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Carly goes to Jason’s to tell him of her concerns about Sonny in bed with the FBI and asks him what he’s going to do. He tells her nothing tonight. She asks if he’s throwing her out. After hearing from both him and from Sam that she needs to leave, she gets out. At that point, Sam apologizes to Jason for going off on Carly. He tells her she did nothing wrong. This is their mutual home and Carly cannot just barge in whenever she feels like it. But he admits to Sam that he is very concerned about what might be happening to Carly right now.

In Kelly’s, Rachel is talking to Courtney. At that point, Rachel’s cell phone rings. It’s Carly. She tells Rachel that they have some mutual acquaintances and some mutual goals and would like to meet Rachel somewhere.

Maxie admits to Diego that she knows some Spanish and that he just told her she has beautiful blue eyes.

Sonny tells Alexis that she must realize his son was just put on the stand and asks her if she is so concerned about herself having a bad day after what his son went through. He asks her what she wants. She admits she does not know.

When Ric is ready to walk Reese to her car after they’ve both been heavily drinking to forget their problems, they end up ready to get it on.

Diego enters Kelly’s after being outside with Maxie. Brook Lynn goes to the door to see him although she’s been able to see what he’s been doing.

After Carly’s gotten off the phone telling Rachel of her plans, Jason comes to tell her that whatever she’s planning; she must not.

Emily tells Elizabeth that when she was able to act out her anger and fear about the rape toward Nikolas in her therapy session, it brought up a lot for her. But she’s not going to let it ruin their relationship and their future. Shes’ concerned, however, that Nikolas is now avoiding her. At that point, Jax enters and Elizabeth tells Emily that maybe she’s in luck and he can help her.

Courtney confronts Rachel about how she looked so friendly to Jax the last time she saw her. Rachel asks Courtney what the big deal is. Courtney tells Rachel she does not trust her. Rachel tells Courtney that if she is so possessive and untrusting of her fiancé, she is the one with the problems. Courtney tells Rachel she’d better stay away from Jax.

Diego tells Brook Lynn that he was just outside talking to Maxie, Georgie’s sister and he offered her a ride. He tells her there was nothing more. But she tells him that now he can have any girl he wants and he must now just go off and have a good time because she no longer cares about him.

Maxie returns to her family. Felicia, Mac, Georgie and Bobbie are all happy to see her. Maxie admits that she is way behind in school from where Georgie is. But her mother tells her they are all really glad she is back and the family is together.

Carly asks Jason why he keeps watching over her. He tells her that he knows she’s up to something. Everybody’s lives are finally back to normal after this big crises and he does not need her causing more disasters. She tells him he must be very bored with Sam and has nothing better to do than get into her business. He gives up and returns to Sam. She tells him that she could hear everything that was said and that he needs to wash his hands of Carly. But he tells her he’s very concerned about what Carly might do.

Sonny tells Alexis that her paranoia is really amazing and if she keeps it up, she will lose her daughter. She tells him she is truly sorry about what Michael went through but she believes that he is Michael’s biggest problem And if Michael continues to live with Sonny, he will be just what Sonny is; a killer.

At that moment, Ric and Reese are in the bedroom ready to get it on.

At Maxie’s homecoming, Bobbie takes her aside and tells her how proud she is of her. She’s grown into a very beautiful and responsible young woman. Maxie thanks Bobbie and tells her she realizes she would not be alive today were it not for BJ.

After hearing Jason express his concerns about Carly not being normal, Sam tells him that on the note of not being normal, she is considering getting a job. He asks her what she has in mind. She says Salvage. He tells her in that case she will need a ship or he’ll buy her one. But at that moment, he remembers that if she does Salvage work, it might not fit into her getting pregnant. Hearing that, she happily puts her arms around him and tells him that is just what she wanted him to say.

Courtney finds Jax and tells him she’s come back because she loves him. She says whatever issues they have; they can work them out. And she says she cannot live without him. It sounds like seeing Rachel with her fiancé has motivated her to get him back. And she might have insecurities about losing him.

Carly meets Rachel and tells her that since Courtney is her best friend, she will never forgive Rachel for what she has done to Courtney. But she forgives Rachel and tells her she has a “reward” for her. She tells her he’s tall and handsome and rich and has beautiful blue eyes.

In bed with Reese, Ric tells her if he thought his marriage was fixable, he would not be there. She asks him if he has no regrets. He tells her that he thinks they needed to drown themselves in Scotch and then have each other. But before he can continue to talk, she gets a call informing her that she’s been put in a 6 am flight the following morning because her previous flight has been cancelled. He tells her in that case, he must go. But she tells him she does not want him to leave.

Alexis tells Sonny that Ric revealed to her the reason why he let Sonny go free. She admits to him that there was nothing wrong with his saving Michael because he is a sweet little boy. But she tells Sonny that because of the examples Michael has seen throughout his life in his father, it has made him a killer. He tells Sonny he is responsible for AJ’s death by making his son into a killer. She tells him that she’s worried about Christina’s safety around him. He reminds her that she lied for 2 years to everybody about Christina being his daughter. And if she thought he was so terrible and unworthy of being a father to her daughter, why then did she sleep with him in the first place? And why did she give him so much advice about leaving Carly if she thought he was such trash? She tells him that she would never keep any child from her father. If he was a good parent, she’d be totally ok with him having parental rights to Christina. And she tells him that as far as Carly is concerned, she believes that he and Carly deserve each other and should be stuck with each other for the rest of their lives.

