred and that whatever a child tells him stays in the room, even if the law comes after him. Sam is happy to hear that. She says she likes Dr. Thomas already, and he says the feeling is mutual.

THE WEDDING LOCATION: Jason can be seen checking up to make sure that Jax got to the ceremony. He then leaves before anyone else sees him. Courtney is caught up greeting some people from her foundation's work, including Bridget (who once stayed with Courtney while she was inbetween foster homes). Skye and Alexis can also be seen sitting in chairs in the audience. Ned is going to act as Jax's best man. The ceremony is about to begin -- Courtney takes a quick minute to thank Carly and Mike for putting aside their doubts in order to support her. Mike and Courtney exchange "I love you's" and Mike says he wishes her and Jax every happiness. Carly asks Courtney again if she's sure about this, and Courtney smiles and says she is positive. Carly then helps her with her veil.

Carly walks down the ailse and she is followed by Mike and Courtney. The guests stand when they see Courtney -- who is smiling radiantly. Mike walks her over to Jax -- he tells Jax to take care of his princess, and Jax promises he will. Mike and Courtney exchange "I love you's" again, and Mike goes to take his seat.

The minister opens the ceremony, by saying they all have come to celebrate the union of Jasper Jacks and Courtney Matthews. He asks if there is anyone who objects to the marriage? Everyone sort of looks at Carly, who replies, "Well, don't look at me!"

Jax says his vows first: "I had my vows written down. But something happened this afternoon. And it made me think about if what we were doing is right. I tried to imagine my life without you in it. And I couldn't. Because you and I belong together. I love you, Courtney. And I want to share my life with you. I want to see you smile. I want to hold you when you cry. I want us to be partners, lovers, and best friends. I realized today that if I can't trust you, we have nothing. No matter how much I love you, we can't survive without trust. So from this day forward, I promise to trust you. No holds barred. No questions asked, no matter what, as we live this life together."

THE HOSPITAL: Mac and Felicia are standing outside of the operating room -- Felicia looks in through the windows as Monica and Bobbie operate on Maxie. Felicia starts to cry, saying that this is just like what happened before, where she waited and waited and still couldn't help Maxie. Mac hugs her, promising Felicia that Maxie will make it through this if they just hold on.

Meanwhile, inside of the room, an alarm goes off as Maxie's blood pressure starts to drop. As Monica and Bobbie try to get her stabililzed, Maxie has a "dream" in which she is standing in the hospital, bathed in light. She sees a girl standing some feet's a teenage version of BJ. BJ holds her hand out to Maxie, who smiles and starts to walk toward her. Back in the operating room, Monica makes the decision to abort the angioplasty -- right now she says they just need to get Maxie stabilized.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: Dr. Thomas takes a quick phone call while Sam listens. Dr. Thomas tells the person on the end that he doesn't care about any subpoenas, he will not testify against his client. He hangs up the phone. Sam asks what that was about and Dr. Thomas says that the D.A. in the next county over wants him to testify against one of his teenage clients in a case. Dr. Thomas says he is refusing to do it, because he won't repeat anything his clients tell him. Dr. Thomas asks Sam for details about Michael. He followed the case in which Sonny was being tried for AJ's murder; he tells Sam he thinks John Durant should be disbarred for questioning Michael on the stand. Sam agrees with him. They talk about how Michael's parents don't want him to rush into anything where professional help is involved. Sam offers to bring Michael by to see him, and Dr. Thomas agrees. Suddenly there's a knock on the door -- it's Jason. Sam introduces Jason to the doctor, but Jason says that they've already met. He doesn't look happy to see Dr. Thomas, either.

THE WEDDING LOCATION: Courtney is now saying her vows to Jax: "I love you, Jax. It took me a long time to understand that. I was so caught up in not loving you, so determined to protect my heart, that I didn't realize I had already given my heart to you. You have taught me so much -- about appreciating life's gifts, about trusting myself. You have been so patient while I learned what you already knew -- we belong together. You're the one I want beside me in the good times, and the one I want to lean on in the bad. I trust you, Jax. And I will never, never give you reason not to trust me. You're the man that I want, the man that I love. And I can't wait for us to start our life together."

The exchanging of the rings beings. Jax promises to love, honor and cherish Courtney. But before Courtney can make those same promises, Carly interrupts with an objection. As Carly stands up to address the guests, Lorenzo can be seen watching nearby. Courtney tries to stop Carly, but when Carly refuses to listen, saying that the whole wedding is a mistake, Courtney is mortified.

THE HOSPITAL: Georgie and Dillon talk about Maxie, who is not yet out of the angioplasty. Georgie says she is just now starting to realize just how precious Maxie is. They talk about how Diego brought Maxie a present. Dillon mentions he should have brought one too, to help her feel better. Dillon also notes that Maxie seems so grateful to have BJ's if she knows she is living on borrowed time.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: Apparently, Dr. Thomas consulted with Kevin Collins following Jason's car accident. Dr. Thomas admires the progress Jason has made. Jason replies that they'll let him know about their decision regarding Michael -- then he and Sam leave.

