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REACTION TO LUKE & TRACY'S MARRIAGE: Luke has shown up at the Quartermaine mansion with luggage in hand -- the Quartermaines are all shocked that he is the man Tracy married in Vegas. Luke, who is overly affectionate to a disgusted Tracy, also intends to move into the mansion. Ned wants to know if he should call Luke his dad. Monica thinks that this year's Thanksgiving will be "so special." Alice, the Quartermaine maid, is all ready to take Luke's bags up to "Mrs. Spencer's" [Tracy's] room. Alice and Tracy fight over the bags for a bit. Edward cannot believe that this is happening. Luke heads for the $150 single-malt decanter, which infuriates Edward all the more.

Luke promises that he is going to try to be the kind of husband that Tracy deserves. Tracy informs the family that Luke, Dillon and Georgie were all in on this plan together and that they all made her believe that Dillon and Georgie were the ones who married. Monica and Edward are shocked to hear about Dillon and Georgie's involvement. Dillon says it was only a joke and Tracy snaps that it was a vicious plot to get her to Vegas so Luke could get his hands on what's not his to begin with. Edward orders Tracy to get an annulment, but Luke tells the family that he and Tracy have already slept together and thus, can't have the marriage annulled.

Ned can't believe that Luke chose Tracy over Skye. Skye and Luke exchange a "look" and Luke says that he is just too dark for Skye. Edward wants Skye to tell Luke that she loves him so that this madness can end. At this point, Lorenzo Alcazar shows up at the front door. When Skye sees him, she blurts out that she can't tell Luke that she loves him because she's really in love with Lorenzo! Lorenzo is amused and notes that it looks like their secret is out. Skye hangs all over Lorenzo and pretends to be completely in love with him. The family is somewhat shocked at this turn of events. Dillon thinks that Lorenzo is "darker" than Luke is, but Luke disagrees. Skye says that she loves Lorenzo because he is intense and mysterious and knows just what she needs. Edward has a headache. Skye tells Luke that she could never just sit around and wait for him now that he is apparently in love with Tracy.

Lorenzo interrupts the bickering with an announcement of his own -- he is here to call a board meeting for ELQ. He wants to replace Tracy as CEO immediately, and since he controls 30% of the corporation, he has the power to do so. Tracy and Edward are infuriated. Luke says he can't let Lorenzo kick Tracy to the curb and when Edward snaps that Luke only cares about Tracy's money, Luke corrects him: "I married her for my money!" Everyone turns on Tracy again, who points out that she is just trying to protect ELQ. Lorenzo thinks this whole thing is a joke and insists on calling the board meeting for the first week in June. He intends to take charge of the company. He turns to leave, but Skye calls him back, asking him if he forgot something. Lorenzo smiles and kisses her passionately in full view of the family and Luke. Lorenzo promises he won't make that mistake again, and then leaves.

After the family "meeting," Edward pulls Tracy aside and gives her a camera, and instructions to obtain a divorce by taking pictures of Skye and Luke having an affair. Tracy scoffs at the notion but takes the camera anyway.

Meanwhile, Skye is in another (seemingly empty) room, ranting to herself about how Luke is just trying to make her jealous. Suddenly Luke pops up from behind a piece of furniture and asks her if it's true that women find married men irresistible. Skye is shocked.

NIKOLAS HELPS EMILY DEAL WITH THE RAPE: Emily and Nikolas are at the hospital following her therapy session. Emily has told Nikolas that sometimes rape victims deal with the rape by confronting their rapists in controlled settings -- but since Connor is dead (she killed him after the rape) they can't do that. Nikolas offers to stand in for Connor (since he and Connor looked exactly a like), so that Emily can pretend to confront him. Emily refuses, saying she never wants to hate Nikolas the way she hates Connor. Emily then leaves to go set up her next appointment with Dr. Winters. Dr. Winters approaches Nikolas, who talks to her about his desire to help Emily by pretending to be Connor for her. Dr. Winters warns Nikolas that it could be very painful for him, but Nikolas insists that he and Emily are strong enough to make this work. Emily returns from setting up the next appointment, and Louise and Nikolas inform her of their talk. Emily finally agrees to do the role-playing session.

The three return to Dr. Winters' office...they all sit in chairs, Emily across from Nikolas. Dr. Winters instructs Emily to close her eyes, and then when she opens them to look at Nikolas and see Connor there instead. But it's hard for Emily to envision Nikolas as the man who raped her. Nikolas urges her to try again. Finally, a hesitant Emily starts to address Nikolas as if he was Connor. Nikolas says things to Emily that Connor said, insinuating that "he" is not to blame for the rape, that Emily is because she led him on. Emily explodes and starts to yell at Nikolas/"Connor", hitting him, telling him how he violated her and treated her like a body without a soul inside of it -- she calls him a pig and screams that she hates him...that he raped her and deserved to die.

After all of this screaming, Emily sinks down to the floor in exhastion. Nikolas quickly exits the room, leaving Emily alone with the doctor. He seeks out Elizabeth, who is on her rounds as a nurse at the hospital. Elizabeth tries to assure him that he couldn't have made things worse, even though he believes he did. Nikolas worries that he can't be a reminder of Emily's worst nightmare. He thinks she needs peace and has to let her go. He leaves the hospital immediately.

Emily gushes to Dr. Winters that it felt good to be in control instead of letting Connor control her. She thinks now that she and Nik can get past this...she says that Nikolas gave her hope. Emily leaves the room and goes to see Elizabeth, who tells her that Nikolas felt badly after the session and left. Emily calls Wyndemere to try to get Nikolas to pick up the phone, but Nikolas doesn't answer.

