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Maxie is in the hospital after her heart failure. Felicia is by her bed telling her daughter she must just wait until the medicine works and reminds her that they’ve gotten through this once before and so they can again.

After Courtney has found out that Carly and Rachel have set her up to believe that Jax cheated on her with Rachel and set him to believe that she’s cheated on him with Jason, Courtney tells Carly she won’t invite her to the wedding. Carly protests that she meant no harm. Courtney tells Carly that if she is her friend, she will accept and support the fact that she loves Jax and intends to marry him.

After finding out from Dr. Meadows that she will have to wait at least a year before having a baby, Sam gets very upset and cries. Jason holds her and tells her everything is ok. She tells him she wants to have a baby and does not care about the risks. He tells her he does care about the risks.

At Sonny’s, he’s found out that Reese has slept with Ric. It sounds like he might be a bit jealous and possessive. He tells her that very possibly they could both lose their jobs. She tells him that she does not know what Ric thinks or feels about the situation but she does not regret what happened.

In the waiting area, outside Maxie’s hospital room, Georgie tells Dillon she remembers being a little girl and wanting to have to have a heart transplant so that everybody would fuss over her and give her the attention that her sister was getting. She says that all she knew at that point was that Maxie got BJ’s heart and that was a miracle. She asks how an angel’s heart could stop working.

Jax tells Courtney that he wants to make sure that she has no doubts about marrying him. She assures him that she does. She tells him she’s furious at Carly for what she just pulled. But none of this has anything to do with their getting married. Hearing that, Jax asks her what she’s going to do when she gets the next hysterical phone call from Carly in the middle of the night for the millionth time. She answers that if it has anything to do with the children, she will be there for her family. But she tells him she knows that he is what she wants as a husband.

While Sam cries, Jason tells her that it’s only a year before they can have a baby. She reveals to him that she is insecure about believing he will commit to her. Right at that moment, Carly barges into their home so she can vent to Jason about her problems. He demands, again, that she learns to knock and realize he will not drop everything he does whenever she wants. At that point, Sam is no longer encouraged to stand her ground and leaves. Jason tells Carly she is out of control.

Reese tells Sonny that she sees that he is a very intense and passionate person. She asks him why he keeps coming back for more with her. He replies by asking when looking at her, how could he not? She tells him he could have any beautiful woman that he wants and she does not believe he is that shallow. He tells her she’s smart and interesting and can use a weapon better than any woman. He tells her that her courage impresses him where she is not afraid to tell him he’s wrong. He also tells her she has a beautiful smile. He kisses her. Right at that moment, Michael enters and yells at them to stop it.

At the hospital, Bobbie asks Felicia how Maxie is doing. Felicia reveals that she feels as though she’s still in a time warp where Maxie was six years old and she made a promise to save her life. She says she wonders what happened to all those years if Maxie may end up where she was all over again and her life might end. Bobbie encourages Felicia to believe that Maxie is a strong young woman and nothing is going to take her away.

Michael asks his father why he kissed Reese. Sonny replies because they are friends. Reese decides to leave. Sonny instructs his son to say goodbye to Reese in a nice way. He does so but protests to his father that Reese spends a lot of time in their home. Sonny tells his son that he and Carly are in the process of divorce. They are both allowed to see other people and he likes Reese.

Jason tells Carly that she has no business interfering in his life and that he will not end his relationship with Sam just to suit her. She protests that he must not love Sam and she is just a loser unworthy of him. But he tells her he asks her to please not make him choose between her and Sam. Because, he tells her, she will not like the choice he makes if she asks him to do that.

Diego comes to visit Maxie in her hospital room. She informs him that she has a habit of closing her eyes so her parents will think she is asleep. He tells her he owes her an apology. He says he feels responsible for not telling her about Brook Lynn and that it may have caused her to collapse. She tells him if he wants to accept responsibility about Brook Lynn, that’s fine. But it was not his fault that she collapsed. She informs him that she doesn’t want people fussing over her and seeing her as a helpless flower. He tells her that he can already see that that is impossible because he knows she is something very incredible.

Jax and Courtney make plans as to where to honeymoon. He talks about his mother and how he’s very much ok about making her a grandmother. But she reminds him she cannot have children. He tells her sure she can. They can consult a fertility specialist. And if that doesn’t work, he will find another way.

Reese meets Ric at the Metro Court. She tells him that she has reconsidered making their encounter a secret. He tells her that he believes it’s best for Sonny, and for everybody, if they don’t reveal to anybody that they slept together. She tells him that she doesn’t want Sonny finding out by accident and distrusting either of them. Right at that moment, Durant enters and seems to know that they have had something going on beyond a professional relationship.

Jason goes to see Sonny and informs him that he must realize that Carly is out of control. Sonny asks him what is new. Jason tells Sonny this is beyond even what is normal for Carly. He informs Sonny that Carly had this crazy plan to break up both himself and Sam as well as Jax and Courtney. Sonny tells Jason he’d like to be left out of it. But Jason protests to Sonny that he cannot because this is all about Sonny. Carly is still in love with him and cannot accept his involvement with Reese. Sonny tells Jason that he’s not worrying about it. But Jason tells him he needs to be because it’s affecting many peoples’ lives.

Sam is at a bar, very upset. Carly comes by and taunts Sam about how she, herself, used to have wild sex with Jason. Carly tries to bribe Sam to leave town. Sam tells Carly that she and Jason are in love and Carly will not intimidate her. Carly asks Sam if she knows all about Jason’s history with other women. She keeps verbally abusing Sam until Sam punches her and knocks her over in her chair. Carly gets up from the floor and punches Sam. Then they start throwing things at each other and threatening each other until Coleman asks them both to knock it off. Two guys pull them apart before they really hurt each other.

