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Alexis kisses Ric. He seems to know that she needs something from him, but tells her he is not sure if he can give it.

At Sonny’s, after Carly has been with Michael, Reese asks how he is. Carly tells Reese she does not believe Reese cares about her son. Reese says this has been a tough time for all of them. Carly tells Reese she knows what Reese really wants.

Jax and Courtney are walking in the park and he tells her she needs to make up her mind as to which flowers to order for their wedding. But she reveals that she has her mind on other things. Sonny is her brother. Carly might as well be her sister. And Sonny is on trial. At that moment, a guy comes and serves her with a subpoena. She looks at it and notices that she must testify at Sonny’s trial. Jax tells her this is another excuse for her to put off the wedding.

Dillon and Georgie are having fun together when they are interrupted by Luke. He tells them that he is ready to put their plan into motion for them to inform Tracy that they are going to elope.

Tracy is on the phone making demands from ELQ staff. Skye is there and tells Tracy that the money is not really hers. Tracy says she can keep the money and just call it a corporate windfall. Skye tells Tracy she must listen to her. With or without that money, ELQ is in serious trouble and they need some real leadership. Tracy asks if Skye means Lorenzo Alcazar. Skye tells Tracy that Lorenzo is a savvy businessman. Tracy tells Skye that Lorenzo is a gangster and Skye is only using him to make Luke jealous. Skye denies that but reveals that she may be a bit worried when Tracy tells her that it may be time for Luke to “move on”.

When Sam and Jason are talking about the possibility of having a baby, he tells her that the most important thing is to make sure that she is healthy. He tells her that they plan to tell Dr. Meadows that as soon as she is safe, they want to start a family.

Carly tells Reese that she wants to “help” Sonny so she can have him all to herself. Reese tells Carly that if she is asked to testify, she needs to think about what to say. She plays the prosecutor asking questions of Carly. She asks Carly what she believes was in Sonny’s mind when AJ died. Carly makes a sarcastic comment about not knowing what was in her husband’s mind. Reese asks her what her thoughts are. She replies that she thought that AJ was a despicable worm who deserved to die.

Ric asks Alexis how she can say she loves him in one breath and want to tear their family apart in another. And she asks him how he can defend a known criminal. She tells him that Sonny is pathological and playing on Ric’s need for approval from his big brother. She tells him this sounds too much like her need to be wanted by the Cassadines. She tells Ric that he now has a chance to put a career criminal away. She tells him that he has a family who loves him and she does not want him to throw it all away for a monster that will only use him and then throw him away.

Reese tells Carly she wants the jury to see her as a saintly mother who deeply loves her child. Carly tells Reese she believes Reese wants to make her look like she has something to hide. She tells Reese she knows that it would be very convenient if Carly was convicted and sent to prison because she believes that Reese assumes that she would have Sonny all to herself. And she tells Reese that is not going to happen.

Dillon rehearses with Luke, how he’s going to tell his mother that he’s going to elope with Georgie. But he admits he’s afraid that it will cause Tracy to have a heart attack. Luke points out that in order for that to happen, she’d have to have a heart. Dillon has reservations about lying to his mother, just to get into another scheme with Luke. But Georgie reminds Dillon that his mother has lied to him and used him enough times. Luke agrees that every time Dillon comes up with reasons why this is “wrong”, he must realize all the “wrong” his mother has done to him, threatening him with boarding school, doing everything to keep him away from Georgie, using him as her “lackey”. Georgie demands that Dillon gets on the phone and does it.

Tracy is arguing with Skye, telling her that she does not believe that Skye loved AJ or the Quartermaines because she is not a real member of the family. She is a parasite. She hears the phone ring and picks it up. Dillon tells his mother that something amazing has happened. She guesses that he’s either cut his hair or dumped the girl. Dillon announces to his mother that he and Georgie are getting married.

Jason and Sam sit in Kelly’s and talk about their plans for the future. But Reese comes in and interrupts them and tells Jason that if he does not do something about Carly, when she’s put on the witness stand, she will send Sonny straight to death row.

Courtney tells Jax that of course she wants to marry him. But her brother is on trial for murder and needs her. He tells her that Sonny is always in trouble and this is nothing new. Skye comes up and interrupts them. She informs him that she and Tracy are battling it out for control of ELQ. She asks Jax if he has any dirt on Tracy. He tells her he’d like nothing more than to help her. But he has his hands full planning a wedding. She tells him she is really happy that he and Courtney seem to be so happy together. He asks if she is still seeing Luke. She tells him she swore off Luke Spencer, cold turkey, one day at a time.

While Dillon and Georgie are in his room with Luke, Tracy pounds on the door demanding he opens the door immediately. When he stalls, she tells him she will call security. Luke hides. Dillon opens the door. Tracy enters and asks how “pregnant” Georgie is. Dillon does not know how to lie to his mother and does not know how to sound like she’s really pregnant. Luke stands behind Tracy, silently trying to coach Dillon as to what to say to his mother. She tells her son she refuses to let him marry that low-life trailer trash. Dillon makes light of his “lie” to his mother, knowing he can push her buttons if he tells her that he and Georgie plan to push out many babies, find a “double-wide” and live their own lives. When Tracy sees her son staring over her shoulder at “something”, she asks what he’s looking at and asks if he’s drunk.

