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General Hospital Update Thursday 6/2/05



By Ali
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TRACY'S HOTEL ROOM: Tracy sleepily wakes up and is shocked that she is in bed next to Coleman and not Luke. Obviously, Coleman -- not Luke -- was the man she slept with the night before. Luke cheerfully enters the room with a cart of breakfast food for them. Tracy is furious, realizing that Luke has tricked her into "cheating" on him.

METRO COURT RESTAURANT: Ric and Reese meet up. Ric is in plain clothes, not his usual suit. He says it is one of the perks of being fired from his position as district attorney. Reese is worried that Durant will find a way to get her fired as well. They discuss their options -- Ric is planning to stay in Port Charles so he can be around when his and Alexis' baby is born. Reese notes that she is thinking of opening a law practice. She wants to know if he would like to be her partner? Ric is hesitant, bringing up the fact that it might be awkward to work together considering "everything that happened" between them. Alexis shows up and, hearing that last bit of Ric's sentence, smiles and asks him what exactly went on between him and Reese?

COURTNEY'S HOTEL ROOM: Courtney is in a robe in her hotel room, talking to someone on the phone about the fact that her wedding bouquet has yet to arrive. Just then, Carly and Sonny show up at the door to talk with her. Courtney looks less than thrilled to see them, considering the fact that both are against her wedding to Jax.

THE WEDDING LOCATION OUTDOORS: Workers are setting up chairs in the park for a beautiful outdoor wedding for Jax and Courtney. Jason and Sam survey the wedding site and Sam asks Jason if it makes him feel weird to be in the place where Courtney will be marrying Jax?

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Felicia and Georgie are fussing over the bed-ridden Maxie. Monica shows up and tells them that Maxie collapsed on the Haunted Star because she had a heart attack. Monica says Maxie could be having another heart attack at any moment and that there is no time to waste.

TRACY'S HOTEL ROOM: Tracy calls Luke twisted for setting her up to sleep with Coleman. Luke says he did it to force her to now they can divorce, and Luke will get to take back the 15 million of the Cassadine money.

METRO COURT RESTAURANT: Ric and Reese cover and say they were just talking about what went down during the trial -- that they both helped Sonny and now Durant's after them for it. Reese leaves and Alexis and Ric sit down to talk. He asks how she is and she says she's fine. Judge Weiss arrives -- Alexis asked him to bring the paperwork for the divorce. But the judge says he didn't bring the papers with him, and that he can't grant them the divorce they want.

THE WEDDING LOCATION OUTDOORS: Jason assures Sam that he and Courtney are over and that he's right where he wants to be -- with Sam. He and Sam exchange "I love you's" and then Jason takes off to run some errands.

COURTNEY'S HOTEL ROOM: Sonny and Carly come into Courtney's room. Sonny tells her that while he doesn't like Jax and thinks Courtney can do better, he will support Courtney's decision to marry Jax anyway. He also gives Courtney some jewlery as a wedding present. Courtney thanks Sonny, then tells him that she would love to have him and Carly both at the ceremony, provided they can just sit there and be happy for her. Carly looks hesitant.

TRACY'S BEDROOM: Luke says somehow he will muddle through with an alimony check. He tosses the picture to Tracy and then laughs to himself as he leaves the room. He meets up in the hallway with Skye and assures her that soon he will be divorced from Tracy, no problem.

METRO COURT: The judge says that he knows Ric and Alexis as individuals and as a couple and that he doesn't think they should get a divorce. He wants them to stay together through the baby's birth -- and then see if the problems they have can be worked past. The judge leaves. Ric says they are lawyers and will work through the nessecary steps. But Alexis is wondering if they might indeed be able to work through their problems?

THE WEDDING LOCATION OUTDOORS: Jax is giving directions to workers at the site. He is joined by his mother, Lady Jane -- he isn't too pleased to see her, as she does not approve of his decision to marry Courtney. They sit down and talk -- Lady Jane thinks Courtney is too wrapped up in Jason to bring anything but pain for Jax. Jax says he won't let Jane ruin his wedding day and if she wants, she can leave right now.

COURTNEY'S HOTEL ROOM: Carly takes an "oath" not to ruin Courtney's wedding. Courtney smiles and asks Carly to be her matron of honor. Sonny is about to leave to change, but he and Court hug first and he promises to support her. After Sonny leaves, Carly and Courtney talk about wedding issues...Courtney still needs her bouquet. There's a knock at the door -- it's Jason. He's come to see Courtney.

TRACY'S HOTEL ROOM: Tracy and Coleman are now dressed. Tracy wants Coleman to testify in court that Luke tricked her. Coleman wants to know what's in it for him. Tracy thinks he means money, but he disagrees, saying that there is something other than money that he wants. Tracy is confused. Suddenly, Coleman kisses her passionately, taking her completely by surprise.

METRO COURT: Luke and Skye discuss his plan to get the money away from Tracy. Luke is hopeful about his future with Skye, but she says that nothing has changed -- they still can't be together.

GREYSTONE: Reese and Sonny are downstairs in the main room talking. Sonny apparently sent a truckload of roses to Reese's suite. Sonny wants her to come to Courtney's wedding with him. But Reese declines the invitation, saying there's no way she can accompany him.

COURTNEY'S HOTEL ROOM: Carly assures Jason that she is on Courtney's side now in regard to the wedding. Then she leaves. Courtney and Jason, left alone, talk about their wedding. Courtney notes that she and Jason have both changed a lot since then. She tells him that Jax makes her happy and has taught her to appreciate life. Jason says he is happy for her. They hug, not realizing that Lady Jane is watching from the hallway through a crack in the open door.

