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At the hospital, Nikolas gets off the elevator to see Emily. He asks her if she wants to go out for a bite to eat. She tells him she cannot. She has an appointment with Dr. Winters. He asks if that is why she wanted to see him and tells her he cannot be in her therapy session and play Connor again.

Lucky meets Elizabeth at Kelly’s. He’s wearing a suit and looking like he’s planning for something special. He informs her that he’s going to go before a review board, hoping he can get back on the police force. She tells him that would be great. He asks if she’d agree to live with him if he got his old job back.

Tracy tells Luke that very soon their ridiculous marriage will be over. No more of his harassment or his foolish pet names that he calls her. She tells him she’s calling a lawyer/judge friend and she will show him the photo of Luke getting it on with Skye. And they will be able to nullify the marriage. She tells both Luke and Skye that she has them both to thank. Because when she’s done talking to the judge and showing him proof of their encounter, she will be done with Luke and he will be a poor as he was the day he trapped her into this marriage. But neither of them seem to be afraid of anything

At Sonny’s, while Mike is staying with the kids and he and Reese are waiting and wondering when Sonny will be back, knowing he is with Carly, Reese tells Mike that she realizes that Carly is a major drama queen. Mike says he agrees that no divorce will wake up his son or Carly. They would need major surgery for that. At that point, Michael is at the top of the stairs and asks Reese why she’s come back.

Sonny tells Carly that he knows her too well. She does these crazy things without thinking. And she needs to realize that this will hurt Michael. She protests that Michael is her first priority. He tells her good. She cannot become unraveled when their son needs her. He tells her he knows she is upset about seeing him with another woman. He asks if this is about them getting back together. Hearing that, she laughs and asks if he is so full of himself that he really believes that her life would be that meaningless without him. He asks her if he kissed her right now, would it really mean nothing to her? He kisses her and finds out that she still wants him.

Nikolas asks Emily why she invited him to be with her at the hospital. She tells him that she is not asking him to be part of her therapy session and play Connor. She knows she cannot put him through that. She wanted to spend some time with him but she just got backed up with work. That’s the honest truth. She tells him, however that although he cannot do it again, it really helped her. After being able to act out her rape with him as Connor and confront him, it gave her hope and she no longer defines herself by what happened. She tells him it took so much courage on his part. And she tells him she does not want it to all be for nothing. She asks if he can wait for her at the hospital until she’s done with work.

Hearing that Lucky wants to live with her, Elizabeth admits that she is very surprised. He tells her that maybe he should have given it more thought, but he thinks it would be the right thing. She tells him that she’d like to think of all the reasons why it should work, one of which is that her son is crazy about him. She smiles and says she knows it would be fun but realizes that it’s not all about being fun. She tells him she just needs time to think about it because it would be a huge step. She hugs him and indicates that she really wants to be able to say yes to him

Tracy invites Judge Lawrence to her home to handle her divorce. He tells her the least he can do is get rid of a philandering husband for her. She introduces him to Luke. He keeps talking all his silliness to her and says he hasn’t an unfaithful bone in his body. Skye appears and Tracy introduces the judge to the tramp whom her husband cheated with. Tracy pulls out some photos, assuming the one she took of Luke and Skye will still be there. But right when the judge views it, he tells Tracy that there is something wrong with her because anyone could clearly see that the man who Skye is kissing in the photograph is not Mr. Spencer. The photograph clearly indicates that it’s Lorenzo Alcazar.

Michael talks to Reese and grandpa Mike. He tells Reese he thinks she’s really cool and he appreciates all she’s done for him. But he believes that his mom and dad should get back together and that her “services” are no longer needed. He tells her his grandpa is out of the loop on this one. Mike asks if that is so. She tells Michael she knows he’d really like to see his parents reconcile. She tells him that she knows he loves them and they love him and hopes whatever happens between them will make him happy.

Sonny and Carly are ready to make it on her couch. But they hesitate, knowing they cannot go through with it.

Elizabeth informs Nikolas that Lucky went in front of the review board and might get reinstated by the police department after they find out the real story about Helena. But he can sense that there is something on her mind and asks her what’s up. She informs him that Lucky has asked her to move in with him. He tells her she must think very carefully about what she wants.

