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In the courtroom, Ric surprises everybody by telling the jury that they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Sonny Corinthos, alone murdered AJ Quartermaine. He then concludes that there is no evidence to prove that so they must rule that Sonny is innocent of the charges.

Tracy tells Dillon that Luke tricked her into marrying him and she knows that Dillon helped Luke with his scheme. She tells her son that he must use his imagination to find a way to spy upon Luke and Skye, hopefully catch them messing around and get the marriage ended. Dillon tells his mother he does not know what to imagine in order to pull off this plan. Tracy tells him that with his filmmaking ambition, he has a great imagination. He can imagine working in the mailroom, going to a community college and having his mother cut off all funds to go to the school he wants. Hearing that, Dillon goes out to do what his mother asks.

Skye is alone in her room, obviously displaying that she is angry and jealous of Luke marrying Tracy. She then discovers that Luke is there, spying upon her. She then grabs a hold of Luke and kisses him.

After Ric surprises the courtroom with his unexpected speech, he knows he must explain himself to Alexis. He tells his wife that he knows what he is doing. The judge then asks him to speak. He addresses the courtroom, admitting that what he’s just done is highly irregular. But the reason they are all there is to seek justice and find the truth. Ric informs the courtroom that many people confess to crimes they did not commit for many reason. Many do it for the reason he knows his brother did; to protect somebody else. He says he knows that Sonny confessed to protect his son, Michael. Ric says he knows that Michael was traumatized after what happened. For a long time he could not speak or interact with anybody. He had nightmares and delusions and was emotionally damaged. He says that Sonny did was any parent should understand and realize they might do in his situation. He says that Durant wanted to harass his own daughter as well as putting his 9-year-old grandson on the witness stand, badger and bully him and pressure him into incriminating his own father. But it did not work. Little Michael Corinthos refused to falsely testify against his father. He tells the jury that they all have the same opportunity. They may uphold the law, protect Sonny Corinthos from false charges and render a verdict of not guilty. The judge then asks the defense to give closing arguments. Knowing that Ric said it all, Justus tells the court that DA Lansing has said everything that needs to be said and he has nothing more.

Brook Lynn goes to meet Diego.

Ned goes to meet Jax. He tells Jax that although he may not care for AJ, he wants to know who killed his cousin. He says he knows that Sonny may have acted as a protective father. But AJ’s motives for kidnapping Michael and keeping him away from the family he’s known was AJ’s way of protecting his son. He tells Jax that Sonny has gotten away with so many crimes and he does not trust Sonny. Jax also reveals that he does not trust or respect Sonny and is worried about Courtney sacrificing too much in order to be loyal to her brother.

In the courtroom, knowing he’s been beaten, Durant tells Ric and Sonny that they may be all happy now. But he hopes that the jury will see this trial for what it is; corruption and obstruction of justice.

Sonny thanks Ric for what he just did. Ric tells his brother that everybody knows he’s innocent. Sonny tells his brother no matter what happens, he is grateful. Sonny leaves and Alexis does not look happy. She tells her husband that he is now officially Sonny’s brother.

Georgie asks Dillon what he plans to do. He tells her that he will not let his mother catch Luke messing around with Skye. He knows that Luke will not jeopardize having the money and accomplishing his goal by fooling around on his first night of marriage.

But right at that moment, Luke and Skye are ready to get it on. And at that moment, it looks like they have been busted. Dillon is there snapping a picture of them

Noticing Diego dressed in an expensive suit and looking like a rich kid, Brook Lynn asks him why he’s changed and is becoming so like his father. He asks why she has a problem with that since it was she who encouraged him to give his father a chance. He asks her why she has a problem with him no longer being poor. She protests that she went to the effort of defending him to her family. He tells her that he no longer wants to be the person he presenting himself to be when they met. And he tells her that if she has a problem with it, it’s no great loss.

Ned tells Jax that he wants to prevent Lorenzo Alcazar from taking over ELQ with his investment shares. Jax says he is willing to help and does not trust Lorenzo either. But Ned reminds Jax that he might want to be concerned about being engaged to Courtney, who is best friends with Carly. He reminds Jax that if he marries Courtney, he might be dragged into all of Carly’s drama and asks him if he’s sure that this is what he really wants.

In court, Carly tells Courtney that she is going crazy waiting. Courtney tells her she will stay there to offer her support.

Alexis tells Ric that Durant was on the verge of getting a conviction until Ric threw the case. Ric tells her again, that his closing statement is accurate. He knows that Sonny did not kill AJ and wants his brother to go free.