METRO COURT RESTAURANT: Jax, dressed in his tuxedo, runs into Carly downstairs. Carly tells him that Courtney wants her to be matron of honor. Jax and Carly snipe at each other for a bit and then Jax says that he is going upstairs to see his beautiful bride. Carly watches Jax go but doesn't say anything about Jason being in Courtney's room with her. Then, changing her mind, she runs after him and tells him that he can't go up to Courtney's room. Jax asks her why not -- what is there that she doesn't want him to see?

THE HOSPITAL: Georgie and Dillon are out in the hallway, worrying. Georgie is concerned for her parents, especially her mom. Dillon urges her to think positive about Maxie's situation. Georgie goes to talk to her mom, leaving Dillon alone. Dillon is about to get up and leave when he runs into Mac. Mac says that he realizes now that Dillon is good for Georgie -- he wants Dillon to stick around. Dillon is surprised.

METRO COURT RESTAURANT: Skye notes that she never suggested Luke take his plan so far as to marry Tracy in the first place. She adds that it's difficult for her to jump back and forth the way Luke does -- she is trying to change, trying to find peace. She likens Luke to alcohol in regard to his effect on her. Luke says he doesn't want her to change...she is perfect the way she is. Skye tearfully says she has been waiting for years for someone to say that to her. And now she thinks it's ironic that the one person who says it is the one she can't let herself be with.

GREYSTONE: Reese thinks that Sonny wants her on his arm to flaunt it in Carly's face. Sonny denies it. They argue about Carly's influence on Sonny's life. Sonny thinks that Reese being at the wedding will help his family adjust to her being in his life. He jokes that Reese needs to be there to stop him from punching Jax. Reese laughs and he smiles and asks if that means she'll come with him?

COURTNEY'S HOTEL ROOM: Jason and Courtney stop hugging and the conversation turns to Michael. Jason says Michael has been having nightmares -- he thinks Michael needs professional help, but they would need someone Michael could trust. Courtney agrees to go through the files at her foundation to find a suitable candidate for that. Jason turns to leave and then notes that it would probably be weird for him to be at her wedding. Courtney smiles and says that she understands. With that, Jason leaves.

METRO COURT RESTAURANT: Carly tells Jax that he can't see the bride before the wedding. Jax thinks Carly is up to something but Carly denies it and then leaves. Jax, frusterated, is then joined by Lady Jane, who informs him that she just saw Courtney in Jason's arms. Jax looks shocked.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, Skye tells Luke that if he lost all of the reasons why she couldn't be with him, he wouldn't be the same Luke and that would be a crime. She gets up to leave. Suddenly they are joined by Tracy, who informs him that she will grant him the terms of the divorce. Luke is concerned, thinking that Tracy has something up her sleeves. Tracy just says she has found something she wants more than the 15 million. She is joined by Coleman, who kisses her on the cheek. Apparently he and Tracy are now an item! Luke and Skye are shocked.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Maxie is alone in her room when she is joined by Dillon. Dillon says her family is in Monica's office right now. Maxie talks to Dillon about how blessed she is to have BJ's heart beating inside of her -- she doesn't want to let go of BJ's heart.

COURTNEY'S HOTEL ROOM: Mike, already in his suit for the wedding, shows up to see his daughter. Courtney is still in her robe and worrying about the fact that her wedding boquet has yet to show up. Mike and Courtney talk about a memory from Courtney's childhood -- when she used some old lace curtains to make herself a wedding dress so she could practice being a bride. Mike says that, back then, when he pointed out that she didn't have any flowers, she had told him that those came last or else they would wilt. Apparently she wanted wildflowers at that time, but unfortunately there weren't any in bloom. So, now Mike has brought her a new bouquet, made of pretty white wildflowers. He asks her if this new arrangement is all right and she smiles and says it is.

METRO COURT RESTAURANT: Jax is at the bar drinking. Jason walks over to him and asks him what he's doing. Jax informs him icily that there isn't going to be a wedding.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, Luke cannot believe that Tracy is with Coleman now. He thinks that Coleman and Tracy are trying to play him. Coleman assures him that this is for real. Luke quickly changes his mind -- he is now refusing to give Tracy a divorce. Skye is shocked at this turn of events and notes that Luke is obviously jealous that Tracy is dumping him for Coleman.

MAXIE'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Dillon is surprised, but Maxie is steadfast -- she won't let them take BJ's heart out of her. Dillon prepares to leave, urging her to rest. Maxie asks him to take care of Georgie and he agrees and then exits. Out in the hallway, he meets up with Georgie who tells him sadly that Maxie's test results are not good.

THE WEDDING LOCATION OUTDOORS: Carly is with the priest helping get things in order. She says all they need now are the bride and groom. She is surprised, however, to see Sonny walking in with Reese as his date.

COURTNEY'S HOTEL ROOM: Courtney has changed into her wedding dress. Mike approves, saying she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen. He hopes Jax appreciates her as much. Courtney says she is ready -- Mike goes to get the car. Courtney goes about getting her veil in order. Suddenly Lady Jane walks in. Jane informs Courtney that Jax isn't going to marry Courtney today or ever.

METRO COURT RESTAURANT: Jax says he knows that Jason was with Courtney. Jason agrees that he was, but that it had nothing to do with Jax. Jax doesn't care -- he thinks Courtney will always love Jason, and he simply tells Jason that he can have her. Jason gets upset and says that Jax will marry Court if he (Jason) has to drag Jax to the park himself.

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