After finding out that the picture she took of Luke and Skye has been replaced by pictures of Skye with Lorenzo, Tracy protests to Judge Lawrence that she has been set up. She knows that she photographed her “husband” doing the “tonsil tango” with Skye. Luke tells Tracy that his tonsils only move for her. She says she knows the photos must have been digitally altered to put Lorenzo’s head on Luke’s body and if her son had anything to do with it. Hearing that, Luke “sanely” tells her that he’s asked her before not to threaten her son and she must not bother the judge and let him go home to his family. They all work to make it sound like Tracy is crazy and needs to take her medication. Skye explains to the judge that the man she is photographed with is Lorenzo Alcazar and they have been dating for a while and she believes that Tracy should get charged with harassment for spying upon them. The judge leaves after noticing Tracy cannot prove what she wants to prove. Luke and Skye privately confer that their “plan” worked.

Carly tells Sonny that she believes he cannot handle knowing how much they love each other. He tells her that is not what he’s afraid of. What he’s worried about is how she makes him so angry it makes him crazy and how they just cannot work beyond their differences. She asks him what he’d say if she told him she wanted to try again. He admits to her that he’d like nothing more than for that to happen.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas that no matter what she decides about living with Lucky, she must consider her little boy before anything else. He tells her that is very true. She admits to him that this might be the first step toward a traditional family. She admits to him that they have not talked about marriage. He tells her that although he loves her, loves his brother and loves her with his brother, she must realize that marriage is a huge leap. It’s a big commitment and anything can happen. She tells him there’s no way they are even considering marriage. They both agree that so many things can ruin a marriage. Right when they are discussing that topic, Emily is overhearing their conversation. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that for that very reason, she wonders what would happen if she commits to being with Lucky and things don’t work out. He tells her maybe she should asks herself what would happen if she prevents finding out what she could have had with Lucky by not taking a chance. She kisses him on the cheek, thanks him for his support and leaves. All this while, Emily has been listening to their conversation, unseen. After Elizabeth leaves, Emily appears and Nikolas tells her she just missed Liz. She says she knows Elizabeth was there and heard their conversation and she asks Nikolas if he regrets marrying her.

Tracy calls Lorenzo to her home, hoping he will “clear things up” by looking at the “picture” and telling the judge that it’s a fraud. She introduces the judge to Lorenzo, informs him that Lorenzo has been duped and she has been framed and hopes that the responsible parties will hang. He tells her he’d like to hear what Mr. Alcazar has to say. Tracy shows Lorenzo the picture. He says it’s outrageous. Tracy assumes that he sides with her against Skye and Luke. He tells her that decency must be restored.

Sonny tells Carly that they always have differences that get to be too intense. He tells her the most recent betrayal she’s exercise upon him was to avoid telling him that Christina was his daughter. She says she knows but asks how they got from there to here. And why do they now want to get back to where they were. He tells her it’s just another invitation to make the same mistakes. He asks her how many times they are going to make empty promises to Michael to get back together. They agree that they cannot just keep breaking his heart. And he’s worried that the next time things will spill over to their kids. She asks him why he assumes there will have to be a “next time”. He tells her he does not want that. She admits that she hates it when he’s right. But she tells him she does not know how to move past this. They are so much a part of each other. And she cannot imagine her life without him. He tells her he knows she will figure it out. She say she will get past it this times and knows that he will too. Not that Reese Marshall is good enough for him, she says. He tells her he knows she would have an opinion. But this is the best thing for them, he tells her. They must stop hurting each other. He goes out the door. And she tells him that she does not care whom he’s with or what he thinks he feels. Until the day he dies nobody will love him the way she does. She tells him how good they were. He smiles and tells her they were the best. He stands outside her door not looking as happy and he wanted her to see him.

Lorenzo tells the judge that when he first came to this town, he was told that the Quartermaines were high class pillars of society. But now he’s found out how crazy and sick they are. Assuming he’s on the same page as her, Tracy says halleluiah. He then tells Tracy he will never forgive her for violating his right to privacy. He apologizes to Skye, telling her he is a gentleman. The judge asks Lorenzo if he’s sure that he has been photographed with Skye. He asks if the judge wants him to swear under oath. Hearing that, Tracy protests that Lorenzo is a gangster and nobody can believe his word. He tells her she’s not fit to run the copy machine at ELQ. Hearing that, Luke gloats. The judge hears that and tells Tracy she may file a suit against Luke for whatever she wants but if she wants out of the marriage, she must pay $15 million. He walks out and everybody is happy. Luke is somewhat less than happy, however, when he sees Skye rush to Lorenzo and hold him instead of Luke.