SONNY ON TRIAL FOR AJ'S MURDER: Michael is up on the stand in the courtroom, being questioned by John Durant (Ric tries to take over questioning but John won't let him). John asks Michael if Michael saw anyone murder AJ? Justus objects and Sonny warns Michael that he doesn't have to answer. Michael says he wants to answer the question, though. He says that he did not see anyone murder AJ -- and more to the point, that he did not see Sonny kill AJ. John thinks that Michael knows who the killer is. Justus objects again and Carly rushes over to Michael and takes him off the stand, saying that she is going to take him home. The judge says that that's unacceptable, but Ric steps in and says that they have no more questions for Michael. The judge allows Michael to leave.

Outside of the courtroom, Michael tells Carly that he only wanted to help Sonny, but instead just made it worse. Carly assures him that he could never make it worse. Bobbie and Mike show up -- they have been looking everywhere for Michael. They tell Carly that Michael gave them the slip by sneaking out the back window. Carly sends Michael home with them, warning him to stay put this time. Michael agrees and leaves with Bobbie and Mike.

Back inside the courtroom, Sonny confronts John, who tells him that he just needs to change his plea to guilty to ensure that Michael won't have to go through any more pain. Meanwhile, Ric talks to Alexis, who is furious at the way things at the trial are going. She reminds Ric that if he doesn't do his job and put Sonny in jail, she'll walk away with both Kristina and their unborn baby, because that's the only way she'll be able to keep them safe.

The trial resumes with several witnesses for the prosecution. First Steven takes the stand and tells them that the autopsy indicated that AJ had been smothered with a hospital pillow, and that Sonny could have worn gloves to ensure that his DNA wouldn't be on the pillow when it was examined later. A nurse testifies that she heard Sonny say that AJ would never get near Michael again. Alan takes the stand next and testifies that Sonny hung AJ from a meathook once to get AJ to sign away his parental rights. Elizabeth takes the stand and says that AJ was under a sedative when he was killed and unable to defend himself. Dr. O'Donnell, Michael's doctor, says that he passed by Michael's room once at the time of AJ's murder and saw that both Sonny and Carly were gone.

Mac takes the stand next and says that Sonny came into the police department and confessed out right to killing AJ. Justus objects on the grounds that the confession cannot be entered as evidence because Sonny has the right to recant it. John argues that he thinks the taped confession should have a role in the trial. The judge agrees with Justus, and tells the jury to disregard the mention of the confession. Mac is excused from the stand. It is time for the defense witnesses, and Sonny warns Justus that it has to be good because he can tell that right now the jury wants to see him fry for the murder.

Justus starts to call his witnesses to the stand, starting with Reese. Reese says that the fact that Dr. O'Donnell saw Sonny and Carly missing from Michael's room at the time of AJ's death means nothing; that time of death is approximate, ranging from minutes to hours. Rese also says that she saw Sonny on the fourth-floor just before the murder, and near Michael's room after AJ's body was found. She also testifies that she never heard Sonny say anything about wanting to go to AJ's room. Reese also says that she doesn't believe Sonny murdered AJ, but the jury is told by the judge to disregard the statement.

Sam goes up to the stand next and notes that she can't blame Sonny for confessing, because he and Carly would do whatever it takes to keep Michael from being traumatized. She goes off on John for questioning Michael in court.

Jason is called next and testifies that he and Sonny heard Reese and Ric talking about the strong case against AJ. Jason thinks that Sonny had no reason to murder AJ, since they all knew the legal system would take care of him. John then steps up to ask Jason a few questions of his own, pertaining to the car accident that AJ and Jason were in in 1995 -- AJ was behind the wheel of the car, drunk, and when the car hit a tree, Jason was brain-damaged. Jason agrees with John that after the accident, Sonny took him in and they became friends. John says that Jason has every reason in the world to get up on the stand and lie for Sonny. Jason says he doesn't need to lie. Jason is then excused from the stand.

Justus worries that now he needs to put Sonny on the stand, in spite of the fact that that gives John a clear shot at Sonny. Sonny says he's not scared of John but Justus notes that he should be. Sonny takes the stand and John starts to question him about the confession he made to AJ's murder. Sonny says he did it to protect Michael from having to testify in court. Sonny denies killing AJ despite the fact that he hated him for a long list of reasons, including the fact that AJ got Faith to kidnap Michael, Morgan and Kristina.

John asks Sonny if he has ever killed before, and after a brief objection from Justus which is over-ruled, Sonny says that he did kill Joe Scully but that it was in self-defense and so he was not convicted. John questions Sonny about a long list of other men including Armando Sandoval, Hernano Rivera, Charles Roscoe, Phillip Santiago and Carlos Ramirez -- all men who have turned up dead after crossing paths with Sonny. Sonny just says it's a dangerous world and accidents happen. John asks Sonny if Sonny thinks that the person who killed all of those men had as much motive as Sonny had to kill AJ? Justus objects, there is much noise from the crowd watching, and the judge has to step in to call for order. John finishes questioning and Justus asks Sonny again if he killed AJ. Sonny again denies it, but Carly notes sadly that it looks like the jury won't believe Sonny.

John delivers his closing argument, centering it around the fact that Sonny came from poor roots and ended up heading an empire. He says Sonny is a cold-blooded gangster who keeps layers of people between himself and the crimes he commits. He says that Sonny always slips through the system -- until now. He wants Sonny exposed, and he wants the jury to convict him and put him in prison where he belongs.

Justus is about to give his closing when Ric steps up and asks if, as co-prosecutor, he can add his own closing arguments to John's. The judge and Justus both allow it. Ric steps up and addresses the jury, noting that Sonny is his half-brother and that he knows Sonny is capable of killing to protect AJ. But he says he knows for a fact that Sonny did not kill AJ. Sonny tries to interrupt Ric, knowing where this is going, but Ric turns to him and notes that the truth has to come out some time.

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