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General Hospital Update Thursday 5/19/05



By Ali
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[Note to readers: Today's update will be done in a slightly different format -- sorted by storyline rather than by location.]


EMILY AND NIKOLAS DEAL WITH EMILY'S RAPE: Emily is trying to study for one of her pre-med classes; Nikolas joins in on the fun by helping her, rewarding her with a cookie for each correct answer. The game continues until it is time for Nikolas to take Emily to her therapy session at the hospital.

After the therapy session, Emily comes out to join Nikolas in the waiting room, where she informs him that part of her therapy would ordinarily involve confronting her rapist. But since Connor's dead, she can't do that. Nikolas gets an idea -- since Connor looked virtually like he (Nik) does, it could help Emily to have Nikolas pretend to be Connor so she could confront "him." Emily appears hesitant, but Nikolas thinks it sounds like a good plan.


NEWLYWEDS: TRACY AND LUKE!: Tracy wakes up in a Las Vegas hotel room with a hangover, a wedding ring, and Luke Spencer at her side telling her that they got hitched in a Vegas wedding chapel. Tracy is stunned, but because she cannot remember the events of the night before, she believes it must be true. Luke also has evidence backing his story up -- photographs and information on the "wedding packet" they ordered for $99.99. He also claims that they slept together. Tracy is horrified and demands to know why he would ever want to marry her. He tells her that he wants her to hand over all of the Cassadine cash she is currently sitting on, in exchange for a divorce. Tracy realizes that Dillon and Georgie didn't really get married and that they were in on Luke's plan right from the beginning. Luke confesses that that's true. Tracy still refuses to give him the money, though.

Back at the Quartermaine Mansion in Port Charles, a family argument is brewing. Alan (still wheel-chair bound) is determined to get to the trial, but Monica stops him from calling a cab. Monica doesn't want to see Alan make a fool out of himself, since he's been out of control since AJ's death. Monica and Alan argue over this point for awhile, with Alice (the maid) stepping in on Monica's behalf, warning Alan that he is supposed to be keeping his stress levels down. They are joined by Edward, Skye and Ned who are bickering over Skye's decision to allow Lorenzo Alcazar to invest in E.L.Q.

All of these arguments come to a halt when Tracy finally arrives. Still hungover and loaded down with her traveling bags, Tracy comes through the front door with her hair in her face, looking like a mess. The family demands to know where she's been, but Tracy just says that she had to take an unexpected trip. Edward says that E.L.Q. needs Tracy's help, but all Tracy wants to do is go upstairs to put her things away. Edward gets Alice to do it for her -- Tracy (who has been using the bags to hide the huge wedding ring on her finger) fights Alice for the bags for a bit, and when Alice wins, Tracy's hands are uncovered and the family gets a load of the wedding ring. Everyone is shocked.

Meanwhile, Dillon and Georgie are hanging out outside of Kelly's diner -- Dillon is dressed as a gardener...the costume will aid him in being able to sneak around the Quartermaines undetected. His plan is to sneak inside the mansion and search around for the letter of intent and the registration check for film school. Georgie laughs at the costume and Dillon is offended. He is worried about their part in helping Luke scam Tracy. (As he and Georgie talk about this, Luke is listening from behind the wall nearby.) Georgie suggests that Dillon just go and talk to Tracy about it -- maybe if he's up front with Tracy, she'll forgive him for the deception. Dillon rants that there's no way that his mom would do that, and Georgie agrees that he's probably right. Just then, Luke pops up...he asks Dillon what he's going to do with him?

Back at the mansion, the whole family is asking Tracy questions about her mysterious wedding. Tracy finally admits that she is married and that it happened while she was drunk. She also assures them all that she will be getting it annulled as soon as possible. Edward, Ned and Monica all take a turn ranting about how irresponsible Tracy is acting. Tracy reminds them all that thanks to Skye, Lorenzo Alcazar is very close to being able to buy out E.L.Q. (At some point during all of the bickering, a suspicious Skye leaves the house.)

