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Jax is at the restaurant with Rachel. He tells her he has no hard feelings against her and realizes AJ Quartermaine brings out the worst in everyone. She expresses that she is surprised that he would even speak to her. At that point, Courtney enters and does not look happy. It looks as though she does not appreciate seeing her fiancé with Rachel.

In court, Alexis tells Ric that she believes he put his brother’s interests before that of their daughter. He reveals to her something he never told her before.

At Sonny’s, Carly catches Sonny in bed with Reese and accuses her husband of deliberately inviting Reese to sleep with him. He tells her that is not the case.

Jax asks Courtney why she believes he would want to hurt her by invited Rachel to sit with him. Rachel gets up to leave and apologizes. Jax tells Courtney that Rachel is still not his favorite person and he knows she will never be Courtney’s but he believes that AJ may have gotten her so messed up she did not know what she was doing. He talks to her about Sonny and his family and asks how much of a part they will play in their lives. She asks him if he’s asking her to choose between him and her family.

Michael rushes into Kelly’s and greets his grandfather. He also apologizes for running out on him and grandma Bobbie. Mike is able to see that the cause of his grandson’s happiness is Sonny’s acquittal. Jason and Sam are with Michael and have also brought Morgan. Mike privately tells them that he hopes that the real killer of AJ will be found. Sam says she hopes that also but does not want Michael being dragged into it.

Diego meets a girl outside Kelly’s after hearing that Brook Lynn is no longer interested in him, due to his bonding with his rich father’s lifestyle. The girl informs Diego that she is Mac Scorpio’s daughter and Georgie’s sister, Maxine.

Jason tells Michael that he may rest assured that the file on AJ will be closed very soon and this will all be over.

Ric informs Alexis that he’s found out that Michael actually killed AJ and that is the reason why Sonny took the rap. She asks if that is the reason why Michael came to confess. Ric says he does not know but does know that if Durant had kept cornering Michael, he would have confessed to murder. He tells her his main motive was to save Michael. Hearing that, she is no longer angry at him but asks him why he did not just tell her.

Carly walks in to notice Sonny in bed with Reese. She makes a stink about it and reminds Reese that she means nothing to her husband and he is just using her like he has many other women. Sonny suggests that Carly might be jealous and when she keeps going on, he yells at her that that is enough. He tells her that Reese is a guest in his home and he wants her to be respected after all she’s done for Michael. Carly tells Sonny she believes Reese has only been working on that case in order to get Sonny in bed. Sonny brings up to Carly that he knows that Lorenzo Alcazar would probably like to “celebrate” with her in a similar way. Carly protests that Lorenzo respects her family and would not do what Reese has done. Sonny tells Carly they must move on. But she tells Sonny he may enjoy Reese because he will never have her (Carly) again. And she tells Reese she must know that she will never be anything more than her husband’s consolation prize. And she walks out slamming the door.

Ric tells Alexis that he knows that Michael is not a danger to anybody. He just put the pillow over AJ’s face in order to shut him up. He assures her that Michael would only want to protect Christina. And he tells her that that boy has been traumatized in so many ways that he could not put him through any more nor put Sonny through seeing any more happen to his son. Alexis cries and sounds like she understands Ric had good reason to do what he did. And she keeps asking him why he did not just tell her.

Jax and Courtney argue. He keeps pushing for her to prioritize their wedding plans. She tells him that she has had a lot going on, with AJ, what’s happened to Michael and with Sonny and Carly almost going to prison and all. He keeps telling her that he wishes she’d fit him into her life. She walks away, angrily and tells him she’s very glad that they did not get married because she can now see what a disaster their marriage would be.

Diego is able to talk Maxine into getting into his car with him and going for a ride.

Inside Kelly’s, Dillon is with Brook Lynn and Georgie, brainstorming how they can get him into film school without Tracy’s help. Dillon suggests that Georgie forges Tracy’s signature.

Michael tells Jason that he knows when that they get home, his parents will tell them they are getting back together and he knows they love each other. Jason tells Michael that he knows this is complicated but although his parents love each other, they cannot be married and will not get back together.

In Sonny’s room, Reese gets dressed and ready to leave. He tells her she need not run off and be intimidated by Carly. She tells him she’ll forget it if he does. He says nothing. She gets up to walk out, realizing that Carly is right in her observation that Reese will never mean as much to Sonny as she does. He protests that Carly was out of line but does not dispute what they both heard Carly tell them she knows.

Alexis assesses to Ric about how they have both said and done many things that they do not mean and they have a choice of either pushing each other away or getting back together. She tells him that she thinks they should get back together and have their family together. She also tells him she misses him and wishes he would come home. He tells her he cannot and walks away.

Dillon tells Georgie that this is his one chance to go to film school. If he does not get in this time, he will never have that chance again. But she tells him she refuses to sign Tracy’s name on the check. She says she could go to prison and she believes that no matter what he says now, once he’s been in California for a while, he’ll forget her and find somebody else. But he then realizes that he needs to be a man about this. It’s wrong to forge a check. It’s even worse for him to ask her to do it for him. He concludes that it’s his mom’s fault that they are even considering doing this in the first place. And he’s going to go and confront his mom and make her sign the check without asking anybody doing his dirty work for him. He leaves and Brook Lynn tells Georgie that she knows Georgie’s major reservation is that she will lose Dillon to the other life. And she confides in Georgie that she has very similar fears about losing Diego to the other kind of life as well.