Elizabeth tells her baby a story about his mommy and the prince. She asks Cameron how he thinks the story should end and if they will live happily ever after.

When Sonny gets home, Mike informs him that Michael came down the stairs when he was talking to Reese. And Michael had the gall to tell Reese that her “services” were no longer needed and that his mom and dad would get back together. Hearing that, Sonny laughs and says he’s glad at least that Michael is getting his old spunk back. But Mike asks his son if what Michael said is true. Sonny is not certain how to answer that but tells his father he needs to go and talk to Reese and make sure there’s no “permanent damage”. Michael is listening at the top of the stairs. At that point, Michael calls his mom. She asks if he is all right. He tells her he needs her to get there right now.

After hearing Emily ask him if he’s regretted marrying her, Nikolas asks her why she would even question that marrying her is the best thing that ever happened to him. She said she was just a little concerned when she overheard his conversation with Elizabeth where he told her how hard marriage can be. He tells her that so few marriages survive bad times. But they’ve been through everything including rape and incarceration. She asks him exactly what was going on with him when he was locked up in prison. He tells her it was lonely, cold and gray. She reminds him that right when he needed her to stand by him, she came and asked him for a divorce. He tells her that all he remembers is that he was able to get through it knowing that she was there for him. And he now knows that the only reservations she had were due to being raped. She tells him that she promises to get back what Connor took from them and find her way back.

Lucky meets Elizabeth at Kelly’s and shows her his police badge. She is so happy that he’s been reinstated. She hugs him.

Skye tells Lorenzo that she’s very grateful and happy for all he’s done. She talks romantically to him and looks like she wants to make Luke jealous and is succeeding in doing so. Luke tells her he knows what she’s doing. She tells Luke it’s not all about him and she’d like to talk to him alone.

Carly goes to see Michael. Mike tells him his “work” there is done and he leaves. Alone with Michael, Carly asks her son what the “big emergency” is. He tells her that his dad went to see Reese and she must stop him. He tells her he wants her to get back with his dad and knows they were meant to be.

Sonny goes to Reese’s hotel room. She tells him that there might not be any point in their seeing each other because she realizes she must let him work things out with his wife. He reminds her that Carly is his ex-wife. He asks her if he can come in. He explains to her that he went to go see Carly. Assuming that he’s just going to tell her that he’s getting back with Carly, she tells him she knows all about it and is happy for Michael that his parents are getting back together again and doesn’t want to talk about it any more. But he surprises her by informing her that he simply went to talk to Carly because she was out of control and could not accept the reality that it’s over between them. But he was able to get through to her that it’s time for them to move on. And he tells Reese that he is done with Carly. He also tells her that he may not be able to give her much more information but that he knows he’s not ready to let her go. She asks just what his plans are for them or what she can expect from him. He tells her that what he’d like to ask of her is that she’d be willing to give them a try.

Lucky and Elizabeth go into Kelly’s to celebrate his reinstatement and ask Mike for some of his best Root Beer. And she tells him that she is considering a place where they could move.

At the Quartermaines, after Skye has made Luke jealous by coming on to Lorenzo, Luke and Tracy leave. Lorenzo tells Skye that he knows she is so good at pressing Luke’s buttons. He tells her he likes her. But she can tell that he is really in love with Carly and she tells him that she hopes some day that woman will wake up and see what she is missing to not have him. When Tracy Is alone with Luke, she tells him she will no longer fight with him. He wins, she tells him. She tells him that she will now give him what he wanted on their wedding night. But his mind is on Skye. She tells him she wants a night to remember and that she will offer herself to him. She says he may take her. She is his.

Carly explains to Michael that she and his daddy are going through a divorce and that is final. But she assures him that they both love him. He tells her that they should be back together. But she tells him that they are both good for him but are not good for each other. He tells her he wants things back to the way they used to be. She tells him there’s no more looking back. They must look toward the future. She tells him that she has her own life to live and so does his father.

Reese is still having her doubts about whether Sonny can get over Carly and commit to her. He kisses her but then pulls away. He tells her that they must take this slow. She tells him he has a problem with making up his mind and asks him what has gotten into him. He tells her he’s been burned before. Then he tells her he must leave, that he’s sorry and that he will call her. She seems upset.

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