Reese tells Sonny she did not want him to get nailed for a crime he did not commit. Durant enters and tells them that their conversation is a breech of ethics and will cost Reese her badge. He tells her she twisted the facts to help Sonny. She tells Durant that he twisted the fact to get him falsely accused of murder. Durant tells them he will not hesitate to put Michael back on the stand and ask him whatever he wants. Hearing that, Carly lashes out at her father and tells him he will never go near Michael or anybody else in her family ever again. She tells him that she wished he had a father who cared about her and her children. He tells her that he does care about her and the children. She tells him she will never forgive him for what he’s done. He tells her that he knows that when he first came to town, she was crying for help. He only wants to save her from this dirt bag. He tells her she should be ashamed of herself for turning a blind eye over and over again and making the choice she’s made. And he tells her she deserves what she’s gotten.

After being caught by Dillon, Skye tells Luke that she must get her clothes back on and she will not sleep with him now or ever. He asks if she should not reconsider. She tells him that Dillon is probably showing the picture he took to Tracy right as they speak. He tells her he doubts that. But she reminds him that Dillon’s big dream is to be a film director. He depends upon money from his mother. And she asks Luke what would be more important to Dillon; fulfilling his dream or having loyalty to them? Hearing that, Luke rushes to prevent Dillon from delivering the goods to his mother.

The judge asks the jury to read their verdict. The jury foreman announces that they have found Sonny not guilty of the charges. Everybody is happy except Durant and Alexis.

Tracy tells Luke it’s too late; he’s already been caught in the act. She can take the photo that Dillon took and file for divorce. But Luke and Skye work on Dillon, telling him that he cannot allow his mother to manipulate him and hold the money over his head any more. She works on him telling him that he will some day see a films award show, remembering the dream he wanted to pursue and know he will never get that. She also tells Georgie she may go home and return to her own kind. Georgie tells Dillon that he can find a way to go to film school but selling out to Tracy is not the way. Hearing that, Dillon hands the camera over to Luke and Skye. They are very happy that he’s come over to their side.

Sonny and Carly return home to their son. Michael asks them what the verdict was. Sonny tells Michael he was found not guilty. Michael is very happy and hugs his father. Jason and Sam are there and everybody is very happy and relieved and ready to celebrate.

Alexis sits in the courtroom waiting for Ric. She admits to him that she does not know why she waited and tells him she’s seen that it’s very clear that his loyalty is with Sonny; not with her or with their daughter. He tells her that just because she gave him an ultimatum doesn’t mean she must go through with it. He tells her she still has the chance to go home with him and be with Christina and have a future together. He tells her it’s all up to her.

At Sonny’s, Michael is happily interacting with Sonny, Carly, Jason and Sam. Reese enters. Sonny goes out and talks privately to her. He tells her that he owes her a lot for helping him to be a free man. She reminds him that it was Ric who really saved him. He tells her it’s true that Ric came through for him but it would not have been possible were it not for her. He also tells her that he can see how good she’s been to Michael. She tells him she’s had experience with children and was not going to let Michael’s father go to prison. They both admit that they are not ready to say good-bye. And they kiss passionately.

Inside Michael is with the others and notices his dad is missing. Carly admits she does not know where her husband went. Michael goes with Jason and Sam and Morgan, outside to play ball.

Dillon and Georgie meet Brook Lynn at Kelly’s and can tell that she is not happy. She informs them that she just broke up with Diego. She says he’s just gone on a shopping spree, looks and behaves like a rich punk and she does not know him anymore. Dillon informs her that he’s given up on film school.

Outside Kelly’s, Diego notices a girl and asks if she is lost. She sounds like she might want to talk to him. He tells her he can give her a ride and show her around. She says there is one problem; she does not get into cars with boys she does not know. He introduces himself to her. She tells him her name is Maxine.

Courtney calls Jax on her cell phone. And the receptionist informs Courtney that she cannot tell her where Jax is. Courtney then concludes that she will have to find out for herself, knowing how Jax likes to surprise her.

While Jax is sitting alone at the restaurant, Rachel finds him and asks if she can talk to him. He assures her he does not despise her because he knows that AJ was a master manipulator. He even asks her to sit down and talk to him.

Outside the courtroom, Durant tells reporters that he wants Richard Lansing suspended from the DA’s office for letting his mobster brother go free.

Inside, Ric tells Alexis he will not leave her. He will let her make that decision of whether to stay together or break up. She can leave him if she wants but she must ask herself it’s really hat she wants and needs.

Jason and Sam are outside playing catch with the boys. She tells him he’s so good with children and hopes he can be a father soon.

Carly goes looking for Sonny. And he’s ready to get it on with Reese in his bedroom. Max sounds like he’s keeping Sonny’s secret from Carly. She asks if Sonny got a call or has a meeting. Max says sort of. She asks from whom. Max does not answer. She goes upstairs and finds out just what her husband is doing. They don’t see her. But knowing what she’s seen, she pretends she doesn’t know what’s happened and goes in the room and makes it look like she’s accidentally interrupted them.

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