Carly goes to find Courtney and tells her she is very upset to have discovered Sonny in bed with Reese. Courtney tells Carly if it’s any consolation, she caught Jax having dinner with Rachel and forgiving her for what she did. Carly tells Courtney that she hopes she will permanently call off her wedding plans with Jax and get back with Jason. Hearing that, Courtney tells Carly that she knows she needs to move on and Carly also needs to do that.

Reese is walking out of Sonny’s home, telling him she know that they were never meant to be. He tells her he does not care about Carly. They are through He has Reese there for no other reason than because he likes her. She tells him that he cannot even see it. She tells him that right when she was there with Sonny, ready to make love, she could sense that he was really there with Carly.

Alexis runs after Ric, urging him to please reconsider. But he tells her that he now knows it’s not going to work. Sonny will still fight her over custody of Christina. He tells her he’s spent too much of his life already, fighting Sonny. And he asks her if she will be ok with his decision to help Sonny have rights to his daughter, knowing she won’t. He admits to her that he’s spent too much of his life lying and scheming and fighting his brother and now he’s tired. She cries and protests that she is pregnant. But he tells her she must realize that nothing has changed between them. He tells her they cannot do this. They will wind up destroying each other. He also informs her that he needs to leave town and move to Manhatten because Durant wants to run him out of his job as DA in Port Charles. She asks if this is about his job. He tells her that he wants to do everything to make sure that their child is cared for and be it’s father. But he cannot keep getting in the middle of any more battles between her and Sonny. And he tells her that she cannot see what it is doing to both of her children.

Sonny tells Reese that he and Carly were a mistake and he hated her when he first met her. Reese says she finds that hard to believe. But he tells her it’s true. She was terrible to him and to Jason at first. She tells him obviously his opinion changed somewhere along the way. He tells her that Carly has been there for him throughout many things. She tells him it’s obvious that he’s in love with Carly. He admits that Carly is important to him but he does not plan to be with her any more. She says maybe not in living together, but it’s obvious to see that he will never get over Carly. She then concludes that her job and her relationship with him is over. She will return to Washington. She is happy she was able to help him and help Michael and hopes Michael can recover and be happy. But before Sonny can talk to her again, Jason, Sam, Michael and Morgan arrive. Sonny greets his sons and does not notice Reese going out his door.

Courtney tells Carly that she must know what Jax thinks of Sonny. And Jax is afraid that she will get caught up in any crisis that happens in his life. Carly tells Courtney that she must be realistic and know that family is important to her and if Jax cannot support Courtney in what is important to her, then he’s not the husband that she wants.

Brook Lynn confides in Georgie that she believes she made a mistake to push Diego away. Georgie asks her why she did not tell him how she felt. She tells her she could not. Georgie suggests Brook Lynn writes Diego a letter.

Reese goes to the bar and orders bourbon straight up and is surprised to notice Ric there. It looks like they are there for the same reason; both happy that they won their case but upset that they lost everything else.

Jax goes to find Courtney and tells her he wishes she could just see their wedding plans and her being with him as fun. But she tells him that life is not all about fun. She tells him there are many things she must deal with and cannot just program herself to have fun. He asks her if he matters to her in her life. She says of course but so does her family. He tells her that he’s not asking her to choose, he just wants to have good life with her. And he walks out the door.

Brook Lynn writes to Diego that she apologizes for being unfair but was scared when she saw that he’s changed. She says she does realize, however, that he can be trusted more than any boy she’s ever known.

Meanwhile Diego is convincing Maxine that his car is safe and ready for them and his father just bought it for him.

Inside Brook Lynn writes to him that she’s been afraid that with his new life and new car that he will also get a new girlfriend. And right then, she views him from outside the window with a big smile on his face while he is with Maxine.

In the bar, Reese tells Ric that she is upset that Sonny will never really be with her or get over Carly. He tells her he maybe cannot help her but believes his brother is out of his mind. She tells him all she wants now is to turn it all off and not be able to feel anything. But she notices that she might have a terrible hangover if she does not quit drinking. Ric holds the bottle and asks her if she wants more. She says just a little more. He asks her about her plans to return to DC. She asks about his plans to move to Manhattan after Durant’s threats. He tells her he was raised in Manhattan. She gets up to leave and they confirm that they do care for and respect each other. He notices she might be overly indulged with the alcohol and gets up to walk her out.

Sam is with Jason, telling him how glad she is that it’s finally over. He tells her the hardest thing he’s ever been through is losing Michael first to the kidnapping and then thinking he was dead. And he tells her she helped him get through that. Right while they are having an intimate moment, Carly barges in unannounced without so much as the common courtesy to realize it is rude. Jason tells Carly she cannot do this. And Sam stands up to Carly, telling her she knows she (Carly) does not have any consideration for anybody except herself and realizes Carly probably cannot grasp this concept. But she says she would appreciate it if Carly would leave and she stands by the door.

Ric and Reese are ready to get it on while he walks her to her car.

Alexis goes somewhere and runs into Sonny.

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