THE WEDDING LOCATION: Courtney pulls Carly aside and reminds her that she promised she would not do this. Carly doesn't want Courtney to ruin her life, but Courtney argues that this is the life she wants. Carly doesn't think that Courtney will ever be over Jason, but Courtney argues again that her heart belongs only to Jax. She starts in on a speech to Carly, which the wedding guests and Jax overhear: "Carly, you are my best friend even when I want to wring your neck, and believe me, I really do right now. I know that you want what's best for me, and I promise you, carly, this is it. I found love again with jax. Sometimes you just have to let go to realize what is actually yours. You have to stop running to see what is right in front of you. Sometimes things don't turn out the way you planned. Sometimes they turn out better, and that's what happened for me, and I pray to god that happens for you, too. However good it was, the past is the past and you can't go back or you are going to throw away all the possibilities that are ahead of you. God, carly, look -- I love jax. I do. I am committed to him. I want to spend the rest of my life with him, no doubts, no hesitations. I am sure of jax, and every day for the rest of our lives, jax can be sure of me, too."

Carly replies that she hopes that Courtney is right. Then she quickly rushes off. Jax and Courtney take their places back in front of the minister and Courtney makes her promise to love, honor and cherish Jax. The minister pronounces them husband and wife -- and then Jax and Courtney kiss, to the cheers of the wedding guests.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Maxie awakens to find Dillon and Diego hovering over her. Bobbie comes into the room and gets rid of Diego and Dillon, saying it's too soon for visitors. Mac and Felicia and Georgie are now present. Maxie tells Bobbie that she saw BJ in the bright light -- and that BJ is fine and really happy. Bobbie says that sometimes she dreams about BJ too, but Maxie says this wasn't really a dream. Maxie also mentions that BJ was holding her hand out; she thinks BJ wanted her to go with her. Felicia steps in and says that she knows BJ just wants Maxie to get better and live her life as best she can.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason and Sam are back at the penthouse. Jason is worried about Dr. Thomas treating Michael, but Sam thinks it's a good idea -- she thinks Dr. Thomas can be someone Michael can trust. But then she points out that it's Jason's decision, ultimately.

METRO COURT: The wedding reception is in full blast at Metro Court. Courtney thanks everyone for coming. Then she and Jax start to dance. Jax tells Courtney that now that they are together, it was worth everything.

Ned walks over to Alexis and Skye, who are watching Jax and Courtney's dance. Alexis says that there has never been a more perfect ex-husband than Jax, and Skye agrees. Ned asks Alexis to dance and she accepts.

Sonny and Reese are nearby. Reese asks Sonny if he wants to dance, but Sonny doesn't think it would be a good idea considering that he and Jax aren't really friends. He worries that he should not have pressured Reese into coming. Reese says that she thinks it's time for her to make a graceful exit. She leaves.

THE WEDDING LOCATION: Carly is sitting in the park, sulking by herself. She is approached by Lorenzo. She tells him that she knows that she really blew it...she is surprised that he was even at the wedding. Lorenzo points out that it was, after all, in a public park. Carly thinks she made a fool of herself and that Courtney was right -- you can't go backward and you need to let go to see what's in front of you. As she says this, she seems to be looking at Lorenzo with dawning realization.

THE HOSPITAL: Monica consults with Mac and Felicia and Georgie outside of Maxie's room. She tells them that Maxie had another heart attack while they were trying to do the angioplasty, and at this point they will need to think about getting Maxie a new heart. Felicia is devestated.

JASON'S PENTHOUSE: Jason admits that he hated all of the doctors who treated him after the accident and that it doesn't matter, since this is about Michael and not him. He asks Sam to make the appointment and Sam agrees. Sam calls Dr. Thomas and sets everything up for Wednesday, June 8th, at 2:00. Dr. Thomas says he looks forward to helping Michael. Sam thanks him and hangs up the phone.

DR. THOMAS' OFFICE: After Dr. Thomas hangs up the phone he turns to Alan, who is in the room with him. He informs Alan, "We're in." Alan has a very determined look on his face.

METRO COURT: Jax and Courtney are still dancing. He says she's a pretty good dancer and addresses her as "Mrs. Jacks." Courtney smiles and says, "Why thank you, Mr. Jacks!" Jax catches sight of Lady Jane nearby and goes over to speak to her.

Jane tells Jax she keeps thinking about what his father would do. Jax says that his dad would enjoy the party and find a way to appreciate Courtney, and be as happy as Jax is. Jane says she just wants Jax to be loved, and Jax tells her that he is. He wants her to think of his marriage to Courtney as Alaska -- where they ventured on faith and made all of their dreams come true. Jane wishes Jax all the best.

Jax addresses the guests and proposes a toast to Courtney, who has made him the happiest man alive. Everyone joins in the toast heartily.

THE WEDDING LOCATION: Carly tells Lorenzo that it has taken her making a fool of herself to realize just how wrong she has been. Lorenzo disagrees, noting she was just worried about Courtney. Carly says now it is her turn to figure out her own life. She doesn't want to be stuck in the past. She notes that Lorenzo has been here all along, loving and forgiving her, listening to her, waiting for her. She says she just didn't realize until now what that meant. Suddenly, she proposes to Lorenzo: "Lorezno Alcazar, will you marry me?" Neither of them see Sonny watching nearby.

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