Jason departs from Kelly’s to go and talk to Carly. Reese asks Sam what the deal is with Carly. Why is she so paranoid? Sam says she knows Carly loves her children. Reese says she’s worried that Carly can do some serious damage at the trial. Sam says she can see that Carly is worried about Reese taking Sonny from her and she informs Reese that Jason is the only one who can get to Carly when she gets this way. Reese tells Sam that she’s done some “research” on the case and knows that Carly and Jason once had a romance. Sam says she knows they once did. But now, Carly and Jason are friends. Sonny and Jason are friends. Sonny and Carly are loud and out of control and never over each other.

Jason goes to talk to Carly, urging her to focus on what to say at the trial. But she refuses to listen to him. Ric enters and asks them what is going on. Before Jason or Carly can answer, Durant enters and tells them that he plans to put Sonny in prison where he belongs.

Tracy tells Dillon that she will get a lawyer and get his “marriage” annulled. She asks him how he plans to live. He replies on trusts funds, like she does. She tells him not after she cuts him off. Luke is standing behind Dillon making himself hidden from Tracy’s view, attempting to “coach” Dillon. Tracy protests to her son that he must realize she’s done everything she can to give him the good life. He tells her that he knows what’s best for him and he loves Georgie with all his heart and soul. Dillon gives Tracy some booze to drink. She drinks it and then runs off to the bar. At that point, Luke comes out of hiding and tells Dillon he should get an award for great acting. They’ve gotten Tracy right where the want her.

Skye tells Jax that she no longer wants any involvement with Luke Spencer. He tells her he knows that Courtney is the one for him, but he’s not certain what he’s going to do in regard to her family. She tells him that it might be fun for him to put Sonny in his place. He says he’s afraid he might lose Courtney. She asks why Courtney would even consider getting rid of him. Where else could she find such a great catch?

Courtney goes to Kelly’s to talk to her father. She informs Mike that she’ postponed the wedding until Sonny’s trial is over. She also tells him of her reservations of getting married again. But Mike tells her that maybe the third time will be the charm and he believes that Jax is a good man.

Durant reveals to Carly and to Ric that he is deliberately pulling strings in order to get Sonny in trouble. He tells them that Sonny needs to get out of Carly’s life and now is the perfect opportunity to rid herself of him. Jason tells Durant and Ric that they must get out Durant leaves with Ric and tells them all he will see them in court.

Ned runs into Brook Lynn at Kelly and asks his daughter if she’s gotten his message. She makes up excuses for why she’s turned off her cell phone, talking about recording more songs. She seems flustered. He asks if she is ok. She says she is writing a song and if she seems distracted it’s because the song is in her head. He asks her if she’s heard from Dillon. He informs her that he got a call from Tracy and she freaked out from hearing the most recent news from Dillon. Brook Lynn tells her father that she knows her grandmother freaks out at anything and they have nothing to be worried about. But Ned asks his daughter if she was in trouble, would she come to him? She says she would, but reveals that she is keeping a secret from Dillon.

Knowing that Tracy is in the bar, stressed, vulnerable and drinking, Luke meets her right on cue. She tells him how upset she is about her son ruining his life over a cheap tart. She drinks and gets more vulnerable, telling Luke she wishes there was some way she could put her silly, stupid, foolish selfish son in his place. Hearing that, Luke tells her he knows exactly how she can give him a taste of his own medicine. She asks him how.

Jason tells Carly that there are ways she can convince the jury that Sonny is innocent. Courtney enters and informs them that she has been subpoenaed. She also informs them that the wedding is off. Hearing that, Carly is encouraged and hopes it’s for good. But Courtney tells her it’s only until the end of the trial.

Ric informs Alexis that Durant is ready to nail Sonny and he believes she must still be helping him. But she tells him she’s severed all her ties with Durant. He asks her why. She says because she loves him and took a leap of faith.

Sitting in the room, which Luke has given them for helping them get to Tracy, Dillon asks Georgie what they are doing there. She replies that they helped Luke and he’s been courteous enough to put them up in his room. But he tells her that once again he’s gotten sucked into one of Luke’s schemes and double-crossed his mother and he’s not entirely ok with that.

Tracy is getting trashed out of her mind and trusting Luke. She keeps talking about how bad her son and his girlfriend are. He agrees with her, knowing he’s gotten her right where he wants her. Tracy passes out at the table. Luke laughs.

Jason tells Carly that there are ways that she can take the stand and prove that Sonny is innocent. But she inquires what if the jury hates her. She says she can make them see that after what AJ did to Michael, she was willing to stop at nothing to help her child. She tells him she hopes things will work as well as he believes they can.

Ric tells Alexis that if she says she has no more ties with Durant, he believes her. She admits that she misses him. He tells her he just wants this whole thing to be over. He tells her he must go talk to Reese. He tells Reese that he cannot “prosecute” this case with Durant over his shoulder. He says he believes that Durant can get Sonny prosecuted for murder one.

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