Elizabeth tells Emily that since after their most recent therapy session, Nikolas saw Emily crumpled up on the ground in tears. And she tells her that he’s behaving exactly the same way she did after the rape; pulling away from her in fear that she cannot love him. And she urges Emily to go and talk to Nikolas and not give up on them.

Courtney again, tells Jax that she loves him but Carly and her family are also important to her and she doesn’t want to have to choose.

Carly reveals to Rachel that she is very much against Courtney marrying Jax. It will be a big disaster and in order to save her friend from making a big mistake, she needs to break them up and fix Jax up with Rachel. Rachel asks Carly if she’s discussed this with Courtney. Carly protests that Courtney is stubborn and won’t listen. Rachel walks away, knowing that she needs to leave Courtney and Jax alone. But before she’s gone, Carly reminds Rachel that she’s (Rachel) done some terrible things. And the way she can make it up to Courtney is to save her from getting mixed up with Jax and ruining her life. She tells her that Courtney is meant to be with Jason.

Sam tells Jason that she has just seen proof that he wants to have a child with her. He admits that he wants that and will tell her that everyday. She tells him she’d rather he do something about it. She kisses him. And right when they are on the couch ready to get it on, the phone rings. Michael is there. He tells Jason he does not mean to bother him but he’s all alone without his parents and had a nightmare. Jason immediately goes out the door to be with Michael.

Alexis holds Christina and is very happy she is alone with her daughter.

While in bed, Ric reveals to Reese that he may be having second thoughts about leaving town. At that point, there is a knock on the door. Reese runs to get it. It’s Sonny. He tells her he wants to tell her something He does not see Ric in her bedroom since the door is shut. Her phone rings. She tells him she does not have much time and is catching a flight to Washington in the morning. He tells her he wishes she’d reconsider. He says he realizes everything about “them” is wrong, due to the fact that she’s FBI and he does what he does for a living. But he tells her he wants her in his life.

Michael asks Jason if he will go to hell for killing AJ. Jason tells Michael he realizes he did not know what he was doing and only acted to protect his little brother and sister. Michael says he’s worried about what God might do to him. But Jason tells him that God knows he did nothing wrong and he need not be scared.

Rachel tells Carly that she does not believe that Jax would cheat on Courtney. Carly tells Rachel she may trust her that all men are capable of being unfaithful. She tells Rachel that Sonny has cheated on her for very similar reasons for why Jax might sleep with her. She tells Rachel that if Jax believes that Courtney might be sleeping with Jason, then Jax will be all hers’ (Rachel’s)

Hearing that Sonny cares about her and will miss her, Reese hugs Sonny. He gets encouraged and assumes she might want to invite him to spend the night. But she tells him she needs to call Washington and she needs to have a serious conversation with herself. She walks him out the door and kisses him goodbye. Ric is still behind the door of her bedroom.

Mac tells the family he has a great idea to get up early the next morning and go horseback riding and picnicking. But Maxie tells her father that tomorrow will be Dillon’s birthday and it will be the last time she’ll be able to see him before he goes to film school. Felicia and Georgie suggest postponing their plans for another day. Mac says that maybe Dillon should not be so important to both of his daughters. But he agrees to let them be with Dillon.

Alexis invites Jax to her home. He picks up Christina and tells her a story and Alexis notices that her ex-husband is good with her daughter.

Ric gets out of Reese’s room, puts on his shirt and tie, appearing like he’s ready to return to Alexis. She admits to him that she cannot walk away from Sonny. They conclude that what happened to them was just two people reaching out for comfort and nobody needs to know. She tells him that if Sonny found out about them, he’d feel betrayed. But he promises never to tell Sonny as not to jeopardize Reese’s relationship with Sonny and tells her tonight never happened.

Jason tells Sonny that Michael informed him that he had a nightmare about going to hell for what happened to AJ and he tells Sonny that he needs to face the fact that his son needs help. Sonny informs Jason that Carly walked in on him and Reese and got really upset. He also informs Jason that he went to Reese’s hotel room to tell her he did not want her to leave Port Charles. He tells Jason that he knows Reese is an FBI agent, but she is a good person. He tells Jason that he does not want to go down that road with Carly again. And he needs to move on.

After Christina is asleep and Jax and Alexis are alone, she confides in him that she’s worried about her marriage ending with Ric. He encourages her to know that Ric will have to reconsider, reminding her that although his own marriage with her was just out of convenience, he still cannot get enough of her.

Ric departs from Reese’s room. He tells her that although they may not see each other again, if she ever needs anything from him, she may call him. He kisses her goodnight and she pushes him out the door. He believes he is alone and unseen as he departs. But Emily Quartermaine is watching him leaving Reese’s room.

Sonny tells Jason that he cannot keep going though the same thing with Carly. They had a great time together. But they are now done and nothing Carly can do now will change that. Carly is outside hearing her husband affirming that he is done with her.

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