Back outside of Kelly's, Luke gives Dillon and Georgie a little pep talk about their plan. He wants them both to keep the faith, and he assures Dillon that Dillon won't have to call him "Dad." He also compliments Dillon on his disguise. Dillon and Georgie leave just as Skye arrives to talk to Luke. She sees the wedding ring on his finger and notes that it's true -- he and Tracy are married! Luke confirms this for her. Skye cannot believe that Luke actually went and married Tracy just for the money. Luke thinks Skye is jealous, a point which Skye argues. She then storms off. Luke is very amused.

Dillon and Georgie arrive at the Quartermaine Mansion -- no one is in the foyer, so they quickly sort through the mail on the front table, looking for the letter for Dillon's film school. Tracy catches them (she holds the letter in her hand) and confronts them both on their part of Luke's plan. Dillon and Tracy bicker and Tracy warns him that she won't pay for his film school unless he helps her out. First of all, she demands that he and Georgie keep the identity of her "groom" (Luke) a secret. They agree. Secondly, she demands that Dillon help her secure a divorce from Luke without having to give up the Cassadine money in the process.

A few moments later, the foyer is once again chaotic with Quartermaine arguing. Alan and Monica butt heads when Alan tries again to call a cab to take him to the courthouse. Ned confronts Dillon and tries to get him to tell the family who Tracy ended up marrying. Tracy, standing nearby, warns him against it. Just then, Luke himself comes barging into the mansion. He addresses Edward as his new father-in-law and then kisses Tracy on the cheek. The Quartermaines are shocked and Tracy is disgusted.


SONNY ON TRIAL FOR KILLING AJ: Sonny is on trial for killing AJ and Carly has been called to testify. Before they all head out to the courthouse, Jason, Sam and Carly talk about what they will be expecting. John Durant is going to be leading the prosecution, so it's possible that he'll take it easy when questioning Carly on the stand. Jason and Sam try to coach Carly on appearing as sympathetic as possible. Carly is hostile toward their efforts, noting again and again how she intends to get up on the stand and tell the judge just what a slimeball she thinks AJ was.

At the courthouse, reporters are swarming. Ric privately urges Sonny one last time to just admit to everyone that Michael was the one who killed AJ -- or else John will surely convict Sonny and send him to jail. But Sonny again refuses. John confronts Sonny and taunts him about the trial; John is confident he will win, and Sonny will go to jail where he will be away from Carly forever. Sonny warns John against alienating Carly, but John doesn't listen. Reese shows up and puts an end to the argument. Sonny thanks her for standing up for him and she notes that, after all, someone has to.

Jason, Sam, Carly, Courtney and Alexis have all arrived at the courthouse. Upon seeing one another, Carly and Alexis exchange words -- Alexis tries to bait Carly into getting emotional so that she'll blow up on the stand (Alexis hopes that Sonny will go to jail, because then he'll be away from their daughter Kristina forever). Jason swoops in and interrupts the women, warning Carly again about how she must keep her cool while testifying. Seeing Carly so upset worries Reese, and Sonny tries to reassure her that Carly will be fine on the stand.

The trial begins, and John immediately calls Carly up the stand to testify. Carly is sworn in, and John begins to question her. The questioning doesn't go very well. Carly testifies that she knows that Sonny didn't kill AJ -- John asks her lots of questions about AJ and Sonny's volatile history and tries to get her to explode on the stand. Carly instead tells the judge that John is only going after Sonny like this because he wants Sonny in jail and away from her for good. John objects and Justus (who is representing Sonny) notes in amusement that Carly is John's own witness. Justus tries to get John dismissed but the motion is denied by the judge. The testimony continues, and John talks about the evidence that exists pointing to Carly as the murderer (such as the fact that an eye-witness saw Carly exit AJ's hospital room just before he was found dead). He gets Carly to admit that she did threaten to kill AJ earlier. John suggests that maybe Carly is the one who murdered AJ.

Little do the adults know that Michael has a plan of his own to set Sonny free. He manages to escape from Mike and Bobbie (who are supposed to be babysitting him at Greystone), and then to get himself to the courthouse.

Once there, Michael interrupts Carly's testimony, to the amazement of the court. Michael demands that he be given the chance to clear Sonny's name. Sonny and Carly are opposed to the idea, but John is given permission by the judge to call Michael to the stand. When Sonny asks Ric to try to stop Michael from testifying, Ric remains silent. Michael takes the stand and swears to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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