Sonny tells Jason that maybe he made a mistake by having a romantic dinner and dance with Carly the night before he was ready to turn himself in for the murder of AJ and for the united front they put on all the while the kids were missing. Jason tells him, that in that case, he must do something to clear this up. Sonny tells Jason that he cannot control what’s going on in Carly’s mind and that Jason is the only one she listens to. But Jason protests that Carly is completely out of control. She’s trying to break up him and Sam. She’s hurting and it’s all over Sonny and only he can do something about that. And the first step to that is to admit that they still love each other. Sonny gets a call from Coleman about how Carly and Sam have just made a big mess of his bar

At Metro Court, Reese tells Durant that since he no longer works for the federal government and Ric is no longer a DA, her private conversation with Ric at this table is none of his business. Durant tells them he knows of the tape that could be used to destroy him or implicate him in a bribe. He tells Ric that he knows he might want to turn that tape in, in order to get his old job back. Hearing that, Reese laughs, saying she’d like nothing more than for Durant to be removed from his job since he’s not fit to be a dogcatcher. Durant reminds Ric that if he does, in fact, turn over that tape, then he (Durant) will be forced to reveal the source of money, which is Alexis. He asks Ric if he’s willing to destroy his wife’s career in order to save his own. Ric says nothing. Durant replies that he thought that’s would be Ric’s answer.

Courtney proposes to Jax to marry her on Friday.

At the hospital, Georgie reveals to Dillon that she’s a bit uncomfortable about talking to her sister for the first time after she’s been in the hospital. She still feels responsible for what happened. When they enter Maxie’s room, they hear Diego talking to her in Spanish and Maxie laughing and getting really excited. But right at that moment, Maxie suddenly has another attack. As it turns out she’s ok. Diego leaves and Maxie still seems really interested in him. When they are alone, Georgie tells her sister that she’s very worried about her and asks if Diego is worth having a heart attack over. Maxie protests that what happened was not Diego’s fault. Dillon can sense the tension between them. Georgie hugs her sister.

Reese tells Ric that she can see that whether he wants to admit it or not, he is in love with Alexis. She tells him what he really needs is to go back to Alexis and to their baby. Hearing that, he tells her he doesn’t see her running back to Sonny. But before he can finish his thought to her, Jax makes an announcement about his and Courtney’s wedding. Everybody leaves and he tells her that he’s ready to entertain his fiancé in private.

Jason comes to pick up Sam at the bar. Sam admits that she threw the first punch. He tells her he does not care and knows that Carly is out of control. Sam tells him she can see that nothing has changed. She knows that Carly will keep demanding all of his time and will make him choose between the two of them. She tells him she knows he will run to Carly’s rescue and he cannot pretend otherwise. She says she knows that Carly hates her, wants her out and will not stop until she is gone. And she tells Jason that she would never ask him to choose between herself and Carly. She tells him she loves him enough to walk away. But, unknown to her, Jason has already made it clear that he knows what his choice would be. And he surprises her by asking her if she loves him enough to stay.

Sonny bangs on the door of Carly’s apartment. She tells him to go away. But he demands she lets him in so they can talk. She gets the door but tells him he needs to go back to his bimbo and leave her alone. He asks her what kind of example she’s setting for her children when she behaves this way toward friends. She protests that Sam is no friend and she was only “nice” to Sam after she lost her baby. She tells Sonny she wants Sam out of town so she gets out of Jason’s life. But Sonny tells Carly that he knows this is not about Sam. It’s about Reese and she knows it. She has a problem with his involvement with Reese and she is the one Carly wants out of town, not Jason’s girlfriend.

Felicia enters Maxie’s room and says’ she’s happy to see everybody their. But, again, Mac is worried about Dillon there. Maxie protests that she is happy to see her sister with the boy she loves. Felicia tells Mac that if Maxie wants Dillon to stay, Dillon stays. Monica enters and tells Georgie and Dillon that she needs to talk to Maxie and her parents alone. She informs them that Maxie may have had an untreated strep infection. That means that Maxie’s heart is failing and she is at high risk for a heart attack. And she tells them she’d like to put Maxie on the donor transplant list. But, hearing that, Maxie adamantly says no. She’d rather die with BJ’s heart than have a transplant.

Jax and Courtney dance together. IT looks like she might not want their vow of celibacy after all. She announces to him, from now on; no more rules and no more games.

Sam protests to Jason that she can see that he and Carly have a connection and maybe if she were not in the picture, he would get back to Carly. But he firmly tells her that that would never happy. Carly makes him crazy. But Carly has no power over him because he would never expect her to be faithful or be honest to him. But he admits to Sam that she, in fact does have the power to hurt him because she is the one he is in love with. He asks her if they can go home, together.

Reese goes to Sonny’s and notices Mike staying with the kids. He tells her that Michael is still having nightmares. She asks if Sonny said when he’d be back. He admits to her that it’s hard to say and that “these things” can take any amount of time. She asks what he means by “these things”. Mike tells her that Sonny is with Carly, and as everybody knows, when that happens, all bets are off.

Carly tells Sonny that she’s concerned about Courtney abandoning Jason for Jax and about Sam corrupting Jason. But Sonny firmly tells her that he knows this is not about Courtney or about Sam or about Jason; it’s about them. She tells him he’s very arrogant if he thinks he’s still that important to her. She asks if he really thinks she wants him back. He asks her if she does. She say no. He asks her if he kissed her, would she not kiss him back. He kisses her and she does not stop him. It looks like they are ready to get it on and that it’s true that she’s not over him.

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