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Luke walks down the stairs carrying suitcases, ready to leave the Quartermaine house. Skye comes to see him and tells him he should not feel bad that his scheme failed. He asks her what she is talking about. She tells him that he’s failed to get the money from Tracy and has given up and must be going back to the Haunted Star. Tracy comes out and asks him if he is abandoning her. She tells him that if he is, that will be grounds for divorce. He tells her that tonight, she will be too overwhelmed with bliss to do anything. Skye hears that and sounds like she’s not ok about Luke proposing to sleep with another woman.

Elizabeth takes Lucky to see a place she is considering that they live in.

Nikolas meets Emily outside of Kelly’s and they reminisce. He tells her that he wants to go back to where they were and start over.

At the hospital, Courtney runs into Sam. Sam asks Courtney if she is ok after hearing the little stunt that Carly pulled with her. Courtney is ready to explain it to Sam when she is interrupted by Jax who seems to know that she’s planning on seeing Dr. Meadows without telling him. And he asks her why.

At Sonny’s, Jason explains to Michael that he wants him to see a doctor. Michael asks why. He is not sick. Jason explains that this doctor is a special kind. Michael asks if Jason wants him to see a shrink. Jason tells Michael he’s concerned about his nightmares and wants him to talk to Dr. Winters. But Michael explains to him that it was not a dream. He really did kill AJ and does not need a doctor for that. It won’t change what happened.

Nikolas tells Emily he wants to fall in love with her all over again. She tells him she already loves him. He tells her he knows but after all they’ve been through recently, he wants to turn it around and get to know each other all over again. He tells her that when they first met, she was just a little girl. Then, when she came back from school and they started seeing each other, she got cancer. Then there were all the problems with both of their families. He tells her they should start over and be together without all the complications. She asks if he means a first date. He says yes. He wants to create the simple way of life for them that they never had. She tells him she wants that too.

Lucky sees to prospective apartment that Elizabeth has shown him. He tells her that this place is too small and needs too much work. She tells him that since they are on a budget, this is all they can afford. She tells him about the plans they have to fix it up. He gets on the phone and tells her they will need some help.

At the hospital, after Jax has found out through another source that Courtney is seeing Dr. Meadows, he asks her why she did not tell him. She tells him that she wanted to surprise him, hopefully with good results and was worried that she might not be able to have a child after miscarrying before. But he tells her that he’s not marrying her for her ability to have children. He wants to be with her regardless of the outcome. He tells her they need to face whatever happens together.

Jason agrees with Michael that nothing will change what has happened, but he believes Michael needs someone to talk to in order to feel better. Michael asks if his act of killing AJ makes him a bad person. Jason tells him of course not. Michael tells Jason that he believes Jason is only telling him that because he loves him and he’s afraid a doctor might not see him that way.

Luke tells Tracy about his plans to sleep with her while Skye is listening and getting grossed out and jealous. Tracy tells Luke that she has her suspicions and warns him that it takes her a long time and she might have to divorce him on the grounds of sexual incompatibility. He tells her, in that case, they will be married for a long time. He laughs and Skye hauls off and slaps him. He asks her what that was for. She tells him it’s for cheating on her with his wife. He asks why she has a problem with that since she’s agreed to move on and he’s just romancing his wife. He also asks her why she’d care after she’s been coming on to Lorenzo Alcazar. She protests that she really does find Lorenzo attractive. He tells her in that case, he will make a deal. If she admits that she is merely using Lorenzo in order to make him jealous, he will cancel his night with Tracy. She seems to want to go along with that plan.

Emily and Nikolas go to visit Elizabeth and Lucky in their new place and encourage them to consider the place and fix it up. Emily gives them a bottle of wine and some bread as housewarming gifts. Lucky shows Emily and Nikolas a sketch and they offer to help with painting and home maintenance.

Sam talks to Dr. Winters about her friend’s child witnessing somebody committing a crime. She asks Dr. Winters in what cases she would be obligated, as a therapist, to report what a minor told her, to the police. Dr. Winters explains if the crime was a misdemeanor such as shoplifting, she probably would not have to report it. But if it was a felony, such as assault or murder she would have to report it to the authorities. She then tells Sam that if it’s anything like a child witnessing the murder of AJ Quartermaine, she needs to know that that child will be in urgent need of therapy. Jax waits for Courtney. When she comes back, she looks upset and indicates to him that nothing has changed and that she and Jax will never be able to have any kids of their own.

Skye goes to the Metro Court where Tracy is ready to meet Luke and asks the waiter what room Luke Spencer’s tab is being charged too. Tracy sees her and tells her that she looks positively green, meaning she looks jealous.

Elizabeth and Emily talk about planning the colors for their new place. Emily tells Elizabeth that she can tell she(Elizabeth) is happy with Lucky. Elizabeth admits that she never thought she could be as happy as she’s been with Lucky. But she’s concerned about what it will mean when they have the responsibility of Cameron while being together. What if Cameron gets sick right before they are ready to be together? What if it conflicts with Lucky’s plans? Emily asks Elizabeth why she keeps playing the worst-case scenario and cannot just be happy and positive and believe things will work out. Elizabeth admits that she is just worried.

Lucky tells Nikolas that he is in love with Elizabeth. Nikolas tells him that being in love might not mean it’s the right thing to live together. Lucky tells Nikolas that when he’s seeing a woman with a baby, casual dating isn’t the way to see each other. But Nikolas tells him that there are other ways for them to see each other. Nikolas admits that there are things that can push you so far from each other that it’s hard to get it back. And you look around and see that one day everything has changed. And you realize that if you want to stay together, you have to start over.

Emily and Elizabeth return from Kelly’s to join their men in the new house. Elizabeth announces that she’s bought new furniture. He tells her he hopes it’s not too big. Nikolas suggests that since he has some extra furniture at Windermere, they may come and pick something out. They make jokes about his furniture being mideival. Lucky tells Nikolas he appreciates the offer but he and Elizabeth want to get furniture that would reflect upon who they are as a family.

Skye tells Tracy that the only thing Luke wants from her is the money. Noticing that Skye is jealous about the thought of Luke sleeping with Tracy, Tracy asks Skye if she wants a drink to calm her stress. She tells Skye that many men have told her she’s the best they’ve ever had. Skye asks if that was before or after Tracy unties them. Tracy tells Skey she may say what she wants, but after Luke has had her, he will forget all about the money. And she tells her that with the sexual chemistry, she and Luke could stay married for life. Skye is not happy to hear the possibility of that.

Courtney asks Jax if he would not prefer to have their own biological children. He tells her that parenting and having a fmily isn’t about passing on genes. It’s about the love. She tells him she knows but she’s very disappointed. He tells her when they get married, all their dreams will come true.

At Sonny’s, after finding out from Sam that Dr. Winters might not protect Michael’s secret that he killed AJ, Jason concludes that she is not the right doctor for Michael. There must be a therapist who could keep the secret for a price. He tells her that he is concerned however, about waiting when there is urgency for him to see somebody. She tells him that Michael is getting better and maybe they could wait. He tells her that maybe the whole idea of seeing a shrink is not right. Maybe they can just help Michael get better on their own. But right at that moment, they hear Michael yelling after having a horrifying nighmare.

Tracy goes to find Luke in the room he’s found for them. Skye runs up and follows her and listens outside the door.

Lucky and Elziabeth paint the walls of their new place. Emily and Nikolas help them. They have fun joking and getting pain on each other. Emily and Elizabeth observe their friends happy together.

Jax meets his mother at the Metro court. She still admits her reservations about Courtney. He affirms that he loves Courtney and knows he wants to marry her.

Courtney meets with her father. Mike tells his daughter that he can sense that something is wrong. She tells him she went to see Dr. Meadows and found out she could not have a child and is very disappointed about not being able to biologically conceive with Jax.

Jax admits to his mother that although he tells Courtney that it does not matter how they have a child, he is disappointed.

Courtney tells Mike that Jax tells her he does not care how they have a child, but she’s not certain he’s telling the truth. Mike tells Courtney that what she needs to do is consider Jax, independent of whether they can have children or not. And she should ask herself if he is the right man for her. Because if he is not there for her and she has any doubts about him, she needs to cancel the wedding.

Michael tells Jason and Sam about his recurring nightmare where AJ confronts him and knows that Michael has killed him. Although they try to assure him that it’s just a dream and he should not blame himself, he tells them that whenever he awakens and thinks about it, he feels really bad.

After painting their new place, Lucky and Elizabeth affirm that their new place looks great. He tells her there’s more to having a home than the painting and curtains. And he kisses her and they fall to the floor.

Nikolas takes Emily back to her home and tells her he wants whatever will bring them back and he departs.

While overhearing Luke and Tracy’s interactions from their room, Skye finds a maid and tells her she’s locked herself out of her room and needs another key. She tells her she’s desperate to get inside. The maid gives her the key. Right when she’s ready to get in, Luke comes up behind her and covers her mouth. He has a recording device strapped over his ears. It sounds like he’s only having his voice for Tracy to hear. He lets Skye listen to his recording device and Tracy is making a lot of noise.

Mike admits to Courtney that he knows Jax loves his daughter and means well and perhaps he misjudged Jax. But he’s still concerned about whether Jax is the right man for his daughter.

Jax’s mother tells her son that she believes that Courtney is still in love with Jason and might go back to him if she’s given a chance.

After Jason and Sam put Michael to bed, she tells him that it’s plain to see that Michael needs a therapist and they cannot wait and put it off. Hearing that, he comes up with a plan to ask Courtney if she knows of any from her contacts through the foundation. Sam says that sounds like a good plan.

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